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hey guys welcome back to my Channel today we're back in Grand Theft Auto 5 with a new challenge today we are going to try and escape a five-star wanted lover I'm not even sure if we can escape it I'm not sure if it's possible where we're gonna try it using three tactics tactic number one we escape by air hmm what's up Ellie tactic number two is we escape by land oh look at this sweet tank and tactic number three I think you understand it by now we escaped by the water hey Casey make a wet stuff yes I did park my boat on land quite useless I realized that now we're gonna start with the boat and we're gonna see if we can escape a five star wanted level all right there we go the boat is in the water the next thing we need is to uh do a crime I know this sounds brutal but it is Grand Theft Auto I'm sorry guys it's just for a YouTube video I'm just gonna put some sticky bumps on your boat oh they'll be fine they'll be fine hey actually they actually jumped into the water they know that I didn't know pets would do that but that's pretty awesome there we go that's stealing boat number one police officers hello I did a crime oh I have a one star wanted level this is going a bit slow increased wanted level Oh two three four oh my goodness we have got five stars of wanted love haha and now I will escape it alright so we're starting off pretty good I see it I see a helicopter in the air over there is this a police boat is that there's no one in the boat what the I think that was the police but oh there's a police boat right here hey guys I did a crime I blew up a boat I am a very bad person to come and get me come and get me alright so the challenge is obviously can I escape I have no idea we're just gonna try and sail away as far as possible we might have to get rid of those helicopters eventually either they're already starting to get a bit annoying come on boat speed up ah come on boat can do it bow I think I'm doing fine so far I haven't gotten hit yet which is pretty good losers can't get me with two of those helis oh they just hit me a little bit of my armor went down okay this is not going great guys but I feel like if I get rid of the helicopters and potentially get rid of the boat behind me ship you will do this okay don't shoot me that's one next one hide underneath there helicopter number two oh my gosh oh my god I just did that's two Ellie's I think we have a boat no no this is not going well this is not going well are they missing me that much it suck come on come on come on I need to get out of here okay well guys this is not really happening this is not really happening this is way harder than I thought it would be that just got shot again oh my goodness I have a different idea I know there's a tunnel somewhere on land so how about I go to that tunnel and try and hide underneath the tunnel with my boat I know it's possible okay I'm trying to shoot them but for some reason these helicopters just keep going back like I can't seem to get rid of them right now alright I have this helicopter smoking that is good oh I think they're crashing are they crashing ah I just got shot again oh jeez I'm sorry I'm just trying to do a YouTube challenge shooting them is just way too slow I mean they're all smoking now I am slowly dying they're getting more hits on me Oh another helicopter just fell in the water this is so intense guys okay to the right and I think the entrance is going to be right there what issue is it might be blocked off by police officers I have no idea but I I hope it's not I hope it's not there's so many police officers on that on that freaking pier over there I gotta say though like you don't get hit very much when you're in a boat everyone's on a boat and boats are a bit Wiggly so I think they can't aim very well okay here it is here it is we made it to the entrance can we escape with a boat in GTA 5 with five star wanted level this okay if they come in I'm just gonna have to shoot them like that do you know where I am they lost me suspect this missing is shit hmm all right so how about we go a little bit deeper into the tunnel maybe it'll work even better okay I made it to the end of the tunnel they haven't found me yet which is a good thing I don't know what to do though kind of trapped in here wait they found me I'm being shot at I just don't know where from they see me oh I heard a lot of cops I'm getting out of here the tunnel is not safe the tunnel is not safe look I know they can't see where I'm going this is great okay all I got to do is make it back to the water now oh oh did you see that cop he didn't see me okay we're actually escaping guys we're actually doing this right now I'm gonna go far into the ocean right now and hopefully hopefully I will escape the police the tunnel they know they know about the tunnel okay wait there's a cop looking over here we need to hide okay he's gone he's gone he's gone the mini-map is very very useful right now but really how hard is it to spot a bright green police boat okay guys they're definitely not looking for me don't worry about it oh there's helicopters in the back wait wait where did you