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hello Liam welcome back to the star light of minor CIS qualifies team empire vs game East was good luck healthy alright so basically this F capital F with the dot it's there they're just trolling one player from C is his nick name starts with tough and whenever he'd say good luck have fun he'd capitalized that so everyone started doing it there's a troll there's a fight going on here say who is being blocked by this wolf the whole time beautifully done from the lichen he may not be here in the fight the hiker is standing near a Tier two back he's sick of it yeah I'm done I've been done with jaw crumbles for days now oldest on is their beautifully done by F ng Co it all survived as well so they might still get the killing a move for building so I'll know will prevail but caning trigger to try and yes you can't babe I don't really kill him now I'll try it anyway come in but look at reinforcements are happening coming across three needs to get away lose your up as well everyone's joining on this fight off I'm one killing the juggernaut and a second under the grim stroke because Archangel is being body block powerfully by emotion they I'd actually stopped the tar from falling here he's back up stills gonna come out and it's gonna be firestorm of course firestorm and you can push to cool off now the stun coming out on the Madam's Riku longitude I can't rank it with beings well if I'm to brace on some off fmg backs away they bolt through madam gonna get low least actually live through this can either lose York it's dodged out you move to the side but still coming out now the shackles I'll get to come to puck after these done the Lord and there's the warden they seem reluctant to come after us so will force the matter and a pin fight where we have a bangle here and we have some serpent Wars down OH Paden he's been found a fan in moving in can you get the rooster just Luther Kansas towns gonna come out game lokrum throat good a full salt mine links them together and this ball is on a leash now doggy down they can't do enough damage so he stands up against the whole thing with all-pro there it's well the fun that comes equals the fight back on the unalloyed and happenin tank means hardest on my side is still not doing enough work and dream he needs to escape he gets room once he's gonna die and then thinks twice about it though he says okay that is row 16 five potential run roast right with Awards and the royal funder coming out of the dream trying to move in don't worry I think she has to walk tried a guy arranged things well dream don't go up the whole ground that's all the right move the eggs coming out the pump pot nobody troubled shock was gonna be under when you will fall laughing in just poking and prodding man a needs to back away let's gonna be there under the panga lever protected by the Crimson Guard nice stun order for arrows that's a big ravage fmg actually sliced up the swashbuckle the wrong fighter coming out the chase on a pond we're gonna find him on the other side the heck's gonna be there FNG just felt able to run away the wall pray to protect himself a faun still run him for the high dam hills if we stand up in the end and he will fall he needed just four more seconds to have by electrons available this first film from Rubik is doing the log but he can't really escape now can he races only me can't get rid of it buckles Cowell Israel oh he goes in I blinks away that was a little bit worrisome there's definitely delay in escaping that I have to be careful you have to be very quick obvious eyes forced out we use the phase shift already do believe in troll I believe the troll wants to murder someone and it's gonna be saved X gonna come out hasn't even guess what punk is arriving mm cheese well dwarf rate of tech I'll get one the stop line links them together we're just gonna farm off the wards while they finish off book the supports there's those chocolate yes and span he's gonna melt like chocolate here trying to buy enough time well this is all by now under the big doggy but no one is coming near to hold on to least green cores getting out leaching foreign place actually right now I know ami sacks on the side just for a motion again every dream really has it in for a rush in this game well he's just creep skip pink he's doing fine has a morally conscious to work with who has playing Remus Oh Rico just went down Tommy wait on me stash is gonna come out and I'll be too much work no he's actually holding on to he doesn't want to produce yeah he's rude on for this one stunned as well he can't even climbing almost that's gonna be there they just trying to get out with the rubra will they make it in time looks like they will be able to but they let's code us behind he's gonna try and roll to safety it can still fig the game but there are being picked off every known that right now yeah a little bit please split up like yes you got these here as we talked about the will do the split pushing but there's a station the game where