Champion 2 Rocket League

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Just some good ole champ 2 games
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Oh hello beautiful homies Oh what's going on everybody welcome back to some rocket League today we got a solo I'm just still a little under the weather I know I'm always sick I know don't make fun of me for it okay I don't know my immune system with a kid and already my immune systems crap so I hope you guys are doing amazing super chill episode today but I've been playing I have been playing I'm not gonna lie and say I haven't I brought up my my solo 1v1 solo duel up to Division three diamond one I wasn't like plat was it like plat plant three plat for you know what I mean so had to bring that up but I have yet to like bring up champion we did that awesome episode with Rob where we got champion back before was slick and another two episode will be coming out this week with a new person who made a hash tag John needs a partner that'll be sick but I thought today would be nice to just like get back into the flow win some games lose some games whatever it is and just enjoy each other's companies and go a little trihard just cuz you know a little under the weather means I'm gonna be a little more focused in game but I sound like a dude I sound like a bear who's like trying to go like through puberty my voice is our horse huh I swear I swear I went through puberty guys I swear look how ripped I am so let's join into this one first doubles in a while actually I've been playing so much 1/v ones hopefully it shows using the douche bag out fiqar why not I just got my goals I let sodus borrow my gold stones for a while outside I got them back and I'm like dude I need to play with these I need to play with these so let's see what we get hopefully we get some Playstations some Xbox players there it is we got the boot crew we got to bring them bring them down oh that's oh I saw him not move okay fast kickoffs I've been working on a little more you can definitely comment on those oh my they were not expecting that oh that should have gone in they were not expecting that at all there it is nice and easy we deserved that from the one before that guy had a crazy save guy had a crazy save oh he whiffed alright so who was that Mike my kinky son and morganator interesting and then we got P Willie Pete Willie gets ok hold on there we go hey did he mean no way what is this first game I'm sorry to watch it no he must have just missed red I don't know I don't even know I don't care to zero we'll take a lead we need to leave you know me I'm gonna own go at once at least today oh they're not working together at all ok my teammates should go up for that renegotiating I'm gonna go for boots and then I'm gonna cut around quickly not quick enough but my teammate is there go for the bump there's no bump to be had teammates making it this seems like an early FF like a really early forfeit 45 seconds three goals that's nasty alright see if we can fast kick off a little bit to this one it's still not very fast still working on getting it down it might even be the wrong way but it feels fast to me baby and that's all I matters right how you feel on the inside Oh God have to push that quick so I sort of noticing a lot in like especially one me ones obviously but pressure people hate pressure they really do people just don't like being under pressure like this guy I'm just gonna go for the bump see he doesn't like pressure and that opens it up for my teammate to almost score goal oh my gosh he almost pooped me homeboy almost pooped me I was gonna look for boost we're fine oh he's got that I was like I might still be in this play I might still be able to do something also what I love about two's like by myself is I can totally get in my zone hang out with you guys I feel like we're in a room together just showing out and and I I forget I'm sick I forget like I have a cold I just have a cold I'm not even like I'm sick yes but like I can't stream like that's what stuff like recording a 20 30 minute YouTube video totally doable but streaming like four three four or five hours and putting on oh my god I wish I wish and then I wish I got that boost oh they're gonna work together possibly Oh pop pop I love it I'm going up early dammit it's okay now we're gonna be here to get some boosts and he makes it let's go do much it's great he's great he's taking the lead I love it I don't mind it at all I literally don't care you're getting Kerry John okay I just hear that one comment it's that part it's only usually wanted to oh my god hold on just get it to the side oh I wanted it all the way I did I know rotate back around just in case he misses give a middle boost so we can play defense a little bit oh I should have pushed on him oh nice move buddy I'm just gonna be here even no bun no boost all my teammates got to go on that another go another carry let's go baby let's go this is the way to start man I really want to grind up so like here's the thing if like there's no one around to record there are people around don't get me wrong I have two