Don't F**k It Up! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

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CoD Modern Warfare 2019 is on track to be one of the best CoD games in a very long time. It certainly will be Infinity Ward’s best in almost a decade. The game is looking good from every current metric. However, this is ATVI / IW we are talking about so I’m terrified they are going to mess it up with Microtransactions.

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hey guys drifter here today I'm gonna be playing a little bit of MWR and I have a message directly to Infinity Ward I want you guys to know that you've won you guys have literally won Call of Duty based on everything that I've seen right now you've got such a good game going you've got all this hype coming your way all the positive metrics are happening so just don't pick it up I don't know how else to say it right now in this commentary is gonna be a lot more off-the-cuff than usual probably a lot more curse words I'm gonna have to bleep out but I feel that that message really really needs to be said Infinity Ward us had three rough games in a row modern warfare 3 was rough because the team split but fans still liked it ghost was rough because it had to be on like six different consoles and new consoles launching and that was a mess infinite warfare was just rough all around so Infinity Ward hasn't had a real hit at a long time but also the rest of the cod franchises have fallen into rough spots recently the monetization of black ops 4 has finally turned fans against Treyarch who previously could do no wrong in this scene everybody loved Treyarch games they were flawless they were perfect they were this and that and they didn't care about the monetization because they didn't care about it Activision just kept demanding more and more and more and they monetized more and more and more until it just blew up in their faces I assume the rumor about sledgehammer games losing their lead and having to have both of them and Raven helped black ops 5 into a rush job is real I guess it could be fake but it seems reasonable and as of right now the future of Call of Duty couldn't look more unsteady we've had three rough games in a row even though black ops 4 was hot to start with it fizzled we've got no other good games on the horizon because it seems like there's management problems except for call of duty modern warfare I think that that game looks amazing I think it plays amazing I think it's just the right kind of game that Call of Duty fans want right now it's got all the good hype going for it it's got great features for multiplayer like cross play and realism and a lot of good things about this game all of my coverage of it has generally been very positive which is which is rare for me call of duty modern warfare could actually be the game that steers the sinking ship of call dooty back towards home if you don't pick it up with microtransactions and that is what hurt black ops 4 more than anything else I think black ops 4 would be having much better performance right now if it wasn't so heavily monetized because nobody wants a $50 season pass when every other game has it for free when every competitor has something for free why are you charging $50 for it nobody wants to have to spend $300 to get the new DLC weapons when other games just give you the new weapons new champions and new goodies and stuff or whatever for free I mean black ops 4 is at a point where if you're going the Krait route you need 300 crates there's about $300 black ops 3 which is a game that I loved I loved the gameplay fans played it a lot that system got so crazy that later on in its cycle when you guns dropped if you were a relatively new player you might have to spend up to $1,200 to get the new weapons which in many cases was more expensive than buying the weapons in real life I could I could just literally go buy those guns in real life cheaper than I could get them in Call of Duty nobody wants really expensive skins and gun camos and stuff like that when they're only good for one year Call of Duty is yearly releases totally new titles no content shared between all of them so every year you start over completely in your loot it's not like League of Legends where I can still use my old 2011 skins that are just fine it's not like overwatch which even at 3 years old I can use my launched skins just fine it rolls over every year so the price should reflect that it's gonna have a shorter lifespan nobody wants loot boxes in Call of Duty period loot boxes are just I think loot boxes are gonna go the way of the dinosaur soon either because of legislation or consumer pushback nobody wants a battle pass that's filled mostly with stickers and I'm criticizing black ops 4 on this but apex legends was just as bad their battle pass was just pure booty congratulations you hit a level 100 here's a sticker nobody wants that fortnight has a good battle pass with stuff that people actually use and not just crap nobody wants $30 hammers nobody wants selling your pre-order bonuses later at a marked up price what we as gamers want is a good game at reasonable price and that reasonable price has to include the reasonable priced microtransactions whatever you're gonna charge for the game the micro transaction is just a part of that price now and it needs to be sane because I don't think that the gaming market will support the current Call of Duty much longer if any longer at all it might already be too late if call of duty modern warfare comes out and is loaded like pre-order bonus and season pass and micro