you just have to roll both push them to get one that's fun being chased on to here wok-fried game I arrange things ball still connects he's running out man half the BKB up that's gonna be they does have the Voltron's and throw it out specifically when it comes out as well he can he lot we doesn't even have to use it instead they're gonna taste on the dream can they room on the spot no they're gonna get rid themselves role standing up against is gonna be disarmed they will lose spend i back comes out they can't afford to lose that role as well believe like hope i can arrive with trying to help out the satanic activate rude on the spot dream common way you know first and now manage trying to get them out maybe stand up they can't kill a fat one though is gonna live he gets away with a HP was no there's no Bob the Builder right more mature foresight so gambit oh they break the smoke yeah run up the high ground Super Bowl they saw Mike comes out straight away now move fruit and they do not brawl find out on this side it's gonna lock them in place to merchants using it bit on the Pangu pan but the obvious that's proof does get killed spankin a for more apples say it's brown the abyssal coming I was gonna get low so he called me the satanic out know is this up big Killam also find emotion is well they'll run for the rest of gamma and this is why you don't run up the high ground blind like they've got dog on a leash and now they had to put the puppy down no they straight talk go top I mean honestly pulse man that's very I mean even with vision that's very smart I mean we were just saying this is so closed on dates with team empire being one game up for slot for the CIS qualifies to go to the Starlight of minor did he go boertie just to delayed all right toss on d'etat a version needs to get away from this but gets blocked out trying to make this escape the daggers go slow down in full your first blood dog let's move Nate lost I'll be enough again we were on the roll in from emotion just in time so maybe that works out the question is gonna be around the min how that works for me anymore the bot Lane though I don't we'll ask questions about why there's this many heroes here and why he was that far from his town wasn't expecting the merchants to be in that tree line I thought it's a comfort pick and we know Angie's gonna feel uncomfortable here Bracey type of technical stuff in the a still alive he's the one in charge of for now the fuels got to come up that's what you pick the Legion to eventually maybe you didn't get that you'll win you won't do it right now visit TP and salt for coolidge does get refills buy blackouts and move across now the Ignace goes down they push dream even deeper witness curse being used so they can escape but there's the duel for the magnetizable system and oh but goodness into the move cuz they can even get blow but no the only phrase protection this Dolan sighs Eclipse turn around it's a one-for-one trade right now but the doom is out an OD will join Legion in the grain penis feels called embrace from dads all targets person a moon in the black art shameful sidestep so jumping with you over the West Coast comes out the best Bamba oh you're attacking each other doing this does get dropped as well the hack with the rage the boom does come under Coolidge gonna get low is anyone gonna deny those the real question save jumping for the back trying to do enough that magnetized does persist green mystery hex top iPhone has arrived Rufus type advice pick up and there we go the PA gets mellowed by the science of Clips then Center on a matter next he has no reinforcements no one can help it right now todos we'll just roll that out what it was trying to make his escape but he won't be able to be free dad for one and you commit the doom and they may actually find the fall for motion jumps in nano the Astor was save up on it keeps him alive us first you'd be dead for all intensive purposes right now even sticks black Ian says no or maybe awesome never mind Josh goes back but if this PA blades game once she guess that does all she has it may be right now yeah there it is and it's my baby retired so let's see how aggressive Ignis comes out drops onto to dream actually use hex top for the BKB available gonna turn around maybe a crime back and what the dude us come on easy trouble they get get over do I do it yes they are they're gonna get him ask her on the sidewalk cinnamon place when his car's gonna come out off on down to half HP meanwhile in the high ground a merchandise dream stuck up here right now though get down with a phantom strike and try to go to up the BKB before they in the decent of our damage got rid of both the support and the mid but they can't do a dream right now the BKB still running they connect him up now book and all of a sudden he feels a little bit helpless the co despair zap on asteroids him again there is tiny with them yeah say you so Nana Marvel have a launch in five seconds scream trying to move away the blow will be able to do so toss away by