people who I've already Twitter DM we've been talking it's just really late tonight and I wanted to record this um so that's why I'm here with you guys I'm gonna go back get this real quick see if he oh he did he did the funky he's not gonna be back to this oh I thought that was gonna go off the wall that's why I jumped no big deal no big deal should be fine no boost it's good am hearing it as this any interruption I can be is perfect for me so we're just gonna play it smart there we go char boy he's gonna go to me I like to I like to start behind it I like to thought a lot behind it all right I almost thought we'd double committed I mean it's like you never know when it's like really years to go for it I mean after playing for a while you do but sometimes like even to this day I still have trouble ah see like I'm like ball chasing a little bit too much like I'm not rotating very well nineteen boosts and a dream pass to my teammate or go for the shot ish oh no boost if he cuts that it's all my fault he did cut it and we're still fine I don't know how but we are life is good I'm gonna wait for the pass no no no I'm sorry man oh must come in for the save knock our teammate out of play that's a sorry on my part did we have we have the wind like I'm comfortable but like I hit them thinking I could easily just push that out to the right but I couldn't so hopefully I kick it left to me and I guess score quick goal just to make us feel safer oh here we go here we go good job trying to bump me I'm gonna push this as fast as I possibly can keep him out of the way so it's a 1v1 because my teammates better than them see the confidence yeah you gotta have confidence in your teammates you have to I shouldn't kick that we're fine oh here he comes yeah he wants me in the game so I'm going in the game my teammate pushes me up guess what I do anything he says we're trying to do something cute in the end there Gigi homies G G well played thanks Morgan ater you guys you guys did great it was a good game we don't need any more crazy did you guys see this let me show you this real quick you guys can see I've been playing cuz I'm almost at my champ rewards okay we didn't give the division up which I really want cuz I don't want to I don't want to go back to champ one I want to prove that I belong here dude he carried us three goals look at those shots seven shots mmm all right well I find this let me show you guys this this is amazing dude it I trade it for thirty five hundred crates got an amazing deal on it garage managed inventory check this out how insane is this what am I gonna do with 1500 Secret Santa crates we got to do something weird but a lot of bingo is coming out a lot of triple create wars double create Wars a lot of new ideas that I have something involving you guys possibly as well something involving these double twos Oh slap but baby yes slap but I don't know if he's ps4 Xbox or anything but he's not smack ass okay all right now we're hitting on each other I'm gonna go over the slab by two cuz he just pulled that off hey excuse me sir I need a score goal denied denied denied my teammate let's go baby the pressure the pressure I will say this too and this is not an excuse cuz I won the first one and we're looking good right now warming up is everything before I did this episode before I do any episode with the pros now you should not see me playing as as shitty as I've been playing you know what I mean you should not see me playing as bad as I've been playing in a lot of these episodes where I really have like gotten better but I don't show it because oh hold on um because I just don't warm up and it oh no there we go I just gotta kick it that's all I had man no boost sucks teammate nice go ahead buddy I got back but warming up is everything in this game I just played a 3-1 B ones before I started just to warm up just like even though it's not choose it's just to get the flow back like uh-huh and that's very important in my mind trying go for a blue up here there you go turn it around I'm gonna go for a blob here ooh lose a quick boy ah man I was such a stupid push I thought my teammate was back we got so lucky oh my gosh I was like I asked for sure goal as for sure go I'm gonna go back for boost cuz I know it's gonna pops in no second too late look at moving look at him messing with his teammate yeah there he goes okay so he should be back soon but I'm not gonna push up until he's back yeah I knew that was coming okay I'm down here now my teammates just gonna past me okay okay listen now my teammates gonna score okay I didn't get the boost I am scrub not scrub like Scout like you know not good scrub like bad scrub guys ever thought why is his name scrub Killa Oh cuz he kills scrubs yes I just realized that now do not make fun – nah I knew I just never thought about it before I was just like ah his name scrub killer that's like a cool game rename I don't like it they I'm down I'm down to die but lose down my boy should have kept pushing that but honestly just would rather have full boost and a dream dude really really oh he's got that I'm gonna let him keep pushing