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testing hi guys hi guys mr. waffles here today we are streaming the black ops 4 DLC to kinda Operation grand heist new zombies map coming kinda soon stream the track is gonna be doing that stream is starting very soon and we're gonna be doing a live reaction to it as their stream basically transpires we're gonna be giving our live reactions I'm gonna be giving you guys my take on all of the new info that they're gonna be dropping because they've announced the new zombies map and we're gonna be doing a better breakdown today they've announced it but they've announced their really weirdly they've announced it in a way that it's just a bit strange I'm not gonna lie to you chief it's it's a bit weird so I'm locked and loaded with my mug with the dog on it where the dog goes around the whole mug I've got some water in there I've got a freshly toasted bagel so I'm ready to go hopefully you guys are ready to go as well I'm gonna have some game play up while we do this Richmond special order can you imagine caring about that in 2019 let's go over here also my face comes in a weird place right now because I was playing anthem so I can sort that out in a second how are you all doing in the chat though are you doing well if you're not doing well why not why not alright chunga's fungus here we all are let's get it where's the pink hat right here there's the pink hat there is the pink hat all right so I want to see everyone's saying in the chat after three seconds I want you to say your favourite food and I'm gonna rate your favor of foods okay now you better not embarrass yourself here you better not embarrass yourself with some silly favourite food that ain't nobody like him you better number yourself you don't do that don't do it to yourself your favorite food in the chat let's get it hope you guys are all ready locked loaded and excited for the stream today we already have some donations coming through as well look at that right on schedule aggressive duck in before nuketown drops kiss kiss thank you for the $2 donation cheers to you with the dog oh hi guys Oh Finn thank you love your vids and greets from Germany hello Finn how are you doing lad what up brother yeah let me also am i censored right off I'm like over here this needs to be a bit more like this way a little bit there's a little bit better that's a little bit better all right let's get rid of this thing I just showered so my hair is still like a little bit wet let's see if I can hold on let's see what I can do with my hair here look at turn dude I actually like a turnip okay the nicest one yeah what up dude haven't seen you in a little while Bo for mystery over black ops 2 misty dude BL for misty looks weird beautiful misty looks really weird and then Trev con with the fibers like I guess you Snorlax with the two I still didn't cry I still cry they didn't put the brew for bait yeah I agree the bridge should have been in blood that would've been cool let's see what the chat saying about the favorite foods all right guys alright rainbow right Raider goes with my favorite food is pizza pizza is like a that's a very tame a favorite food right that's very tame like pizza is is about as a sort of generic a favorite food as you could go for so like I don't hate it but at the same time it could have been a bit more exciting oh yeah yeah isn't funny says super mega boy milk now milk is a favor dude I don't know about that one chief chief I don't know I thought oh wait wait wait no this is copyright let's go let's talk over the cutscene real quick drives me insane that this thing gets copyright claimed every sin freakin time every time we also we're getting so many donations right now this is actually nuts dude oh my god there's so many I could even read the ball what the hell rage for Nahal like you agree she looks so different I know right misty looks so different like I'll pull her up on screen in a sec misty looks completely different now I mentioned your birthday in your last video a hell yeah if you shouldn't happy birthday to you for whatever your birthday is man happy birthday to you for whenever that might be was that like March March 28th that's my guess I think I said that in my video what else people saying yo ho yo go easy chief go easy scarecrow in the chats like yeah my favorite food is the flesh Cheers you're nuts you're nuts my favorite food is Burger King foot lettuce okay okay dairy me I should never have asked man I should never ask misty looks so different man your favorite route is chicken alfredo okay Misty's life misty is love okay chicken fajitas okay now we're talking lads now we're talking now we are talking alright guys by the way if you haven't already drop a like on the stream let's get some likes on the stream thumbs up alright and I need to move good birth order we probe the lad for what but where's the latter theme to recognize how with these part of a much larger flower is that okay one my conscience tells me and maybe death didn't do that looks like that's okay hi guys how's that for now that should do the trick for now I think oh that's a zombie wobbly okay so let me yeah okay stream yeah let's get some light on a stream let's do some thumbs up real quick and then the other one thing I want to ask is waffles or pancakes sluts don't give me a wrong answer here there's only one right answer there's only one all right I'm watching you I'm watching you don't mess up waffles or pancakes what's it gonna be hi guys while you guys answer I am going to scream my way through these donations cuz there's so many all right Jacob says Raman yes Jacob I rate it hell yes Raman is so good Jaden donated thank you Jaden sherry you're the man Thank You cherry Grayson our choice that we need neetha Matt I agree at least I love your content thank you so much for the 20 pound donation elite snipers are f big lad thank you plasma donated I love you Matt been watching you for a bit cheers Thank You plasma damn is a jar what a name love your videos man thank you appreciate it and I will this guy is just screaming over me bro but not us off with a fine picture I swear to shows the cow screen grease yeah I saw him I posted a video on it already soul co-star with the one thank you gap with a tube pickup Bristol gang hell yeah Sasuke hey what up Sasuke it's been a little while how you been soft NASCAR what up checked where dm's I can't I can't do that right now bro sorry too much going on right now brother here goes what's up might have been a chunky boy let's get to that in a moment now yoga says thin crust pizza oh nice ok my favorite drink is banana colada says Tom oh dear [Applause] ok so we had sweets pancakes are better are they now oh hey now I'm going to hunt you down guys ten minutes we are nearly there we're nearly there all right scam bro so donated thank you scam frozen Zachary as well with a five Thank You Zachary Quinton said pizzas a perfect food can't stress enough I disagree I like a huge piece of fan but you do you brother at least my purse without 20 oh wait another 20 use this money to buy as many waffles as you can I wonder how many waffles you can get with 20 pound probably like 40 hi guys tricking jerk and that's around the right kind of price for the waffles if you're buying them in bulk I don't know internal night with a 9 3 5 have you ever used pineapple on your pizza yeah no none of that mate none of that no no that can't be having a pineapple on pizza chat pineapple on pizza what you're saying yes or no do we do it do we like you or do we not like it Antony more two lexes pepperoni pizza yo I'm not gonna lie making some good pepperoni pizza in his time but should I have pineapple on it that is the question z-boys production says my favorite fruit is breaded shrimp oh hell yeah that's damn good stuff based on says info videos thank you skate your dude with the two says I love me a nice pancake JK waffles all the way and then Michael says chicken parmesan for the win yo I've got to agree there man chicken parm pretty good guys Jacob it'll roll 5 Thank You Jacob what a lad yes lads so some news ok some news the next thing this map is not releasing tomorrow its releasing in March we got a road map moves ooh that's actually a good thing that's not a facepalm the road map doesn't tell us or when in March the zombies maps coming out so it could be the end of March or the beginning dunno find a piece you're crazy Jason you're crazy you're absolutely crazy mate can't be putting pineapple on pizza illegal move bro illegal move hi guys absolutely legal move let's honk some zombies real quick honk let's see what people are saying major Beast says trout posted a road on Tom B's yeah I've posted a whole video on it already it's on my channel bro it's literally already on my channel mike says can you look at the span of my gun the span of my game huh hi guys the span of my game I don't know what you mean sorry mate sorry bro miss the caliber says chicken waffles is the way to go shut me out absolutely cuz chicken waffles is bangin I don't know had it once but it was incredible I loved it trout Khan says I love waffles with the 10 thank you so much Trebek on big don't know there thank you maybe guys we also had psycho moon to become a member we had another member as well where were they and they got lost amongst this insane train of donations we've got going here I legitimately can't find it maybe it was Erik Tatchell or maybe it was someone else I don't know by the way huge todos thank you guys mike says can you look at the span hi guys sure NASCAR that sounds that sounds fine tap and snap nine seven six are we doing a world war 2 Series wait what what war – huh hey what are you talking about whoa what – like this is this is black ops for chief this play goes for alright Quinton in chat says as an Italian boy oh wait hold on I couldn't read the whole thing as an Italian boy I'm duty bound to defend pizza to the death but I can't agree ramen is also perfection dude ramen is so good it's so good I've got Robin cook and it's got like ways to home make ramen in it and I need to I need to get on that ASAP I need to do it ma'am it's starting yo-yo chief chief get the popcorn emojis in the chat lads Treyarch alive where are they life called you Rock'em oh sorry call of duty at slash Call of Duty news hi welcome to the waffle brigade hope you enjoy the Switzer welcome people and thank you Juggernog ax where a Treyarch live where are they live are they live on on Twitter guys any food left after breakfast yep dude absolutely 100% mike says spawn in the top left of spawn oh I think that's been solved Mike I think that's been solved I think the waffle brigade hope you enjoy the sweets welcome stroke where's this streamer Oh slash Treyarch huh popcorn in the chat hi guys corn popcorn popcorn guys let's also while you're here drop some likes on the stream let's get the thumbs I've going right now let's try and all do this the thumbs up and the exact moment the stream starts okay so you can like the stream now that's fine but if you haven't liked it yet thighs these seconds they go live we're gonna all be hitting that like button okay the second they go live let me pull this up on Street on on screen for you guys let me think of the best way to do this I think the best way is probably gonna be if I change my display if I change my display to my guys extend that worked how's that worked that's the question eyes yes keep changes okay I'll get to those dinos in a sec lads don't you worry so that's there then I can put everything on that side I can put the chat the chat there I can put my guys there oh no that good alright yeah progress progress progress and then if I go like this and I think I might I might already have a way of showing it to you maybe one of these is it one of those no I guess not okay so window capture we're gonna go with Chrome YouTube and it's called that live stream does that work can you see that you can't all right let's fix that then let's fix that by doing this let's delete that delete that and let's go add and it's gonna be a display think hi guys and it's gonna be which one which one is the right one new source I'll only let me capture that screen wow that's weird okay hold on hold on oh god oh god it's stuck okay if I do that and then I put this over here it's a bit of a scuffed way of doing it we're just going the opposite way of how I thought it was gonna go let's put that there okay you can see that right can you see it when it's full screen yes hello lads okay bang in progress being made progress being made and then was the whole chat wears chat god I've lost my chat there we go come here come here there we go lovely lovely alright alright we're ready to go Lance I don't know why I eat my home screen is still that's gonna be full screen aren't Logar alright let's refresh the page hi guys full screen if I like click here is it gonna bring up the bar no that's fine okay sick 6 xxx so now I'm gonna just quickly okay I think we're in a pretty good spot news welcome to the waffle brigade hope you enjoy my bagel bengals are so good to beg was the so good smash like if you like bagels hmm subscribe if you like bagels do hell yeah ma'am where's my mouse jelena in the chat says there was a flash of zombies at the end showing the map is in England sorry chief that is false I broke down the trailer I've already posted a video it's just blood of the Dead it's not England there's no England there dude sorry now that's me watch different trailers and they in England chief stokoe has already subscribed dang it man I love bagels so much yeah that is zombies music that's true his Alice's theme good point zombies using panko oh thanks Olga good a nice chunky boy look at this chunky boy the best the best right hi guys the flyer I'm gonna eat this bagel in the next 60 seconds I'm gonna read some tono's and then the streams gonna stop all right we speedrunning baby hi guys Tim donated and said bagels I agree Tim hi guys shift donated and said can we got some EPS in the chatter black holes for zombies guys it's up to you I'm faster cheers Cheers Nepos donated Thank You Mason donate became a member even thank you bro no problem ask appreciate the donations man time sodomize wanted to revisit all to zombies um I think I already did that didn't I I don't remember yeah I already did that Blake's out ahead talking about tukya misaki in the great waffle Wario hell yeah dude hi guys god dammit your bagel has beaten me Tecate it fast enough Tigers hi guys ah it's just the tracking chart Nullah I warn you tryout streams trout streams always have crap audio it's not my fault I'll try and make you better but this is probably gonna be sounding really quiet at the beginning okay probably there we go all right we've seen this trailer that's it guys oh alright I got through the bagel let me get through those last couple of donations so there was Blake Alba legend with the two cents chicken rice chicken rice is pretty damn great traffic on says ain't coming till March what the hell yeah I know man it's pretty damn weird have