CoL vs Flying Penguins – NA GRAND FINAL – StarLadder ImbaTV MINOR DOTA 2

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Commentary by Lyrical & TrentPax
CoL vs Flying Penguins – NA GRAND FINAL – StarLadder ImbaTV MINOR DOTA 2
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big BKB heroes in the OD and the lifestealer obviously rage for one and he can be for the other why would you think it so that way they can get close look it's coming they're ready for it inks well the tree in weeks well the tree it it's happening look at it the tree I'm gonna kill him with it do it by the how world devour making sure that he doesn't get ganked there although it might just come around here anyways like they're still all in this area Zee freak will go down to flee but they're moving into position death is here they've got trees they've got the sprout and they should it be able to find the kill he's trying to Jew can drive and never got a boot tree toss yeah that was the problem shouldn't I brought the boots out it's bad luck might have been dead but still fine really wants in on this I I just don't think that you have the damage to deal with it and if he's gonna walk forward kills off some of the trance nice shards they're catching on to to but there is no polyp and now Inc soil phantoms embrace he's just dead they're gonna find another year as well prophet all the complexity is just rolling them let's give me an integer in two and he's completed the bottle I mean this is what sinking has to do right this is his entire job for this game as hold towers but the only thing you can do is walk into it and when that happens he just dies they take him down just a little bit early to get this and going to go for the infest to try and clear through this creep wave the best ability they lose Louis also even though you're saying to get little bit close sometimes you consider it as the hero needs to watch the sandstorm well they find say came to get again this is his job those just stand in front of the towers and eventually get killed off although they do use the grape and now the sole by non – – there isn't a combination but it might not matter regardless they TP in with one trying to bring the lifestealer into this fight limp maybe a bit too far forward they get the silence I'll do a couple but this is going to be a dead tiny so big win there and now see freak also caught out of position you know I will say is they're gonna lose the earth spirit some trouble transitioning at the beginning from three yeah to support Islip OSA I guess we should kind of say both guys are into the you know the hip talk oh that a fight not really oh yeah it's pretty bad there's a little bit of a fight they're gonna try to kill off thinking they got radiance on the bear man and he also has no radiance where is it it's hard look here they got it now but he's also gonna be caught here and rooted and silenced my Envy it's too late it's not gonna happen okay lose three and stinky mr. flea snowball to try and live it's not happening dude dunzo double kill for miracle rid of the bad mm it's too good oh god no Andy he was it an agent oh god he's feared he silenced he is dead oh they can't the astral it's too strong and see if they can sanity's stairs the toss back the silence they try to catch him with a bear but sneaking able to interrupt make the light for him dazzle gonna be caught sneaking doesn't get so bound to anybody else so he is fine for the moment and it's just gonna be some focus on to these CZ freak see three four three they can get in range burrows strike that's not a great target to open up on in the OD cuz it the P could be off not bad this a is eclipsed already down but that connected on to limp and limp is eventually going to fall so bind onto two they're gonna buy back onto one see freak just gonna retreat for the moment but miracle bear if they had a blink they could just go for the Yolo play but they can't here is a freak silence he's in pretty far and death TVs the other side this is a big magnetized I don't know if it's enough they're gonna buy back on the Earth Spirit as well miracle stunned sneaking trying to run away as well they're almost catching out and killing off this life stealer oh yeah is also going to eventually die it looks like two dead no buybacks and the buybacks from complexity make the difference the roll into the toss and now also the sand King will fall the sets up complexity to take Roche and then just walk down a lane yeah they realize it's not working though and complexity are just gonna push top stun from sinking he has the lights still inside of them not easy though they're all being burned though so I'm sure they figured out by now it's like he's trying to hide it that's Gerald avalanche comes out limp doing what he can Roy here jumps into all of them he's gonna have another round of his ulti but already down low flee is dead trying to kill off miracle say his clips he's stunned though trying to get out of there and well grave will simultaneously going for the Astros think he's trying to pop his ultimate and doing a bit of damage to that miracle bear he's coming back in 70 seconds so killing off the low drew is pretty huge limp now you know if they can do there they take down the sand king looking for death death teepee no way Envy does not quite managed to find the finish and the roll away after the Force Staff limp gets out also no no uh-oh glimmer cape living pushing trying to get out of there so bind onto to all right the zero entangle what's happening but the banish of the bear a miracle now need to run away cuz staking is on top brother flee is on top of them avalanche to make the space but the birth strike will be there and blown drew it is dead are we a moment here then him himself Lena Oh Oh pity to the left to the left oh they see him mr. flea they get the silence on the other side but singing he's moving and he wants to find the burrowstrike he's caught the back so my nan to to but guess what there BK beaten moving in