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good meander trawl and a zephyr centaur which means it is a Dendi Rubik he's gonna chew up another mango backup and top them in the end there might be a bit of trouble the sun's actually gonna go out on the centaur though looking for the right-click Zephyr is gonna be in a bit of trouble there's the first flood it's really hard because there's there's an ability called whirling blades isn't there no wild axes not whirling whirling blades whatever that comes from Minah will get his/her six stolen their six I mean it's level six the Centaur stopped cleaning up Dendi will get that kill no problem little six up for the batrider now I don't think you'd go for the lasso this early they'll just set the weight and meander he is slept 100% he's gonna be stunned he is dead our will get that easy kill rupak rotating collapsed boy the boy is clipped on the top of the hill no they will have to land whirling blades they drop the observer on the hill the teepee has a 30 second cooldown fly solo he's going down he deep woods now he doesn't Joe gets the century he's gonna be in a bit of trouble he does have ultimate though if he really needs it potato he turns on the ultimate he ain't gonna die today which means he wants to find a target to kill popping all the spells he's looking for the route he finds the route he's clicking away but he's working his best and he ain't gonna get it the stuns gonna go out and we'll sleep thing is Abaddon for now moon me under at no HP in the back lunge fly solo wants to get the kill but he's going down dendi flying up at the fire he's gonna get the kill out on fly solo no problem actually you'd be low we'll get it and now we're gonna have our in a bit of trouble as well the rock that you're gonna be the stroke of fate will confirm the kill now they're looking for been here the slows the stuns not gonna get to him they looked available for another 20 seconds easy pickins Dendi gonna be in a bit of trouble there they do not have thought they have to lasso up now the science is gonna be there they get the lasso and that is one dead Rubik player easy smoke into the mid to kill this troll once again they will get the ultimate down on their moon the ender the sense our ultimate will be expended but he stopped for some reason sleep won't be landed he's given in a good drop now he is dead they secrete moon from the under gets stunned up he is going down Center trying to come in to save but now in my costume its life they're gonna disengage from that one and it's gonna be sticky napalm being stolen Dulce samh may be trying to apply some pressure to Zephyr lift is gonna be there from Dendi lifts them into the stop but he does manage get the lasso first which kills off the Centaur some quick reactions some quick flicks are they gonna look for anything here they want to maybe get some aggressive warding in here but they know that they're there they see them but the stun goes out it's gonna be broken immediately and that is one dead since Art Center that is one dead elder Titan they're looking for some more kills than me and their ultimate is available but they don't need it that's one dead sandwich they are gonna find the return on the sensor though and now ben-hur is gonna be in a bit of trouble the ules he's gonna be there it's done gonna follow soon after but it's not gonna save them at the end of the day cuz there's no if the ultimate been herds going down they do manage to find the W looks like they do manage to find a return kill out on to the elder Titan he is disarmed trying to get a little bit off he will eat the dust 1437 though gonna be brought up to the big old Batman himself is he gonna die here yeah he dies okay good that almost looked like you didn't bat right or coming you know that you find that they ain't been in the road shot is very lonely and there still gets the aegis though same age out a Firefly he had stuck in there now they're looking for more kills though the hole that stuck stun on the Dendi will be getting him down mutiny and their Aegis will be immediately expended to buy back from the pugna are they gonna try and turn this into another fight they're just gonna disengage from that one not a party there's only two they might be able to find dandy down here in the bottles gonna be stolen but the counter rage is gonna go out as well but the ultimate out from our will slow him down initially it's still louder than the microphone we'll hang on wait until after this teamfight as we do teen fight if you see trolls silenced up he is going down indefinitely he's gonna be the last spell stolen it is gonna be stunned which is a pretty good spell to steal right now looks like they do find something the bat rider is gonna be in a bit of trouble here the stuns gonna be channeled but that writer don't be fine the counter turn will be there and now the Sentaro will go out and get them out of there for the first place now the disengage there's their courier just chilling around lots of pings because they know that they're there Avedon will kill off the first word I think to Csilla quality blade still he does the jewels he's gotta be there from the Lina he's gonna be stunned up as well be looking for a counter kill though Dendi he's gonna get he's gonna steal that rage they won't go ahead and kill off the first ben-hur