I read the track blog post not yet but I have posted a video on basically everything in there you dog it's already on my channel feel free to check it out brother thank you for the link I appreciate that you were telling me to go back to the donor as well so yeah I appreciate that we're sure we caught up cool well as I can remember welcome unique number one said can you please say hi Salim oh hi Salim mr. Kyser say there you go brother no worries man by the way your guys are awesome thank you so much dude keep killing it and following them keep it up spicy forces favorite anime Milo no anime you think I'm a weave you think I'm a weave you know my hair XD haha I like it with no fussing enemy I think outs an anime I'm pretty sure spray dude chat still arguing about pineapple on pizza I'm proud dude I'm proud of the chat right now that's my chat right there that's my chat right there wha no that bagel took it out on me bro I'm I'm dying dude I'm dying so yeah I'm gonna need to I'm about to need to turn up the volume because trout's volume is always so low dude it's always so low what's wrong with me nothing dude it's chunko Oh chok chok oh okay gotcha all right here we go good afternoon everyone I'm John ravishing it's quite rare on this gorgeous Presidents Day what you just saw was the new trailer for operation three grand heist kicks off tomorrow first on PlayStation how's the volume stream and to discuss all that and more maybe a thumbs up or a thumbs down the original Motley Crue Dan bunting Tony flame at rods we're gonna dive into all things coming during this operation guys thanks for being here dial it back down from an 11 all right all right where's Jason I went to kind of kick things off with you if you could last day of operation to heading into operation three grand heist tomorrow shapes and colors tell us it shapes and Carla's nude structure tell us what Lauda and would love to working on it so as you said today is the last day of season two so get out there and again finish that season out how's the volume not it all kicks off with operation three grand heist and this is our biggest operation yet this is something that the team has been working on really hard for the last few months to to bring this to the fans turn my mic down beginning of the season tomorrow that means that there is a ton of content and events planned throughout the season so I want to make sure that just done yeah okay know that this is a like this is the kickoff is the beginning so a lot of stuff that you see in the trailer that we just watched um is gonna be available from day one some of its gonna be coming throughout the season some of its gonna come a little bit later some of its gonna come every week so we have a lot of exciting action planned across multiplayer black out in zombies well I've got my mic is this match guys wants to sort of take a little bit of a deeper dive if we just released a blog post that has a roadmap for for the operator right yeah so you get a bit of a feel for sort of generally what is cable same time I might not already go get a good flow of it like you know we've got spring summer fall operations plant that's right operations six operations plan throughout the year and those are up on the blog post as you mentioned of course this week is when it all kicks off so I wanted kind of white down pants through the series of events that are gonna happen tomorrow how's that even bigger my voice now I'm of course for multiplayer that the the big thing you're gonna notice right off the bat is out writers coming out writer is a fan favorite specialist from black ops 3 I think a lot of people this is good now guys to make her return this game we have done some overhauls to her mechanics of course the sparrow is a is a favorite it's I mean that's like the one of those rewarding weapons that we've probably ever released in the game so this is a lot better this time around one of these is what the sparrow is that it performs just as good when firing from the hip as it does 180s the benefit the ATS gets you is you get to go just get zoomed in for a longer range of combat but that just makes it feel like it's just much more satisfying rewarding and more flexible you can use in all different situations her hawk is the new piece of equipment that she has and that's a little mini drone so Hawk and Sparrow are her two items the the hawk you can fly park it in a location and it will automatically tag any enemies that walk through that cameras field of view from wherever you've left it parked we also see the return of party games that's right one of the chamber first one tomorrow which I'm sure Matt will go into well that's one of our favorite modes from black ops 1 and when we did the party games back then and kick that off it's a pretty it's a very different way to play it's it's kind of like a mix between slower and tactical and fast-paced sometimes inkay I think it's pretty crazy those those tense moments when you're one-on-one with somebody who you don't know if they have a pistol if they have a bullet or not in their chamber and then of course there's a series of others that are that are playing throughout the season which you can find on a blog and yeah it's really exciting that's gonna kick off tomorrow well I I mean while we we've still got plenty to talk about in the operation 3 front there's still a pretty large tuning pass for tomorrow as well which we want to get into now just to kind of I mean what are we forgetting it's like we've got a couple new weapons coming tomorrow as well yeah we've got some new weapons coming we've got the rampage full out of shotgun which is a lot of fun we haven't had a full lot of shotgun in this game yet so when play testing it that's always a tough weapon to get right but it's it's so satisfying to use and we think we're it's in a great spot for the balance so we're really excited to get that in players hands it's got its own unique set of attachments just like all you got a gun so index is a little bit more on handling actually and it's got more of a traditional pellet mechanic where you want to get more pellets on target in order to maximize damage so your accuracy is actually gonna come to effect more than with some of the other shotguns we have then there's the the switchblade yeah we got a switchblade which is really fun SMG it actually folds into kind of like a briefcase sort of shape and back again so it fits in with the with the heist theme it's a because of its folding nature modular nature it's more of a lightweight SMG so it's very fast very fast handling faster reload it fits into actually – some of the balance changes we've done to make sure that there's kind of that it has a little bit of room for it there was room to get some of the other guns to focus on on their core strengths it makes more room for the the new switchblade so it's gonna have its own place within the SMG class that's getting that balance passed as part of this operation as well and I mean so especially whenever you get into you know map locations like casino and sort of fitting the theme of grand heist we've got a new melee weapon as well that fits right into the into the mix that's right great hi guys – grab the money bag and then smack players in the face with it there's a money bag melee weapon so it's just we're just thinking of ways to have thank-you variation new melee weapons and that is the new melee weapon bag – smack people with it a couple coins might fall out so it's a lot of fun just just to run around the map with that thing no shame no scream maybe we could livestream that creative brainstorm sort of like how we get to that one anything else hi guys were on the multiplayer from before we dive into tuning Amy thank you brother well one thing we kind of breezed over but there's two brand new maps that are coming with this operation to multiplayer one is called lockup the other one it's called casino and Lockheed II kind of had police headquarters that's been assaulted the the bad guys are trying to steal the evidence in one of their cases against them as the fiction behind it then of course Casino is as its name would imply coz because you know basil in Mon just explained that just right on there right on okay got any based in Monaco so it's kind of got that European Flair very ornate very opulent kind of old world sort of casino building yeah I guess I respawn racing happening all around it so it's it's pretty awesome these two these two maps are very different if you look at the difference between the two lockup really is about verticality rooftops fighting high-low up and down through some winding passageways well we're gonna jump in with miles here pretty so guys gonna he's giving you the over exactly exactly so Jeff yeah so one more thing just I don't know if we we made the point or not but the operation is gonna be going on for like of what a khatoun a couple months couple months gonna be going through March and so what that means for us it just there's gonna be more things coming throughout the operation right there's a lot of stuff dropping right here at the start and then of course we've got more you know we can't say what those things are or whatever but just sure look gave to you all right well then let's let's jump into tuning pass stuff so in addition to operation three there's you know plenty of updates planned for tomorrow we will have some stuff to talk about a little bit later on the black out front with multiplayer what's in store well so we we put the balance changes that we're doing out actually on Friday so they're out there some people may have seen them you may not so you can check out the reddit blog post to see that and of course we'll go over to higher level here rather than going through every single change but really we've actually four weapon balance we've from how we look at in the analytics and data it's actually the best it's been in a game at this time in the past few months so we've been a little bit hands-off but at the same time we want to freshen the game up we want to address the issues that the community has been talking about and experiencing and really this game we're taking more of approach of Chinese community focused more key more focus on the community great to get all the feedback I know Islam reaching out a lot and so that helped inform on kind of not just like what we do exactly we do it or just getting get an extra opinions on this past as the as the community of fans head had much feedback yeah well it's it's great you know it's it's more it's more data really like every single but we get to read it individually and kind of there's sometimes a little bit of detail that's hidden can actually be a gem of insight you never know where it might come from so one thing that we heard a lot of number one was the Titan that was the number one piece of feedback time do you love using the Titan but it's for as far as our whole player base goes over power there's you know people are quite happy with where it's at right now so we're going to make some adjustments to that bring the Titan kind of where it players expectation is for it and we're doing that by a couple different with different different ways really it's about making it feel fair and a heads up gunfight so you feel like you have a good chance against it and also some players of you know we we've had the issue of it taking down score streaks a little too quickly so we're taking down his ability to do that a little bit still going to be strong we want to keep the core feel of it that's important of it right no silly that guns still fit pucks you'll feel powerful so the Titan was kind of the first one from the community perspective and it matched up what we were seeing so that was that was an easy one to knock out if I'm not mistaken there were a couple and this kind of gets us into sort of the the competitive features that there were a couple updates made to weapons that sort of I you know we wanted to make sure that we got out in front of this week's ewl action as well it's probably worth mentioning as we kind of head into these updates that you know league play goes live on Thursday yes so yeah many plays going live leave so sideline what else is so I mean the this now this will affect now talking about assault rifles and SMGs kind of as a class right cuz it's all kind of ties in together that's gonna do a section with Jason in like 10 minutes or like in those maybe losses five minutes so we really wanted to get the balance right within those classes we've I think there's about four to three or so airs smg's we like that balance that feel good feels good for players coming he's coming we're seeing like too many Spitfires right or too many SOGs and then on the AR side maybe to me maddux's and when we also see that mirrored in the public match in the compare to play that's when it's a sign that there might be a problem there we feel like we're really getting it right when the pros are using different guns than or popular in pubs because that means those are the skill based guns so that's where we like to be ideally and we see that with sometimes like the ICR for example is really popular sure at the pros so when it comes to that we took that pass to balance across those classes and there was an opportunity there as well to address some feedback that was coming straight from the pros specifically on the sog so the pros are so good that they can notice when the speed gets a little bit too fast for when it starts to mess with their gun mechanics and the sog is actually having that issue with its base movement speed with its stock movement speed and we're getting direct feedback there's so there's a whole loop of things that the pros know more about there and we wanted to address that so we took down the speeds of the SOG down to a reasonable amount for an SMG actually as a gun it was nicer than all the other SMGs we died in order to be good so we're gonna bring that back down that's also gonna help with the overall pace of game competitive and pubs so that's really mainly the sog was mainly about its speed other than that it's gonna play very much the same so when we take the SOG down a little bit we have to think about the next gun that all the pros and players have been gravitating towards which is the Mattocks that guns kind of been sucking players in towards it over time we're seeing more and more players move towards it so in order to send that off make sure that it doesn't become a one gun meta in the pro or the public scene we want to take the Mattocks down a little bit and as well elevate some of the other assault rifles so hopefully what we see is some better pacing getting to getting that tighter gunplay across the board and then more guns that are gonna be relevant and competitive and public alright we've got we've got miles and a pre-recorded segment I love walking us through casino and lockup in greater detail kick it off to miles is there anything else that you guys wanted to cover particularly on the mp4 I mean I can touch on the just kind of additional tuning my guys streaks