sorry worked out though oh I should have had a better balance on that need to recover there it is there it is there it is no idea what I'm doing sort of messing out perfect perfect right to him yes I didn't know they're gonna hit hard he just leave cheers you guys two wins in a row for a chill to zap sewed also as soon as Maas gets back from his vacation pin my rocket ride will be back on Tuesdays I'm not trying to keep it from you for any which way like I'm not I'm not trying to be mean oh madness – those are beautiful and a chick magnet you know how it is do we get a rank up there I hope we did yeah awesome so now we're in Division 2 once again I really want to get to Division 3 whether it's with homies you guys or whether it's solo I shouldn't keep playing more and I don't play any the thing you got to remember I don't play any ranked games in doubles without you like doubles is my I only record a series and what I would do so much is I play like one warm-up game or do like one training pack and that was it to warm up that's not enough like I'm realizing that if I'm gonna take like going into higher ranks seriously like I need to I need to play I need there like like practice for like 20 or 30 minutes 20 minutes three games three games that's it all right let's get it no editing straight-up video so you know I didn't just edit things in I don't mind showing losses the only reason I didn't do it with Rob was because it was so funny how he lost lost lost D ranked and then won one eye let's get it oh god that was horrible oh my god we were covered but Jesus what thud he missed that that's mind blowing I mean I guess I should have jumped into it but like that was the luckiest I've ever seen yeah nice girl nice girl alright alright yeah we threw him off take this boots he's just throwing the ball away it's like what I do a lot it's all you buddy go Coco we're fine we're fine a little boost in there little boost staying there he's over get them whoa whoa whoa lost my footing oh I can beat him no I should have beat him oh my gosh and he's gonna get beat in the end I need to stay back on defense a little bit all good cash I'm curious what happened but if you don't want to watch it I'm okay I'm okay with that backboard ah just a battery it's all good we got this we got this real jobs statement only if I win but care soap Oh God okay thumb and damnit cash can you do it oh my god I lost it dude I mean boo so bad can't get it he got it then our rotations are terrible right now this is what you call like just like the flow not working and whether it was from that first school it's no big deal we just got to readjust some things I gotta like adapt I think I gotta play just more back with him like and we got to be more aggressive but I I just got to play more back unless I'm unless I'm in it like that but like now I really gotta rotate back ooh and lasse crap crap crap Oh Oh that last-second double jump T me can we get lucky oh my god I was so sad I was like dude cuz I decided to double jump instead of like roll which almost put it on net he should have had that got so lucky on that dude nice one buddy oh I'm gonna cheat I'm gonna go for the slat butt and not worth because I lose boosts but we can get this booth unless the dickheads takes it dickhead it's when you know I'm actually mad oh god no there we go just had to match them the best I could catch gonna land that out don't take both boosts yeah okay it's okay we'll just play fully back wait for this one to pop maybe boom we got a bullet we're gonna turn that fast hopefully he'll be there coming back oh no he's still back getting boosts bummer hey we got him he's gonna go for the demo but couldn't hit it obviously 25 we're only down by one which is nothing it's nothing nice I'll be Center I'm picking up a little boost here and there oh I like it oh I like it oh I like it oh I made it I loved it I said I liked it but I actually fell in love with it oh we're fine not gonna let him blow us up just gonna readjust that our teammate chase that he's thrown it jump I'm just gonna kick it out we don't even need to save for it yeah we got it go ahead I heard him I heard him up that's why I back down and I'm the only reason I'm saying things out loud is cuz I'm doing a little bit more trihard commentary just to let you know what's going on I should make this come on yeah dude good bump I think he bumped I actually want to watch that back bring in a 2 2 2 just taking our time see if I didn't warm up oh yeah he for sure slowed him down yep dude nice one amazing bump I'm actually gonna go right instead of a cheat here worth Oh let's see if we can catch him on this one hmm I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it you know why thought I could do it no no no I shouldn't have gone up I'm not gonna blame me for that but like that's partially me there's no reason I should have turned around got back in position that was his ball he also like missed it but no big deal cool I should have been there Paul shouldn't miss Rhett should have read there there miss I want that boost great hit me some baby dude he had that he