Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 // Multiplayer & Blackout Gameplay! (COD BO4 Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Black Ops 4 live multiplayer and Blackout battle royale gameplay!

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once of everybody typical game here and today for you I am here with the black ops for full release this includes multiplayer blackout and zombies in this stream in particular we're going to be focusing on multiplayer and blackout sort of switching between the two so if you're interested in that component of the game which is a major component of the game make sure you tune in and watch this stream alright if you do watch it enjoy this – be sure to hit that like button subscribe to for new and turn on the supposed certifications as well we're just gonna hop right into this we're gonna go to multiplayer here and let's go over – I guess we can't create a class yet that's typically how it goes oh wait maybe you can't create a class it looked like it was locked I don't know if there I I don't think you actually can um we're gonna go ahead and just go in – let's just find a match is it gonna be control let's do I'm gonna do chaos tedium let's do that maybe we'll do some free for all after – so I haven't played black ops 4 since not too long ago I mean it was when the blackout beta was out and I really really enjoyed the blackout beta I thought it was a lot of fun and I think adds a lot of potential to be a really good battle royale game so not that it isn't already I think it's a great one I just I'm curious how they're gonna keep evolving it you know cuz we've seen things like for night where they update every week I'm curious what kind of wait they're gonna do that in block black ops blackout so oh cool this firing range man I I really don't know that much info about the multiplayer portion of things so it looks like they brought back a lot of the older maps which is kind of pretty cool let's shoot Sarah if here as you can see I haven't played I played like a a tutorial thing cuz I just want to familiarize myself with the controller like the controls I'm playing on PC and yeah I think I pretty much got a down pat I might change some key binds and and sort of get those unlock but that's gonna be once I play a little bit I'm sure my key Pines might be a little bit different from multiplayer and like from blackout as well so we will see how that goes let's jump into our first match of Call of Duty blackouts or Oh people are just randomly spray yeah I know this map so there's that that's weird nobody was there usually people straight chillin over here yes perfect all I want to do is get a kill before I died in my first game mission success I'm so dead oh I'm not dead I'm not that I'm not that oh all right Rob to a good start here let's go back this way oh my goodness we gotta heal up is anybody else here oh I've never even seen this thing in my life we got four kills though before we got electrocuted that was weird I've never seen that thing before alright so there's something that just raised up electrocutes you down that's the thing oh that hurt we're good we're good win that's our dude we get on that one oh my goodness all right let's kill it we're killing the game killing the game actually you guys are going crazy over here huh oh there's oh just chill nobody's giving me a chance to heal right now except for that guys I gotta give me a chance okay I got a predator missle or whatever istil others gonna be a lot of people coming through I got a dip I got a dip I got a dip help me oh yes I only have fists how many of this whoo kill okay I need a gun I need a gun I don't know how to pick up a gun oh my gosh broke can you give me a gun dogs oh God crap I just dodged this guy crap oh gosh [Laughter] alright there's that I guess I can't figure out a pick up a weapon definitely wasn't super hard to pick up weapon our aims on point right now you gotta be honest with you okay app everybody figured it out just got a hit F and we Gucci this is my favorite spot here bro you just look down this hallway get those kills shred em bro these kids are ready bad they're dealing with a veteran over here a Call of Duty veteran so when you get the cool spots threat to remove there we go there we go watch this way come through man come through what the heck oh he's using his little specialist Oh what well they're everywhere and nowhere at the same time they're doing a great job being everywhere in nowhere at the same time I shouldn't move man I just wanted to he's gonna come up with this ladder so he's mad oh jeez I thought that is the way you could jump up here my bra mrow hi here we go oh my gosh I did not get much of a chance these that I guess it didn't use much though of it on my beacon what's my bollocks moving over here this is again is it a risky spot to go through now I'll keep hitting Q to heal I got a I got a switch it I kinda want to make you my ill I got to choose a faster weapon pickup Oh juice that's not good oh okay shoot me through the wall oh yeah these are wholesome noises I got eight point six seven KD goodness gracious we killed it man are we playing with bops we are playing with bots aren't we yeah we better not be playing with bots not a bit we are maybe brought Tommy I've been playing with bots I hit multiplayer man hey hey it multiplayer they better be real that's too much of a confidence boost yeah now you guys got me trippin oh look at that superstar now there's a pretty real man they look pretty real right yeah they look real they look real you guys are making me down myself now man stop it I mean I don't got crazy bout names or anything I mean everybody could have a unique name because it's kind of like um because it's on battlenet because it's on battlenet I'm gonna turn off these high notifications for game session there we go don't see any of those notifications those were real people man those are real people I don't want to hear it there was definitely real no campaign this year no there's like this kind of training mode that kind of cut since it's kind of like campaign I mean he's ruined it's just gonna go down everyone looks sick by the way I got the I got the highest edition because I figure I'm gonna be playing a lot of cod you know at least a lot of black out so let's do like one more of this and then we'll we'll do a blood game of black out and then we'll hop back does that sound good I think it'll be fun to kind of swap between the two I like this quartet class I haven't even customized for my class yet so there's that I don't know this map it all though looks cool looks kind of long-range that oh it's a dangerous hallway to be going into mental left or right right this map is veni vidi vids I don't even know where I'm going right now to be fair again it's my first time playing this match I can't really collect that right now oh my gosh I'm no help someone's using a shotgun shot out I gotta chill here let's go right there welcome to call of duty how may I help you they take the can I actually like the can I like it in a blackout I'm not sure if I like it and that's kind of weird different difference to make I guess it's definitely not as fast as the SMG or anything but holy shoot that's crazy chillier for one second here I mean you can definitely hear me when I hop in that water oh shoot a skit hey might as well pick up the sniper here ooh ouch I don't know if I like this go oh that hurts oh no tell me you didn't see me oh shoot oh man I wasn't gonna win that fight I've once I shot the first bullet I knew I need to get myself with some more range I think we're doing well though we're doing really well oh shoot I just got spawn killed man is her weapon cameras in black oh I'm not sure I'll have to discover that together hellstorm oh there we go oh my gosh see ya triple kill it's rain and death are we picking up some tags come on pick up those tags man Oh getting yoked over there and I like it all the dams to the left I can open them so right guys didn't get either kill that sucks so I like this grapple oh okay I got the big jump in hostile out again not again oh that's a big play right there that's a big boy play Oh No there were still more people I thought I'd show your dad everybody to a 9 mag am beep disaster finishing out there let's keep pushing this sides a little deadly oh we're still getting mop we're getting up third party to all the time here again third party I think I got a damn license to be a little bit too I'm not gonna out rain into that let's see if I can get the flank on them don't look fine you don't look fine you don't look fine you oh man I'm getting myself into some weird spots I'm still carrying the team though oh my back so happy about that let's take a different approach here trying to find a way out of this – I kind of got there right when my team spawn there sucks mm-hmm I need to get a new weapon man I'm not sure this smg's the wave I'm not sure this SMG is the wave right now oh gosh get the heck away guys that's that's creepy oh wow you got moved up for he got four kills with that one all right the score is kind of switched that's not good laris oh that hurts oh man I'm getting stomped on that we got it of refine our player here just wait three to one on afks right would I do it there's one guy in the team just going off right now definitely need somebody to try to take him down have you swordfish oh geez I'm gonna take pot shots from here Oh bro what