absolutely I don't want to say that that Tony is FMJ to was preventing the devastating scorestreaks but we came to an agreement no no that myself kind of looked at you know very specific what is FMJ to doing to to certain vehicles so we've increased some vehicle hell like the the strafe Ron for example on the straight front again it still wasn't quite hitting our targets so we're doing a big buff pass more than anything for the scorestreaks we we made the cost adjustments earlier in the year I believe it was so we're still just fine-tuning the scorestreaks and I think a big one for the scorestreaks that I've seen some positive feedback on was that scorestreak kills in in modes with friendly fire hard core your pro series mosh pit those won't actually contribute towards the team coal kick limit there's you know a lot of times being afraid to call in a strafe run in hardcore because it's so we're you know that's one of those times where we've sacred to that and you know what we're gonna we're gonna make a change there and and so you're not gonna get kicked with scorestreak kills after tomorrow there may be some additional you know punishments needed there if it becomes a problem but we're gonna we're gonna put that out and see how that goes so overall just a few few buffs here and therefore score streaks so I'm hoping that's gonna be good looking forward to it yeah and on those on the specialist side as well we got a few changes coming in consistent feedback we've been getting things we can feel in here in the studio some of the specialist abilities that are getting seat more and more play that there's not enough counter play there so we're focusing on making sure that you can counter the abilities that they are frustrating you so 9 bang we got a couple new ways to fight against that you can change stances you can see little bit better throw you'll be good the tactical mask is it can be more effective counter the seeker drone getting very popular that's gonna if your shoot that thing with a shot you're gonna take it out think small enough it should it should go down to a bullet that's how we felt in play testing so it feels like there is a proper counter so that's that's that's one of the changes to and of course we have outrider coming in who's really gonna mix up the whole specialist meta so we got to see how she comes in where the cards fall she's she's just been a lot of fun to develop it's kind of been she's kind of actually been easy to develop because she's just been really fun right out of the gate we just make tweaks and everyone's been enjoying playing with her and I think the secret to that is that not only is the sparrow super satisfying to use it's got a scope on it now you can use get a long-range you get that zoom and it's just overall more polished and smooth than it's been before butter Hawk drone is is so satisfying to use you really get a different gameplay flow and pace to throw out your drone fly it around pilot it to just wherever you want which based on the game mode or the map or or your play style you can use it differently depending on any of those and not only that but you put it there and now the enemies actually have a really interesting way to interact that it's super satisfying to see an outrider flying her camera around and you shoot it out of this guy right so there's some good back and forth there she's fun to play she's also just as fun to fight against cool alright well again just to kind of reiterate we've got the the blog post for operation 3 that has gone live this morning on tree our comments can find it there with the the roadmap for the entire operation we unfortunately our producer miles Leslie was not able to join us today but we did have a chance to catch up with him the other day and we were able to tape a segment for him to talk us through casino and lock up the two multiplayer maps that you'll get with black with operation 3 in the black ops pass and with that we'll throw it back over 2 miles miles thank you for joining us say thanks for taking the time to talk to us about the multiplayer maps coming in James my line as people watch this it'll be coming out tomorrow on Tuesday high-level what's coming in grand heist there's a lot of content you know so with the NP map specifically we've got two brand new experiences that we're super excited to talk about with lock up and then casino and then all of the you know different weapons and the war zone the blackout changes that we've got coming out there's just a lot going on in the grand heist and we really try to do with the operations and grand heist and with you know the previous absolute zero was really try to wrap it yeah in something and give it some theming that we can try to attach to and really embellish and get the team kind of engaged in I think the 2mp Babs you know specifically talking about those really lean into that idea where it's the grand heist and we literally have a police station and a casino that is being robbed so it feels like it fits perfectly well I mean the the team has always done a pretty amazing job was sort of the depth of the lore for for their multi our Maps give us the the backstories on unlock up in casino what do we what are we getting ourselves into lots of things lots of trouble so let's start with lockup which is really cool and different is we've never done a police station and it really started from this idea of so we talked about verticality and who's had a verticality and maps and even if you go to like you know elevation which we just released previously is where we really wanted to get high to low consistent fighting give you examples we wanted a team to have to own a roof right we wanted to have to king of the hill we've never kind of done that before and this idea started to just kind of flows like hey this police station go to work where you know bad guys have taken over they've attacked the police station and they kind of owned the roof and now it's about attacking the roof in lots of different ways so the you know the hook of that really is getting on the roof and the verticality to and from it switching to casino which is drastically different is while there is some verticality the main thing is that the entire center of the map is one continuous open space so a it feels super grand and epic the map is fairly large overall and the rooms are connected so it feels very different because there's a lot of long range but there's also ducking and weaving behind slot machines and roulette tables is really embellishing and using a lot of things in the map all right well I know the team has you know been really kind of exploring a lot of a lot of different types of gameplay using some new game modes to what extent have game modes really inspired sort of design and the look and feel of some of these maps yeah it's it's it's interesting because we know objective gameplay is gonna focus right and TDM is super popular so we always start with TDM is just like general flow and engagement citizen without having to go anywhere am I gonna want to go find you am I gonna want to go hunt you down or am I gonna want to sit here is that okay is that out okay so we start with TDM you know as the base game mode and then get the kind of foundation down and then we'll start you know let's start playing Dom because then it's really gonna anchor the middle right where that ends up cuz not always it is in the middle side lanes hardpoint obviously because you're gonna get the entire map overall and then you start peppering in all the rest search to destroy everything else they really do influence in and we really try to make the right changes per game mode and that's come through if you talk about lockup is you know we tried a lot of different dom spots specifically and it's in the middle right so you've got this roof basically and there's these large windows and you're looking down and it's it can feel like a death fit though there's a lot of ways to kind of get these guys out of the roof and it feels like it's once you actually take the B flag it's like a sense of accomplishment that I think other B flags may not have had in the past and we're really trying to push that as a sense of like I didn't write like we did it right like hey you know torque good job with the the you know the barricade and the spawn beacon back over there is like there's a sense of let's use all of the things to really have to accomplish this goal well I think your your you've started getting into my next question it's like if I'm a fan of Treyarch map design like what what are you showing me what are you giving me that I I haven't gotten before yeah for sure so you know we always start with our three lane base design and foundation we know that that's a jumping-off point but with every new DLC map we want to push it further so this verticality and roof is is really really different is you you really need to take the roof to be successful and it's the central building and there's lots of ways up and there's other roofs that shoot to it as well and you're weaving in and through the police station as well and it's all in chaos by the way because it's been under attack basically these you know high criminals have basically attacked the police station overall and just construction but the gameplay is really interesting cuz a lot of the side lanes have a lot of opportunities for a longer range or you can try to be sneaky as well and use some of the verticality to take down the dudes on the roof and one of the cool sort of elements with the roof is it's a one-way drop so we'll talk about ruin the entire zombies map not discovered oh so there's a commitment there that we kind of haven't had before is like if I go down I'm not gonna be able to get back up and there's a you know there's a sense of like am i leaving the power position but it's also a cool bail because you get that like blockbuster movie moment where you're like yeah I got to get out of here you're jumping out of the window right so there's some cool stuff there nice well there are there's some surprises in store with casino – yes the other day we were kind of talking about some of the map stuff and you you would mentioned in passing that you've been involved with like development about 200 men single handedly no lots of people work on these yeah it was joking I was joking but like I mean you've you've seen some ass I've seen some maps and casinos got some some new twists and turns it does this like I can say is you know it's true I have worked on multiplayer since world at war and been involved in mp and really you know been involved with the team on crafting on just talking for too long hardest map I can say I went through a lot of iterations where was that wood what made it such a creative show we really wanted to like challenge ourselves and even with the you know you talk about three lanes and what that can be is if I imagine is how do we make it feel very very different and we wanted a larger map but also a a sense of the lanes aren't separated right so the middle is all one central and from Shauna now so we there's there's one central you know laying there my dad it was like you know it could almost encompass three lanes basically and we've given you ways as you head down through these slot machines in the central bar or some stuff right you need you in weaving your way towards this bar that you can hold down and then move into some of these side rooms that have some of the more like roulette tables and we open flaps the main thing is is that it's it's really large and the basically on each side of the middle lane is like it's long range here or you can rotate around the bar and it's shorter range so we've never had within a single land this way to like quickly maneuver in and out of short and long yeah and the ranges are really long it's it's very different and that caused a huge challenge to us because trying to really embellish the environment and use those elements who's been proved to be very difficult like slot machines right they're not they're not built to be used as cover right and set up good engagements or you know craps tables or roulette tables is like how do you use those things because if not you're not doing justice for a lot so element so we really try to find the right way to do that and that took a lot a lot of challenge to nail down is I think we we rebooted this map like three times basically where it was like okay this has got something and then it just wasn't enough okay let's redo just redo and that's I mean that's what we do but this one has been very very difficult but all in all we're super proud of this one and that is really resounded to where we're like constantly pushing those like it's not good enough we got to do more and it's like okay let's let's tackle that challenge in a way yeah not really sure why I didn't get the memo but I mean when it comes to holding down a bar yeah why don't you go Jason so I mean just kind of as as we kind of wrap it up high level like what yeah I you know the main thing there is I hope people when they dive in really get the sense of how different these maps are right is from the outside and looking at them it can look more like a standard map in that sense but there's so many little you know twists and turns and different experiences that you can have that it's really going to encourage you and in a way force you like we're talking about making that choice on the roof to play differently and I think that's the main thing we're really trying to go for is you could play a lot of the maps how you want to play right like I'm a creature habit I love my creative class I love my setup and you know you could do that in the eby's if I just do this by really big if you learn the environment and you learn the engagements and we've learned some of these really different things we've got and start changing your play style thumbs up on the stream shot equipment you're gonna be even more serious out of that like you know that that feeling we want is is like okay I tried something new something we won't do this work then you know it's almost like you would have classes per map right is like oh this is casino let me have this this slow down oh this is you know lock up let me have this that's the main thing is this feeling of it's very different but it's obviously feels very Treyarch and and black ops 4 overall nice miles thank you very much appreciate it absolutely things that segment with miles may have been pre-recorded but right now I am here live and in the flesh in Craig to catch up on all things zombies gentleman welcome hey John it's good to be you alright so we got four zombies in today's blog because we mentioned that there's a new experience coming in March which we'll get to in a moment but we've gotten we've got some we've got the the name to reveal we've got we've got some stuff for today some stuff so there might be an idea to kind of recap a little bit we're I like where you're going it's like you're in my head yeah I just go with that see that that was me transmit yeah so you know obviously you know with a launch