Best Champions TIER LIST – League of Legends Patch 9.3

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Patch 9.3 TIER LIST: the best champions on patch 9.3, changes to marksmen, Akali, Aatrox, Camille, Cassiopeia, and Irelia.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.

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welcome back summoners to another pro guides patch rundown video my name is Christophe and today I'm gonna go over some changes made in patch 9.3 in this video you'll find that we made some small changes to our usual tier list we will now be splitting our meta analysis videos into two parts to give you the most accurate information we can offer the first video will be released at the start of every patch and will include a tier list that predicts which champions we believe will be strong in the upcoming meta the second video will be released one week into the patch when we have all the statistical data to give you guys the best champions this is a big patch and there's a lot to cover so let's get right into it even after multiple nerfs to aatrox he still been at the top of the tier list for far too long the nerfs made to his kit this patch focused on lowering his raw power but clearly they weren't enough to knock him out of his s tier status aatrox will be receiving a nerf to his e umbral – followed by a compensation buff to his HP regen and growth humbrol – were no longer heal when attacking non champions and will also no longer be able to hold multiple charges these are both huge and nerfs to aatrox and will likely be the nail in the coffin that will lead to his downfall in the meta removing the charges from umbral – means it'll become extremely difficult to land all three queues which will lead to eight rocks doing a much less damage in fights we predicted eight rocks will be dropped to our B top lane tearless this patch but is definitely subject to change in the upcoming week you raelia suffered some heavy nerfs in the past patch but is still managed to hold a solid stance in the meta although she is definitely weaker than before it really will still be receiving a few changes this patch to shift her more towards the top lane firstly a really is passive Ionian fervor will no longer grant bonus attack damage per stack but instead will give bonus attack speed the cap stacks ryona and fervor has been increased from 4 to 5 and will now grant bonus attack damage instead of attack speed as a max stack bonus in addition array Leah's Q bladesurge will be buffed to deal more damage to minions and she will also have her base HP growth are more buffed as well lastly Aurelius W defiant dance has been nerfed to only grant you 50% reduced physical damage these changes are huge for aralia and will most likely result in her seeing much less play in the mid lane he really will be dropped to our top lane of beat tier list for patch 9.3 Sion has been a solid pick in the top lane and has seen a lot of play in competitive matches in the current meta Sion has easily been the most consistent top lane champion and will be receiving a few nerfs this patch to allow scions bad matchups to feel more punishing his Q decimating smash will have its minimum and maximum damage nerfed by a sizable amount in addition his W soul furnace will have its cooldown increased during the early to mid game Sion will still be a solid pick in patch 9.3 and will remain in our top lane eight tier this patch the top lane tier list for this patch has had a lot of changes notice in our s tier we only have four champions instead of the usual five due to Cassiopeia dropping down into our a tier we'll go over the changes made to her in our mid lane section so make sure to stay tuned Sion and York are the two best contenders for our final spot in the S tier and we'll make sure to keep you guys updated in our meta analysis video coming next week our prediction for the strongest champions this patch are Darius Jack's Riven and our guy make sure to try them out in your next soloqueue games for the best results onto the jungle although camille's play rate has been dropping since the prior exp nerfs she will be receiving another nerf to prioritize her play toward the top lane camille's a hook shot will no longer stun minions and monsters making her take much more damage during the early jungle clears and also increasing the time it takes to clear the scuttle crab many high elo jungler players believe that this change will completely kill Kamil in the jungle and our in-house analysts think the same Camille will be removed completely from our jungle tier list for patch 9.3 but we'll see if she can make it come back in the meta next week with all the prior jungle changes finally setting in the tier list for patch 9.3 we'll also see a lot of changes from our previous one Str we welcome two new members which are ramus and nunu who have some of the highest wind rates in the jungle right now jungle has now been shifted to more of a tank and supportive role due to low XP efficiency which allows champions like nunu sejuani NamUs and Ivan to thrive in the meta range champions such as graves and kindred who build similar items as a DC's will be in our a tier for now but are subject to change once the meta settles in Ivan is making a comeback in the meta and is an extremely underrated jungler try them out in a normal game and the results will speak for themselves there were a lot of changes made to a Khali during the preseason but the devs have finally decided to pull the plug on her McCauley will be receiving two huge nerfs to her kit this patch followed by a compensation buff to her base health regen her Q 5 point strike will no longer heal her while she is at 180 energy or more in addition her W Twilight shroud will no longer prevent turrets from revealing her these two nerfs will definitely lower the power of a Khali significantly and she will see a lot less play in the upcoming meta a Kali will be dropped to her mid lane b-tier for this patch but you can probably expect her to be dropped even further in the coming week Cassiopeia has been one of the most oppressive champions for a while but surprisingly hasn't seen that much play in soloqueue to keep Cassiopeia and check her Q noxious blast