come from all of a sudden the cops part behind me oh my god and there's freakin more helicopters on my way now okay well guys I think it's pretty clear to say that it's almost impossible trying to lose the cops using a boat wow that hurts out come on guys really guys I did say it hurts okay I did say it hurts please don't do these mean things to me wasted all right well that didn't work out very well all right so it is time to try and escape a five star wanted level on land I've got myself a juicy tank over here this one is very very bulletproof there isn't their tank available with a super big turd on it I can actually shoot but that one is just not very maneuverable and I don't think I'll be able to get away because this thing is very very maneuverable and probably even stronger it has a stronger shell much safer to get away with this thing I mean it's got real wheels you know which are bulletproof by the way all right so all we got to do now is uh commit a crime and get that five star wanted level going sorry everyone sorry just doing a YouTube experiment everybody listen up I want to tell you all a story about how the other day when I grabbed the sticky bomb everything exploded oh alright so you can shoot but not drive at the same time okay that's fine with me oh so you just got to get in the different entrance oh no no no no I want I want to go into oh the cops are coming made you gotta here I'm gonna go I want to go on this one that's right alright I'm sorry everyone it was just a YouTube experiment alright so ladies and gentlemen now that we have a 5 star wanted level the ultimate question is can we escape a GTA 5 5 star wanted level using this great tank to be honest I think we can it's very easy to maneuver this thing around and I look we can just hit people and it's no problem you know keep in mind this is gonna be a very difficult challenge we're gonna have to find some tunnels but I think that we will manage I don't really know where I'm going at the moment I'm actually driving towards the military area like the airport and everything that's probably not a good idea thinking about it right now I think we should turn around soon we're already getting some bullet holes on this thing how about we turn around right here I'm sorry there's a little car anyway oh my goodness I'm very sorry hahahahaha woah oh my goodness you later cops you know it's weird I feel like the the air cops are always 10 times better than the land ones the land ones the ones and cars that just sucked so much look look at them look oh you guys made it really difficult for me they're not really wasn't the air actually stay with you a little bit more and they actually shoot me all the time which is starting to hurt it's starting to hurt my feelings oh my god oh my god oh my god hit a minimum oh that does not look safe okay we're going to the left here hey guys oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just doing a youtube experiment I don't want to hurt anyone okay what if we go on the mountain I mean I did say we're going on land and the mountain is a whole a whole bunch of land and the tank do that do we have enough power we do sick I think it'll be a little bit more difficult for the cops on land to get us here but easier for the helicopters if I could find out a way on how to get into the turret I could actually get rid of the helicopters I just don't know how to do that oh god okay we actually drove right to a road which is not great a lot of cops here I'm sorry oh my goodness it really are not very careful here in this game Oh No they blocked the road this is definitely the most fun way to try and escape a 5 star wanted level I mean this is so much fun what's that they got a little wolf over here or a cheetah I ain't gonna hurt you don't worry about it buddy I don't hurt the wildlife in my video even though I literally just hunted some deer and one of my previous previous episodes so I don't actually see any cops on land we've only got two helicopters here can we get out of this get into the different seat no no not that one no no no no no not that one this one why are there not shooting me by the way okay well you know what we're just gonna shoot him with mini guns ah okay that's two that's three oh my god I'm being shot at okay three okay is that all did I escape a five star wanted level on land these bullets it's like a mosquitoes biting me no oh yes yes that one that one all right great I'm sorry I I found a way how to get into the turret now nice alright so we made through the top of the hill we got rid of the helicopters another one's on its way see did you see the spawn in really all right that's two oh I'm sorry guys that's three I think the problem is that these guys right here they know where I am so they are constantly giving my location away to the helicopters that I then shoot down at this current moment I don't think we're gonna make it out let's stay here for a little bit why is my freaking thing open cuz what's first-person like oh it's no first-person Oh helicopter hey yeah Mike I feel like you'll never escape out in the open at this point the helicopters will always come back and look for you