will be first to fall you're the other tight nope going down Patrol Ultimates gonna go straight on to that oh no they do manage to bring them out but it's not gonna change anything radiant but radiance potato raging potato will still get out of there Sam H gonna be in a bit of trouble as well he tries to find the return kill and he dug the Yosh is gonna be there and so it was a three for one there and yeah they're gonna have to just leave from this fight here another century being thrown down with an observer word being dropped as well unity they want to just they want to try and cause some damage here they do get an alternate now the grim stroke they do get the double incredibly the sleep goes out as well and the stun the other tight goal it's gonna kill off zephyr because there's nowhere you can go troll goes up and start slamming all his old men here but raging potato he's got so much damage he's got so much HP he can't go down Sam H might be falling here but he's not going to buybacks being expended they're hitting all those buyback silence is gonna be out there out on to Abaddon they do manage to find the stun yeah they do but they will pop the ultimate the lasso will go out but the lasso does do a decent amount of damage but it's not gonna change anything filo gonna be going down it definitely eats a laguna blade to the face now they're looking for more the sense our old is expended but the sleeps gonna go out no doctor sleeping it's gonna be used trying to get this tall the sun's gonna be the moon me either going down eventually fly slow to get the jump trying to find a return kill oh there goes the hex out on the poor man himself dandy doesn't be you'll stuff into the sky though Sam eight she is ready for the counter initiation he's gonna be lifted up into the sky there's gonna be a big old sleep double sleep as well they do find the e blade but it's not gonna change anything the other Titan spirit was stolen that's not gonna change much either the stun the sleep that everything the damage is all there that is three dead eight percent is not real eight percent is fate eight percent is fate now they are gonna go ahead and get the kill on V low in the mid they're gonna look for more of the moon man they're gonna be in a bit of trouble the records are gonna be there he's gonna do and eat the cheese now they do have a big old soul bun they're gonna get that one moon meandered dropped on top though he's gonna eat the ultimate now dandy looking for the death he's going down lean man there is gonna find right-click so it's gonna be rooted up that's a big old Sun going out there they're looking for more clicks on that raging potato he's not gonna get stand up just yet we'll get hit by the fashion of double stufs got to be there you feel oh does manage the pop to BKB just in time he's not gonna be affected by the Sun just yet raging potato it's gonna be in a bit of trouble to stun that from the elder Titan not gonna actually land it's gonna die before that it's gonna be infest stolen up they want to deal as much damage they will still lose the sense are the buybacks are available big for man smoke they're gonna try and catch anybody and they find the troll but he pops ultimate out immediately but he still is hexed up heated up as well he's trying to find the right place the bat riders going down though they will try to look for more raging potato dust getting it back to slow at the last second so they might be able to find him here they want on ours oh and they're gonna get him he's lifted up the ultimate going out by the other Titan is trying to deal damage doh Dendi does manage to steal silence but raging potato trying to click man he is just doing a lot of work but our art will be the first one to fall Dendi will be the next one to fall and now they're looking for raging potato than me and you're trying to find the jump he's trying to find the ws well there's not much they can really do the center Sun stock at all ants gonna eat one of the random creeps man but then meanders studs up there looking for the kill the sense our ultimate will beats many but the yield goes out Sam they want the big want to get the lasso but BKB being popped by veal oh they do get the slow down on the meander these pink licked away the ultimate is gonna go out the double silenced the double hex the double sleep they argue a five-minute meander that's no buyback available they do get the stop out but they do find nd as well 14:37 is next to fall the BKB the buyback is actually going out by dendi they find the kill they have to fight back on him as when they call the GG 1337 drops the gg why so low I have the Lich this game the puck net will be better in the mid the runes are gonna be a 2/2 even unless they storm hammer it they get it anyway in fact they do get the storm hammer and possibly get the kill be the keeper charge going through does a lot of damage when we ender is going down our actually gets the kill through masters gonna be in trouble the silence it's gonna go out on the bottom they're clicking away the ultimate goes out that is one dead man master does reveal himself he is level 5 whereas we low is level 7 can I be clicking away here and there's nothing he could really do sin Abreu is enough damage actually below it's gonna barely go down here the cinder through the keeper way it goes through