of black ops for we've kind of had more Maps than we've ever had at this stage so many times weird no one cares to kioss maps at launch now or two ether maps and then we had the date of the night which is a little bit of a palate cleanser but now it's time to announce that after all the craziness that the characters went through in voyage of despair and 9 they are now going to be going somewhere else and that is going to be the focus of our next map it was fun us is with all those launch maps things were a little bit crazy for the characters and the community but know those guys know what's going on a little bit more so they are going somewhere new somewhere they're already on the journey – and people have seen the otras will have an idea about this we are going to Greece and we are specifically going to Delfy yeah Elfi what do you know about Delfy Jason it's in Greece it is byte plenty more facts like that coming up but what know that people and the characters understand the rules the Leo story a little bit more we're going to do something interesting here because we are actually going to be visiting a world we are a sentinel trial has been running for a very very very long time because we will discover sentinel trials tend to end when they are completed or when everybody dies so in our new level there are some other characters knocking about yes and you're gonna have to find out about them and what will they play and why this trial is continuing and where it's ultimately gonna bleed there's all our previous maps we saw the trial yeah so this is the first one where this trials been running it scrapes that for a very long time alright so so in in addition to we we tease the key art this morning we've got I've got an image of that low rate of Tommy can throw up but we also have a name oh there we go you're lovely boom ancient evil thanks Jenny yeah like I said a long time it's all–it's oh Jesus yes thanks and evil so yeah I just see this this one is name the cane amount that I really like where there's a lot of events and characters and significant story shifts within the map I mean go back to what we're talking about before you know there's there's some things hanging over our characters if you saw do truce of a voyage of despair and nine and all of those things will come into play you know people have been up they've been under the influence of drugs but some of them as players all know are also they under the influence of some other forces and all of that is going to come to be an ancient evil so I tell it I believe that there's a little bit of news that you wanted to share in terms of sort of the twisting and turning of the storyline and sort of where's okay yeah so this map represents the last map of the care story for this season so now just where are you going with this could it mean so this is this is this is the cliffhanger here may be a step too far but it's just you can go higher in pitch if he tries so this is wrong this is this is the last one of the chaos though for this season for this season so the next two so very into our dlc 3 in dlc fall will be back to the ether storyline it's one of those things you know how juiced and i have often said we like to have our cake and eat it it's nice the fact that we're going to have a kind of nice even split for and for between ether and chaos because we still yeah we like our cake and eat it and the small cake factory on the side as a second cake yeah alright so there's all that cake coming in March but that doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't any updates double- sorry there are updates coming tomorrow win copies we got some updates coming tomorrow we're just gonna shower bakery things at DEFCON 5 could go death got 5 new new gauntlet for classified mm-hm and then we also have a new gauntlet for which is helga trance interesting little story there hell Kurt rouse was actually the dev name of mob of the dead when we first made it way back when so we thought was a little harsh we would yeah there's actually a picture of sitting around the office that says he'll cut res that we mocked up when we were thinking of mob of the dead in the very beginning so there we go I mean there's some footage on here of the gauntlets but I why are things that appeals to me about the gauntlets and I think I've made no mistake about not being a particularly good player I'm not as bad as sometimes we've said but the fun thing about the gauntlets is it it Jason's nodding that's not for you the fun thing about the gauntlets is it does let people experience some of the features and bosses and enemies and stuff that they normally wouldn't get to in the course of a mature play shall we see so you know it can really help educate you about a label as well so that that's one of the fun things I like about complex yeah you know so the pneumatically habitat house when we received and we got an overwhelming kind of positive response in terms of people like mixing up the gameplay so we've been listening to that feedback so we've changed some of our rules or adapted to that feedback and so those are in in health Drazen and DEFCON 5 yeah as Craig says it's really good for kind of beginners because it'll teach you out a level you know hey tell you about a shield tell you about certain weapons and usage then it's also good for advanced players because it tests you in different ways you get further up and obviously it's same as last time which is three sets of ten levels each to get all the way through a gauntlet oh well you thought we've also got the ethereal razor / yes well yes yeah literally hours were spent on that name and yeah I'll leave for the community discovered but essentially it's a perk which has a buff to your to your knife or to your melee weapon and it allows you to to gain health when attacking the undead I also believe that you've got plans to support signature weapons and throwing some additional tear skips you gain health yes so let's start with two skip so tisket currently if you've played around 15 on a daily basis you get the Tier skip now in this next update daily callings will also give you that tier skip so that we don't we to tear skips possible per day that's a mouthful it's now possible from from the friends of the zombies yeah so and signature weapons is well they're coming in I shortly we will have David Vonderhaar and Matt France on to talk all things black out but and we've got a special video that we want to share with anyone what would you guys like to anything that you'd like to wrap up on with any updates tomorrow anything about what is to come between now and March and if not what are we going to watch yes more things going I think we've got blogs and other things kind of it'll I don't want to spill all the beans right now so so I'll leave that alone sure the video coming up is is our directors music video we always do for dead of the night a cast I can't les some of the idea it's one of my favorite ones to play I like following ghosts around which is why I have what's supposed to reduce there we go there we go so yeah it's it's kind of it's full rock and roll all right outstanding well then on that note we will throw it to dead of the night done of the night directors car [Applause] okay so we do see little bit more about that's cool [Applause] I wrap the boys they're just gonna show us them killing zombies about that's my boy Guthrie Wow my boy from boys alive this is a long way welcome back to keep the conversation rolling on all things operation three Reds fired match shrunk so guys we've got we've got a couple things to to get through today let's kick it off with the new prestige system and and some of the emblems that one may have seen teased on various time I'm so dead we got to get in the video and where was it where was it dude is that you like what is so funny Deary me okay who ain't evil everybody Wow so Wow where to begin where to begin we're two freakin begin chat there's no point watching the rest of this because it's gonna be fun to haul talking about multiplayer so like you really don't need that that you really don't need that information I don't think but damn I mean like we can check us on there there we go perfect perfect oh my goodness me ah so sure I want to hear your thoughts all right I want to hear your thoughts ancient evil ancient evil you want the back up like our stuff on the all the content that was illustrated in the roadmap that we shared this morning isn't necessarily available and on day one a great example of that is Hot Pursuit new game mode coming within blackout and that's coming out on Friday yep Friday Hot Pursuit what do we need to know it is hot and there will be pursuit down it's uh so it's it's a super fun game mode you know and you know with our past game modes close-quarters frenzy ambush has been you know a variant you know it's it's still you know very slow yeah good song the gameplay is still there from blackish all with this we we kind of don't want to say we said you know how can we have more fun how can we fit the theme of this cops and robbers operation grand heist so we we've been working on brand new vehicles and they're gonna be highlighted in hot pursuit first up is the or are the police vehicles we've got the police SUV we've got the PBR boat and then we've got some other vehicles that the players already used and those are gonna have police skins in hot pursuit and when you hop into a police vehicle whether it be an SUV or an ATV or PBR you're gonna have some inherent benefits that are gonna feed into that game mode so police vehicles first up they're gonna have a built-in sensor dart that's one of those things where from the early days of blackout we saw players shooting other people a little sensor dark so let's build that in for this game mode it makes perfect sense so when you're cruising around in a police vehicle with your sirens on you're gonna get the benefit of a sensor dark so you're gonna be able to move through and kind of root out the the bad guys on top of that I think great penalty I mean the sirens not exactly quiet the sirens are not quiet so if you want one that's that's what we call risk reward John so if you could show me like in shapes maybe scratch-and-sniff that would be great like I'm like okay so in addition to that the police vehicles will also see enemy muscle cars marked so that marking is going to be a red beam shooting up from the sky which is super cool you up into a police vehicle and you just go around you're gonna see all these bad guys mark you want to go chase those guys the muscle cars also have inherent benefits and their benefit is there gonna be a lookout for loot high-value loot and so their benefit is they're gonna get the same marking but a green beam and that's gonna mark every single supply drop and supply stash that's currently active in the level and we've taken a lot of the high-value loot level three armored trauma kit you know tactical weapons operator weapons gold weapons and those are only gonna be found in supply drops and stashes so if you want that good stuff you're gonna want to grab a muscle car head to the nearest Supply Drop or stash and get that out of there and playtesting that the the fun the laughs the chuckles that we've heard most is when you're chasing each other around so the police vehicles are on the hot pursuit of the muscle cars who are then looking for the loot you know it's we're kind of working off a variation of down but not out respawn rules so if you have a teammate alive at the the next collapse you're gonna be able to redeploy with this we we kind of looked at that and you we saw you know it can be tough to to drop in to the last circle with a strife pistol so we're gonna try what we're calling escalating loadouts and those load outs will escalate per circle or per collapse so you may start out with a strife and some ammo sure and if you get the chance to drop in and the final collapse you may get a little bit better of a loadout so that's cool we needed with an SMG maybe some armor just because we know it can be more difficult in those those final minutes to really compete with enemies that are on the ground so that's it's super interesting super fun and it's we've been having a blast with it and throws the roles of a black out kind of experience and turns them inside out where you're getting more stronger the longer you go it's fun it's it's fun well I mean good diversion from the core just riff on that for a minute because it seems like you mentioned down but not out it and it seems like between what the team had been doing has been doing an operation to what's planned with hot pursuit seems like new gamemodes or an opportunity to kind of lay in new and inventive way but you'll see sort of operation operation every operation has kind of a core theme to it this one you know operation Grand Hyatt cops and robbers so you see a lot of cops and robbers related activity across the npn blackout so that one has this mode other future operations will also have its core theme or a core idea so it'll have its kind of crazy new take on a game mode but it's not just the one that you get kind of the first couple days of the operation there's some other activities around there hardcore and some other thoughts that we're going on so we're gonna keep the pure game mode evolving right the pure base you know battle royale experience that people know but we're also gonna constantly try to put the featured playlists in including the featured playlists that you've seen so it's not just about Grand highest it'll also be about down but not out it'll also be about ambush it will also be about all the things that you sort of create along the way and the combinations of them so as subscribers like matt said we actually get to take some of the rules from run and apply them to the other and then everything kind of just gets faster and better as a result of the continued involvement in progress that we're making you know to allow different types of game modes to be played inside of the blackout map yeah one day who knows what's possible anything's possible well I'm sure that our good friend Ben Lewis will have plenty of updates on the reddit machine tomorrow along with a number of sort of updates in terms of quality of life you guys been busy on that front as well so nothing is more important defense then then quote the quality of life improvements at least when they hit me up directly so there's a couple things that are gonna make it in right off the bat and more still in the way so the three that are probably worth kind of mentioning right off the bat is if you remember the new the stash UI what we call the supply stash for the death stash UI when there's an item in the stash it only shows up once it doesn't show up like a frag of Franco Franco is a frag with three pips on it so that ideas been carried over to the quick equip menu so when you're you know pressing up on the d-pad to kind of select something quickly you don't have to burn the space of it three times you only have to burn the space of it once so it just makes everything