CALL OF DUTY IS BACK! | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay. The game has officially released and it feels SO GOOD! Not to mention I’m already remembering how to frag out.
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Call of Duty IS BACK! | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)
I have no idea I can figure that check this out boys oh honey hope you won my name's mr. fruit and welcome to call of duty black ops 4 it's officially here and I've got to say after playing with some friends last night and looking forward to grind in it today this is the first call duty I've enjoyed in a while brings back the old feel they used to have like I just I always want to grind I'm already like let's prestige let's do this but not only that I'll get a zombies video out here soon probably this weekend so I'm not sure the interest for black ops let me know down below but give it a chance you know I've been burned out on Call of Duty for a while but it's great so I think I'm gonna mix it up a whole bunch between blackout and multiplayer I'm really enjoying multiplayer so it'll be hard to pull me away but I shall so with that said play the whole bunch with my friends last night here are some of the games let's get into it do we have to pick teams okay I choose not areas all right that's a big mistake by the way yo this is back to my black ops 1 stock decreases you you grinded this yes sir this is what you've rounded like Christian ladies few weeks later not like yo you got 15 Percy's already you won't have a knife Brill sorry art I am oh this is a mistake voice goddamn fire oh my god that's a quad feet I'll see if Pachi bars I'm dead but it was a sick rod late I got fury killer I don't even know what my male Oh Sam my name lock he's my alien things right now follow me oh me oh me three of them Oh copy that yeah they're all right there you killed me oh I'm weak I got you I got you I got you I'm pushing it thank you I'm gonna escort you to safety got him you know the shotguns kind of nice oh and guess what you know what old times sake black ops one wild tomahawk a pound it's gonna get a kill let's go arias mm-hmm well with my legs blasted up earlier you follow me I just know where the carnage is I'm with you there right no gauge there there's two right there I guess I mean arias one I need help no copy a little bit I'm gonna throw a flash over there were three two one throw-in it there go six up to your right wrap oh wow I got it – yeah the shotgun there's no cop behind me oh I got you I got you buddy oh my god I see this rascal where is he he'll confirm yes yeah it is Kill Confirmed bless they're spawning over there and confirm ins get destroyed by a hand cannon you pull out well well well your shirt wait'll ya I call the hand kid – the problem here there's so many I got outplayed you IBM BAM boys nice fruit nice nice thank you no nun tomahawk noise tomahawk out oh wow what am i shooting with my shotgun up so bad oh there's three of them oh gosh there's a couple on the right so many I see a lot of footsteps four out there around here bye I got him for you don't worry I got my machete Electric old gun oh that was me baby stinky you're stinky a lot of them there why don't we coming in I need how boys how is he not dead yeah that was a nose go well we shooting at that guy how does that why is that not around sonic are you guys using music around the corner fruit to hear she hasn't helped me oh we're good we're good buddy I got your page you read oh wait I can always count versus popping ah I hope you stole fruit spudgy oh oh don't you don't mean that ha ha ha come on now I don't mean it but it would be cool to see if that sounds like you do no no oh yeah another one attack chopper incoming you I being bad nice yeah who do you think you are coming in there killing our bloodhound you're an animal how could you Oh what oh god this hurts hurts hurts ow that was a mistake Rob careful he's did that corner right there guys are all I'm going I was like what is that sound yeah oh I should not have done it right there mistakes I've had a few huge blank I mean II did stupid balls rounder I'm getting that chopper is doing work dang consumer good war no it says the number is 1 2 & 3 Pinkus hold on Shrek watches I'm a tomahawk somebody ready watch me watch Oh sir dang it here comes the tomahawk see it get ready hit over white can you guys stop kill him I need to not this again taking hard lawyer dude it was about to happen I definitely miss my tomahawk nobody pay attention to that no give me my tomahawk bit okay I will get someone nope well played I gas blinds well play right behind fruit again if it's not me yes yeah ready boys and pop Oh Bob Bob are they gonna put the pistol Oh guys when it's not slowed down it was a lot more intense Aris we're going right side go right side right side going right side okay I guess like everyone go top right area no this right yeah yeah there's a top right we got to help them down there okay I'm jumping image you made it I don't see a my dad didn't make it you did it oh no how did you make that mistakes were made where where are we going boys where they are where we already kill them oh you'll be behind them or behind the moms go area what we're just kind of running around up and we find someone eventually oh okay I'm throwing a flash over there I'm throwing a flash careful careful there's a lot of there's a lot here I don't know what that thing was but it's dead those have limbs over there there's no skin in here nice Hey oh hell prop oh the drop shot Rob well played I get your six universities all right I'm army will mommy will mommy I've got your 12 so straight ahead to me yeah yeah sometimes you're 111 but it depends on the day side oh right there I'll see in front of us oh my god they're everywhere else you know man you were so young and supple you might be a BAM boys let's go there's another one it's somewhere they're all they're spawning next door yep you ready spawn digging up here I'll get it yeah I got a hellstorm just cover me I'll get him on their spawn or three more yeah I'm going well they're gonna come in today Bob there's still spotting over here versus to write verses map I got you I got you nice sweet dog versus attack helicopter inbound boys all right I have a grenade launcher adequate yes come over here bless you are perfectly adequate it's time I'm pulling out the grenade want you ready areas that'll mercy on their force let's do it I might have lopped it a