Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout! IT’S SO GOOD WINNING! Battle Royale Gameplay

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout! IT’S SO GOOD WINNING! Battle Royale Gameplay! New COD BR Game mode 2018! Blackout on Black Ops 4! With my first victory! Call of Duty Battleroyale on Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC! Drop a LIKE for more Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Stuff! Catch me LIVE🔴
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now I just dropped dude you gotta pick me up – how exactly what right really oh dude this is bad cuz I'm landing in a bad area don't worry I'm waiting really quickly to get you oh you've got to be kidding me dude GG heli this happened to you yesterday right yeah yeah dude we got to get out now though I found it Oh God kick all the gun it was only a sniper in pistol I don't even get a seven six to talk incoming I'd knock it off you're both dead are they yeah a large turtle my thanks for making pal I gotta get em freakin hilarious dude no idea where you left god the rock that God he's got a buddy in the house you need to move behind us be advised further collapse expected he's behind the tree at South victory I'm gonna see if I can get him from the top of this building I knocked him if anything dude I'm jumping off the side of that damn building behind blow I know I know run Wow where's my shoe oh he came here no no no four count roof next to us go company there any second you're going out of Bounce no I know just eat here and process across the way across the way where we got to go in the building across then should we gotta go I don't come gonna try to make it to the wall if you have smokes throw one at me thank you he calls yep there we go go inside the house maybe I got a drum kit for you didn't go I got one I got one I'm just getting inside you have 760 line down no I might yeah I think I did I got the friend I threw a frag Brett frag stuck to the wall nice please oh nice Wow unbelievable do I get stuck on the jump yep such a joke 1 B 1 B 1 major instability detected evac to safe zone go at that dirty circle collapse eminent get to safety I had the wrong gun out I had the wrong [Applause] nice please get to safety I love how I keep saying die squeeze point four five and seven sixties over tap one dad good chicken shit oh it's here yeah where's it's there don't waste food Steve I'm telling you I'm not I did what the vehicle oh shit oh are you kidding me Dench is this serious right now big truck big truck to people are you fighting them yeah I'm taking shots they're shooting the big thing but I'm gonna see if I can get mr. don't have to lead with this thing because I'm leading like battlefield I let him out let his truck up in him yeah I know I'm not worried about him I'm taking the way high ground you see the red thing moved I see the monster moving but he's not moving towards anything he's just patrolling the shot sound like their past oh I see him by the rock 12 o'clock where we shot them at the truck I just killed him headshot be advised further collapse expected relocate to safe zone there is no rush I had another dude backed by rock 12 o'clock towards west direct west big rock on the hill watching mansion whoa he's small rock I wish I could mark her it he's small lock to southwest he's got a hit on me that little shit I'm getting shot it from the left fuck and if they faculty I think is it evening Sunday unless he shooting at you are you getting shot at no but I'm in the zone ahead of you hold on I'm wrecking the dude I'm moving it to zoom let's go the photos in zone there's somebody out shooting at him there's two teams I'm in the zone purple collabs imminent get to safety I've Ted then these I said eat players go down shit no come down and break your leg don't park your leg hang on I'm popping I'm gonna go over there to see what's happen okay I wouldn't let it bite you don't see kids man I know I got to go there's somebody on the bottom right one top left I think he was at that gas station but a sitrep circle collapse imminent get to safety I see come over here for now I think the bush might hate it but where are you you're not top left yep Auggie on the wall go on three one guy one guy let's go with sliced guy he's down there the Flex that dude he's down by the gas station he's gonna be inside circle collab 780 just doing stunts he might not be in there is that you yep circle collapse eminent you're in safety it's gonna be final zone that house is in zone by the way he's around the tree tree tree tree I'm down he's by the tree to the right pick me up and then we'll do it GG boys GG that's it that's it tents but we got it there's your chicken dinner boys there's a chicken dinner good stuff hey guys this is my first ever Call of Duty video and I had a ton of fun playing this game if you guys enjoyed it and want to see more content like this let me know in the comments down below that way I'll be able to create that content and don't forget to click that like button if you want to check out the streams where you can catch me live and interact with me the link is in the description and I want to see you all there on my facebook live I'll catch you guys

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