Can We Get Through Blackwater To New Austin Early? Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay [RDR2]

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Today in Red Dead Redemption 2 We Try to Sneak our way through Blackwater to try and get to new Austin Early. In RDR2 there a quite a few secret items, legendary animals and horses that you can only get at the very very end of the game. can we get them early?


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welcome back to Red Dead Redemption 2 today we're gonna be trying to sneak our way the new Austin and we're gonna see if we can actually achieve this now we're doing this because there are quite a few things over there that I would like access to before having to beat the entire game there's a super rare Mustang over there the tiger-stripe Mustang which is pretty awesome and there's a couple legendary animals and a rare pistol now we would really love to try and make it out to there so we're gonna see if we can actually Sonique through Blackwater before you actually get to the Apple to the epilogue words are hard and the struggle is real I hope you guys all enjoy this episode it's probably gonna prove to be a bit of a disaster now there's a couple ways to do this we go to our map and look down here you can see here that there is a bridge here there's a bridge here and there's a bridge here now there's nothing on the other side of this so pretty much we have choices to run through the Great Plains or we can try and navigate through the tall trees we do know that pretty much the second we get into this area bounty hunters are gonna come and try and kill us now with a good horse I do think we can outrun the bounty hunters and not really have to worry about them we can also kill them if we so desired we've run out of Deadeye that's really not going to be a possibility because they are just super powerful well we're gonna go ahead and see if there is any way through this to get to some of the later content early and I hope you guys all enjoy it I decided to try and go through the Great Plains first hopefully this works out well we got a nice little entrance here now we've also gone ahead and basically used tonics to increase our horses stamina and all of our health and everything I'm gonna see if maybe putting on our mask is gonna help I'm pretty sure everything here just a grows irregardless now there is a fence here blocking the Great Plains we're gonna jump over this Wow okay horse doesn't want to jump this is a big disaster all God there's the bounty country you're dead so we're gonna do this without running straight into a fence like an idiot hopefully that'll go a lot better this time and we're gonna make sure we have our lamb cache to repeat around just in case you encounter any bounty hunters directly in front of us and if we're gonna stay off the roads we shouldn't encounter bounty hunters in front of us from what I've experienced running through here just exploring a little bit was that bounty hunters more often the monofin here on the road so if you're off the road you're probably gonna be a little bit safer and just like that we got bounty hunters behind us and we are gonna just fuck it away from so hopefully we'll be able to get to this bridge this time and see we can actually run through but I'm really excited to actually explore this area when I finally get a chance at the very very end of the game there's some special things that we want to get back here there is a very rare revolver that you can only get in the epilogue there's the tiger striped Mustang and there's a couple collectibles and the legendary animals all out here that we can't get until the end of the game and I'd love to do it now but of course it's locked it's so frustrating but regardless looks like we're doing pretty good no more oh we killed the bunny there's no death marker on the mini-map so that's pretty good so we need to figure out if we're going the right way so it looks like we have to cross two bridges and get into thieves landing and they're gonna obviously trying to continue all a new Austin or armadillo we'll see what happens but haven't gotten this far yet I've actually explored more of the old eastern part of the map here's some piggies this is actually really pretty I want to live out here there's nobody here what swerve oh come on this is bullshit where's the where are the people but I'm just getting shot at randomly I still have full health Oh some good is that a horse what I had full health give this one more shot from the area just like southwest of strawberry I don't think it's gonna do this anymore God cuz this is a little bit more mountainous I don't think it's gonna get us there I'm pretty sure that's an invisible wall that we just really can't get past until we've reached that point in the story the developers probably didn't want us to be able to get out there at really at any point unless we have to for part of the story book we're gonna try it anyways and see if we can at least get past that bridge if we can get past the bridge we might be able to do some interesting things oh we're off-roading it now get up horse you can do it horse got a little bit of a rest it seems like the bounty hunters aren't bothering us as much up here now if they come on the road just in front of us for pretty much screwed so I don't want to run straight into it to stay a hole hello bear I hope they get eaten by the bear that's a nice little bridge right there perfect so we got them to aggro us in the woods there's gonna be a little bit better they should be the only one to chase us since they didn't get us we should be okay until we get down a little bit more south where that bridges I don't know if we're gonna actually be able to make it across though looks like we had something in front of us there for a second I just remember when you are galloping full-bore like this if you hit the left stick every five seconds you'll regen stamina and bond with your horse it's a win-win situation it's pretty awesome so let's see here we're getting pretty close to the pretty much automatically dead area the wand it is gone that's cool our bounty somehow has gone up oh it's probably murdered people it happens we're in tall trees now those are first-time really going through tall trees and I don't want to run off any ledges cuz it looks like that's a cliff all right we can cut across here alright now we're gonna go ahead and pop a post then doing here we're gonna have as much stamina as we can getting through this particular area see if we get automatically killed yup see so they're shooting at us from pretty much nowhere again right off the bat we're gonna die right when we crush the stupid hell swerve zig-zag pattern baby see it's just instant death you just can't get any farther than that doctor dying horrible deaths but I shouldn't have died from I've decided we're gonna murder somebody hunters we're gonna see how long we can live against a bunch of bounty hunters and I'm hoping things are gonna go well so we're gonna go ahead and equip our Lancaster repeater we gotta actually clean that bad boy we're gonna do the semi-auto I will do the pump today I'm gonna use the pump in a while and we got the skull skull filled and the Callaway bolt with Express that should be good yeah no we should probably clean these weapons but I think we'll be okay now there's a nice little rock here I'd like to be able to hide behind something that gives me a little bit more covered and being able to like kind of funnel them into a spot that I can just move more the crap out of them and maybe even see if I can get an interesting horse we're pretty sure once we breach this area here it's just flat land which it is there's a couple horses up there though if we hang out here for a second bounty hunters are gonna come we shouldn't leave our horse right there though I can hear them coming already yep there we go all right so they're gonna have to come around this corner here and we know we could kill way too few of them pretty quickly another hell they at come on you pesky bounty hunters you guys got the brain worms so they're coming in from behind me now – what the hell there's not like a bear or something this is getting weird huh that's over here oh shit lost searchin what they came in from behind me that is very strange look gotcha oh now I have a bouncy over here alright so we got them doesn't look like they had any interesting horses it's strange that they came in from the other side and I got a bounty that's not in black water because of that interesting so we are gonna have to stay on the other side we want black water bastards that come for us oh there there oh crap oh no don't jump up what the hell hide behind it there we go it's kind of what I was hoping for there we go this is a good way to get some dead I bastard now he's dead can't seem through the damn tree they also hit a lot harder that was horrible I've survived a lot longer against them before it's interesting that they sent cops in from the other side though just particularly shitty there are some rare horses that you can get from killing bounty hunters over there I've done it before but ended up the horse ended up dying like right after just kind of unfortunate but it doesn't look like we can actually sneak through that area which which really sucks I feel like they should have allowed the challenge if you wanted it to be a challenge because it's not necessarily gonna be easy they should have made it difficult but they should have made it possible not just making it a wall of doom where if you cross the bridge you just instantly get headshot for your entire life from nobody that you can target but anyways I hope you guys all enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching if you're new to the channel and you want to see more Red Dead Redemption 2 content feel free to subscribe and if you feel like doing me a kindness don't forget to funnel that link but a little bit it helps out greatly appreciate it thank you all for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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