is this gun I love it this gun is the best I love it your gun is the best I love it yeah I'm gonna be able to back up our guys here in a second let's get in here there we go run it through your me dude oh man I'm getting a little confused I thought you can go up there trace close he's definitely up there I bet you eat jump down he jumped down turned around come on alright so we got our specialist ability we got our specialist ability and we're only down by a little bit now we're getting mauled at times oh we got it we won that was getting nose getting a little bit scary there there's getting a little bit scary there but we pull out the win like a typical gamer with the played this is my play one two and then there you get a third one oh I did oh look at that hacker ability I just pulled out okay I'm son yeah alright so we played two multiplayer games I said we drop into blackout now I think that I'll be fun I think blackout would be fun I think we'd probably unlock create-a-class now too or maybe we had created class I'm very I think we file logged in now I think it's all five actually they lock it I don't think it actually tells you Co just locked here can't do anything let's leave lobby so I think it's a different ranking system for blackout so let's go to blackout use the map to the side we're dropping the world as soon as you jump from the helicopter wingsuit will deploy allowing you to float through the air a short distance before you're landing at your destination find weapons armor equipment and more throughout the environment improve your loadout and chances of survival grow fast and fight your way to the number one spot be sure to be in the safe zone if you're caught outside it will take significant damage alright so oh forget the Shadow Man okay okay you could be this Bobby over here you can literally be this Bobby well I got his gestures now to look Bravo Oh Sitting Bull unstoppable good job all right let's go oh okay maybe I will confess maybe I won't what's your deal bro let's drop into a game of solo blackout here a lot of you guys saying zombies and chat I want to play zombies maybe we'll do some zombies in this stream too but I wanted to focus on multiplayer anza and blackout yeah I'll throw in some bizarre B's what do you guys think should we play zombies at some point I think we should definitely play zombies zombies always fun man zombies is always always fun all be fun yeah let's hop into this game joining match I'm excited to see anything they changed from the beta Timmy saxophone sup y'all teaching you the bass TG Lee that's it's up to me thank you for that appreciate the kind words my friend let's try to join that again some reason that didn't go through grave-robber with the 99 bucks get this dose man till summer I said hi keep up the great work you're a role model to a lot of people much love from taxes everything's bigger in taxes same with you bro a big shout-out to you thank you for that lets me know you said hi and thank you for the kind words my friend trap start with the 20 brother they're everywhere I'd rather use my profiles you I I like using snipers in Call of Duty I do but I don't know I haven't used it much on PCs so I feel like I got to train a bit to get those PC PC dumps with a sniper I think I might just rock multiplayer and blackout in this stream and then in another stream I'll do zombies probably not today but why is the graphics okay so I got F I think I'm gonna change it to about four night binds except I don't need to build a wall in this game yet there's ad building they had third person in building died like oh we're not for night alright where do I drop guys the map looks greener someone's gonna drop here with me someone's dropping retail drove oiz he's got underneath me I didn't mean to do that okay yeah I'll take a rocket launcher no problem I can't just get dropped over there I hear them breaking stuff hit him directly with a rocket find me dude oh there is there we go first kill let's pop all these real quick oh boy we don't got to pop that again alright there we go alright let's do it up a bit I mean these are bad things I'm bigging up what's the max we can yield sooo again oh it's 150 yeah Wow oke to throw that gonna remember that sounds quite far how far is it oh it's pretty decently far let's book it we got Louisville on armor we don't got anything too crazy room got crazy crazy loot I'm a check of this building right here because sometimes ass Cheston it wonder if they changed the way armor looks and stuff I don't want it like Miss it you know I feel like that would be important not to do okay I found like eight SMGs what's up with that let's drop rainforest squish that there we go get the nine bang all right let's take this atv editor oh goodness oh I didn't even mean to turn that way we golden we golden we Gucci I don't want to drive it too long I mean it oh there's some flashing over there I don't want to be near that holy smokes bro he misses he misses me the frickin the first snipe and then he gets it let's see those things look at him you must feel good about that snipe he must have got me with a headshot or something right we got smoked we got smoked headshot while we're driving that's you know that if the first step if I can choose one that's gonna be it for me chief that's gonna be it that's gonna be it getting sniped off my ATV with a head shot oh boy alright at least we got some merits or something we got one merit oh no we got ten merits and we 92 level up so you got ten points for the kill alrighty then mission failed will you next time you know it is trap started thanks for that bro awkward don't shadow it to you man I'm gonna do a separate zombies live sure man Ethan Shepherd thanks for that auction with five hey bro hope all's well been grinding over here with school I'm drowning but what do you think about a reaction to first 4:19 brow shadow do you action I hope all bestest oh I hope everything school is going really good for you in life and everything man and I think that's a great idea I think that's a great idea man I was watching it the other day it's bad my first fortnight game is real bad but I don't even stream my first first game like I'd practiced before that like a couple games so it's kind of funny all right so where's boo this is an interesting drop we I'm the shadow man I'm the shadow man all right so what do we learn about snipers say guys snipers are crazy good won't know how to gesture what type of spray paint did you guys see it I wrote a chicken how do I write a chicken I can't find the button oh I think it's I think it's t oaties to write the chicken all right chicken that fair kill people I'm all right chicken we're gonna go River town man we're all crazy we're gonna keep we're gonna keep swapping it between the Tilted everybody go tell – lets go to Georgia perilla there we go flying in like a spider monkey man oh we didn't get that much oh we didn't get that much height be honest with you chief oh this ain't it chief oh that ain't it chief don't betting it oh yeah great now I'm dead yeah I'd rather drown them let's guy kill me honestly it's cool it's cool my weapons yeah nobody here please thank you yes still oh I got a gun I got a gun we all good got a freakin revolver so you know so you know I'm gonna kill it out here there's nothing else come on man just do one weapon like one actual weapon now whatever this is there's somebody up here a hundred and ten percent yes cool bro you have shield it's cool the hot drop wasn't it's not working for me I'm gonna go one more hipster TG I don't want no weapons come on man I'd rocked the pistol if it didn't suck definitely should have healed though the revolver is great not for me and ain't I just found it do you have fun in this match and that match in particular no I did not have fun ask me what I win yes I had fun but that match in particular no now that didn't count as weapon man even Shepard thanks for the donor bro sup Caitlyn it's a mic Jonathan Maxwell McQueen lanty Rooney Eric Molina cloudy gaming start the new weapon challenge I mean yeah I guess so another the revolver was terrible come on yeah I agree with there everyone knows this up this isn't for tonight TG I know it's not a four-night dog you can play zombie zombies will be a different stream of thing where do I land here am i lyin hydro dam alright we're gonna do one more blackout and then we'll do I think then we'll do which Macaulay just straight-up multiplayer yeah I'm curious how well blackouts or black ops and blackout it's gonna do what do you guys think does it got potential to be uh you know world's most popular game for night or what where is that is that for nice titles Keith I just think cuz it's not like you know for night any anybody could play like even kids this game there's some blood and jewelry stuff some parents don't like that some parents don't like that stuff due to one chest challenge oh my gosh let's go with the buckshots all righty I do want to know like a big part of the loss around Riverton but I don't know the best way to drop is anymore I think that change – I'll try to drop real low here yeah they change this thing to be really blue oh my gosh I'm not gonna get a weapon why holy shoot how's the armor now schema doesn't like me at the moment kim loves me at the moment oh there's a guy right there okay hell is the hates alright I mess with it hope didn't mean to do that me uh detached though real quick can I switch to this yeah