Call of Duty finally brought back the G.O.A.T.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay. It’s BACK! The Galil has evolved into the Grav.

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Call of Duty finally brought back the G.O.A.T.
hi ad hold on my name's mr. fruit and welcome back to Cobb duty black ops 4 and the sunset guns have done it they've added back arguably one of my favorite weapons in Call of Duty the grab they might be like well the grab is just a fancy way of saying the Galil and we're running it back the same old way and black ops I preferred suppressor and dual mags can't quite run that currently I'm running suppressor long barrel grip no sights keepin it og although I guess that maybe I should I mean I have an extra point to do something with it I don't know what and warming up it's been a little while but your boy out here almost dropped a 100 bomb I went 90 in and something 1915 or something now we're gonna play with fire here we're gonna do quick play which I don't know if they've added two consoles I think we added at the PC because rip the PC community but I've been thrown into some weird things hopefully anything but hardcore oh great hardcore Kill Confirmed ooh baby it just what is happening everybody oh my God we're getting spawn killed what that's what that guy spot next there by oh my god what's going on why are we all dared look at this thing a beauty though Oh in the mmm-hmm that's og right there the Mayan sites and what guys trying to tomahawk are we getting spawn can't it seems like they're somehow sticking us in the back corner this map ooh ooh I hear something don't you throw that at me you somehow missed it that's amazing oh my god actually got the two kills hohohoho I actually just unlocked the suppressor this is the first game I'm using it on but I always used it and black ops well I try to always use suppressor I'm trying to find the right time to strike here I guess I waited a little bit too long now grab without this president don't get me wrong I was doing work but I like being sneaky sneaky I think they're right up above nope they're right next to me and I shot like an idiot it's now this guy knows okay but somehow we still killed him a who he's up on the roof top oh you sick son of a gun trying to run around the corners melee me where did this guy he dropped off the face of the earth it's I think it's this fella running around with a knife or a hatchet I'm kind of terrified cuz if he turns the corner I'm in trouble oh he like stemmed up or something died ah oh you can't beat me so oh no that spectral blade dude that's a spectral blade dude I'm chasing him though oh my god that's terrifying he knows I'm here to figure that I'm gonna let him just kind of simmer down you know he's a little hot right now gotta let him cool off somebody gave him a kitchen knife now we all need to panic okay I'm gonna chase this guy like a BK Burger King have it your way yeah beet cake well you owe my dues gotta be kidding me you would have died but unknowingly your dude runs that is incredible and by incredible I mean that is incredibly fury a ting what that would yep that's pretty much my luck summed up and in a couple of seconds in one clip really are we still owe no how oh we got that we got the vision great stuff recon yes if it weren't for you recon I would undoubtedly be dead but thankfully I have you on my side oh you like that no I think that was a spectra book oh fuck who's next this is so much fun all right somebody's coming up here ha ha ha who's next I hear him I think what is that noise I'm hearing right now it's kind of creepy is it a glitch oh no I was just shooting willy-nilly I was one away from the sniper's nest I'm a degenerate feels bad died we totally could have had the sniper's nest yo I don't know if there's been some update though but like framedrops are real and like you can see top left my frame rate like it doesn't drop the likes Easter anything but it's enough that it's like hitch hitch hitch hitch hitch hitch and I have no idea why and that hurts all whole bunch it's just enough to really throw you off I'm not here to ask for web tech support though my apologies I don't mean to insinuate that that's all you're here for I wouldn't use you like that now let's climb up on the church hope that is just a couple of I don't even know what those were but I freaked out I panicked well he's somewhere in here boys that's what we call skillful this is not a good idea oh my god he had a flamethrower but I'm alive I am burns Oh for approximately forever so I'm just gonna fly a little drone out here alright hope that one day I think they're coming up yes they are oh my god I'm still alive now still haven't fully healed though that would be nice hold on okay I think we're good now everybody everybody good nobody chill okay god I'm hurt again but I'm still alive suck this my streak ain't never gonna I'm getting my sniper's nest this time nobody's gonna stop it except for you guys God dude it's always two of them starts out as one you start shooting a second guy shows up suddenly your gun magnetizes the boat that's like I don't know what to do and I know that doesn't make sense because this game doesn't even have aa aim-assist with keyboard mouse granted like no game does but like your mind like screws yeah you know what I mean get destroyed blurbs ten seconds almost did okay five four three dodged one play the game oh it's me which one was this uh god I had a better play than this mother's too I remember what I did Wowz it okay sorry guys that's as I swear there was something better there we needed twenty six and five we'll take that do I even want to put on a say I know it sounds odd but I think I'm actually worse off I don't know we'll use it mainly because if I suck it can be my scapegoat I don't know man something about just those janky iron sights I mean they're they're one of the better iron sights I think but it's not like you can really see much