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and they've got you know they got the earth spirit they got the Grim stroke viola needs to be careful this is gonna be a decent stun Ramesh she does get deep crept up he's trying to run away with the drunken brawler but some nice body blocks and villo instead just gonna head in the opposite direction leading them on a merry little chase another roll forward catches him again still links well on cool down for a little bit but now they've got the orbit venom slow down and that is gonna be first blood for Raven but they're not really stopping the CK Ohio at 12 she has to his name roll in over at mid-2nd in some trouble got a ferry fire not gonna be enough to save him I want this kill on the lien ahead mid or they just want the tower kill lifting the wave keep the catapult alive dandy taking some damage Ohio's rotating over they're gonna drag in dandy roll forward as well from Raven but a damaged on the Zephyr looks like he'd be the first one to fall they try and find the stun on Dendi but he's heading to the East down the river it looks like he might be okay it's managed to get the MELD out they are aware of this and if they were if they didn't see it with the century than they did would have seen it elsewhere moon a little bit of trouble almost grouse down does have some stick charges does have the battle chance Yama tape I'm just dying on the side Dendi blinking him down and Tigers really really want this tier 1 Tower can somebody snag the last tit no just gonna end up being the radio that will-o'-wisp gets dropped down it's trouble for low tech they get dragged back in right and trying to find the roll angle he does get it but Dendi still finishes him off with that straight auto-attack and Ohio also kind of gearing up for that late-game is he's going towards a hand of midas so greedier builds overall but feeling kind of confident leaning in a little bit of trouble does manage to land this done but getting slowed down once again by the side trap dandy with a quick meld hit and follows it up nice easy kill we do already have the maxed out chakra magic the Tigers they can push really really quickly Ohio and some trouble getting routed up at top mood gets another route and that is going to be an easy kill they do have the AMA tey and the leading of rotating over and you just have to back yourself away a little bit primal split gonna get used but that's only for yamete here can they find a little bit more that's the question in Vila is actually hunting for it it's gonna get the cyclin up unto the leanness cam is in the neighborhood but again he's probably not willing to fight the side trap is here they've also got the Balder Raven coming in trying for the save gets the magnetized down but the will-o-wisp is controlling both of them Raven now gonna try and make his escape but he gets dragged back in once again heading down towards bottom they don't have everybody there they are just threatening top with the troll and the pugna Zephyr hiding up on the high ground Ohio goes in they are looking for this kill on to be low but they won't be able to bring him down he gets the primal splint out they finally managed to focus down the Ignis fatuus but it's difficult and Ohio's losing a lot of life to this drain he gets brought down billow wants to chase after but this storm panda is not that quick he gets it up onto the high ground now scam is actually continuing to farm they found yamete moon Mandor running forward scam doesn't blink away onto Raven moon needing to be somewhat careful they do have this trying to fight on now the sole vine coming out deal in some trouble can actually keep one meander alive he doesn't have the ages he pops the valley trance eats locked onto Raven can you bring him down Knight stun from the lina keeps them up Raven rolling a little bit off to one side they've lost two so far Tigers could this have been a bit of a mistake they are gonna grab the courier but that's it Dendi that's life number one taking out might be able to get the blink away he's gonna try for it but a great roll in from Raven stuns him right as he respawns low tech now in the driver's seat Tigers their next opportunity is going to be centered around the Roshan so very important that they get some vision around there one for these seven getting jumped on by scam those one 437 have the RNG that's three hits all misses four hits all misses scam looking for the dagger one for 37 still juking scam confident that he has the BKB to get out of here go forward from Raven they're gonna try and turn this right now the moon meander can they focus him down in time he does manage to get the battle trance off but gets immediately stunned up they've lost the zephyr in the back lines Ohio jumping in there troll being controlled he doesn't manage to get the BKB out but that won't save him from the crit as low tech find themselves at Tigers doorstep two heroes dead and the creepwave not too far behind this is trouble the jumping in Izapa viola is pretty tanky it's gonna go straight into the primal split however if floats that can just disengage from this that's gonna be bad news for Tigers Nilo having to be careful with the pandas game just jumps in he's still got the BKB available not popping it just yet not the greatest coordination Villar just gonna send the PA up into the air but Lina with her BKB brings down the will-o-wisp and now Vela back into his panda form stunned up for three seconds focused by five heroes and will be brought down by one more swing of the cudgel from Ohio low-tech looking for the first tier 3 Tower of the game here moon it's gonna be back up in about five seconds time but Tigers what can they actually do I think they're just completely screwed Ohio's got his heart so he's walking around with 3500 HP that you mentioned jumping onto yamete not the best coordination they send him up under the high ground could he actually get this done off he will be able to he might finally be able to use it now he's trying to run it off he does have a buyback available filo buying back into the game oh no that push over I guess maybe wants to grab those items up Lina can't just boots of travel in so this might be a real pushover at mid but I'm just gonna go poking and prodding and see what they can find Ohio I was gonna go for mid scams actually jumping into the base and he makes quick work of 1 4 3 7 1 crit to bring him down skims now on the retreat but you still got the aegis and his BKB so he's gonna be just fine