what does this do there we go yeah I punch that guy to death so you know I'm serious business didn't mean to pick that up what gun is that rk7 garrison actually looks pretty cool we're just gonna have you loot here I think a br though oh maybe I was good I think I dropped my Spitfire me put on looter real quick and you find it backpack D a bear has nothing on it that's weak favor I'm looking for the a br there's some armor down there but I already have armor what is that down there oh that's just uh I don't know what it is it's like one of those perk things we're so far away we gotta get moving how was that oh I think that was the thing that I threw up we grabbed the grenade and get out of here man I'm gonna get out of your hair would love a backpack though quick that need backpack here you are not a backpack or a med kit I'll take you I think there's a boat there is there so yes there's a boat we're taking the boat ladies and gentlemen foreign aid had its run four nights not gonna die guys come on dude trauma kit if I get sniped out of this ammo lose my marbles by the way you guys know if I get sniped out of this thing I'm gonna lose my marks thank you so getting sniped at a TV is one thing getting sniped at a freaking dingey be very upsetting we're just going through the river here I mean River town's gonna be super lit I don't even know if we go in and you've one second here to put on and wear this I've never used this thing so I'm kind of scared it sounds like they're fighting over there you guys here or don't do anything died killer I didn't kill him somebody else killed him he sounds like he's right here you guys hear him right do I have my headphones on backwards what's up are you kidding me how did one of the needs he threw it at the floor outside the house and one of the nades jumped into the house and killed me gotta be kidding me look at this thing we're gonna watch his kill Kim look at this look at this Nate you ready he throws his nade he fans it he misses the house but one of the Nate's jumps into the house and kills me no frickin way dude no frickin way that's a wild the audio still sounds so weird to me mom the audio still sounds so weird because like it sounds like people are way closer than they are like I heard him running and he seems like he was super close even though he was decently far away okay let's go – we're gonna go to multiplayer now what's control I think control oh it's just a multiplayer mode my bed we still can't do that let's do I don't know what mode we should play let's try it control cuz it seems like they want us to try it out let's see how it is have they fixed Armour I think they did something with a level 3 armor and stuff King Terminator thanks for the doughnut man but I don't moderate anyone just based off and don't appreciate that though it's very generous of you but that being your only message man that's gonna be a no from me dog gonna be no from me dog but we get to choose I'm gonna choose firing range man I love firing range I mean gridlock was fun too in the beta for the Alpha would it be better Alf I don't even know do you enjoy for now I love for in it when I saw one of my favorite games of all time let's see what you do oh well I haven't lost the multiplayer game yet so I'm banking on that man I'm full-on banking on that did I tweet it out I'm check it – Jenna Jenna Jenna pound it deployed full independent in the den up a different let's see if you can keep up the we're not so flawless in in the Battle Royale but in multiplayer we haven't lost game yet so there's that that's wack you're helpful not automatically regen press X the hill when your health is low do you guys like that somebody chose her whoa toxic oh wait I didn't even want to choose that I'm gonna keep going with the cordite I think the chordates sick like it's all right but it's sick you know haven't watched you in a month and you're looking like a whole snap bro you know what's good dude you know what's good Anthony know what's good sound Goku did you become a member it didn't show up for some reason caps I mean I think I heard it pop up on screen but I'm here at let me just focus on the point here you're gonna come through the window I was gonna come through that door I don't know yet we're capturing this point like crazy though oh my gosh how did I not get that I lit them up like the fourth of July bro I'm try to capture be out here why the zone sticks along together oh my gosh drop shotting it's not the move in this game I would say that drop shotting it's not the move I really don't know this mode so we're going to friendly tact beacon my bullets don't go through walls apparently the heck is that take that buddy and I'm in a weird spot we're almost out of lives what the hell do you mean I don't like this this is modes weird man okay it's very easy to die I try jumping at them but I think it's basically whoever doesn't throughout a live Sun there's one guy left round win baby alright okay some people are getting good at this game I feel it up feel it oh look at me with my listen Bob play the game right here one two oh yeah that's that's my pro players again how else do you get in there oh man that kind of kindness sucks at that mid-range man that mid-range bro I hate it I hate this gun at mid-range it's no bueno man someone or at all I didn't do anything I literally did no damage there I didn't no damage with my eat very disappointed my eat we're contesting a won by dead bad guy I'm gonna do I'm gonna just chill up your honor yeah this is you get some run out of those lives yeah nobody remembers this spot huh nobody remembers this spot son I'm gonna camp up here for a little bit you should Cappy you should can't be there taking a man Academy UAV above dude me and this guy just been shooting each other and healing for like the past two minutes they have four lives there we go there we go that's how you win baby that's how you win that round that's how you win that round we've gotta win one more Isaac birdie look at highjack eight my sensitivity is massively high I need to turn it down for sure there's no doubt there was another guy there I must be blind till we got a capture one of these points Isak why you up there dude why was I hit firing the grapples a beast I love the gravel yeah kill that guy now well what what is my Katie like of 24 kills and 12 deaths so that's not bad we can even do the animation I can even do the animation for me workforces are contesting outflowing lives exercise caution we are getting destroyed there's not our match right now gonna pull he'll do [Applause] never saw that coming dead in a second try to conserve her life here man it it went off of time right guys really all right they got one why is it zooming in more and more he's gonna have that specialist play oh yeah okay what I love whatever that is wait what this thing whatever that thing is is so annoying I've died way too many times dude already dead this this weapon has no bullet penetration of them almost nervous like almost positive of it I let them all up there come on just spray a little bit down that tunnel we good they have 28 seconds to beat us what is up with the time on this time is whack barrel stuffin hold my aim my aim was so janky there everyone in charge alright that's kind of weird I don't feel like it what do you guys think what God is this I want this gun let me turn out my sensitivity one hundred percent one hundred and fifty percent he turned down the sensitivity all the way they give you Batman grappling hook for real right level five there we go level six gives you a decent amount of XP ya can create a glass now let me leave the lobby Meech I'm so confused boy what does this mean this looks like an options menu doesn't it like if I hit this why is it put me in here costume Oh custom games oh that makes a lot of sense 80s sensitivity it's at 12 it was at 12 so let's put it like seven or something seventh easy to remember um increase our vertical or field of view a little bit let's change to 100 then let's create a class and let's do our first class what's the best as I mean I only go on so soon Oh what the heck oh how do I got this subdued so it did I have twelve personalizes it paintjobs how you can create a paint job whose ambiance Colette's put that we got no attachments for this thing let's be honest nothing stim shot what's this scorch external just kind of rate who to use anything but some shot I mean I guess body armor but scavenger I'm cool with lightweight and then ghost yeah I like all those I'm a fan I'm a fan at all those let me tell you that okay so I guess that's our create a class 1 and then may you don't even unlock a sniper yet it's tough times out here guys I feel like the first one they did there it was pretty clutch all right let's go through here and let's go – I think TDM man what happened to dumb I guess they changed it but is there a TDM in this car yeah I'm having a hard time finally like domination I think it might be in that other playlist I looked at mr. potato youtuber Highlander you're my favorite youtuber Thank You Man appreciate that my Australian friend Big Ups to you it really does mean a lot when you guys say that by the way I know I know people saying a lot when they super chat but it does mean a lot so big shout to you mr. potato ug where Sam miles you the best play more black oh by the way you're legit God thanks Sam appreciate that not but you know I think I'm decent at games think I'm decent Jack – and GG made love to see you play more black and a multiplier just to need to avoid pots pots popular spots parachuting I agree Jack you're you're a hundred percent right but you know I like to get into the action man and I feel like that's where it's got to be but you're always gonna have some difficulty when you do that oh it's gonna have some difficulty when you do that all right come on anymore three more players I want to play jungle this place looks cool need one more player dinner dinner you're playing feature and Dobson core is it its own playlist though I think I'm gonna keep rocket and I like I like ruin she can I change it I change class there we go but I want to change this homey I'll go Sarah okay so we got this cool Patriot SMG it's looking spicy man it's looking heck available love something little bit a little lovely that's not bad confirmed well this gun looks cool by micing seventies far less so this should be helpful I haven't played this map yet snow oh gosh oh this is a map from this is Matt from the original black ops oh this is bad somebody get that kill somebody oh gosh it is going down here what's happening get in there not my tact deploy bu can anything but my attack deploy beacon I do like the silencer on those gonna make some really nice noise yo y'all are getting shredded what are you doing I have done so much damage there's somebody there Doug oh gosh somebody over here oh man I don't know how I'm still alive down to the yes oh my gosh I was going off oh there we go lock it up oh my goodness cleanup house what's up was stick to the side wall here there's gonna be a guy near though oh wow you would have got dropped if he's dead he's gonna come through this hallway I think this is how we do it okay some dude sup bro oh this is gonna be bad yep called it okay we're don't die bro he got me with like a jump headshot there those dope brim trouble here is gonna get it I messed up I miss back oh I missed so bad I keep trying to drop shot I gotta stop that i'ma drop shotting is a be legit a drop shotting still works very well of course they does not Oh God get in there the fee you locked and loaded DP you locked and loaded son I know that means my DP you is locked and loaded alright let's give this let's give this special ability out I started taking some people out with this revolver whoa whoa whoa why am I so high up on this rock what the heck looks weird I got like really high up on the rock every shot counts yo what's up anima Quebec stop fall before me spends oke man oh my gosh please let me get in let me get a few more kills with it Boyet in place I got like no more time on a mother pearl hostile Scout to neutral damn dude I got attacked chopper what's up oh my goodness gracious oh but I lost my legs I blew it myself blew up my fricking self there you go that's good baby keep going show me what you got flex on them a little bit hey why'd you do that you can't hide from my helicopter man that's not cool my helicopter will find you and you will die just facts hey oh my god bro I'm getting hit markers on hit markers my helicopter is going to ham the other team is not having a fun time I'm just running through this area just chillin head-butting dog tags kinda sounded like somebody was by me good sticking with 24 objectives look at this oh one wait one two let's get up real quick and what do we do here so what we do ladies and gentlemen we go three four they should've just kept spawning that would be the numbers just keep racking and keep racking them if you are watching and enjoying this by the way and do you do like black ops where you want to see more of it on the channel again there's a lot of games that are coming out do be sure to hit that like button let me know because that is the best way for me to this is that's like only way we're gonna really be unlocked the ICR new custom classes sniper dope put a reflex on this thing suppressor why not no special issue for me my custom – we all like the sniper I want to do custom five will be a sniper it's never looking spicy man how do I customize the oh man I want to switch it cuz I had another outfit oh we're playing jungle again jungle on the same exact thing man they're gonna they're gonna be upset when I come through real hard ear they gonna be a real upset reporting for duty oh look at this we got a different outfit I don't even see what you want to click this guy's like Santa Claus he's like a he's like an older he's like a younger no white beard Santa Claus you know younger no white beard Santa Claus it makes sense right okay we'll confirm all right let's do this consider I will they haven't come through yet we're gonna have to be man I'm after to run around this whole hikes nice little helicopter over there I'm doing a lot of running right now hey Jess worth it dude I have hit you so many times come on enforce it down let's see Ikes it'd be real careful they don't see me oh my gosh they're all gonna sponge oh man come on I was so close to getting my attack helicopter well wall climb here would be good it really was nomad wasted you really gotta heal yourself every other second now going live back get killed oh not dead what what how did I die you're careful – it right when I say that man I wish I could talk to him I guess there might be mics in game mics here brother definitely but I wish she just knew you know we shouldn't have to tell hostile attack the boy peeking online the hell was that get dropped don't like that don't like that little doggie don't like that I got three wave there this map is not new I remember from watch me work I marry from the original black ops really please don't kill me Nomad is down okay that guy just flew did you guys can fly Oh packing he I literally thought he had a jet pack and you were too if he saw what I saw alright there's a monkey dude there's a monkey this dude's a monkey he just used it that's why I like choosing that guy you freakin he's a monkey bro tell me he use the grappling hook to get up there no no those some other guy you can just climb on that apparently annihilator down come on come on Jimmy Joe Bob oh no you didn't I just denied you son a fight and we get this guy and not do that wasn't worth it though I think we lost more tickets that way come on we can't lose this one I'm gonna do something like that come on now gotta win this guy's okay see all that damage just did was for nothing because I'm not gonna be able to finish them off oh Jesus I'm have to go around I think we might lose this one might be a wrap for 10 tickets fine it's a lot of things really you can't take full damage it's good to know that dude would not die I think jump shot is the wave yeah that's good that was good play yeah that guy was crushing them and throw this guy's just running and jumping getting old come on we're not doing bad we're not doing bad – their homestead we calm down I'm gonna keep going bro we're saving hmm I saw it a second after – oh my gosh we might tie it up right – away and collect my own thing so I don't get it come on no we lost we lost my forest that's the first loss of suck GG I got a play of the game – look at this Oh oh my god what's up what's up what's up all right we must have leveled up at least a few times there I won't try sniping I'll sure try sniper we got the RC car almost level 10 we're completing quite a few challenges meleave lobby let me go to a core there we go ho core domination there we go that's what I was looking for Quora domination domination label at level 26 oh I'm so annoyed ah yeah I'm sold order yeah any movements are easier to hear it's kind of wack having an acoustic sensor might take out the shotgun in case I need it you know all right so this is Arsenal domination I think this is the map that I played in the little tutorial that they have sniping is opium black ops for I think yeah do it on the right map that right reporting for duty on the mother truck indulge I guess people can talk or they can't talk I don't know I'm gonna sit up wrong hello friends hello give me one second guys one second it's got to restart this one sec all right there we go let me started it over again trap money trap money records I'm just loading it back up come on load load give me one second guys should we play blackout now there we go all right we're back in one second guys checked oh great got put into a already Gillen game Oh what is this looks like a counter-strike goodness taking Charlie enemy took Bravo Jolly lockdown help help dude I'm all people man you gotta hit me dawg okay my unstraight up wouldn't hit him he refused deleted file break this guy must have the armored thing on or something right he just won't die oh this is the map from oh my gosh I recognize it now really looks different oh my gosh we're getting run from everywhere yes presser is increasing the time to fill we lost Alfa this is a chaotic right now wow I really got that in force Adele Explo on approach respond too much that dude would not catch her but he could not catch a break that place oh my goodness how much help did you have 34 L again they're gonna worked over right now oh I play Miller still Confirmed Kill Confirmed isn't my favorite to be honest losing C taking B what gun is that it is ISM that's the ICR I think a ours or it might just be when I put on the silencer for this gun but a ours are just so quick with their time to kill another day another dollar all right so we got the rampart was the rampart okay I don't remember sweat with this