doesn't seem to work guys ah I want to escape a five star wanted level come on oh yeah they are what if I get rid of these guys if I get rid of these guys I don't know how I'm gonna do that though ah all right well it's not really working I'm getting out of here on a mountain is definitely the easiest to get away from these super hectic roads but the helicopters man they aren't just so annoying guys come on fly that thing it's doesn't have wheels that will park that on the mountain just like I'm gonna park this one the mountain all right there you go getting rid of some helis here Oh another heli okay I'm losing he'll still have some more more but it's okay how are they shooting me there you go okay did I do that when did I get rid of them ah how many helicopters do they have it's just getting really frustrating guys these helicopters they just seem to come back constantly we should try and find a tunnel guys oh wait wait wait wait the helicopter lost me the helicopter lost me this is good this is good this is really good it's really good guys the helicopters lost me take it behind in the bush fine no okay sorry just that I had to do a public wee-wee wait you lost me again are you stupid they're stupid huh I move five meters like I don't know where he went okay okay okay get out get out into the bush okay look I believe I'm hidden now even though my car is right there I believe I am hidden now because I'm in the bush there like I don't know he's I don't know so they obviously see my vehicle but is that suspicious at all rockstar games no it's not okay they might come and have a look at the vehicle I'm not sure if they will Oh all got the running around this one guy right there they found me they found me no no no no no aah no all right well we made it back to the hospital I think it's pretty clear to say that it's very hard to escape on land I might have managed to escape if I made it to a tunnel but it was far off and I thought I would be able to do it in a bush but I know bush man all right so there's only one thing left to do and then it's try to escape a five star wanted level using aircraft now this this this is a really interesting helicopter because it's got homing missiles which is great it's got barage missiles and in general it's pretty armored so that's pretty good too it's also got a bomb bay but I'm out of bombs all right so we just got to do the usual guys we got to commit a crime to get that five star and then we're ready to go that's one hey guys oh you already have one star now all right just sending out some missiles to the world nothing to worry about guys nothing to worry about just your average helicopter flying over it said it's all good all right there you go we've got the five star wanted level and we're mediately being followed by helicopters which shot by the way we can take out a little bit easier now I also got to make sure that this helicopter doesn't die I see it's smoking already this is not a great start let's just try and make it out all right so the tactic is I'm gonna try and fly way as far as possible kind of what I did with a boat but this time I'll actually be able to get rid of the helicopters that are following me oh look look isn't working already is it that easy they lost me they lost me and I'm losing the heli okay I just got to make sure I lose the cops before this thing crashes is that still doing this we're still fine we're still fine some helicopters are gonna appear on the mini-map and as long as I avoid those I'll be fine I think even though this thing's smoking smoking hot oh my god oh my god we're losing this we are losing this I jump in the water now what will happen I think a boat will come and get me or I could dive down but then it's not really an air challenge anymore is it I lost them I lost them there's no more wanted level and my helicopter is literally going down uh-huh Oh No oh gosh it was that easy we tried so many things on the boats we tried so many things on land the mommy get into a helicopter you can fly away from mainland which where's mainland oh my god it's all the way over there we are really far away just gotta have a fast heli with a couple guns on it and while that survives all right now we have one issue we just lost the heli and now I have to swim back oh I'm sorry helicopter I'm so sorry but you didn't help me escape a five star wanted level all right well it was that easy ladies and gentlemen get into a helicopter and you'll escape that five star wanted level if you really truly believe in it all we got to do now is get a new identity and nobody will ever know that we had on GTA 5 five star wanted level thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it leave a like on it at 10,000 likes we'll do another awesome GTA 5 challenge and also make sure you go to Jellystone accom get yourself some cool merch which just released a new shirt there's silly jelly sure it's pretty darn cool why leave a comment down below if you have any cool other GTA 5 suggestions that I should do on this game I'll catch the next one hooha thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly

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