a little bit faster so that idea has now evolved in to the quick equipped working the same way that's one the one that I think fans will be super excited about is when you go to get a gun you can strip the attachments off that gun immediately and then put them on the gun that you have so that's a big chain so if you got a tactical for example on the ground which of us does not strip the tactical to put all that stuff on the gun that we're using we pretty much all do that so now you can just do that and you can do that with any gun anything that's not compatible we're just kind of drop to the ground around you that's a big change and then the other one that I like is you can actually now equip something when you pick it up immediately for both equipment and for health items so if there's you know a big med kit on the ground of some type or maybe an axe you just grab it and it's in your inventory so you can throw it and grab and throw it and grab it right you don't have to grab it go into inventory go up to quick equip oh that's not one action so those three things are the sort of the significant ones that players will be able to feel kind of right away on Tuesday and then some more that we're still experimenting with and the quick equip for potentially downstream in the season and along with that there are some tuning updates that you guys have planned as well yeah just like MP we've got a big big list of tuning updates weapon balance changes based off of data based off of feedback you know one that I'll mention is that's come up a lot in feedback is the ABR ABR is a great weapon and in blackout we definitely saw its popularity rise a bit with our previous armor tuning so we you know that one's gonna get a little bit of a change I believe on that one we've increased the recoil just a touch and we've increased the delay between bursts just a touch again so we don't want to swing too hard we I think we did that with the SDM you know sometimes we can look at the data and you get a lot of feedback and and kind of overshoot that so we we've made some micro changes taking a look at the data and I think everybody's gonna it's not I wouldn't say a huge metal shift about some of those weapons that you have been carrying you know you may want to look at something else for example like machine guns that's that's a big change for us it you know it it is a small change and yeah but why it's important to know why right so so you you kind of look at that journey so over last two weeks with a lot of feedback about uh everybody's driving ATVs running people over we don't want that to happen you know vehicles are for traversing the map we don't want them to be primarily used as offensive weapons but we don't want at all I have its well so I got going for you man I'll try then you should play Hot Pursuit no but that said it's still a part of walk out you can still get ran over what are you doing with the with the LMG so with LMGs we were like you know what we don't want these to be laser weapons we don't want everybody to be rolling around with LNG's what can we do with them to give them a unique benefit so they're actually gonna do double damage against vehicles ah so you know for example a Titan and blackout and they take today 40 bullets to take out a an ATV or a helicopter it's gonna come down to 20 so those VK and 750 s and those Titans that you leave laying around you may want to pick up one of those and you know keep it keep it you know you don't may you want to I mean the the the the meta changes over time right so we think it's so important that there are fast moving vehicles in the mathis theythey is for the ATV is not necessarily supposed to be as predominantly as a weapon and it was really ambush I think that where we started to sort of see that kind of behavior come out it's not unexpected in the mode like that but then that becomes sort of the part of the new med and that's the fun thing about what was super viable yesterday was not viable ten days ago and vice versa in the future so you have to constantly evolve with the times with that stuff so now there's multiple counters two vehicles in the weapon tuning it's kind of an unusual place to go look but you know now on LMG which most of us would pipe ass over most the time if you look at the data if you look at how we play look at how you play but now you hold an LMG as a secondary and it's a you know on par or better than a rocket lot because it shines as a primary equipment on par or better than mess mines is an anti-vehicle device elders say four different ways you know alternative and and the LMGs are good because once you start using them to use to blow up vehicles you can start using LMG used to blow up people and then this weapon that you're also skipping over most of the time you're probably not skipping over it quite the same and that's that's today then it'll be something else you know in the next season as the meta evolves and changes and that's what makes it fun makes it complicated to keep up with the pace of it for sure making a mistake we know this better than anybody but I'm not done trying and this is one way of just removing the ATVs it's not a solution there start speeds potentially other things that we've looked at including fuel potentially not saying so I'm not sure that's the right thing to do quite yet we talk about these things all time we listen to what you're saying about that we're looking for interesting ways to solve those problems not just the really obvious way which is to delete everything right do you lead everything you have nothing left and then additionally for LMGs since we're on that topic they're all gonna have a little bit less recoil so they'll be slightly less frustrating to use against infantry so yeah I think you know I'll be picking up a Titan over t-minus one day until you tell me they're overpowered we'll fix it you guys are like the best guests ever like I just Oh mind you up let you go this is do it [Laughter] let's move on all right one more on tuning I'm sure we'll get a lot of feedback hopefully all positive armor hopefully armor armor undoubtedly we've touched armor a few times you know yes it's a armors a new thing for us levels of armor blackouts a new thing for us so we're still trying to dial that in what you do Matt uh well for this for this title update we took a look at the data from from where we were before our last tuning change to our oh my god level one is paper now I hear you and you know what level one looking at the data that the curves of our graph of you know where people were dying previous to the patch two after you weren't entirely wrong so we are we are gonna bring up a level one in level two so level one's gonna get a slight bump level two is actually gonna come up to where level three is now as far as damage mitigation damage mitigation not durability don't confuse this right so we've flattened so many people tweeting me no armor levels but now level three still has the inherent mitigation of headshot damage we've also brought back the armor plates to repair for level three armored back down to five now that those are all a little bit more aligned so the shot difference show though because in the abstract it can seem like they're super Delta they're not that sure sure you know it before before we made our tuning changes I believe it was five shots with a nice ER against an unarmed ER two enemy still the same and then it kind of went up from six to eight to ten so we're slowly flattening that down a bit and when you just look at that on paper it you know it doesn't seem like a huge change but depending on the the range and if you're using a very low powered SMG it can you know those those hits to kill can't jump a bit so we're just trying to dial those in and I think this this pass we've all been super happy with internally so I'm looking forward to getting the feedback on that like I inevitably will all right David I believe that you guys have brought a build with us and and you wanted to jump into some of the new locations everybody else yes we are you sufficiently pumped I could see buried guys is that steaming there's steam coming off of me all right so what we're gonna do is try this in real time so yeah we had one of those fancy fly through videos like MP had and them slickly Purdue Sambi videos but no no we're gonna try it the hard way because of a during life so I gotta say this stuff because it's just sort of easier to talk about than watching a video so can we put this up on the screen and show everybody that's good so what you guys are staring at in real time is ghost town ghost town is the primary new destination that we've been talking about and ghost town huh is the combination of standoff or outlaw depending on which version you like more from which game beary add it to the blackout Maps let me just show you where this is kind of in context so I'm down here right right down here in the southeast corner of the map is that right yeah so a significant new destination and so just give you a sense of scale here if you ever play buried from zombies then you kind of know what you're staring at here so the mansion on this side and then all the town let me drop to the ground real quick and try to run around a little bit just quickly then I'll fly back out and show you some other things all this stuff is playable so all this kind of bent air space cool is all the loot that you'd expect of kind of a primary destination has all the kinds of tricks and traps and backwards the box the boxes letters and all the things that you would know and this is all covered up so you're not gonna have anybody dropping on you the downside of it being underground is that you can't actually just sort of escape through the top there's no clear way to get back through there so you're gonna have to use one of the many ways to get out which means that shows when you're trying to get in and out of a destination like this can be pretty severe there's only sort of three primary ways in and out which means your entrances are not the same things as your exits and you cannot just sort of surface jump from the top of something and make a run for it in any sort of direction so this is kind of what oh good good can I get the dev GUI then help me have some help yeah I need some help I got you yeah thank you I don't know why the no clips not working amateur hour up in here so you got outlaw you got standoff on this side of the map and then the way down into the Buried section of ghost town is through the jail cell of outlaws so you don't have a lot of fun this one is particularly my favorite it's like a one-way kind of slide down this mine shaft which can be pretty entertaining and choke you so this is a significant destination ad just to put this in perspective if you look at the playable space and the amount of interior room and the number of places that things can go you're talking a construction site level spawning of items here so this will be a pretty fun and pretty destination that provides a particularly new experience into the blackout map now just before we stop on that there's another thing to talk about this is not the only thing that we did so I'm going to show you three examples of stuff so there's things that we've done inside the blackout map which we would call completely new so there's this entire kind of camp section behind where the dams and where the offices are so if you look at where I am in the map up here there's hydro this is a very popular draw for myself and Davian the bridge ambush committee shout out boys I'll see you tonight you've got this thing right here which is where this is so now you're got pressure on hydro not just from the guys who drop short on offices or the guys coming up from asylum but also this whole thing which is now pretty viable it's like a decent viably suitable place to drop if you you're gonna be less looted but then you're gonna put pressure on the guys to come in so that's what we call new and there's more than one of those the other one is down here this is another example of something inside the map that's completely new but that's not sort of the totality of that story either let me go over find my way here this is what doing it live looks like guys I'm gonna come over here and drop what we would probably call or what you would call apartments or condos you remember this section of the map here is typically has been six buildings what we call the six backers quite cool saying them in term I think no can apply this six-pack and then we now have it as an eight-pack so now this is even more viable as a potential first drop even in a quad game so you get some pretty fun activity sort of guys fighting across the street from one another or how there are the trappings so again you're not gonna walk out of here completely loot it up with the quad game but you're definitely walking out of here in a duo game and our solo game super loot it up so that's what we would call expand it so you have new which are destinations which didn't exist sort of secondary and supporting structures and you have these which are expanded and there's lots of these I want to show you one more because fine range fans will be thrilled to death or very very very very very very very very unhappy with me so here's another one that's gotten expanded look how close this is the firing range so if you get dropped firing range and you cleared it all out and you think you're done maybe maybe not cuz you're gonna have this destination which has been expanded putting pressure on you coming down from the hill here and this is a absolutely tough fight it's tough enough as it is I mean now it's even tougher still so we like these kind of destinations which are close to they're not as large as or significant as but they're also adjacent to and that puts interesting pressure on players one last one to talk about sort of and that's you know more macro than that what you'll see along the way is kind of different and more supporting things sort of running along your typical paths that are just sort of expanded I think this one by the riverbank you see where am I some of those the support structure additions we've added are my favorite for my play style because I don't like to drop hot it stresses me out so with with these new support structures and my leisurely jaunt from from place to place destination to destination I have more places to kind of explore and look at what's that what what's that what is this that's it's time to wager article so as as you like about some of these areas that you're pointing out like these are things that money's coming out of the back been sort of coming into existence it's not like they just kind of popped out of nowhere right oh my gosh we started seeding out kind of the survey stakes as an example yeah where these things might be going and with the high degree apart wait wait wait what is that David what's that what's that oh no you didn't matter there you go the built-in sensor dart there oh my god is the one oh my god what have you done you can't turn those on have you done what have