lobby's kinda sweaty kind of I want to rock the ramparts like a it's full autumn I'm gonna roll the rampart Cheryl the rampart what do you guys think is there any crates or supply drops I think so I don't think that enabled yet though firing range domination this is good any new gamemodes we got blackout you got a couple other things as well oh man I'm so glad they brought some of these masks back cuz they're so fun they must have buff tears the artist felt like you were throwing like tic tacs and someone is gonna go down you're a no this is gonna go down I'm try out the the Erica I like ruin a lot on this map cuz you can get up to that sort of sniper perch really quick Search and Destroy I was the hugest fan of Search and Destroy growing up like the huge I would play search and destroy every single game every single day let's do this chat I'm taking see I see secure enemy took alpha goodness capture the objectives nobody gonna pop out this is just our bina gosh this guy's sucks I don't like this again it's weird right I like this gun is weird one by dead bad guy what to lose now he's done how did he get up oh he's the same guy I was like how did you get up there he's done you gotta be careful him he got drop he's a one shot on my one shot oh gosh I'm smart I'm gonna camp like a mother trucker right now guys and you can be as mad at me as you want that's what I'm gonna do he's gonna come back up here guarantee no I think I killed one hipfire oh no I can't did some people are so good at aiming there I mean they probably have red dots and I don't really that's a pretty big thing we're gonna see if we keep going through this I just accidentally healed myself but it worked out oh if I got one Keller would have been happy there but I mean I'm still happy I put out a pretty pretty good effort there five weeks Marty I gotta go back to an SMG I think I'm not a fan of the time to kill him this thing oh my gosh switch glasses there we go we're just getting molly-whopped right now one of those part of me gosh darnit bro hurts so wzk five ways to move you may be available for testing oh man we were going off there we go I got the missile now I forgot how did I kill myself my thing wasn't even near there spy spy it spy out gonna pop over Oh bro they got in the firing squad there they got Timmy and Jimmy just lining up those shots there we go it's a hundred hundred at half at the cord at the cord oh oh that was cool oh okay okay okay that you did not care man he just kept going at it secure the objective taking a enemy took charlie okay lockdown get him off that be point man come on do they're all over it well that's not a healthy noise oh shoot I made it up she on a crouch [Applause] oh my gosh we went off on him establish UAV datalink what the heck was that well I kill that guy on the point I think they don't have the better I'm gonna have to do some flanking it damn it they took it we don't like one enemy takes Bravo oh please let me heal others oh gosh what kind of stupid what is that there's ko beat off the walls map to get something going over here may I have my damn it I have to win those gun fights just killed me after that that you bought me through the window but I can't do it damn our team is okay now we got a cap it we got I'm gonna go on it nobody's here how much does can't be not a single person on my team will stick on it scared you're scared to stick it we're gonna straight-up lose just like that's the only reason I feel like I I helped out the team I contributed 97% of that so yeah I feel good oh man it is getting crazy won by dead bad guy what what what what kind of dumb ability is that just this dude won't die at least got him off the point oh no I didn't get him off the point come on team we need to hold that point now we lost lights I only do so much I have 51 kills Oh 51 kills hostile infantry wasted 51 kills 26 deaths 10 objectives I did well I definitely did well let's try blackout now switch back to back it I put the team on my back man wasn't enough though we got perk 1 greed I think blackout to me would be fun or playing with friends we're multiplayer is funner by yourself you know what I mean that was just the the first SMG I forgot what the name is it's 607 Australia damn you did good thank you exotic I tried man why can't I play on ps4 I have no idea is there a new map start will only old ones there's definitely new maps won't play blackouts this is an entirely new map essentially I mean you know all the locations are in the other ones or most most all the locations are in the other one's got any changed my um and you change that one I think I should change it to cue I'll do it later actually get an RC car out in this go go RC top my RC car I do tricks literally whoa chill man what's your problem not cool do that how do I use the cock punch I don't think you're able to use Cod points yet but alright let's go over to a michael lighthouse I swear to you some people are dropping before it even like showed like how are they that low already I did the exact same thing fellow Canadian here for I am up here from glad catch stream that's what's up dude Chad do you okay he's downstairs he's downstairs but where's the chilling holy shoot that's where it was he's coming up it's so hard to tell her people are it sounds like he's right in there goodness destroyed armor plating what's that good like everything on it complete mission to unlock Ajax so scavenge three pieces of destroyed our planning finished match with three pieces destroyed armor plating and inventory oh cool that's how you unlock some people we just pop that real quick really go for huh what else would you use destroyed armor plating for though I am a little confused so he looted this but I think he did like a quick loose that wasn't that quick actually what scope do I have on this two times I'm cooled the two times like it two times is fair there we go okay I like my kit we is you cheater there we go all right oh my goodness oh shoot okay we get we get we just clear that thing we cleared it okay let's go over to let's look some more really deck that thing into the wall huh like we don't really need it that much more we grab badges in case level 2 did they take our level 3 armor does that mean found level 3 Orion armor yet but I found a lot of level to take damage from that – yikes for me dog this was alluded this is most definitely probably went to those houses or ease it in here still here some shots over there hey this is all been looted I mean I guess you went over here almost a on foot we're in the zone so we're doing that fight one down here one dude died I'm like an investigator that just got too late to everything sort of feels like I mean this whole area is in a zone it's like I can go up here and chill for the rest of the game probably the smartest idea would be to do that hiding a bush or someone say here that shooting it sounds super far away like I don't even know if that's in this side of the island that's how far the gunshots travel I think almost a bit too much okay see one guy how am I gonna get to him I'm hoping he doesn't see me he hasn't seen me yet there's two people are oh my gosh Oh what are you kidding me the sounds are so bad in this game they sound like they're both outside that is so annoying that didn't sound like he jumped over on my roof at all give me a break that's lame I personally think that the sounds in this game are pretty bad like blackout in particular maybe it's just me but like I cannot tell where people are and it's so big to sort of understand that you know what I mean like you gotta know where people are you have to the sound has to be a big part of it goodness it's gonna rip and chat get a rip in chat it's a full rip right there Pat headsets good man I'm telling you get the game and try it yourself I mean if I get killed I compliment the other person so it's not like that we I love the way they hop on now I'm just gonna have to learn how to check every nook and cranny because you will love a camp in this game yeah that sounds not right yeah I agree I don't know they fixed it though didn't realize we're playing pubs you really look like it that doesn't play like it either looks like you're playing like John wick infiltrate engage and destroy people are dropping before it even gives you the option that's wild glitter dropping like flies like them come on mystery man we got this come on mystery man okay well clearly don't know how to land yeah I got smokin and stuff okay I can't tell her anyone this 100% is yeah that's cool potential collapse detected advisory location to indicate it's safe zone he like he sounds like he was on the same level as me holy shoot you yet son you're frikkin and gratata dot dot he's opening up garages this is east side of the fish all right so I'm gonna switch that up I think this is a sniper you close this door alright so there's a lot of people in this town I'll put that on there we go we should be it lucky I landed on the roof there's chest how FAR's there's no the zones not that far but I want to move after I see another person or two think I'm gonna get ganked if I move right now Polly McGee yanked anyway alright maybe I'll get ahead of the curve I'll leave in a second this is like is this a DMR some semi-auto sniper yikes I shouldn't stand still dog why I need a armor Oh where's the sniper scope well we're a sniper scope I dropped a sniper scope oh there we go all right just bounce still no armor though so that's