saved tries getting close to the base does he going yes he does how much is there to stop from the astral there it is defensively used the agus does instead he's gonna go in the hexagon come on dream o invasion and there's the blame l know he's or it's gonna be used against him and your window they get under this fear they jump across just in time Adam chasing polluter Apple and they still cannot kill this OD that's blink yes Lee see ya easy should be easy to catch someone spots away information please emotion let me keep trying protect him he's look to the role opportunity but he'll be blown up kick avalanche follow up go step to try and keep him alive dagger all the cog in front he's able to roll away and it's gonna matter guess what does it you'll opportunity now and protect himself with a cold embrace but guess what's happening next with lac-arts Angela now it's all on the same target ghin is enough to kill them off yes it is they'll turn around the BKB IPM Adam chase of boards of infernal blades you come on time you stop the motion roll away they do find a route on the hill onto a Coolidge those dream is looking to fight besides the back away now CODIS or the race simply gets to hawk and say you try and slow things down but there's a race from Doc Ignace does go down connects them to dream sign stop for stuff to get him out with a hex movin sighs you can't even throw it out so you I don't I don't know if you made this play his teammates a comment actually not quick enough the bikes gonna come out can the D Ward goings gonna jump in avalanche and the heart will see straight chasing in though who's coming out now the hex is down the tiny he's been separate from his team he's going to have on and BK people fighting up at night babe and there's the duel win they've done it again is Helios was the Chris from dream in this guest drop no one else gonna get caught the buyback comes out for the rubicon true looking for something they might find say you know way out of this raised up the hawk is just gonna lay into this tiny full stuff away isn't enough now the hex they're gonna keep chasing Rubik seen he just bought back he can't afford to go in afford to go down iPhone does back away off the force of the buy back out of this wife and he a does though and now you need to do something with this a long dream can you get the crisps this time you don't have a BKB for 45 seconds eggs coming out up on moving forward avalanche try and cover the escape I've done a half HP does have to do him don't even get a chance to use it just melts I've fallen has so much stolen damage roll out by immersion they don't want fro to me Harrison in the toss box is gonna be their missiles well up on the target the boom comes out or into the lifesteal to throw them up lift off in the air but when a pond comes down the heck is gonna be they can move away before stop dream can't do anything about Eva Astra was used on the Madden game now jumping in a pod get a low can they get him no that's coming up drew needs to move away there's the refreshment using the Begay be just inside babe he's gonna pop the jaegers to stay alive little bit of hack Nick's can you get the crits he can't instead of gonna get hair stopped and turned around on they're gonna be out of movement they didn't even need a fuel to boost this one off force to fight the Astro locks him in place and this looks like this might be game two for gamba when it's curse coming out order Kulish take a lot of damage dream still stay alive they'll be out a full stop away for this the Astro movement from a pond a big rebound Little Dream still wife he'll raise the epistles well can you do this the way Kinect was helping to be full fruit finally game to kill the PA this way all the time she bought she couldn't do anything more say you outside the base gonna toss all of his opponents inside as he calls GG we're going to a game three deciding game between team empire and gamba esports there's no quick initiation like Ark saintil been initiated on the top lane they each want to try and get the room Steve tosses up in the air things use the back way but the Royal cross super gay black I've changed a lot damage being done much it has to walk off there's your first blood drawn silence is down at the hockey we'll get rid of it there's only one now Tom's gonna come out and look at the rainbow teepees they need to back away will do so but she does arrive alongside FNG it's in case they'll need to turn around a coolish in trouble he got greedy in the movie time launched there there's stampede across they roll in though they can't buy him out that cool Alicia goes down dream disengages in time it's really nice that they could've got that skill because that dorm was getting scarier and scarier Oh buddy keepers in trouble upon is here and they paid them into a play Archangel for the high ground was safe to approach was most definitely wrong they will actually can test the runes though knife on they're too scared they can't go anywhere near him after surrender these runes moving