transaction and battle pass and direct sales and loot box all this kind of stuff like black ops 4 is me personally I'm just gonna pop it out of my PlayStation and go play any one of the five similar free-to-play games that don't have that or like the $15 games that are content driven but with good content if the micro transaction system changes to something unfavorable midway through the game such as you know it's pretty great it launched and then like three months in we need more money because it's a new quarter let's really ramp this up I'm probably done with Cod forever because that is a signal to me as a consumer that the company does not give one flying flip about anybody that's not spending hundreds of dollars if you're not throwing money at them for literally nothing but digital items then you are a worthless human being it's what that says to me and I don't want to be a part of that I'm not alone in this belief either there are lots of Call of Duty fans out there that feel this way too Call of Duty fans are perceived as being angry dholtze as being blowhards as being the the filthy casuals of the gaming community and as a guy who in the Cod scene has tried to be the voice of reason and testing in science and generally gone against the grain for a long time I understand this I really understand this on a level that most people don't but this time I agree with the angry mob the angry mob is angry for a reason this time they're right the way the game is monetized more recently is absolutely ridiculous and I just said for blopps for just screw spending money on that that's actually insane I don't want any part of that so an Infinity Ward if anybody is listening just don't do that just don't up your game with crazy microtransactions I know you're gonna get a call from Papa Activision they're gonna say they want some really good microtransaction sales because digital sales are the most profit and you can really scale them infinitely so that they can go have a shareholder conference and talk about how great the ROI is post this and that and how they have a better price to earnings ratio and all this all this kind of investing stuff they want that money and they want it quarter after quarter after quarter and every quarter has to be more money than the last quarter and it has to be a better ratio than the last quarter every metric has to go up and well guess what this quarter when the game launches that is that quarter will be the very last one for call of duty if it launches with that model because gamers are just gonna quit they're just gonna abandon the franchise call of duty right now as a franchise is at a breaking point when it comes to pricing I really mean this as a guy who understands corporate pricing models in accounting and margins and return on investment on p/e ratio all this kind of stuff I understand that but the franchise is at a breaking point if modern warfare does not have a model that gamers are okay with those gamers are gonna leave forever franchise over brand done billion dollars right down the drain and the decline will be rapid and fast if the game is a stinker and the massive management or whatever is true with blopps 5 then that's that's a one-two combo Call of Duty's out it's done it's dead it's a joke of a game that you'll you'll see every 10 years or whatever and people talk about quick scoping unrest I think the source of this problem is Activision shareholders that just want these crazy fast returns on digital products and any investor that plans to hold a stock for more than 3 months should want to work with a company that is producing a known quality product now the short term investors the day traders to people to flip really fast I don't care if someone really returns but a lot of investors want to invest in companies that they believe in and not just stare at arbitrary numbers and any business from a small like self-employed person like myself to a massive corporation knows that sometimes you have to spend money on R&D sometimes you have to take an L sometimes you have to make a decision that gives you a temporary loss this year this quarter or whatever a decline in your return on investment a temporary slowdown in order to continue to do business and do much better later businesses that chase infinite returns and will do anything quarter after quarter to just keep pumping that money always cheapen their products destroy the brand and they implode you can just look at GoPro for example man that's who glad it wasn't part of their IPO and I hope I'm just praying at this point that Activision and Infinity Ward choose the long-term path that they choose to use call of duty modern warfare to rebuild this brand into something good and not just pump money because I think this game is good I think it's good enough to be an absolute banger I think it's good enough to bring even my hateful self back to playing Call of Duty after all these years but I'm not gonna pay an arm and a leg for stickers I'm not paying $1,200 for guns and I'm not gonna play a game where the system changes every couple months I'm just gonna bounce and I think that most other fans will too so if anybody is listening just don't fuck up your game is my only request this year my only thing that I'm begging for just don't do that guys I hope you enjoyed this video I know a little more serious and more roasts than usual so I'm gonna add some fun clips at the end tripped her out I need all these things over here he does not lead to loot I am in the matrix I am Keanu Reeves I am breathtaking oh my god

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