Gucci seems like these are like really easy to die on you gotta like drive-ins you got a swerve every second it's gonna go deeper into the zone I don't want to get caught out here more kills not bad my best game so far oh shoot you gotta be kidding me really that medaka dog leave you kidding me I'm gonna shot from two ways I'm said that holy shoot man people are unforgiving in this game huh I've no heels definitely no armor here in a second I have 79 health I'm pretty much screwed I'm dead I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere facing out with level 3 armor he just doesn't die I think blackouts fun but I feel like I'll just play when I have like a dual partner or something he's a launch pad for real right for real this is demo to the full game it's a full game level 2 yo level 2 which does nothing let's go back to multiplayer I feel like featured is just gonna get the most the most boos I use the can when i unlock it same forward I know building that's a I mean it's a fun battle royale game the things you gotta play it so differently you gotta like hug the zone every time I feel it be like that sometimes for real it do be like that sometimes man it do be like that shout to everybody watching by the way if you're watching and join this want to see more black ops or do be sure to hit that like one appreciate it Sam miles thanks for that super chat man big ups to you play reporting for duty go Sarah I'm gonna go old the rampart class though I liked it I liked the little bells or whatever's playing now I love the building and for tonight but the building in for now it makes it that like you can you can do well in most situations even if your equipment isn't the best that's what I dig about it Yipes oK we've taken control oh my goodness the flinch throws off your aim so much yikes reflect my own dog I only like Assam Jesus game I swear to you zombies will be another stream guess they're kind of very different things tactical reinforcements available I'll put that there and kiss anybody wants to use it the first time we may late some other day oh my gosh crack them again they're definitely oh yeah oh gosh yep that that nestled spot there I don't know if is the best we're doing pretty decent though and we go through this side here seems like a lot of people are flooding through this little winery he sounds shutouts oh yeah they're getting roughed up over there for sure thing they're spawning this way now oh man he just dropped kicked me like a ninja yeah i'ma switch to my ear man I'm not liking that are my SMG rather drop shot worked pretty well not really now it doesn't work that well in my opinion I mean I'm not a pro or anything take what I say with a little bit of grain grain of salt if you up recon dumps did he kill I don't make that name made of bunnies oh my these started swinging damn son I'm just rushing in and dying right now I got a cool lip it's time expose are you kidding me spawns gotta flip like that oh I tried to get him with the noscope the nos didn't work I've been let if I got it he's got a little easy it was he hurt why so late I was on a flight from Montreal to Vancouver so that's why glad the other teams good that Jim's got some sweats on it for sure GG again got two commuter students playing and watching that's wise she's really on it huh your little pistol does work man you get the standard edition I got the digital deluxe I believe I believe high caliber on the rampart what was that it says skip believe Lobby I'm trying free-for-all let me see how the free-for-alls rock I don't even want that one honestly doesn't seem that good another attachment would be nice I don't even want that one there's nothing really I want all right free fall you guys think I got this 30 you know how's Montreal her is beautiful I was there for maybe like awake hours maybe like eight hours so yeah I was there for like eight hours max so I didn't get to see too much City I got to see more of the city this time though than the last time I went so pretty happy about it Assassin's Creed Odyssey today probably not today maybe Saturday we'll see again there's a lot of games that are coming out so it's kinda hard to pick and choose you know which ones firing range free-for-all I like it how much is ruined that it's just gonna go down you all know how this is gonna go down you don't know how this is going to go down like I always says that we get it you're brave you're strong gun skin I don't know it just came like default this goes great for all outside the wire get genetic oh shoot what is this you hold up Oh broke my nose is it she still even though I wasn't bitching it anymore very rude freaking cute did this hallways up fricking mess why kill them is that is my house man nobody coming into my house they've decided not to come through them with that [Applause] she's gone oh no I got cross fired Rollo so concentrate why is everybody chilling in houses and stuff get out of there why you chillin in else is gone come on y'all were so campy y'all weren't so campy and now you're camping I just Wallbanger my thing that one house is the only place that is killing me right now what a waste what a huge waste I just got Kraus fired again [Applause] how my life how many four more kills I got those mesh mines down though big boy plays man gone surf is down oh my godness oh my goodness oh my goodness gracious you guys like that huh you guys like that 30 kills seven deaths 4.2 9kt mm-hmm shouts a new member we got Eliot Jay thanks for joining welcome believe my friend truly appreciate the sport enjoy those emotes and if you want join as well the link will be in the description below I ate in dally shadow too bad glad you're joining stream have fun it's still too broadband and curvy you get a standard deluxe I got the deluxe one I got the deluxe Z the luxe jacket Z deluxe so unlike this there's less damage is a higher fire rate operator Mod quad shot I'm curious what's the best SMG feeling it might be the sog on its left how do I get the sogno well levels this available at low 52 yeah right I do want to try sniping but I feel like I can't snipe in free-for-all oh yes I guess they don't want me play free-for-all let's go with I'm gonna do control it seems like control probably the most noobs in the two so debating I'm buying this game right now yeah it really depends what you like I like the new camera that's what's up Jake a boy it's up mrs. psychopath salvia I don't like any of these hostile UAV circling you're taking a mine going thing we're contesting alpha mercs are taking alpha hostile remains he's back there yeah whoa 360 play I came with the heat over there Oh I take all enemy zones Farley's Navi that look at all the bodies establish UAV overflight I cannot no nope nope nope switching glasses that's a nope forces are contesting alpha attack deploy beacon this offline damn son I opposed them for like so much I am for only 10 apparently so there's that oh my gosh man the only high level on their tables drop it alright well I think back into the best lost twice and again if I doing you're not a person nice did the melee in man that she'll is crazy to be fair that's like his whole shtick so boy in place look at this shield you can like shoot through it what's up with that and shit through the bloody shield men forbid hostile forces from taking our zones okay so we definitely gotta defend be more than there that flashbangs are so good I mean the enemy team is good yeah that dog was that dog I should award out I think we pretty much lost this honestly oh wow they're really waited for me huh get in there how am I not seeing this impressive shit he almost be out of lives since we're like friendly tack the boy beacon offline she's running in her spawn he doesn't even care him he has captured all zones all right and then I thought it was gonna be easier players in there for debrief nope just me Chuck testa is that my wife anomalies I don't know if that's the weapon I'm using I I feel like that's not the weapon I'm using that's we need me a shovel and you come through and shovel things and Johnny guy from Jerry let me see um what was the other weapon gks might be good head slower fire rate though does more damage just like one more damage though I don't know what that equates to on the damage scale fine lock something to that oh that's just a trash trash Leia what's up with that we're the new maps that's what I'm asking I thought there would be a lot more new maps being played Kill Confirmed firing range like it's all old maps I I definitely there's a way to play the new ones but I don't know how to do it or there's no need one new map or someone probably exercise extreme prejudice we can still take this recom down that dude camera around the corner spray in those lit hey i'ma try sniping hi bad idea but oh yeah it's a horrible idea here oh my gosh you just got noscope are you kidding me I'm gonna die this dude's razor wire well shit dude oh my gosh you got blasted we're done I get shot from oh hello sir yeah yo are ya nice I don't even get the play you can go wild with that thing yeah there's a really good map right there really really good rotation really good rotation I'm joining just program lobbies apparently my first game on though was lit contraband this one's new she know it I'm gonna go down I wish sure to tell you how many people are on I like that about the other ones I like one was a black ops 3 show the map and like winning his daytime and not how many people