at the ridicule you know I'm Sam alright I'm gonna be sword boy cuz I actually didn't know but I got killed by one sword boy the other day and you can like well I don't remember if I know this but you can like roll around and stuff is actually pretty cool you can be a little more evasive than I previously thought and oh my god if I had anything but a suppressor right now hold the hipfire save him the day you know the man's probably gonna come up this way or this way he tasted defeat and he wants to kill me for it but I guess not I don't know where he went I don't know where anyone is – what is Oh okay all right we took a kill bull on bleeding now here you come careful careful careful I don't feel like you guys are being very careful here I didn't even ask avenger' up here so Franco oh my god like the hipfire why do we what just oh my god ballistic not really like fudge dudes just running around that I mean I respect it don't get me wrong but like none so take that smoke grenade okay I threw it way too short that's my bad and mm-hmm I deserve that Hill Real Talk though I'm so excited for comp duty modern warfare I think it's gonna be sick and if you disagree well you're wrong okay it's not an opinion it's a fact of life now what I like what they're doing they're kind of reimagining the series they're bringing it up no they're the reimagine well I mean modern warfare has changed since modern warfare was a thing you know what I'm saying so they're bringing it to what modern warfare means today and also I think I talked about this in the other video I think there's cross play which is needed for the PC community to ever not are you what for the PC Union neither to die and I accept things because it's really good at that first like month or two it's pop in oh my god he's so weak I'm gonna get ballistic night I don't know where he went oh he's gonna come from behind he's gonna come up okay sir have you you'd be very childish ah that's a solid ji-hae so the suppressor dude it gives me a magical properties I knew you're gonna listen tonight me yeah uh-huh I just know I knew it's one of you Spectre Lukens I suck that was so when a ball mr. fruit I concur I am hungry you guys want for dinner today I was trying to get one kill just dip it almost actually kind of worked but at the same time it didn't oh hello sir I did not expect you to just show up out of the blue what I'm gonna smoke this cuz there's a dude coming uh-huh he's in the smoke somewhere I thought I was supposed to be able to see them through the smoke but apparently not I think they're seen through my plans here but how I don't know what my plan is and if I don't know how could they know what I don't know you know that's a nice kill yeah make that real easy for me okay another one don't mind if I do some dude I believe is trying to snipe me if I could have stayed up on top that would have been nice oh okay okay now check this out you know oh there we go Wow stop what God did he actually get a headshot to you just spamming it no I want to no one uses a specter what up fudge dad lunge it mmm-hmm he's probably get out plate you know just say it yes when you shouldn't have even a tea as we randomly started spraying a brain I got a head shot some out so I don't accept that as defeat okay you got a lucky kid there's actual oh my god there's a lot going on right now hold up hey you with the footsteps come back here wow you're a fast one but not fast enough level two in the laser sight I don't really want that but level 11 we do get the quick drop which seems like oh all right which seems like it'll be very nice shoe for this gun it's really the only thing I feel like I'm missing here now let me assist by killing them off their spawn yes I'm very good at that oh wait that ah darn it I shouldn't have been reloading dude it's just listen if you play call of duty and you don't immediately reload after shooting someone and killing them do you even call of duty bro I mean it's a horrible habit and it gets me killed more times than you would think but I just can't stop dude it's like an addiction I knew it was a sniper conviction dude a bitch will reloading anonymous HRA I need to I need to go oh you missed that tonight you was close but not that time sir No mmm Touche wait he was using the grab – Wow he's using for two cards you got to respect that I don't actually know how he really I've gone does he was just spraying and Brian but perhaps I should take some notes from him sometimes it's okay to spray and pray which I think I've been doing a little bit better than the job as far as like oh my I can't see anything what about doing oh I can see you through the smoke though wow it's gonna say I'm like two feet in front of you do you want to hit something oh well thank you crash you're so kind not today Satan not today alright but yeah yeah well where are the people are you that one dude why does I'm never playing Specter again dude give me my bow and arrow over this every day it doesn't even see might get an extra arm or anything I just read I'm tilting cuz the stupid blade did it really is that bad I know what you're thinking well you also ran at them in an open okay I should be I'll do something right I have the roll and stuff I maybe I'd have a little bit of extra armor if I get one kill I could just keep chain it to the others new also I don't have that range thanks to my suppressor my long barrel helps but it doesn't help that much just this spammer did he's probably got the best sniper in the West if you just shoot so many shots of the vents 'let's gonna hit ah we got play the game – great it's certainly not with my blade they see calling me a cheater that means I'm doing something right I believe by your dead son how and Wow and with that I believe that concludes this video of the Galil with that said I want to thank all much for watching have results are fantastic I'll talk to you in the next one tier 69

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