CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 Zombies Classified Gameplay Walkthrough [1080p HD 60FPS PS4] No Commentary

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CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 Zombies Classified Gameplay Walkthrough [1080p HD 60FPS PS4] No Commentary

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you you Dipsy joy or his silly friend he ruined everything feels good to be back on Americans so now even if it is only a bunch of lousy pencil pushers Bravo makes me feel queasy I fear I may bring dishonor to my uncle comments oh I am bad hangover that only happened when slow poor boy a pistol gone two rounds faster and I go through pants how hard could that be we better start figuring out how to get the power on and yes I am talking all you numbnuts parked on your flabby butt cheeks these the security houses many secrets and for all right secrets amore coveted secret raid in the Russia blackouts were come this is America the possum great melty plans of opportunists I remember first head stop was for brother had evil puta what's Nikolai well asleep any dog can cut his own stay on the game but you know what to do with it next I really do need to see but my hands are doing different shit same day strap in folks get puppy glory I am recovering from my queasiness so sushi would be most welcome so many important men working important men have large three tablets one day I will be important man very important help everyone's watching me how you make so many head shots while sober are you stinking shots of bourbon that is American Mafia [Applause] this is a task for prisons where you drive I'm on fire today then see maybe can't believe it but he is sharpshooting doc check buck check double check ready to rock the samurai have no need of money just give me what I want this effort is a very worth the pitiful any well paid came out clearly the coffin for asleep boost cocoa surely there are more foolish somewhere this is America give me power and SISTAR's overkill is ready it is time to over kill the demons today's meet purpose why never made start over kill joy because Tokyo is over demons that's me there so like the big big bark nice doggy is good [Applause] my lorry he took spot on you demand the payment for me when the emperor hears of this there will be consequences very serious one Oh areum eggs frozen always bye have shop dog Nikolai I met his head hurts worse than yours Nikolai already in Soviet Bobby is full of vodka I'll filled up on that I used to have plenty I honestly don't know what happened right between the eyes how you say them see bag more bullets mean a lot more Nikolai look damn Bell they're totally fucking normal this beauty for no reason you need new tricks game hockey always knows of me Lovick still go rust gas Powell's time for Russian to unleash envoy perhaps we can meet him around boys that's me there's all with the TV off every angry spirit the movies on the right Rick it out look at him take you out back first Chewbacca [Applause] [Applause] what Richtofen does it to pass time I struggle if Nikolai had shock he would draw a giant story could open and leave terrible life behind all right you free to show your gratitude stay back maggot face nothing move fear shit payback's a bitch how are you you will regret that I was doing just fine did not need your help – before if it were double e Carnegie D mmm spirit carpentry is Yuri Futurity or something back in awesome town population still one let's try to get in but I kicked him out [Applause] Tokio is the Muscovites bit of a equals combination each MacMurray [Applause] I already a real trick on equal that is for every night for every must be amazing

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