were on seaside domination I don't think I've seen this one in the highest level in the lobby that's sad we'll see how that plays out I've seen this one the little picture is way different alright little picture is way to some yeah mostly smap's old they are I don't get it what are the new maps what are you holding oh yeah let's definitely I hate it I really not fail you just one question why so late I flew in from Montreal to Vancouver and I got in at like 9:00 and then I got back home at like 10:00 I had to eat so like 11:00 is when I started was this map in the original black ops it might have been man I don't remember I also don't secure the objectives enemy tuff Charlie alpha lockdown Oh bees in a perfect spot for snipe op oh my gosh I killed both of them bro what gun does that you have he has an eye CR and he's hitting me with those goodness shot him in the groin that guy's dead yikes yeah this dude doesn't stop shooting once he just once he gets a little bit uh sent for blood in the water huh I'm just gonna pop up behind me uh no it on my watch shoot whatever is in that window bro is beaming stop be me me arrival lockdown is that that window still I think that's a DMR playing with mouse yeah my sister t7 what God is this auger okay if there's anything else I was starting to get upset but I mean the DMR is supposed to do that so fair enough fair play he has no help okay rcxd in your it's fun not very happy anybody gonna pop out we're wearing Charlie pop out son you can get a double killing pop out [Applause] he's coming through Bobby oh my gosh then you shot it out pistol it out my window now man this is my window nobody going to mow when I have the worst score I have the worst score that's me getting bodied every second up there goodness the noscope watching your videos while I work sadly can't turn the volume up it's all good dude never said I was gonna separate come on yes Charlie lock down enemy took alpha we've taken the lead enemy combatant cheering Bravo what a shot I need lockdown oh they're all coming badness huh now let them take that out should have got that shot this beat that is rushing in with that thing I love it this guy in the window did not notice look just living his life as I'm gonna lit up oh geez yeah that's a flamethrower doubt I don't like those oh that's good love out insta kills you my favorite part about it UAVs circling two head shots in a row all right or don't I need some way to protect my behind here it's time what's up oh good that dude that's the cliff right there that's a cliff right there boys come through the hallway come on threat to locate it oh shoot oh it fit my 9 I'll do my out attack helicopters just what is it doing to them you still got that quick snack though I don't know it is dude I keep getting these headshots with a sniper smooth checked I'm still the lowest points they disregard that yay okay so I definitely got killer game didn't I oh yeah look at this he is ready oh no this wasn't even ooh ohh ok one oh my goodness that was it was just too much I feel like that's a clip because we got those four kills with our specialist then we got three or four kills with the rocket and then we noscope the guy off the jump we got sniper's nest but his sniper's nest did you have fun in this match I did have fun in this match thanks for asking um put on recon high-caliber FMJ there we go I like it I like it I like it I like it what's equipment charge oh all right that's cool that's cool and then would we we got a new scorestreak sniper nest we're gonna replace it for attack helicopter we're gonna see if we like it better I didn't even notice the carrot back engine RC I'll be honest it makes 9 please semi that what this is I mean I've been rocking the MX 9 so what I want to get is the can 57 when you'd be level 25 though what level are we little 15 so we still got a little ways to go still got a little ways to go did you haven't made a stream for a while how are you liking the game I like it I like it Conor it's a good game I think it's one of the better cause they put out in a while and serious minute in a serious minute new gun skin what do you mean by foe on the MX oh you can put one of those very interesting about this how about sniper did I get anything cuz I've been sniping people they had like crazy oh there we go oh look at that a sick let's put that one on that's really cool yeah I think it's better to have the armor than the stem shop for sniper at least new character skin I don't even know how to check the carrier like I saw it once the character skin but reporting for duty imma change into the snap I'm like I'm gonna keep a sniper what do you guys think do I keep sniping or should I go try hard in this look at that camo do you think they will need will / need to remaster modern warfare – I don't know man it really depends how the remastering of cod4 did for them financially I think oh great we have like eight people sniper I captured the objective that's a jury see I see secure enemy has a securing P your other team where you at what a shot oh you got me with that come on that's us okay I can't snipe you know what the heck gotta get used to the scope man I haven't had me is it super ride thanks for throwing it man welcome to late appreciate sport enjoy those emotes in a few hundred as well link will be in the description below right now we got this I mean this other sniper just honor ina out did you like how they got this knife to work oh no trying to go for the no skill but it kind of zigzag dummy pull that one up hit that guy for all this hell alright I think I'm gonna pull the SMG your bully dropping multiplayer I don't nope all right no SMG for me today boys sorry no sniper for me what i'ma say I'm tired sorry taking chalk a points or so small I'm the only one on see come on ho bro what the heck those are hard to see I feel even got a nerf those I've died of those like so many times it's just like they're like like this top it that's disturbing goodness gracious my team's getting mowed down what happened my team my team was playing okay and I just started playing really bad one of those little things are you get molly-whopped yeah no problem smoke yeah they're nomadic you all right we're doing it me another scan now okay I couldn't do anything besides that trying triple cabin real close oh my how am i alive oh that's the eggs all I have to do is hit him once 14 kills 11 deaths I feel like most of my deaths work this we need trying to stay not bad oh you got that one damn do rock while all running it's fun as always it's not in the game can't do it bro do you own a Lamborghini I do coolie and net set that though I'm all at the notification pop-up it's cooler that way shouted Julian Serrat Oh appreciate that man welcome to leave brother could I get it yeah killing a millisecond after the mast I hustle hard for this be point I'm about to drop the body it oh I didn't mean to do all that that's pretty sick though I don't know how I did all that this is this is one of those Dom matches for like you go for the win you know like you lost ball I've been exploded maybe like ten times right now oh my god how am i alive oh man I push the bit you are there should have held off there all right this is good if we close this wouldn't you make sure they don't get B oh wow to catch the body yet yeah the grenades are brutal in this game for sure losing be is no bueno oh man that was a nice shot I got me it wasn't looking that much we're trying to spawn again plus I'm out here trying to stop the beak after I feel like I need some help though what did I get hit by before I got up there I lost all my health reactive what century's Cappy Cappy cap this dude I messed it up so bad get him off be engaged three of you on it that's not good come on people I'm trying to cap as many points possible always I need to put on that explosive thing sometimes yeah we lost the rep the dream I had 30 objectives I had 42 kills in 21 deaths the 2kt with 30 objectives the most objectives than anyone in the game my team just need to come through a little bit more man I promise when you have too many snipers on your team I feel well I locked something else stabilizer the outlaw sniper rifle what's that let's see so we got the Paladin does less damage higher fire right it looks like a scout nope I'm curious like for this one I feel like let's remove this there we go all right now we're beefy with that SMG now if we get into those battles will be Gucci would it be Gucci you don't have any internet there's no point in buying this game that is correct I do believe that is 100% correct reporting for duty which you customize your in-game cuz I have no idea how to do outside again I love this map by the way summit and your team here utg I don't think so no how do you play how do you equip your guy in the menu I gotta feed it out I'm gonna figure that annex game I have another sniper skin what capture the objectives secure it alpha hey lockdown let me talk you Ali took Jiali I ran all that way for absolutely nothing oh my how my life Oh I don't know they're spawning these finally up there I don't have that many more points to get to my thing do it I think I actually might have a decent amount loosing a losing the Ahlers kepi anyway how's alpha No Oh dead get it all I got it I got the sniper helicopter thing let's try it out take it out so called in a sniper's nest okay securing Bravo losing a B look down my thing hasn't killed anybody has it charlie oh man