but raging tato will get the chemists to follow up on that the Omni slash being so low used out on to this poor poor man 1430 70 there goes the double drunken brawler out goes the little wisp but that will slow down Zephyr will get him three times she gets to sleep once more but you know there's a lot of dead heroes now in the mid and that's really because that did not go the way they wanted remember the team that's why it's all stuck in my head that's one dead 1437 they want to try and get filo here they're looking for the clicks the omni's not available but below best-managed apophis w but it's just not gonna do anything here V low disarmed is gonna eat a big old glass to the face but now there's some fights going on in an exchange it from the brew and the myth that it's gonna be there Sam H gets the ultimate off at the last second looking for the stun he does manage to find the Ember but there goes two eul's basically cyclone these in boat alone cannot act there goes the big ultimate the Lich oak drops as well and it does feel quite a bit of damage but the returns going out though a mutiny and are looking for kills he is gonna find one they get to the blue sprit the blue spruce split is stolen and loon meander to kill off yet another hero looks like this might be a dead 14:57 though they are gonna be able to break it off though and that is one dead bug done trying to make a backside rotation on this stone you agent okay no the buybacks they're from the pugna The Ultimates available they want to turn this around but little wisp will slow them down only for the time being and they want to kill how are they gonna get it done goes out only lands on one they are gonna be able to drop the shield just in time it will slow down raging potato but by how much feeling word is gonna be broken down they're going to repeat it as much as possible the disarms gonna be there there is no Bruce split just quite yet he's just taunting around on us on his little keg there don't see their big recovery plan except maybe this right here actually remove man there will be actually getting himself the double stun is gonna go out the lips gonna be there on top of that we are going to see Tigers doing it is a lynch blast going through doing a lot of damage that disarms there the a just goes down this lining up moons like are and I'm just popping it let's go we're gonna do this aren't but our our dies immediately they will buy back that in like literal seconds if your stolen for the Rubik they are gonna find the brew there's no buyback you're good with us but not gonna do much and tigers they are gonna take this tower the damage reduction does go down onto that tower but it's not gonna save much your view low and to work out here up to the top Wow my voice crack Evo is in though the disarm immediately out on to spend the fear as well the little it's going to work and this could actually be really good although the little whistles go down and catches them off and now this Omni slash only going on move me and there they kill off three of their heroes fortunately it is a Lynch that they find and the licious dead immediately all they do find a lift out onto the pugna the pugna wards gonna be stolen as well before step to the low ground he is instant dead to Dendi and now that oh my goodness the brew and his HP is gone lifts out on the juggernaut brought to the low ground the silence and the stun he's dead smoke going for a smoke play here let's drops the armor on to the tower and now the lips gonna be there they break the smoke they do manage to get the beautiful ultimate though the fear is gonna be stolen but samh not gonna get it but there is the GG y solo calling it so that means we will have a game number three okay that means yeah so it will be Dendi in the spirit once more scan goes out that will by the pump enough time will it actually be enough time though the silence is gonna be there he's getting clicked up as well the silence will kill him off the first blood occurring after the dive of tower you never know do drop a dream coil in the mid they are gonna try to go introducing again this it's gonna be they're doing quite evident damage to been heard they're looking through the jump up puck now the drop drop the Omni slash there's a lot of image been here is able to get out to the time beam there goes a big old stroke of fate in the ice shards look named yet another chill for them to on the easy rotation they do manage to find the hex press the Jackals just enraged no they want the snowballs gonna get to the creep wave they will be able to disengage although they do manage getting to manage recoil that means 1437 is eventually invented eventually indefinitely going down the shackle is gonna be the science will follow up as well to slow to unveil oh trying to get any abilities off eating quite a bit of damage to these serpent wards damage the spins gonna be in a double silence out for the grim stoke they are doing as much damage as possible here they still can't get the kill but the black hole goes down catching off only one it's not enough that's not gonna save anything the nagas song does go down they are gonna go ahead and try to TP out of that bad boy done goes out to the back lines they're looking for a kill they are gonna find that tusk out comes the army of illusions the break of the store coil be their