had that hold on it's not over we're doing this no do it it's my fault wait I'll be here a little bit we did what we could pickles in our face I stop man stop why the division dad nah makes sense it makes sense we just got it it hurts my soul though it hurts my soul we did all right we did all right you played pretty well but really off in the first two minutes which I ended us and it's so funny cause like the first two games I was like boom I'm feeling good vibe and vibe in vibin and then you get a game like this really yeah I was really vibing and that doesn't mean me and Cash couldn't vibe in like another game it just means for that one or mean kashkin vibe you know what I mean hmm hot team that is what saves me from being sick like fully sick you know what I mean like unable to talk sick so much hot tea so much water so much lemon and everyone some I like a Tylenol or a little like allergies that get really bad allergies that's why I think I get these colds a lot anytime I go outside I'm allergic to like random trees all right we got a team panco max P for bringing in that PS well I just know he's from ps4 just cuz that P for don't owe me bro uh-huh might as well I shoulda kept pushing that glad he's dead holy crap holy crap dude if we could have pulled that off oh it was fake uh what you're fine buddy you're fine buddy give me that boost give me a boost three two one ah why'd I use it he's trying to ballin dude I can appreciate that who you me wants that oh they both did a weird little flip ah that's donut right Joan hey where is he I was looking for him too you need me to go stop push all I have you just need to go sent her buddy he just got this boost and no big deal dude I like that they're going for these like team oh I thought he was coming in for the past I was going past the whole way for that Oh No denied I heard him he did get it over me and he's going in Yumi's like the flyer of the group you always have that one friend I think he's gonna beat him he did eat really oh my bad dude I don't know if he needed that but he might have he might have needed that sending him down to get this boost oh he waited too long I should have had that I should have had that Oh me I'm a rhinoceros punch this guy there's one rhinoceros punch I'm gonna get it to him again what does that even mean or dudes like please don't rhinoceros punch me oh that is a shot that should have been on no boost but I do have a dream little messy right now just gonna cross and take it go for the blow up whoo we got it above him see my teammates never really there and nothing on him but like we're not really reading each other's like what we're done okey-dokey I'm gonna pass this back to my teammate love it that's in don't even need to do anything yes I can't believe it zero to zero now one to zero I got so in the mood time just went by like that am i recording yeah oh don't stop recording hey soccer league news that's from yesterday that's was a fun Oh hate it hate everything about it oh no good kick to me man great job my teammate is awesome right that's gonna pop nicely for me so quick so quick we read every angle that took we read every angle we knew who's gonna pop there so we immediately rush oh and we got lucky he missed that block but besides that I'm very proud of it that should be a perfect yep Hey Oh trying to hit him Timmy didn't come in it's okay he was all the way back in and boost hopefully they don't make that though I Niko I was saying Pako this whole time but Nico's like he panicked a little no big deal no big deal we're gonna go on the right side cuz I feel like his momentum is gonna carry it that way and it goes left my rocket League summed up push and you can use the turnaround oh nice great save go for the blow-up here or him blow me up that's fine hey I know I'm not gonna blame that on me but like maybe yo totally blame me stop me demos are so useful Rob was asking like why demos I think what's so cool about demos is it completely takes them out of the game for a couple seconds it completely responds them like they can't just like you know come back like they completely have to like reset everything I'm playing this as smart as possible there it is swayed into that last minute no one was coming to push me he's gonna pass unintentionally dudes there it is a warm-ups are helping some might call it luck dude I can't play you mean that's what I say most episodes that is legitimately what I'm like I'm just like dude what am i doing I literally cannot play this game that is another one oh no getting a little cocky which is okay because we have so much time but never okay and ranked I mean actually that's not true if you are if you're if you're a pro and you know you're winning four to one and they're like that you can honestly even if you're not a pro you have fun all right if it makes you happy to do some dumb freestyle stuff do it that's what I wanted then do it instead what I do it the win instead we will end it with a win let's go got back up yo ho yo yo yo yeah a lot of Yas flying around oh nice champ to give to I do want to play one more game I know it's a little