you done you can't turn those off you lose this insert function why would you turn them off well if you want to be a little bit stealthier go for a more of a cold pursuit I've done it or not I think I've lived my usefulness on this one what about alright alright so I that is there anything else in the blackout front that you you want to cover here today is there anything in the blackout front that you want us to cover today no I see just are there no I mean we covered it all I mean there's a lot there like Vaughn said we could sit and talk for hours about you know the changes that the players are gonna see tomorrow that they're gonna see you know the week after that a week after that yeah Tony talked about a little bit when he was up I want to reinforce this stuff like the season the operation excuse me is not tomorrow and it's not Thursday it is not Friday it is tomorrow and Thursday and Friday and the entire time and we put the road map up on the Treyarch blog site it's true calm I blinked it earlier so that people can just have a direct link to that thing while you guys were talking about it's it's really important that you understand that this stuff is seasoned and plotted out over the course of time it is designed to give you things kind of on it on a schedule that's predictable and it's absolutely 100% in you're absolutely right on us do a better job communicating how that works and that's miss and it's not the only thing we got going on with this we got some deep dives on the coming with the developer update which they're editing right now I think and we're gonna do a much better job we're gonna camera a lot more and talk through these things you guys understand them more than the bullet point inside the reddit post Gus just one of the things that we do is why we're doing it yeah absolutely all right did we make it through I think we made it through all right before we uh before you head out today just wanted to offer a few thank-yous first thank you to our guests who worked really hard to get here today I also want to thank the the comms crew Tommy Ben Stephanie foxy and mr. Jay Fourier Robert Sanchez Li's staples and Rose Villasenor want to thank all you guys when a few special call outs for the activision crew Moloch the Jeffrey Jared Castle all of our services just McFarland and for all your help getting that road map done and over the finish line Calvin Kyle and Ally thank you for helping – yeah that that is about it yes I don't know who else could possibly be left I'm sure I left I'm sure I'll be hearing about that later gentlemen thank you for joining us today appreciate it thank you for tuning in and we will see you tomorrow there are three grand heist there it is what did you think everybody knows Ombuds map until march riperoni I've made my mic a bit louder I warn you my mic is gonna be a bit louder now so readjust your volume I'm talking nice and quiet readjust the volume a little bit every buddy alright I wanna I wanna hear what do you think of the announcement are you happy or do you feel like it was a letdown what is everyone saying a lot of people saying it was boring oh that's wrong if everyone was saying it's boring bear in mind that bear in mind the Treyarch are still kind of trash at doing streams like I don't to be mean I don't to be making out like I'm expecting them to be like God terror during their streams but there's still a little bit scuffed right like there's still a little bit awkward and they are always just not always exciting right so boring is not necessarily a surprise huge letdown not pleased very satisfied see that's interesting because there's a real there's a real mix there there's a real mix pretty bummed out about no new map my stoned self missed the stream well this video it's gonna be on my channel so you can watch this in its entirety right after I'm done streaming it and it will all be there so don't worry you're very proud they're saying this is the largest content drop yeah the largest content drop is largest one are you gonna read the blog post the blog post is already stuff that I like I've already talked about that information on my channel like I post the two videos before the stream started and in those videos I talked about all the stuff in the blog post they unfortunately don't give us any information about anything massively significant in there what about fashions will that's the question that's the question what about factions they just they didn't say anything about it like we're getting things like server pools which is good but without news of are factions it's like well as more tonight there's more to life through Santa Paws and we've got two seasons coming what do you think about that that's exciting that means we're getting an entire extra gear of zombies maps at least we got T's with a new map yeah I agree lumbago I agree that means we might actually get a teaser this time best is the end to the cow story well if it's not the end of the cows story better than mine it is not the end of the cow story it's just the end of the Cal story for now yeah it's good there's new points of interest I agree you know a new manager yeah that's right that's right HPC why factions is for ether so they're waiting for ether it's for both they've already confirmed this tomorrow that's what the easter-egg doesn't get spoiled yeah don't any of the like craziness that we have with a QA tester Ephraim VZ what was it like October leaking the Voyager despair like ciphers and stuff like that none of that please no zombie map until March that's correct Joseph no zombie map until March Misty's back yeah there is no getting around it if we wish to survive this night they are hello Jalen yo call you JC backfire JC backfire calling now live hey Brooke oh you're so loud let me tell you down boy ok hello lad hello I want to call you because I need to talk to someone because I'm really excited about okay yes I I think all right I just made a tweet and I think this is like all right here's what here's what I think yeah granted we didn't get like any zombies information too much about like specific stuff uh-huh mention at all right that that sucks why the fact that they told us that this the finale of chaos and I said that ether is coming is like probably the big what like if there was anything that would have been the best thing to do is to say that like that that needed to like happen soon because III said that I think they should have done that you know this is what we're talking about when we're talking about doing a road map yeah if they would have had a road map like near launch and said when like when all the seasons of content was coming and when and and then if they had a road map at launch like when we're all still like playing like nine and everything what I'm saying yeah right right and you say and you say hey we have to we're gonna have to chaos storyline Maps first and then in the later season we're gonna end it off with ether that would have put so many people at ease and so many people would be open to the chaos align Maps because they know that the finale of you know a dlc three important room at the finale typically of the game like they they would know that's the for now I know this it seasons but like but just in general yeah one thing just just to sort of branch off that point in a little bit with what you just said it seems to me like the only way they can really do this now is if DLC three and then four ends up being like the end of the first act and then the end of ether actually comes at the end of next year which is gonna mean that it's really drawn out by that's a long time to make us like slowly go through four Maps right yeah I I I mean they're definitely there because of the the negative reception of everything lately like they're definitely on a uphill battle to life son yeah except for even for even ether two in successfully that's an uphill battle I was like it's still like I I'd like I still have hope they can do it like I think they like Lily I was saying like they drop in Atlantis map or an Egypt map that's it dude I'm on board hey that's all I want I be fine as those are the last two maps of the story people as forever questions I have is is ending eath of the right move anymore cuz I know no it's because uh like C&C me and you me and you yeah you look at it and we're like okay we love ether right yeah that's been our like like our soulmate forever right but we both know it's drawn out at this point yeah like its way drona especially when you're starting another story and and there's just a huge pause between it right right it's just like it feels like ether should have wrapped up already and it didn't and I feel like I feel like that was part of the problem with bo4 is that they they have mob of the dead bloated dead and they're like yo yo we're going to the finale right now that's what I kinda like seem like one final battle of dr. Monty yeah it's like it was okay it was hype to like it was such hype like when that happened they were like oh shoot they just named drop dr. Mike they told us where we were going like uh-huh puns aside like they actually told us that was gonna be a thing and then it's like okay Esther okay yeah and then no one knew what was going on and like I had no idea I like honestly I thought it was gonna be all the way through DLC for was gonna be all chaos because they never told us right right I had no idea I thought that was happening as well I genuinely I think that was the original plan I think they might have changed what they were gonna do cuz you think so I I just seem to remember by the Jason saying something or something about how it's gonna be for chaos Maps like I just I feel like I've seen that somewhere that's why I'm like kind of confused today when they were like yeah so it's the last chaos map this season why my heart's get to be I was like hello lad they're getting rid of it but wait I you know what now that I think about it I think you're right I think they did say some are like it was I think in like advertised the past season pause right yeah it was the past and it said it said some long lines of continuing the chaos storyline and something like that yeah and it but it wasn't like a hundred percent like like you know what I mean like Treyarch never said it themselves like oh all Ford packs right but it was like which means the people have bought the game based on that like kind of magnets yeah and that was I mean that was I mean me and you both thought that was the case and was like I mean source of zombies guys so then the entire public has to maybe maybe what they're gonna do is they're gonna say the black ops pass will get you access to all the chaos maps and then like another something else well I honestly three and four or something like I don't want to like perceive things that aren't there but I think you could be right I think they might have had originally the planners in this pass is that all chaos right and then they just quickly because of everything but it's a good move don't get like if this is if they did this move in and try to yeah yeah it is the right move it is absolutely the right move to do but I just hope that doesn't affect chaos storylines story-wise because I still think there's hope for the story mm-hmm III like I'm I'm still I I know like a lot of people that like aren't a huge fan at the moment but I I don't know like we can have a like once anyway ever had didn't walk on so much for the story oh wait so are you just deafened yeah I just had to scream and watch other anyway behead didn't work and that's why I went no oh I was gonna say one single map yeah can no much the story just look at derice just look at mob the dead right like Matt like a single map can do hat like it has so much potential it's just this every time like Matt just there's so much good the has come from like the last couple times track have spoken about how things are going in a better direction now but at the same time I'm just like I don't know if I can trust I don't know if I have enough trust in Treyarch right now to let myself get hyped that's the problem is like I would be excited for ether and I'd love ether come back but ultimately if blood of the Dead released in tomorrow it would be sick for a week but I feel like those same problems would still be there of like zombies is just not the lifestyle game that we're all hoping it would be like it's it's not found its feet yet as something that you can play for more than a week without deciding that there's other things to do and so like I'm sure I would be so jazzed if we went to Atlantis or Egypt or Venus or wherever right I like bring me a question I'm I'm down for it but I'm also like kinda kinda a bit cagey bit hesitant just because it's like trout could just pull some craziness at there like and and mean the the the map is fun for a few days and then it and then it sucks like right I'm just I'm so it's like you've been you've been hurt in a relationship and you don't know whether to be like I'll just give you a second chance or if you're just like alright well actually I I can't really deal with the back-and-forth anymore like we've been going back and forth for four months and Treyarch have still been all over the place and now I'm just kind of like I don't know I don't know what to think like I'm it's weird i I just I just think no matter what there's anything to take away I see people on Twitter I see people talking about it yeah my discord and everything yeah and people people are just by saying the words ether and and say that's three and four just that that one sentence which is already weird right they already yeah w-4 that right right it's great and it's like that communication is like the thing that they need to keep doing they need to just explain when things are coming and explain when things are happening and like if I don't know if it was the original plan to do the ether at the end or not at the season but if we had that told to us beforehand you would have people like you wouldn't have that initial complaints every single time because every single time I chaos story gets or a chaos map gets announced yeah every single reply on Twitter is oh it's chaos yeah which is latest fad it's like though it's fair it's fair because people don't people have expectations that they're gonna see ether again because Treyarch doesn't tell anybody when it's coming right so people actually get their hopes up and then it it's not there sorry it's like they're justified by it but now I don't know based on I'm saying is communication I'm just happy yeah no it's definitely good that they finally told us the chaos is going away for a bit like no one is gonna take that as bad news 100% everyone is gonna prefer ether right now someone start describing my current romantic relationship and tons of tracks on bees feels bad Oh could we get an F in the chat from my boy or girl so the question is right now like as a community this this goes includes you guys chat what are we saying ah the remaining immediate things like the first things try out need to do to win people