jump into the backline find 147 once again just gonna focus on to the will owest there isn't really anyone being affected but scam just making a statement on the frontlines villa once again does not manage to get his primal splint out he's dead for 45 seconds PA coming back up at the rest of low-tack here to defend they get the stunner on to moon meander can he get anything off he does mention about the BKB and the battle trance healing up nicely off of ohio who does have the cheese he's gonna be okay still baiting dragging moon meander a little bit further away he kicked me ways out he gets dragged back in and now will be focused down it looks like he gets saved by the decrepit I for a second but we'll finally be finished off by the Laguna blade diving in deeper moon meandered now buying back for trying to nuke the pugna inside of his own fountain that's not going to work and he will claim his village if barely managing to get back into the pan deform yaumatei with the sole pine skin let loose with these stifling aggregates so much damage dandy in huge trouble the cleave almost finishing them off as well you know what are you looking for you want more kills in the fans oh no we really fountain camping now know juji's been called and low-tech we'll take that way they need if they're gonna have on the night in the offlane they do need a lot of damage I'm still not sure what's going on with mushi or what the situation is yeah I'm gonna say now in a little bit of trouble actually make that a lot of trouble he's gonna throw out the paralyzing casket bounces over to the grim stroke yeah I'm saying looking like he's gonna be first flood they try and pop up on to 147 it do manage to punch him down Ravens got good damage bounty runes ken will get that one they know that there's a big Raven oh my God look at this elder Titan he's gonna hit so damn hard moving me under what can you actually do hops the rage trying to get out if you're rolling from Zephyr they're sending all of their resources up to top to try and help up moon meander and this is not the way that this is supposed to be going Zephyr in some trouble Juke around the tree line does have seven stick charges Ohio now coming in a couple more punches is gonna do it can ohio finish off this kill over at mid lane maybe if he plays ball well missus turn around try and kill dendi won't be able to do it stick charges in the ferry fire keeping him alive he's got the blast there's no nothin to stop this Sal just yet Zephyr you got to be careful about chasing this buddy that do have Vela coming in trying to help the shrines already being used yamete does have the paralyzing casket doesn't end up bouncing Decker is gonna be brought down below does it get in here with the infernal blade he's also got the doom no metamorphosis the doom comes out unto yamete but that just might make him a little bit easier to deny scam can you do it won't be able to villo does find a double thunderclap feel up another bounce back this Maldek is doing way too much damage I think he's just dead to that though we're big needing to be a little bit careful as getting drained out man should to get around the corner he's got another fade ball turns it around the blast from Dendi finishes the kill Leon here no – just yet for Ohio after trying with the push back they will be able to grab that one bound to ruin a raven dodging out of the way of the roll he might just be ok here ones chasing forward nevermind villo is once again just around the corner that'll be four heroes converging around with the ridge you ain't stolen that Ford drop-down moon me and are just gonna get dropped Mila what's he actually got he's dropped the do Matt on to the Omni Knights doing a lot of damage especially with this heavenly grace one four three seven now also cheap being in can they find the skill and tianmen say does get slowed down roll in from Zephyr this is once again everybody from Tigers rotating in but low tech also have they've also committed a lot of heroes up here the rage is available for the Rubik and that's gonna keep him alive scam running for it he just wanted asunder but he gets soul bound over to the Rubik smoke Tigers looking for the Rubik is there any way for him to play his way out of this one I don't think so he's just gonna get drained out it's a dominating streak for Dendi skims still leading the way is gonna be going in for this early BKB very high armor not too worried about the lifestealer to be honest and just gonna keep on punching him moon meander needing to be very careful he's always got the infested sleep a real team fight breaking out over the other side they've gone on to yamete first who they found now the Rubik getting doomed up Vila is still chasing onto him they're gonna pop that drum charge and just keep on running forward or a splitter trying to buy some space or even doing his best but now he's the target a low able to just keep on diving in pretty deep though Raven is a bit too fast for them to chase him down looking for a ward maybe looking for a little bit more you haven't a up into the high ground it's got the jet board ready to go it does good damage V lows quite tanky but that fade bolts coming in and this last maledicte kick should do it I don't know I'm a little bit worried blue meander just gonna go for the TPI just they're all gonna be in time it will never finds the angle scam still fighting though he wants to skill on demoted he's gonna get it gives me enough time metamorphosis but he's just chopping everybody to death lift back can they finish this earth spirit kill scam in some trouble cousin get off the sunder this is a bit too deep from low-tack they only had three heroes up here and even the Rubik brought down now alright well scratch all of that I just said that nobody wanted to fight everybody wants to fight and low-tack are gonna be the ones jumped on first Rubik won't be able to get anything off double doom coming in and that's gonna be two quick kills paralyzing cast buying a bit of space skims tp'ing out was the keys gonna be okay Ohio pops the heavenly grace drives for TP out but there's way too many stuns for that it's not a repeal TP anymore my friend and Ohio looking like he'll also be brought down these phantoms getting thrown out at a ridiculous rate that's that they are going to be able to set up camp scam a very confident teepee in but he might get punished for that Rubik running a little bit too far forward the double doom gets split out over on to skim buybacks coming through