dream coil will be there and Evening Sun up slowly they are gonna find a double silence with the grim strobe ultimate now they have the Omni slash I can't quite top that is double or not black hole does go down though we'll save for the time being there is no way they can steal at this time silence goes down immediately they are looking for more Sam aid she's gonna have a hard time living they do manage to get the healing word the last second by solo wants to get this kill naga siren trying to live from the net finds the net no spin available now I have night soccer also almost dead in the back lines no know where he is in the back lines but it's almost dead we're looking for some more kills the spins gonna be there they can't quite get the jump just yet the silence is there the larvae special follow they find the stun the out ghosts the Phantom embrace reset is gonna go out there Zephyr it'll be the first one to fall in this secondary part of the transaction here he's getting clicked on quite a bit they do manage to get 1437 as well unit easier as well they do minutes get fly solo now they're looking for more they're gonna get this poor shadow shaman he's slowly dying away his life wasted and burnt in front of him slowly patient for a second it is an unlimited proc timer interesting dream coil goes out they do manage to find two in the coil silence stuff as well there is a black hole maybe there's a on these latches well silence stuff though they don't want to lose the black hole just yet and that is one debted thing but they do drop everybody here the age is still available and now we're just getting out of here that'd be bad naga song would go out does not stop the snowball however and the ice shards so now he's stopped all below the gym but it's not gonna save for the time being there will still be the route going out there but holy moly the damage returns insane stun goes out it's still gonna at least hit the Grim stroke 1437 and a bit of problems here how it goes to damage out from Ben Hur and they look like you'll need to work on this tower then I guess I'll illusions holy moley they deal so much damage with a diffusal blade man and so as well Mundi ended just trying to clean up the creeps just not gonna do anything they're gonna clean this up they're gonna get racks we still have black hole they drop the ultimate on fly solo so they have a big absorption should when they do it double silence goes in that's a four man silence right there pretty good one pretty good one mhm dropping his passive oh that was a black hole rolls out on to the shaman I think that might have been his own actually nope doesn't have it quite yet will land the shackles that's one dead ember spirit buybacks available if they want to get back into this 14:37 will go down the buy back out from the embers beer Tuscan sexual in the fall he's gonna go down as well hitting it with the shackles and now the wards are on the tower this is one dead set of barracks this might be the end of the end that nadir the gathered there they get the slow move me and er the hex is there the channeling the shackles out on the ember spirit to the side silent stuff though they're not gonna be able to get that it's gonna be able to get the black bow off but it's not even up anyway but they don't know that that fennel that goes down they are gonna be able to get the shield oftentimes a mage will go down below will be the first one to buy back our art will get the towers every will fall as well they have buybacks available they're gonna have to use it if they really want to defend this I don't know what they want to defend this or not it could get dream coil as well now looks like II well there goes there he goes double doing quite a bit there he does manage to find this jackal for the will slow him down be low did you get the buyback off and spent in there they want to get a reengagement are is this this is gonna be a black hole or not it is not because he was silent stuff as well so we'd have to let that go they get two kills they're gonna go three that's below going down nume under in the offside though does manage to catch off fly solo find the jump but the Nagas song is coming through this is the setup this is the big one you drop the pool stage drop the oles it's going down but it's interrupted immediately to void but it won't change anything that damages all there the snowball goes through several be the first one to fall they're looking for more they find the to manage recoil it's gonna do a lot of damage to us to send them buying back mainly under those red available you're just getting netted stunned up digging to the face and they're looking for yellow as well on the other hand they also are trying to catch up Dendi in the off hand there there's not gonna find too much silence gets pouring in 1437 Sam a cheese guy queue available the ules is gonna be there there's nothing to stun them off immediately so he's gonna jump up there they do manage to find vo as well the tusk hunts gonna slow down been here here but it's not gonna change too much the hex is out there immediately they're gonna find that poor Dendi he's going down the snowball is there 14:37 calls the gg and tigers will be eliminated from the closed qualifiers thinking it detonator moving on into the next stage

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