COD: BLACK OPS 4 Multiplayer GAMEPLAY – 47 KILLS! (Call of Duty: BO4)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY – Sniping, Killstreaks, Specialists + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
my name's ali-a and as you can see behind me I'm here in LA where I have been playing Black Hawks for early and I've got gameplay for you guys here today if you're excited for everything you've seen in this video and all the traders have been released give it a big fat thumbs up and make sure you subscribe because I will definitely be covering more black ops 4 throughout the release period and leading up to it coming out this October now today they reveal to the world a load of multiplayer you're gonna see some live action here it will still do three maps for the zombies experience that will come out with the launch of the game and also the big reveal was the fact that they are going to be including a battle royale mode in the form of call of duty black ops 4 blackout we don't have too much details on this and I'll probably talk about a little bit more and do specific video on it very soon but it's going to contain characters from zombies black ops 1 2 & 3 it could be a giant map and it's going to be the first time that Google Duty have ever done a battle royale mode so I'm very excited for that but for the moment guys I'm gonna leave you guys with some live gameplay I going to get over 45 kills I get some big streaks you get to see the guns in action it is absolutely awesome without further ado guys let's jump into the action and plays encourage you to black ops core early enemy took Bravo losing see securing Bravo be locked down losing see losing be taking a losing charlie you may be available for testing securing me lost charlie operations bravo lockdown see UAV available let me tag deploy beacon destroyed losing a knuckle Recon multi-ethnic are ok salvage your maintain current posture enemy scout removed losing see securing a all location secured hold your positions enemy Toby Charlie securing Bravo assault back right here since the doctor way during Charlie securing sea enemy has hey Charlie secure losing Bravo taking over here do your thing enemy took Bravo hey lockdown taking B it's as good as a carpet asking all locations lockdown dig in and hold up losing see lost charlie physics down Lucy Bravo during Charley wasted losing out ladies Danny by the gun yeah you took this round but we're not done yet good job my house do it again and we get to go home enemy down simple so my former UAVs do capture the objective recon authorizing you edit a scheme enemy took charlie we've taken the lead alpha secure securing Bravo closing alpha hey Jack's dropped enemy has alpha recon requesting UAV data link taking see surveillance operations see lockdown hostile UAV circling pulse going out take your bait UAVs standing by losing feet snetkof hostile hailstorm inbound enemy see UAV established above so lost Bravo Telkom establish your station Bravo the time sounds as I capture your objective taking a mission area lost charlie enemy UAV above get a secure losing Bravo tremble enforce it kill you a B is standing by maybe it's those things be Hardy be losing else's Angels ten losing beat securing see you see you enhance a part of the AO securing alpha Charlie secure losing Bravo become losing Charlie he Tuscan enemy has beaten enemy took see visible securing V V lockdown securing Charlie alpha secure lost beat Charlie lockdown losing c57 station walking to practice losing alpha wasted Asia moving down aggressive hostile UAV circling alpha lockdown no second chances this is all in nothing taking si five seven empty out in which a secure okay secure losing charlie lost charlie Merson think twice before trying that again how do you take a cue okay

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