Rubick coming back into this fight earth splitter can they kill off moon it gets dragged back in now the lift moon brought down it this is a pretty expensive fight they use to buy backs can they catch a little bit more the paralyzing cast nice blink away from V low Dendi running it off does have the glimmer cape soon and pug knit and can defend here of course the rage wait Raven running forward with his main hero this is not where you want to be that's three dead now hello low-tech alright scams coming in bkb's gonna get forest he has to commit everything now can you actually find a fight okay uses the BKB but not the metamorphosis now he's being doomed up alright run for the fountain Tier three dead blasting onto the rest of it ohayo running forward terribly what can they do can actually find a catch Ohio doesn't have the yule scepter or anything scams just running forward but they don't have the lock down zephyr do they have any disables for this man yes they do a high ground of tents Kem doesn't want to use the meta just for the buildings he really wants to try and find an actual fight to get the lift up on to the doom not in the great position Fela what are you doing in here he's in trouble couple more Auto attacks to bring him down to the summit buyback available Moon's already fought back by back now from the doom if they can disengage on low-tack this would be huge and it looks like they might be able to do just that by then everyone should fairly reliably melt in this game okay double doom coming in Tara blade and some trouble can they keep him alive on the night managed to get his BKB off so he's actually still alive right now can they keep this terabyte up they've got the heels for him he's still silence for the time being and they can't actually get out of it a little bit too long they've lost one lifestealer doomed up in response though Rubick managed to steal it can I get the lifestealer out of here it looks like they should be able to Ohio dropping fairly low to one for one below dying in the midst of them they're a little bit annoying more heroes coming over but they have to commit for this Roshan they need the ages for the terrorblade is he gonna pop the BKB you get stunned up skim a little bit of trouble he doesn't the heavenly grace with the disables not sticking for that long now he pops the BKB starts to chunking into moonminder we get bashed up by Rochelle moons in trouble he does have an investor's calling for one four through seven to come out and help him bro shines outside of the pit so they can't actually finish it off skin doesn't have the metamorphoses he doesn't have the DKB easy to make trouble he does just barely managed to pick up to aegis however so they bring him down yamete there was a paralyzing cast earth splitter breaking up the fight Tigers once again just trying to run for it ohayo trying to come forward they do get to lift up on to the grim stroke but is that going to be an ovulation they go for a smoke low tech backing up there also smokes chem heading forward he's on the frontlines it's to be careful where will this doom land that's the question they jump in they get to stop they're looking for skim they get the double doom out this should be a total disaster low tech can they cut away from this they're focusing on to Ohio first scam did actually man should get his BKB off so he's still fine he pops the metamorphosis go with no BKB can he actually sit here and fight he gets an early sunder out the earth splitters coming through doing a lot of damage dendi's dead so his Vila Moon meander trying to stand his ground and fight with this death word from the low ground doing so much damage meander in big trouble he gets lifted up he's brought down then he's bought back already trying to return to this fight but skim too much damage scam still has a tiny bit left of this metamorphosis heads up front of the high ground Tigers do have to buy backs available they might be able to wait for the doom but this live stealer is gonna get forced out and actually kill scamp or staff away he's got the satanic he's got the sunder I think he's actually alright he just needs to wait out this rage he's looking towards moon they silenced them up against the BKB up he thunders the illusion just for some HP and now he's gonna try for the TP out just in time he escapes Raven might not be so lucky for staff a little bit further away finds himself a haste so if there's a desperate bid for Roshan things could get ugly Dendi a little bit split off from the pack can they find him he's just running away with the glimmer cape but they know exactly where he is the decrepit if I help him keep him alive for a little bit longer he's got another decrypt soon then he's gonna be very difficult to bring down but this damage is so much Raven punching into him scam also chasing Dendi almost finished off he gets the glimmer cape off one more time doom comes in it's only on to the Omni and I can they actually do anything about scam he pops everything and now just starts right-clicking through V Lopes hiding away from him zephyr trying to get the role but Draven does manage to block it they did bring down Dendi they're gonna bring down Zephyr at the same time moon scepter keeping him alive for now but now the rest of loads actor here who are they gonna do him up this time once again it's only on the Omni Knights can willingly just pops everything and I was gonna look for this fight can they actually keep the Omni alive as the question he's gonna get centered up by scandal pops the BKB he's also got the satanic ready to go might be looking over towards moon in a second he's got another sunder but he gets Dagon Dendi from the sidelines doing the work moon meander still focused in the middle of all of this though can he find an infest target he's looking for it but he can't seem to find anybody Dendi completely saving this fight for his team the infest is not gonna be enough to get him out of there they popped the vessel Ravens dead I mean Zephyr is dead moon meander dead for two minutes scam just by straight back into the game he almost made the play of the game there did get kind of stopped by Dendi who's gonna pop yamete Danny now gonna get popped himself he's dead for a hundred zephyr wants to join the rest of his team in the afterlife and he's gonna be joining the rest of his team in the lower bracket because low tech have taken this one way there were some throws the other classic se a dota

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