will have its base damage nerfed during the early game but will now do more damage during the late game also her W miasma will have its mana cost increased followed by a nerf to its damage per second and max damage although these nerfs do take a toll on Cassiopeia she will still be strong in the current meta and will be dropped to her a tier 4 patch 9.3 lissandra has been the most solid pick in the midlane for quite some time and we'll have a few new changes to her kit this patch her cue ice shard will have its mana cost increased by a small amount followed by a nerf to her e glacial paths damage you'll definitely feel these nurse when you play her this patch but she will still be a powerful pick in the meta the damage nerfs on her e are almost negligible since she mostly uses it as a utility and engage or escape tool we predict that lissandra will remain in our s tier for patch 9.3 since most of her core strengths come from aftershock instead of her base stats due to a lot of nerfs on our s tier champions from mid lane our tier list will see a lot of changes for patch 9.3 aralia aatrox and Cassiopeia have all been dropped from our s tier and we've added Talon Zoe and Kassadin as their replacements Silas has been added into our a tier list from mid lane and is a decent pick in the right hands Akali has been dropped to our beats here due to the massive nerfs and our kit but we will keep you updated on the stats in our next video because these nerfs were big try out some of our s2 your champions in your ranked games we especially recommend you try lissandra and Zoe since they are very easy to learn marksmen have seen the most changes during season eight and are getting reworked this patch to increase their impact on each game there are a lot of changes made to ADC itemization and we predict that these changes will make the bottom lane the most impactful role on the rift cloak of agility is returning to the rift this patch and will be used to build into multiple crit items it now costs 800 gold and grants you 20% critical chance after the previous infinity edge nerf the item no longer felt very satisfying to build in patch 9.3 the devs have decided to restore infinity edges synergy with itself and make it more gratifying to pick up infinity edge will now build from bf sword plus pickaxe Plus cloak of agility and grants you ad ad and now increases critical strike damage by 25s enslaver was originally meant for a DC's such as Ziya and but has been more popular among fighters such as Renekton and riven essence reaver will receive a few changes to shift it back toward the ADC position it now bills from pickaxe Caulfield's warhammer and cloak of agility and will have a total cost of 3200 gold the base ad has been lowered to 60 but now gives 25% crit chance the old passive essence flare has been removed and the item will no longer grant 300 base mana many of you recognized this item from Nexus blitz but don't be fooled it's a completely different item now spear of Shogun will now build out of BF sword and Kindle gem plus a longsword and will have a total cost of 3400 gold it grants 60 ad 250 HP and gives 20% cooldown reduction awaken Dragon is the passive for this item which acts as a similar version of the old essence flare storm razor is getting a complete overhaul and will no longer be focused on dealing burst damage in quick skirmishes its total cost has been increased to 3100 gold and it will build from Curtis shard instead of dagger it grants 55 ad 25% attack speed but its passive now deals 65 bonus magic damage on hit and slows the target by 40% for 1 second phantom dancer will have its gold reduced to 2,600 and will build from brawler's gloves instead of double dagger from now on its attack speed has been lowered by 15% the critical change has also been reduced by 5% and the old passive has been removed completely phantom dancers new passive is now lifeline which grants you a shield that absorbs up to 600 damage while you're below 30% HP in addition its secondary passive spectral waltz now grants 7% movement speed for 2 seconds after Auto attacking a champion rapid firecannon runaan's hurricane and Static ship will have their gold lowered but will also have their critical chance nerfed by 5% static ship will also see an additional nerf to its attack speed by 5% as well as well Dominick's regard and mortal reminder will both have their base ad stats in priest by five these are our predictions for the ADC tearless this patch a test here we can see Lucian Caitlin Sivir twitch and Cassiopeia since a DC's play a more impactful role in the meta Lane dominant champions will most likely see more play Jin has been dropped to her beats here this patch due to his core items storm razor receiving a rework we'll keep you updated on how these items affect each champion and make sure to provide you with more information once the changes settle in and when the stats are available Zyra will be receiving a small patch to her plant damage at all levels she will still be a strong carry support in the meta but will now have to rely more on landing her abilities instead of using her plants all the time Zyra will remain in our support a tier 4 patch 9.3 the support tier list remains unchanged from last patch since there were no balanced changes made to support in patch 9.3 however shielding supports might make a return the meta due to a DC's being a little bit more impactful once the stats are available we'll make sure to include more information about how these changes have affected the support meta in our next video that's it for patch 9.3 if you enjoyed watching this video please leave a like comment and subscribe to our Channel also we have a huge announcement that pro guides is now free for all users click the link below and check out our website for exclusive League of Legends content made by your favorite professional players in addition make sure to check out our previous video for an all inclusive Silas guide featuring bunny foo-foo the second part to our meta analysis video will be available next week which will bring you more accurate tier lists using fresh statistics thank you guys for watching and I'll see you on the rift

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