interesting back coming up from immersion and they give the bounty rune over we were two kills that was okay to come out to my life on the chase on seems a little bit far away but they locked him in a choke point balance doesn't connect actually push him out but now it's one rays out can't move away quick enough though he doesn't have a point of requiem well he's dead it's not the way the intent FNG scout and Alice going on I think this is gonna be dropped as well the hawk it's gonna be protective say being dragged in lingering around and they wanna go on the Centaur he just respawned and if he goes down it's gonna be painful stampede to get him out though it does secure this over gambit to take the towel the lack of threes under you can oh they're going in Colossus shrine Guardian Greaves I can they're pretty early and you're right next to a wolf gets all that means Farfan will make lost gets away Madden he's getting lawn hpf fawns he wants to Requiem here can he finally he's gonna hold it they've disengaged with the hockey's chasing the move on to the time that's the way the rollin coming out from immersion and she uploads tunnels all by his lonesome to give up on top the requiem for swim away now they actually need to get the hell out dodge though up on every guy range to hack does manage to get the kill in the matter though according to code on earth no we're like but now like in the game now when you're playing now was your most hated I am oh nice to pause that for from fun to coming in there's thickness though lots in place do being thrown out or dislike as well he's logged their soul mine next two together but it's too late for slack he's gonna fall well the funnest ran out and guess you still stocking photos will try and run away to stampede chillin able to retreat well oh I ain't gonna move and you kill a ghoulish though cuz the race is over there as the toxic Rossi outlines through the tube records gonna be charged up you need to be careful Wi-Fi silent stuff now the Kalu's forced to go in here trying to help him out down a half HP up on stay alive already having to use the Guardian Greaves the big fat one we'll get him up though you'll get the kill in the grim stroke before pop of the agency still lemon actually got rid of him just yet he stands there the aluminum bottle is magnetized as well coat off with the Rolfe under coming through this stumble matter gets to and they move away though this one's got a boss he's gonna go down the right cliffs are good enough and our dream needs to move away emotion Jason he's got the kick he's got the Sun so got everything in fact I'll name on the spot that's gonna be slot going down again here fishy-fishy your receipt preffered to make sure they don't interrupt he does up diffusal as well support us has to be careful or use the swashbuckler down to half manner and they've opened up the me racks they will go for TP back toss back the coots under the cr4 so gonna try and hold him in place after pants as well can't get out snappy be using this is gonna be dropped though break room as well kudos with the Royal font ago Bruce all by links to together he's doomed up so now pango can't even get out of this stop by madam trying to get a kill with doom so damn tank another turnaround with the kick Mandan slowed up and killed off he's gonna fall and this is looking very grim the buyback said come up and now you have no role of funding you have no stampede they jump in the tosspot they're trying to get into hockey sized up can he live though he's got the big one he might be fine well no he didn't have the time-lapse he couldn't get away dreams gonna get low though he can't afford to go down he will dead for 50 seconds just like the weaver looking at skilling this they might get him as well team comes out he's just got this time people try get away he llamas well coming out from the mechanism might be enough to solve I'm looking to to give all the crew stands ground they must come out the toss across will get rid of immersion and indeed everyone out there Madden looked all on this spot won't be able to move away here the lunate Blas Roos enough to bring him down as FNG gets the kill to you is not the same as these trees though and his tree maybe stands out a little bit it's gonna move him right now BKB activate the hawk will defend himself I split away by tiny but guess what you just bailed on dream he has no way are they see stuck in the spot and you can pass all you want but that TP is ambitious of all that was dinner part not looking so hot right now this mark has really not done a whole lot and at this point this is this is gonna be this is till I I don't understand well that death was from the groom stroke I don't think it's still today just lost they just told Boston we're trying to prolong the game but they realize that they have lost the does region gain trouble with this heartbreak is already on paper it looks fine have a feeling the teams are not losing to start getting longer

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