back number one I think is gather us and gear and give us factions right I think that's like the most obvious kind of answer because factions was promised so early on and it's still just nowhere to be seen so I'd say fashions is one but beyond that JC I'll let you try on this first then we'll see what Chas saying what are the like one or two things after factions that you would say would be the most important things to win people back from here you amigo yeah yeah no go for it absolutely oh I think I think we need a I I think at this point what do you know a solid map like if like alright let's just go with the next map right which is on March yeah I want like the map needs to be solid it needs to be be fun not overly tedious like it just needs to be a solid map I'm talking like to rise and direct levels of like oh I can just use a like I make it like easier or something like it's more accessible to players now you normally like hard Maps da risin but no that's not what I want I just like it needs to be something that's not tedious that's not going to annoy people on day one because if it does that people are out I do that and there needs to be systems on the game that gets people to come back right playing it like and we've talked about that I mean beyond belief yeah like maybe that's the thing that really gets me is like I would say cuz chat saying a couple different things chats saying communication which I really agree with that communication still needs to be so much better that's gonna get people back on board because I mean you look at games like Rainbow six that game started out in a terrible spot but because they kept going and kept listening to their community and kept adding things at the community wanted and making the game cooler like it's balute is massive now right and like the the game is not beyond fixing and the community is not beyond restoring it's just that there has to start with some honesty and communication from the studio right so like communication I agree with I also see people saying things about like getting rid of bugs and stuff like that and while I sort of agree as well that the bugs I think are basically only as much of a problem as they've been in other games now they're no longer like the black ops for blue screen issue it's much more stable so the the main thing in my opinion there is more important than literally anything else and it might be factions and am I not is exactly what you said JC a system the is in the game that gives you reason to play the game that is a absolutely number one above anything I can think of that is a bother even if even a therm apps okay cuz dead of the night came out and I was like you know what this is a chaos map but I actually kind of like the map like I actually thought some of the stuff that they did in there was pretty cool and the easter egg steps some of those steps were pretty cool like they were cool parts of that map oh yeah even though it was chaos the math is really cool right like III think that another night is is like a a pretty damn awesome design is just that it is like a perfect example of the problem that black ops 4 has had since day one which is that hi guys a base game is fun for a day alright it's fun initially but there is literally no reason once you beat any strike once and you're good at the game there's no reason to go back to it zero basic basically what zombies what cherrick needs to realize is that zombies has been going on for 10 plus years now yeah and as much as the mode was originally revolved around like oh I'm gonna survive more rounds than my friend online that even though that is still a thing the there has to be in the the changing gaming industry landscape that's going on there has to be something that like put zombies into that next step bo3 I think one of the biggest things for bo3 was changing like settings of the game with gobble gums a little bit like changing like your experience from like different games and then also and it was a little slightly not a huge thing but it's just slightly and then also boss fights and the Astra H maids I wanna say feel like that it made them feel epic like raids basically that's what bo3 had it was that next step Bo for the next step I don't I don't see it like I like I there's no clear thing the perk the perk systems changed but it's it's really not that like it's legitimately like you could have made that thing different like and yeah then you could have raised that with 50% of copies and then with the other 50% of copies you could have left the old perk system in and right nosy people might not even like realize in terms of like the the the way that it changes the gameplay it's so minimal it's it really minimal it really is and like as much as people hey I like let's just say let's just say the perks were were normal back to how they used to be yeah and you had jug and all this sort of stuff or whatever III still think we'd be in the same boat right now be the absolute same boat because there is no there was no next step I think custom mutations was like a potential of that next step but then it doesn't work with easter eggs there's no challenges revolved around them they're like it's just there's nothing like you just it's this it's not replayable and people don't use it because it's just it doesn't even work with the game it's just like 90% is on in bo3 it's like we're in late Feb 2 March we're nearly at dlc 2 for zombies and you still can't do those eggs and mutations it's like okay at this point that's four months of the community deciding the mutations are unimportant they don't matter that like they're it's like it's it makes me like I'm scared what's gonna happen is because mutation I know for a hundred percent fact yeah mutations is like used by such a small amount of people like there's no way it's used massively and I'm scared that they're not gonna do it hands yeah I would say so too which is ridiculous because mutations is literally any gauntlet you want to make basically I think that's what I'm worried about it I'm worried that they're going to they're gonna see that no one's playing and they're like oh yeah I guess we'll never do that again because no one's playing it's like no no that's you have it but you didn't go although do the thing that would go all the way with it that would make people actually use it and and it needs a it really needs a challenge that the game needs a challenge system that would keep players coming back but callings is not it right now say it's not a couple other people in chat have said change the HUD and while I agree that the HUD is not great I think the HUD is rough well that's not gonna fix the game right like me cha let's be real if I change the HUD right now today would you care about that change in two weeks time nope probably not you're probably gonna be too busy playing apex in two weeks time don't even know it is Chitti right dude are you kidding me if they change the HUD today I guarantee you like I know what I don't know no one would care yeah exactly that's the issue right is like those sorts of changes are definitely needed I would say but Jason already said that there's no changes to no plans to change the HUD so first things I'm even on their list and secondly like we need to think bigger about the things that are really impacting the community itself like I don't mind zlc for having a weird hood if we have some awesome replayability absolutely it's like take the HUD away for all I care I don't mind as long as the other things that are destroying it will have destroyed the community as long as those things are fixed I saw someone as well say as their citizen six said stop first in the world stream speed Easter eggs that remains the map favorite ones hate to break it to you citizen six but I mean I've been doing first and well streams since shangri-la chief like it's been quite a long time and it didn't ruin it in any of the other games and it's alley isn't ruining it now you've got to really be careful with that mindset because I see people like echoing similar sorts of things every now and then blaming youtubers for the game's problem and you just can't do that you absolutely cannot do that because you can you can put as much blame on me as well as I as you want to sorry but that isn't gonna fix the game like the game still has all these issues that we're talking about right and if me just playing the game and streaming it just like you could play the game and stream it anyone could do that right if me playing the game is a problem then that is absolutely not my fault there's the fault with the design of the game right so we've really got to try and zero in on the specific things that are important to the games kind of health the need to be changed with differences in design rather than differences in like how the community is going to react to something like you can't change the community and tell what to do because it's the community like that's just never gonna be the way things work but you can tell the game how to behave because I mean they're trout they can develop the damn thing and give us new systems to play with and change them based on our reactions and feedback and stuff along those lines and Jason even said with the gauntlets the first one came out and then they got some feedback and they were like okay well we'll work on this we'll take this out we'll put this in and that's how we ended up with the nine gauntlet and I think the nine goal that's great so like those things are what we need to focus on yes JC what are we what do we had anytime you know what they should do because I I think most people would agree communication is like the most important thing tell us what they should do yeah they should they should come out hiya JC backfire do it awesome hey man I would talk for them for days all right notes at every single meeting listen here's what they should do they should before like a weaker or you know we could do maybe a couple weeks before the map the zombies map comes out have a dedicated video directly to the community by a dev or a social media manager or somebody at Treyarch explaining and have them say and and Lily have them directly here's I generally don't think this would be a bad move mm-hmm they just came out and said yo guys we know how bad the community like the community vibes have been we messed up we messed up and we want to make it right and we've actually originally we wanted to do all chaos for the rest of the LC season let's just say that was our plan and if they actually were like transparent and went all right we're actually because we we've we've heard the feedback we know you guys want to see ether we're bringing ether for you guys and we're gonna have factions and we're gonna do all these things to revitalize like the replay value in the game like if they just directly said that to the community and like a you know very like apologetic but also like like we're striving to do better way yeah you you cannot lose like it is aw in every scenario gunshot null name in my chat said all they need to do is hire literally anyone who knows anything about talking yes like please is that like so obvious but they failed to do it for four months like this is the thing that baffles me is exactly what you just said if they hi guys literally came through and were like okay we messed up here are the things we messed up here's what we're doing to fix it and they just did that on a regular basis like we told Jason before the game came out if they just did that people would like cuz this is the thing this is the thing that I absolutely don't understand okay when you're a game deaf company the is under Activision Publishing you are a studio is really just down to get scrappy and really eager to do a good job and and do everything you can to make the community happy like Treyarch ah I know that the devs are I know some of them personally I know that they are good people trying to make as good a product as possible right there the great peeler great they're great people when you're a studio like that if you come out and you say okay what we're gonna do is get down in the trenches and talk and initiate conversations and actually act on those conversations and put our material in the game when you do that you change the narrative from I'm big bad jason blundell and I'm a very corporate and just doing where Activision tells me to you take it away from that and you go back to the attitude that the community had towards Treyarch back during ecology world of war back in the day when truck was the underdog because you're talking to someone that person person to you and yeah it's a human interaction it's the same company that came to my apartment by the way exactly like lysis phantoms on a before last Johnnie of war and he's done yeah they just need to realize the by starring those conversations they can get people rooting for them again because that's completely gone all the trust is gone but if they just dropped the corpora like Activision facade if they dropped the shield and just said honestly all right we're sorry help us guys help us help you if they came out did that things would be amazing they would be so good but instead instead we get Jason going Cheers I mean flesh we messed up for one sentence he says we messed up but don't worry a Maps coming out in 12 hours during dead of the night like we literally had that stupid a turnaround in marketing to map release and we've literally had for four months all of this like talking in riddles almost not knowing when things are gonna be dated not knowing what hi guys is even gonna be releasing when right and if they just dropped all of that which I know it's not gonna never gonna really happen because clearly it's a systemic problem at the company and Activision or whatever right but if they could just get past that and start actually talking to people life would be good it'd be so good but I I do want to say yeah I'm gonna say though my load like I what they just did today though is a great start to that yeah like I'm saying as well ah I just watched that bit right at the end Vaughn was saying like he basically did exactly what I'm just asking them to do except he did it for blackout and I guess a little bit MP but mainly black out because that's ways one right now right he basically said I am working really hard to get on camera more often and to keep talking to you guys because the most important thing is that we can continue to communicate and continue to talk about all of these things and that I'm open and honest about what I'm working on so that you guys stay in the loop and it's so that's amazing it's good that's his outlook and then he's saying that on camera in the stream today but where's Jason saying that it's just not happening right did you see uh did you see Tony talking on stream as well Brian P yeah yeah Tony was awesome yeah like like he was he was talking about all the feedback that they got on certain things like I'm not uh you know I not really like a huge NP guy nowadays but I mean he was being very direct about the things that