the same direction no slowdown Z freak also has gone in he pops his own BKB cuz that's a thing apparently and it's gonna get walrus punch in the face No and dad oh you might die for this oh we get to size out first but right I can still take in a piggy form teammates are gonna come they're gonna try forces see freak is tying up to them at the same time though oh that's the Orca that comes out as well the toss-up miracle on top of them lots of damage gettin entangle getting routed the sprout is there so we can't get out but we'll be able to make its way away no such luck where you going bro he's just going in okay chase rolled I interrupt a but we get the silence all under that dazzle which just keeps them away from getting any type of grave off tusk all sorts of trouble though picked a battle with death and Dettol will make you dead they can't fight these that is looking like sand king is going to well actually MV shows up now so bind onto to there's no follow-up yet though the silence is their avatars gonna die it's still a DD on limp who's trying male up against eternal Envy but now OD shows up to this one and it looks like they will take two but nobody has he gives the bear he's just gonna take down the tier 4 is rage that's some quality done' here alone I game thrower potentially you've got all of freaking flying penguins walking in and they are gonna find one this is on to tiny and now turning their sights over on the grim stroke stealing a lot of it they're waiting for the BKB still we're up in the second row controlled is silence for staff is gonna be kept alive for a moment but only a moment the grave able to save his life if they can kind of use bkb's and save them alive long enough the rest of complexity is showing up this one but i say it clips could be huge gets the blink out drops it down kills off z freak is that enough the miracle bear being controlled by NB as well the snowball to pull them off to the side good pushover to the catch now on a tiny as well for step up to the high ground they lose miracle dead for a hundred seconds there isn't a bear but they are gonna go into the back door onto death trying to make this work he's on the hunt he's at oh my god this might actually work flee chase wimp toss away but is gonna die now death he shows up but Louis is there with the grave and say kid shows up complexity what have you done please living through eat the cheese he's back up to full oh god death but wasn't it the cheese no no he's just back up to full because of lela's how much healing he's got and they've got this nature's prophet contain ROI it shows back up the BKB is there he seems to try and CP out to help the walrus punch for the control though another round of it and he's done that'll all be KP nature's profits anywhere and he has a doom he's got silence he's got hex he's got everything and envy is just dead had not died for a very very long time but you just walking along and suddenly you're dead OCD so impossibly hard that she'd be in there okay so vine on the two and be Liam on baby toss them both that's another toss they've already killed off sneaking not bad at all beaky fees are gonna wear up soon though and now OD moving into position still has that Sandi's eclipse kills off the bear need to be careful about a backdoor protection the top lane is pushing in but miracle just dies has to buy back immediately limp is also dead the buybacks come fast and furious and sneaking going to have to come back and defend they know that this could be a danger they're gonna roll in on top of them yet again this is grim stroke in some trouble limp also he'd bought back for this one but OD controlled for the moment in muted he's able to get saved by the snowball though so big and now it's over on to Z freak so they are just gonna run head back home and miracle blocked off from being able to chase okay limp he's the site where's the kitty yes BKB he has BKB he had BKB death turns up the bait is the are they gonna be able to catch a Modi and some trouble grape though save for the moment and Lois also the sneaking stunt is gonna be there as well to be Katie but he doesn't live through it snowball save game too late he can TP back into this they need to be careful cuz the bear is inside the base and did no damage to the tower but just the threat of it is so dangerous that ancient and tusk it looks like he too will fall all twenty-fives except for grim stroke and envy pops the rage this could be the moment death is right here as well but the rest of them right behind sinking right there hanging out they need to figure out how to take this fight perfectly and it's not easy by any stretch the imagination okay that guy won't caught they're waiting for the counter initiation gee freak is here as well could jump on somebody they're gonna TP away with death and it looks like they don't want to take this battle anymore and it's gonna be tiny going down no buyback before in a second but the ancients okay what all right they did they force out the glyph Z pre no haven't use it okay they're gonna take this fight down here to the south death on top of one but but not more than he could chew he to run away Z freak is gonna be able to escape for the moment he's chasing that bear but it's gonna get out and 343 will also die so they force them back with the ancient but they're able to come back in afterwards alive top wave man this ball play at paying off for penguins this is what you need they can't sprout them all taken down that ward as well miracles still living with this bear does he have another one he has a reef summit afterwards if they need it for staff to the other side okay that was from plea to break the trees a little risky again and the bash ok the hex to turn up straight yet again and we'll take down the barracks one last time this crazy pink coal is in a really really difficult position here death but death pretty close he's close but they found him they found death silenced so vine catch onto two with the hex the tall they