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College usually black eyes full of stream if you're new to the channel please subscribe like the video or stream if you're watching your dentistry and leave a comment down below I hope you enjoy the gameplay and I was talk during it thanks random stalking role let's get this damn iran's leaving dead ends oh god this is great that's why you've my audio at the merit okay that's true lad now profit reporting in oh god that's what let's do some sniping today fight win profit watch out sniper walking race well I thought I got died holy shit and I gotta use the sniper business I'll tell you enemy sniper operation I guess the flame going down enemy UAV above enemy deleted Oh what is that spawn warm-up in and it fixes pasta separatism I think here I use vibrate when they camp like that how am I supposed to hit them because they're on the head glitch I would have hogs hurt myself just to get the sliders show them how Z behind the doubt anyway via both yeah man I'll kill him with the white pal how useful is that this is the where whitey no the good lobbies that I will change I had a Engrish Bert my school class like Special Forces do your duty hostile care package inbound our home right now striking deploy and engage enemy UAV above enemy town ruin kill advised hostile technique enacted what do you mean why did I want to spawn like war machine wasted Oh if I start our attack employ beacon active my sister talking away ruin kill [Applause] are you kidding threatening to light ruin kill wise grip a vignetting for this down the road doesn't go through five more time in that and I didn't come up behind me I could have gone for a nuke it's a little hard when you get to a merciless and some flip and random comes up behind you slums my scorestreaks okay I'll see what these kids are talking about options oh yeah I'm gonna go mmmm Oh all systems check out ready for deployment we're only as good as our interface day boys yeah clap on them she'll be pretty easy team deathmatch easy you know how to spell that easy that's how you would install it my dude girl attack deployed some does isn't the Spitfire oh yeah it's great this let me back to point become hostile UAV circling smoke check do that yeah the other is in Sudan ramp out with like double FMJ so he's just three typing I don't think it's rejecting whatever yeah utilizing deploy begin idea for ice hostile attack deploy beacon active I'm gonna meet act deployed Hey at least that's Solars guys have on ramp on time shutting down my shoe stores open tasks UAV or might be bringing Jack deploy online breakdown friendly tack the point beacon offline Hawk ready to find contact deploy beacon online enemy UAV above don't get complacent finish the mission MTL 50% check [Applause] fire rates down that's right movement utilizing tact deploy so hot I can make this look easy I'll shut up soloist you dude you may you using a flippin rampart with double FMJ you're just three tapping everyone because you can't aim for shit bro bro use something with less damage I was using a saw at the start you have no aim whatsoever you you're you don't have any sense of the game you know what you know what I just want I wanted I want it okay who what who want ok Solar is Solaris I wonder why like a 1v1 me snapped his only snipers only ok everyone who wants to do a snipers only everyone wants to do a snap silently join me why who wants to who wants to do a snipers only and see if Solaris is actually as good as he says [Laughter] I think God is not on our team holy shit burst in the fray he's fat he's I'm only yelling because he has not like he doesn't have a volume level I'm just got I'm gonna see how much he rages if I fuckin snipe his head off every single time team deathmatch no yeah so he just all right I reckon this game uh I can't English today I'm always going to use is the ramp I love double FMJ yeah he's flippin flanked in the whole time Lester Nate available hostile UAV circling they're winning because they're all staying on one side and then just warm traffic judy was going ten in our I just killed him talk ready to find targets tactical reinforcements available utilizing fact deploy pika irelia quite pink it off he's using acoustic so that's how he knows where everyone is I gotta meet UAV above bringing tact apply online hostile system intrusion has been detected enemies of taking control of her attack deploy beacon launching hot recon appears kie haagh MTL 50% check control systems are back online it's alright ah co-lead UAV I suppose [Applause] you don't seem then I love you I use the RAM pot every time with double FMJ and double hi Kel use any of these come get it solid and dependable that should be good now and now he's gonna get shut home oh are you kidding me team deathmatch we paper kill leave no survivors enemy UAV above enemy rcxd in your AO we're just gonna quickly join a party there's no parties okay hostile UAV circling we did what we were paid to do accessor going life it was very nice the manse profit moving out we're only as good as a choice orders received email go ready to bring the lightning put me in that killer team deathmatch the checks paid let's go to work we have the advantage my god is the age of Mikey nice ass shoes [Applause] so you can buy now that is the nastiest UAV circling combined online Ajax did for this enemy hailstorm detected sitrep I'll stop care package Apophis related they're gone Jason lost all medic most art down Henry dark detected in your Aoki winning this light in Vantage [Applause] [Applause] so many we'll check in the lead expired another day another dollar okay well as my strain thank you 14 if you love subscribe don't forget to subscribe bring those bows for notifications and these life and I'll see you next time

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