little work I got a little excited maybe oh geez you spawn right next to me I popped this thing and have yet to find anyone that's ours got a single one oh right in front of us used to proximity grenades but poof not quite yeah we're all frag and it's a team everywhere right class like my class has finished their top left window sniping okay what a grenade by me oh I'm gonna need myself Jesus Christ easy Oh depends on your class might not have it Oh behind us whoever was next oh there's a canine what was that oh it's a dog okay I'm torn I don't want to shoot it but I kill the dog I kill the bitch oh come on bless I wasn't gonna do it that's just wrong didn't you let that canine live its best life bro just wants to please its master max I don't know where they are and it's scaring me I don't know their army boys Oh – Oh max 2 or 3 honestly unsure at this point alive whoo all versus to your liking they're back in that spawn areas that back spawn that dogs going in I love it I can hear that clanking them hard oh my god dude why can't I find Oh behind walk in on are you fucking hit knife is V a thing for the fall to be oh wait that is not I want to kill like eight of them no lie the UAB lied to me that's bullshit what did you not going in all right there's a lot here let's do it I don't believe it they killed a phase member beck-muz they're cheating you're done you're done I got you char cut you're done I got a little bit more left of this hey guys look over there boys oh my god don't you do it dog yeah this isn't so many there are those like half a billion to my left go for it bless you're killing it my dude let's go nice Christian huge I'm not done yet yes I am oh I went too aggressive that is right I got a heli baby hey what the fudge oh hey you guys are fraggin oh my god we're off we're gonna feed it that meal nice fog love it what's your secret versus all my eight loops you utter Kill Confirmed boys STDs were shield I'm gonna grapple right tune cuz I don't care and it works nice this thing's kind of hard to get used to but don't take my confirmed shark you sorry I'm confirming at six okay taking all my scorestreak points there outside to the right little weak healing up for sure nicely done buzz I'm grappling oh they're all fighting oh jeez I grappled into the wrong place oh oh there are several guys can't we well corner camping you know I kind of like this DMR it's kind of old friends make everything better Plus kumbaya we will win this game whoo my pitch voicing what does the car do it's an RC card it explodes and kills people it's good how could he do this to me here we're in the West are all in that room all of them yep which room wow I just got outplayed so oh my okay is that man just gonna shoot you like that that ain't cool justice from above oh my god knowing Oh where'd he go oh there he is I'm scared oh my god I need some some FMJ boys holy FMJ video UAV for your boys I need help right side oh thank you this is why I love you this is why I'm high and I have a grab slam for these ladies oh behind you Rob yeah I know there's a lot there's two let him stack up so I can slam them all I don't want my I put the radiation one yeah what is that I have no idea dude I can figure that check the shop boards oh let's go here huge use their spawn beacon ladies I've got my Fu's hellstorm available to escape when you die right here – are you okay triple and bound s Cowboys this is the game I feel it please you're my turn go in map go inside oh excuse me and what is this a cute thing do for me yeah it's graphic super sick it's like you're holding up the character using oh oh it's a stun oh my god nice all behind you Oh God Oh boys they're all on me guys calling card maybe get a short I don't know what that guy was doing but he was trying hey let's go yo just catch me and play the game let's solve Death Watch how sick this is dude quad kill or cleaning up with the yeah you're drinking your drink your gamer this is real gamer hours dude you know I think it's just what I do it's never coming back oh look it's me boosted not gays all right boys I'm gonna show you how this is done this is how you feed 101 here we go oh do you have any alarm oh my god oh my god the people up rag yes you aren't getting that no sir oh yeah it's confirmed yeah I like TDM more because I get on killstreaks fast once the rich watch the bridge bridge bridge bridge I made it out of clay am i overlooking the bridge yeah oh I got shot from behind a guy with me I got a hope behind us behind us – two – two – yep I'm going around I'm so we good I'm putting a spawn thing over here so if you'd done oh oh yeah sure oh they have Oh spawning on meeting a flag language there's a UAV all right take that boys nice prove nice thank you dude this might be the first kind I like running in the long hey excellent I already want to proceed you know I just got primal feeling Oh yo I have a whole army on me boys coming now coming to life yeah yeah I had the whole village of Nepal on me I couldn't do anything that dead silence Pro oh shoot in front of us in behind this rock oh fuck me do these have man I need to get to that aside I agree do you nice oh my god what there's so many at what I did this insane I killed two there's one more you know there's a net it's just it's never over I never want to give up okay okay I'm hurting okay that was a little words grab all my life Oh God you know them another one another one bless all a lot of them Wow let me go get that lump let me get the lump let me get the long get the like my this class about to give him the slam Wham a jam I know I should have slammed wabbit jammed come on and slam oh and welcome to the jam hey you what you gonna do oh geez that film has a word what's the word with you and we got them all they're everywhere boys I'm nervous Jesus Christ poof they're still they're not done there's little yeah Ali very nice oh my god there's so many fun beach – Pawnee Beach this is a steak I need help each and then they're gonna be right here with it oh my god I panic but I had to yeah that's okay things in the shacks don't maybe somebody else or that jerk uh they were copy that I didn't think they were gonna be looking at the right behind Spidey my way out of trouble here oh my god there's literally three digits right there got him both buh-buh-buh got them all okay I'm using a hailstorm no Sara and that Bob Oh easy-peasy laughs right back and go that wall a holy holy holy holy

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