have this a is a clip so to try and turn this one back around but they're gonna be able to keep throwing them up into the air miracle is in the midst of all of this trying to get on the env he's in the trees in the sprout gonna try and beat him down and able to get the infest away nice sleep down there as well and there's the EPI Center to try and turn this all the way around is it gonna be enough damage Roya they find the hex but there's gonna be the e boy coming out to save tiny limp lives for the moment his death shows back up after the buyback try and get into this fight NV just wants to find a target here if he can at all see freak doing so much in this one but I'm not sure if it's quite gonna be enough the magnetized connects onto all four but he should be out of stones relatively soon in them and there is gonna be the walk away by back Mac's onto two rapier on the ground who's gonna pick it up was that miracle no he doesn't have gained an enemy's back on top of the bear doesn't have his rapier he has the Daedalus able to kill off that bear meanwhile ancients death on the ancient over here to the side once it by the kill but they're able to find the hex with the right back for the nature's prophet that he will fall and limp now also caught going to be killed great play from earlier to be able to recognize three that's what put him in Adams gonna give it back oh he gives him back the rapier there we had geomagnetic grip pulling him up but see freak only reveals his position for the triple kill or this OD pony get your rapier he's just gonna try it with his moon shard he doesn't have a choice it's just like y'all out this morning what you can they're gonna see if they can force them back at all TP comes immediately but Louis is there with his sheep stick finds the tiny and now well and truly flying penguins as they go through absolutely everything have the door to the ancient and it looks like they will be able to find this one tiny does manage to get the TP back but there is not enough damage in the world to take this one miracle alive but no bear buddy and Gigi is cups in flying penguins able to persevere complexity one game away from elimination then likewise lion penguins one game away from going to the minor he's even getting poked under the tower cuz limp is already given away his boards he doesn't care death back away lives and as you said no regen all uphill got him nonetheless it's what happens same King bonus a hundred and thirty one damage this et is very strong and trying to walk away now the shards block off Andy actually and not able get sinking but will to reapply and get that extra damage yet again stinking movement for was a stack up of that camp it looks like as well and they're gonna move now onto mr. Foley who does die playing so aggressive on to the flee yeah they're gonna try something here but it's a really hard kill with no ball I don't they have other heroes showing up down Olympus here with the burning army tries to turn on sneaking already burned through the war-cries shield and he's just dead man I know yeah run on nvm he's got the creep wave though you want to know that the the real thing though it's not funny the first time I've the creeps oh he's playing with them oh-oh creeps creeps yeah get back those creeps Oh Andy oh he's playing with himself he freaked get in the man Lovelace has the heel now really also going to die all snowball finds the kill chasing forward for mr. death mister sneaking making it happen and will eventually be brought down for for one what happened I can't please welcome it's too long have a toss yet again miracles just dead Yes No maybe so he is gone indeed and now limp looking for an opening candy find this man I am a tiny under control but the runaway even in the midst of being soulbound it and it doesn't matter that much ray a a grave trying to walk away has stick charges to pop afterwards but can't quite get it off in time now let's stun sake it turns it back round but there's the snowball in the freak out of their snowball and there's gonna be the earth splitter through Omni slash just tickling on the side of a miracle needs to get the heck out of there has the healing Ward working but the stun connects from downtown and they will find themselves another kill death McMahon it's trouble he does get his – off but it's gonna come at a hell of a cost he loses his life oh wait fight bottom they saw that the life suit was not there they said that they can go in on this and they take down Sven that's godlike for left that was really sick the way he just like he didn't panic TP home right he TP to where the fight could be and now Andy's gonna be like mmm so much for our aegis engagement when the aegis is not there and now he even gets cut off here I'm right oh yeah yeah that's pretty bad that was a full teepee away by the dazzle and he's gonna walk into this though and see if you can find anybody or splitter not enough ii know that's a dire observer award and beat me this is not the target that you want to go on to start this fight snaking chases for that you have the ulti out from death already the sole bind is there on the two that splitter could come out a second but clinks is asleep this entire time and this fight is not working at all for complexity 3 for 3 running into the midst of all the heroes the snowballs save for the moment there's gonna be on to flee who's still living with that ghost scepter keeping them alive and now the bad juju starting to stack up they have the jump out but limp is dead sneaking with the triple kill this is gone from bad tours to even more worse and miracles stuns been here alright gets away for a moment top side of it though they found themselves another this is death coming out of the split and he is dead mr. flee gonna TP battle and have the spirit follow him as GG is called congrats comes from miracle and flying penguins will be it your representative at the starladder minor they did it

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