I thought don't take out the sniper versus you know he's not gonna do much but do my snipers not doing those eight come on do something there we go oh my gosh it's not someone's ability we're losing the fight oh that scared this ever Dave living daylights out of me man part of me oh pardon me where the heck was he who's on that railing the whole time just way to get up there isn't destroyed you really went for it huh I'm stuck I was there's so many people on it there's so many people on it mr. fountain man we need to cap the points oh what a joke oh no bucket your body is not happening are you insane are you what did you eat before this gaming session securing I'd like to submit it to League of gamers um jump it up boys let me just not over go again oh that's me oh my god got bodied damn look at that I secure the objectives it really starts right away huh I'm gonna go right for the point I'm happy how's a security charlie oh man can't let him do that man can't let him gonna Brown my team is just full of like eggheads dude I'm just dying off the bat like I have a good what's up dude tackle need you gotta get that be man they're everywhere they're on our side they're on their side they have such a like a good spawn trap going on this with apparently having the grenade thing doesn't matter at all I shot this mango head like eight times I love those yellow things that pop up though feels nice yeah just nice getting something yeah why not why not I'm burnt like a potato enemy UAV above big TV but crazy alright well the other team just mopped our team so there's that there's no chance become this goodness hostile attack chopper inbound down whoo we'll discuss that performance later studies studies got a man well that was the play right there God's a frickin play I do like how fast the loading screens are that's pretty cool what smg's then what level do you unlock it you unlock it right away so that is that look at that mdz ambidextrous man believe this Lobby lobbies a bitch sway it obviously bitch way obviously thinking laser sight might be a good one bro if I join this by joining this in we're losing by a lot and be upset I capture the objective never losing we're losing enough a lot but we're definitely losing yeah that's nice what is that why does that always kill me and why can I not do anything to defend against there was like a million people there everyone's all using this gun so spins spin2win is what I call it always happening we call this about you apparently that was me I secure the objectives Mao style UAV certainly secure it charlie be advised hostiles act employ be connected take it of course they took me oh wow there's so many of them on be every team I've joined sucks at his mouth and that fire thing is Opie Jesus that's a quickly for me coach alright let's do one black out and then wrap things up I think wait the game out of ten it's hard I'd have to play it more mission failed we'll get him next time playing a suit man suit man yeah they took a long time to kill them this game wolfed out thanks for the soup chat Edendale you should play ringing Sam against dope I should shadow – you may appreciate that Colin crap no man keep up the good work can i get a shout out do you do and then we have Julian Serrat oh who became a member so welcome man appreciate that enjoy those emotes and if you want to join us well link in description below and y'all so hit me with the five you said hit them with that south that's what I'm talking about there's a man of the south if you are watching and join us in do you want see more black ops in the future do be sure to hit that like button by the way how many maps that's a good question I honestly don't know I honestly do not know oh my gosh I almost nailed that thing about a ketchup body yeah oh let it rain now we're shuttle and Blaine these houses I think yeah ruff-ruff iike it looks like the Rocky spray the chicken spray the chicken I know you're a real one only if you spray the chicken sprayed a chicken spray the chicken spray the chicken spray the chicken Oh everybody spray the chicken leave the chicken on we're gonna go at the frosting look at the chicken everybody spray your chicken company chickens sir dude we have so many chickens on the wall that's a lot of chickens just 12 Maps I don't that's right we're live in Construction Yard because I've never done it before here we go I did what everyone else does you just frickin bail out instantly Oh No yeah I love not getting the gun my favorite thing still no gun nope don't like that nope that's gracious yeah did you did great you did great no I don't know 12 is the number it's 14 let me check I'm gonna go with us we're gonna go do another one here we're gonna change a minute I want to be this checkpoint there you go can I personalize her genetic mat she looks for you lock and load like her Presti for quick access well holdy now you did great coach so black ops or maps 14 multiplayer maps at launch so there's 14 I just I'm spraying while gliding can we just respect that grind can I spray a car oh you can this is the chicken mobile I like the chicken I like the chicken did the chickens my favorite thing letmego estates I know States I know it's a hot drop we're established on drop zone don't know go go I hear pride of this game is when you can't find a gun when you finally go this is stupid revolver like can I get anything about this revolver it's all good because I revolved with that guy like eight times in the head someone's here potential collapse detected advisory location to indicate it's safe zone there you go another we're slowed up just dude real close that thing are you kidding me all right I don't understand I really don't understand do you guys understand that it was that actually CD in the third imagine you know what's him GG dude how much health did he have goodness yeah that's crazy I don't know how he look from that we must give up the window we won't die this time for knows Full Tilt man fulfil oh oh here oh he didn't expect that the quick hands the quick hands drop blindness ji GTG from sea stream GG mental blackout yeah anybody could have any game any anybody could have any name in this game so try to tell if someone's legit but that's funny I'm so surprised that he died oh really that's nice that's nice how nice my god won't freakin shoot but a nice adjust shot a little frickin sooner sitrep potential collapse detected relocation indicated safe zone is advised this guy had the loot he had the loot there's five bunch people over there but how many people I don't think he went up I wish I could just grab this to attach this pick that up and there yeah that works out it takes so long to do though oh yeah that's fairly close that's still over there what am I seeing brothers a bird get out of your bird stupid bird stupid bird they like my place to us to be a lot different in this camp I've no doubt we will get this bread my friends but this guy lien wipe everything holy smokes put these on but I mean it's gotta look super cool now so there's a there we got love one Arbor that's really what I was searching for level two armor boom ain't nothing but a chicken wing I didn't actually pick that up to gks I'm looking this oh my dude it is so far away I think I'm dead honestly think I'm dead like is there even a chance for me to get there should I even try that's how far I am questioning if I just die or let it go all right let's take a boat we're just gonna take a boat all the way upriver it's gonna expose us to like everything that's gonna be nice all right it's going a little journey guess what edition you play now I bought the Digital Deluxe extra or whatever it's gold I knew about the boat guys this look how far I have to go still I have to go I've got it Oh God really nice bro nice you're doing a great you're doing God's work right there yeah you know you're dead now get on this boat still oh yeah back this boat up son we're going to Kentucky he's still shooting at me stop we get out of the deluxe version get some it's gonna say V bucks you get some Cod points I pulled up on that guy huh really have I did him like that huh this is like I'm probably dead when coming into here truth be told the spots so hot like that call supply drop in coming I'm gonna go up here Beach this baby this is bad boy ha cowboy nice Oh brilliant you'll love to see it worth it to go into that house actually you're thinking to me pushing up here might be the best place it's not that far these aren't good noises are you kidding I can't get into one fight without getting shot from somebody else I see the killcam come on give me a break well gee gee gee gee man I gotta play more of this get got to get better if you watch and enjoy this though but you do be sure to hit that like button if you are new around here hit that subscribe button and if you do on a cop submerge head over typical dot store we got a wheel we got to work on our blackout strategies over here apparently we're getting merked out there we got 40 merits four kills and then we got 25 further challenges so not bad oh we leveled up Oh No I don't know what levelling up in this mode does but anyway GG shadow Luke Setzer for that super chant appreciate that and chat to everybody who watched it man really do appreciate you all that's debris after this one I'll be back tomorrow with lots of more streams so stay tuned thanks for watching opens an awesome day and peace out

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