bit longer of an episode but I am enjoying hanging out I'm enjoying shelling and you know whew three schemes Oh we'll see in that future I hope I remember to add them back on the twos grind dimes yeah I feel I got played dime see a bunch two dimes II if you're in the YouTube comments hi buddy hopefully I remember dad you Pat hopefully I remembered I'm like I'm so into one V ones right now and to be – is that like threes just don't even sound interesting to me but hey you never know there's always a future bracket league is still playable it's still enjoyable I'm still loving making videos on it so you never know me and xenon didn t play again xenon there we go we waited and I'm glad we did I took him out of play that's so my bad if they make that scene on legendary he's just goddamn legendary we're still in it we're still fine I have zero boosts but I do have a do have hope oh my god just didn't have the boost freight man sitting up the boots for it oh oh in that car he's funky dude leo you funky peppermint power house don't worry we got this Zenon I love you're out you're your own cuz I agree wholeheartedly just gonna go back for safety I did not see him going up it's fine we're fine Oh Zenon with the quick plays so I'm hoping he into sailing with it and goes to I oh there was the fling I wanted that was not the flick I won I said I meant to say where was the flick I wanted fine xenon I'll send it to me xenon will try and send it to me get that down huh he's got it Oh barely barely pushed it forward my car felt so weak there the alpha items couldn't even carry me through that had to go faster than him or I'll see what I won that maybe should not have done for this booze faster than him he still beat me Xena's got it you go for the bloke nope can't get it going for the blow up a lot missing on little turtle right side make him jump boom no he's gonna have it there everywhere we wanna be man the defense is great oh my god off my butt Oh hurts my soul I I mean this is our last game so we need to end it good we can't win three and lose – no way old school style have faith in me Xena clumsy Nam what if it's Zenit who I like I like a leg backboard these shots are so hard to read Oh our recovery might not have been fast enough actually it's looking fine wow what a team play what a team play they should add that God he took the boost push it buddy you got this down by two two minutes left so we're sign or sign a sign everything's gonna be alright you got that he's gonna ball him this is what he's made for that's what he's made to do no way the other guy beating him I feel like it's my fault I mean I'm just losing all my 50/50 is I'm losing gotta be quicker gotta be more confident all of it let's go baby and Saima I'm so bad at that guys I'm so bad at signing profiles it's it's a sad thing I know it's so easy to just click on like recent players Oh doing a little flag I like weird he's got that oh I love the control dude and then they just pounce man guys do not mess around fifty-one boost that's why didn't God there we go and he's gonna be into that it's okay though he beat it into that I'm gonna go down get this boost Elise oh I try to kick it down well I can in each other zones we need to score right here dude oh my bad man I'm gonna give that one my bad dude it was just a bad up I'm I'm just too late tactical way for incoming it will be really hard to come back yes I know my friend I know but we can do it with bumps like those it's all good bud nice love it buddy we can win this I can't do anything put my 16 booze didn't drink we made that I would have felt like oh we're doing this we're winning this he makes it right here let's go see you not let's go buddy beat my score beat my score you deserve it let's just get him pumped oh crap too late okay get in there you get that boost here we go Oh put it in let's go hold on what's gonna fast for this oh no oh no oh no we need one more all you baby yeah to the point doesn't look as bad oh we're gonna drop down though depending on the MMR nice shot did they could give us this go on it's over love the content Thank You Jessie I appreciate that man hope you're enjoying watching us lose to gold deficit is okay as a pleasure what's so nice today love you homies everyone's so nice man I'm not not why not why is a bad thing this is nice man it's nice to just have good vibes especially since I've been playing once and no one talks in once so hey we're up one game from today longer episode wanted to show with you guys I hope you enjoyed it seriously thank you so much for watching as always tomorrow blind trading Thursday we got some more with the boys Friday weird little trade up / crate or or create APIs owed Saturday I think I'm doing twos with someone Sunday you know what it is blind trading peace out everyone see you soon later didn't record it the opposite of what I said but you know just wanted to show just wanna show played one more played one more just to get it back for next episode okay don't get mad at me there it is champ to give to one for lost do love you guys

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