they were doing and changes granted again this is on a like only one live stream after a couple of months they need to do this more often I can't really do what was the law strong um it was like the last stream I'm pretty sure dies like god insane how drink black ops 3 they had weekly dev streams literally weekly data streams yeah they streamed like by the every week or every other week talking with most often the MP Debs but they had devs from all over the company during black ops 3 they were yeah Scott oh I think I know I think I know you yeah I remember now you're right yeah yeah yeah dude I'm telling you man all they gotta do is it's I think of just a big part is like the chat is saying as well I think a lot of people would agree it's a big part of it is just communication and just increasing that communication further yep and and just do more streams talking to the community directly talk to the community about the problems that are going on people will respect that a hundred percent if you admit any mistake you're seeing you're like as it like you're just seen as more like personal and work like truthful and then you just have your respect goes up a hundred like way if you miss if you admit any mistake that's happened or just admit that hey maybe things aren't going the the best way the community right now that people people would respect that so much and and just like in like we saw today with was saying the ether storyline stuff is coming I never thought I'd hear them actually confirmed what the DLC maps would be from here on out but they they really did that on stream and you can see already people are site like there is excitement back out of that like there really is and that looks like one sentence like they could do if they keep that going and keep on going further the communication they can turn it around man I'm telling you right by example is the park right I'm pretty sure they said the park was releasing in January right we're not three weeks into February parks not out yet all right that's not a big deal I don't care that the parks not out yet that much because I'm not playing the game admittedly but yeah if they just said we didn't want to release the park it wasn't ready or we wanted to release it with some other stuff or anything they acknowledged it and just said hey here's a thing here's what we're doing about it people would feel like they cared a bit more but anyway this is enough conversation all the pins of emotion there dude it's like right it's Christmas Day to be as good as Paul I want to love black ops four and I was prepared to love like what's problem from the beginning but instead we got this mess admittedly and I'm just looking forward to a day and I'm hopeful for a day when I am in love with this game it hasn't happened yet it hasn't come yet but I'm hopeful for it so what I want to say now is this is enough talk about this because last year I let myself get way too caught up in being like trembley's to do this trying this to do that and then they were just never deliver on it and I'd be like well this feels terrible so I'm gonna run the stream up here Thank You JC for joining me it's been a pleasure lad sorry I just had a lot of emotion I said that I was I got excited man I I got excited with the communication like honestly it made me happy it's nice to have them talking to us it's just that we still need more tract so anymore I'm let me out for a sec run thanks for watching guys I'm gonna wrap things up here please drop a like I would like to see a thumbs up okay thumbs up on the stream that'd be fantastic I'm gonna quickly shout out all the people that have donated in the last like hour or so and then I'm gonna get working on making a video talking about zombies seas – and all the other all the other things that are basically kind of in the works and they've got talked about today okay so and gets the donations now because I had the notifications off when they were too loud during the stream itself so it looks like unfair society Society said cheers Hooksett said love you ed man says oh well ed man appears baby sly said meatball sandwich marinara sauce and jalapenos Dan that's that's pretty good hell yeah I was asking people that favorite food as a starter stream that's maybe now you could you could tell you what your favorite drink is what is your favorite drink okay what's your favorite drink let's keep going YOUnique says please say hi Salim oh I got that one already perfect spicy says favorite anime I already got that one already Balthazar became remember welcome Balthazar nick says will zombies chronicles to revive zombies no zombies chronicles one wouldn't of revived zombies that's not what we need to revive zombies right now but I think me and Jesse kind of covered that already Blake says as a waffle warrior I will kill all we weaklings hey no weaves a fine dude we can leave them alone it's all good it's all good bro Miguel says Milo says trout always has trash audio but he has allowed last mic hey that's not my fault that's just because trout's volume was low so my volume is high you know I'm saying you can't blame me for tracks mistakes dude but thank you Miguel Jaime says no zombies trailer I'm gonna neck myself no Jamie we need you zoe became a member welcome Zoe I think I already said that while I was while I was going through Justin said I think this is a nice step forward I agree dude definitely a good step forward hundred percent best drink is Juggernog says Collin in the chat and Jonathan says that as well rip joke dude joke gone forever bro Macker says with Craig saying the teammate enjoyed the idea of two cows to ether I've got a feeling that ether will continue next season as well yeah no I agree 100% oh and Mac has then said I don't know vacations working sorry bro I had them paused I wanted to make sure that people were able to watch the stream without too much interruption earlier on Mike said I'm at with memorable wonder weapons like origins they'll be cool but again memoral wonder weapons can only last for so long you can only play origins so many times right livestream more bro thank you your alt oh man hey how's the girl right oh man good to see you babe good to see you it's been a little while Andy I really shows three more Phoenix says they need to add faces stuff like Newton's cookbook I think that is coming and lead Apple support should be coming soon so hopefully that'll take some of your boxes there bro Mac is with the five said guarantee ether will continue next season yeah for sure Nile became a member welcome Nile Harvey said the season pass should have stayed what do you mean my should have stayed because we still do have the black of his pass so I'm not a hundred percent is that what you mean by that well wolf gaming donated five thank you now said they need to stray away from the overwatch field for the game they're liking the og cod feel personally I think the there's nothing to overwatch II about it right now is just they need to communicate more I think that's the core problem ultimately access has where as leaderboards I think the game would be helped by them in a big way side note I have 300 wins in rush I would have five hundred but I just don't care anymore dang big player holy moly that's a lot Jesus dude hell yeah Colton with a five said Travis having problems with Activision maybe but also I think the people cool Activision the boogieman really often when honestly they're not actually that bad like I think that genuinely part of it is just on Treyarch they just have to take responsibility for that it's probably a mix of like Activision doing some things and try outdoing others but I don't think it's fair to say it's only Activision and then demonic says Activision is literally choke holding Treyarch and you're walking up to them and punching them in the gut all you do is bring negativity to the community I get things need to be fixed because of your impact you're killing them again demonic lul I cannot disagree with you more I genuinely cannot disagree with you more man I am not killing this game alright because I am just saying the same things that you guys are saying to me right I'm a mouthpiece for a lot of your opinions and a lot of the community's feelings about the game as well as my own opinions right and my opinion so there's been a lot of problems with the game and just because Activision is literally choke holding Treyarch which you have no evidence for by the way just because of that doesn't mean that I can't come out and be negative and be truthful when I'm being negative and say what I think is broken because as jason has said to me personally jason blundell the freaking hi guys you do head coach dude your head at Treyarch he has said to me personally that what he wants me to do when I think that there's something wrong with the game is he wants me to communicate it in videos okay he wants me to do that so all you do is bring negativity to the community is literally what Jason has asked me to do as it makes his job easier in fixing the game all right so it's not me just killing them here it's not me doing that and also it's not Activision literally choke holding Treyarch that is just not a thing right is a much more nuanced situation than that I think you have to really look into it a bit more deeply demonic lul Harvey said the season pass is more concrete I reckon I still I don't know what you mean black ops pass season pass like them more or less the same sort of thing now Mike Miguel's a Silva says what was Mike ops three like at this point in the cycle well we just had de that was a fantastic map leading up on through to zetsubou at this point you're curious if black ops 4 is still just as fun to play as Mike ops 3 is well de was one of the greatest mass of all time so it's not comparable dead of the night no one even really know no one even really knew it was coming out so big difference there big difference Christian Dyer says don't play victim bro ha hi guys don't play victim this guy is telling me that I am killing Treyarch and I'm responding to it that's all Ricky says community echos big content creators play the game more no I don't like the game why like I don't have an obligation to the game they're not paying me I should not have to like sacrifice my own honesty just to force myself to play a game that I don't like and then pretend that it's only good like III got a I gotta be honest last year like JC is the sort of person where he's very he's very positive about everything right all that he says is positive or is he tries to go in that direction right he likes only being positive okay so last year he was saying all these positive things and people were giving him crap for it because he was being positive but there was so many issues with the game and he was just cherry-picking the good things right and eventually it wore him down and he got to the point where he was like I can't deal with this anymore I can't be in this community this engrained trying to play the game this much because it's a completely toxic environment because of the issues the game has causing the community to flare up in the way that they are you've got to be honest about what's good and what's bad it's part of life you have to be adult about it and you have to be able to say things are not good when they're not good hi guys it's really not a question of only being negative all the time or only being positive I was very positive about the 9 gobbler that happened like weeks ago right literally weeks ago I was really positive about that because I liked it it was fun but people come to me and they're like oh you're only negative it's like sorry whose videos you watching yes I'm negative when there's reason but yes I'm positive when there's reason like a lot of people I feel are just too young to understand that there is nuance to my opinion like it's so not black and white but people try and paint it that way so often it drives me insane Colton says what you're looking forward to in the future I'm looking forward to trout opening a dialogue at some point at some point I don't know when it's gonna happen I don't know if it's gonna happen but I hope so I really hope so Jaden says 'if the story should stay for ten to twenty more years Jaden you're crazy man it's got to end at some point in twenty years time you're not gonna give a damn about Richtofen twenty years is so long dude I've been in this community for ten years okay I've literally been making videos since well at war and let me tell you chief I ain't going another ten years only caring about Richtofen and his merry band of zombie Slayers it's just not happening all right Derry me you really are an ether dick writer if you want trout to milk a dead story for another decade says Jaden Waga Sorry mate oh no not since June whatta sorry says Santino King sorry mate but just saying someone is an ether dick writer if they want another ether of sorry another decade of zombies is again painting a conversation that is nuanced with either a black or a white brush but nothing in between all right I get that it's YouTube chat I get the people in YouTube chat don't really have sort of adult conversations about things with complex opinions and respecting the other person but you don't need to call someone a dick writer just for liking the ether story like I can disagree I can say respectfully I don't think you're gonna care about either in 10 years as I just literally did but you don't need to call him a dick writer you do need to call it a dead story like like come on man people just are like okay chats getting really really disrespectful right now so I'm just gonna wrap the stream up here man people are being really childish genuinely I look forward to the day when this community grows up a little bit honestly I am honestly I'm looking forward to it just a little bit because there's a lot of great people at the chat right now but there are a couple of people though also saying these things that are just trying to whip up this weird I don't know even what so Harvey O'Neil says ten years of extinction and ghosts – that's the only thing that I can agree on in this entire stream I think that we can all agree on that in a in chat as well so guys on that note Jesus Christ this really went in a direction I did not expect it – on that note let's uh let's just quickly there we go there it is right on that know I've been jason blundell thank you for watching the stream everybody if you could just like drop a like that would be great give me a thumbs up real quick I love you all so much I'm gonna blow you a kiss mm ah a kiss for you Oh wha a kiss for you all right okay look he's even got the headset on there it is all right thanks for watching guys Ivan mr. waffle waffles drop a like on the stream if you've enjoyed and hopefully I will see you very soon in some positive zombies streams maybe tomorrow for the Newport high Grammys see you guys very soon thanks prose and vein for that five to wrap things up I'll catch you guys next time peace out Bros

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