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We’re battling the Mother to try and save StrangerVille!



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hi guys it's Chrissy and welcome back to part 5 of our strange of all let's play now this will be the finale of this let's play and in this part we're going to be vaccinating threesomes and recruiting them to fight the mother plant to see if we can you know cure this unfortunate infection that has taken ahold of strange evil now quick recap for anyone that might have forgotten what happened in the last part but last part we managed to find out that we can create a vaccine we found out who and what the mother actually was and I left off the pot was telling you guys that I would create the vaccines off camera since I did grab to go and hunt for spools and you know spend a lot of time just creating the vaccines but yeah we have the infection vaccine right here in our inventory and as you guys can see things have gotten pretty dire in strange evil there are spores everywhere the lightning the lighting is really weird you know lots of purple clouds over the crater I mean it's the the sky is green for heaven's sake but yeah so things have gotten pretty dire and we now have to go outside and vaccinate threesomes so just to be safe I'm going to have Ally put on her hazmat suit you know you can never be too safe with these kinds of things I actually don't know if your sim can get infected from just being outside now something I also noticed when I opened up my game is that we have some you know some really interesting looking vines growing out of our toilet which is that that's nasty and hikes and you don't ever want to see that coming out of a toilet so she's just going to clean that up real quickly but okay we have some people over here but I want to pick very carefully who I want to kill I saw someone out here earlier that I really want to care and not Tammy she's not sick but I could swear I saw Judith just now oh well Judith will have to remain infected it's just too bad who is over here let's see who can bein weak here a bunch of random scientists people military personnel secret agents but yeah I can't see you really see anyone specific that I wanted to cure so do you go I think I'm yeah I'm just think I'm just going to grab the first random person off of the streets and I can find so I mean she is a scientist so that could be helpful you know it couldn't hurt to have a scientist on board you know maybe she knows something that we don't know okay let's see I wonder if this works I haven't tried this out yet you know to administer like the real cure so let's see if this works and it says I feel so much better I can think clearly and that terrible sound in my head is gone okay awesome so I'm going to assume that we need to make friends with her before I try and ask her to you know come fight the mother plant with me so yeah let's just talk to her a little bit so yeah let's talk to her see if she see if we can get to a bit of a better relationship before I ask her to know basically risk her life fighting like an alien with me let's flatter her let's just speed through this and recruit let's see if that works annie has learned that Yuson is a strange evil scientist at the redacted lab well she should definitely be helpful since okay so you want me to go down there with you what do you know about fighting giant alien plants before we hardly even know each other okay so we did not know each other well enough so we do need to become better friends no that's fine I can do that let's just talk a little bit more deep conversation it's kind of sucks that she doesn't have any friends that I can just ask but you know let's not do that yet don't do that it she won't say yes but yeah let's just talk to her be funny with Tammy I wonder I wonder if it'll work even if the Sims owned like actually infected so I don't know where we have to ask to watch George it's okay let's see if she'll come with us now please come with us yes of course I'll help you destroy the mother plant I'm all for clearing strange evil of this vile infection okay awesome so go administer the vaccine to George we deaf we're definitely taking George with us you know he's just too cute you know not to take with us and I really want him to be cured he doesn't deserve to be you know all freaky and possessed so he's feeling better as well now we just need to get up a relationship with him so that's going to be fun let's just talk to him bunch of different social interactions just to get our friendship up let's see compliment him oh that did not go well apparently he finds us boring chevrons idea so you just said i just noticed that if i can get some of that infection vaccine they made i do willing to head down into the lab and get revenge on that mother plant for causing the storm that crashed my plane okay so if we I'm assuming if we can get him to like us enough he'll go with us without having an issue but he does not appear to really like talking to people so that's a little bit annoying there it's just right in his day and I don't know what else asked about his career you know just fun stuff at all that'll get him to like us since we really need him to like us he's unemployed obviously since he lives in like crashed plane so yeah there's that you're not going to go watch TV talk to George discuss local fishing spots and then let's see if it'll work with us and you'll help us yay so we need one more person and I'm just going to try and call someone over that we already know so let's see we we don't really have a relationship with Jace but we know Tammy Mabel she'll go with us even though I don't think she has ever been actually like infected but we know her quite well we can administer the infection vaccine so I'm assuming this isn't like a cure it's a vaccine to keep people from getting sick too so yeah okay Tammy is vaccinated and is temporarily protected from the infection recruit them to help fight the mother plants okay so you know just you can cure them with a vaccine and you can also protect them so that's great to know that's really good to know so it's just ask her to come and fight the mother plant with us and she should have no problem with that since we are actually friends so yeah she'll help us so now we're going to go and fight this plant and I'm really hoping this goes well I'm not going to cut up the loading screen since yeah we're just going to this to the lab so we care George Tammy and listen even though I'm probably butchering her name so badly but yeah we cured them so let's go and see I have not tried fighting the plants so I have no idea how this is going to go and I haven't even seen like the animations or anything so let's go and use our key card let's just go here together so that I can take them with me but yeah girl usual key card open up the lab and we are staying in our like hazmat suit I don't know about you guys but yeah we're not going down there in a normal suit it's not happening so go down there go and use your keycard bring them all with you my little ducks in a row come on I think part of me thinks that Elly might be thinking you know I'm bringing three separate people with me so you know well I'll try and kill the mother plant they can just act as the distraction so yeah that's probably a very good idea to have have the person that's actually wearing the hazmat suit fight the giant alien and then have their series regular people that are unprotected just act as you know distractions to try and diverse her from trying to eat you I don't really I don't even know if she eats people but yeah you know you don't know you never know with these aliens so they might actually want to eat you where are these three others where are you you're taking your sweet time aren't you but yeah let's just have a look at this blonde while we wait for them so yeah I can't open these doors at all because you know there's no reason to but it's so cool the way the sons team did this like you can actually see she's probably started way down there and she's just grown and you know completely taken over this whole lab which is insane so let's bring them in here let's see come on come on okay so let's fight this do I want to attempt to communicate with her do I want to probably not we're just going to fight the mother plants and we want to get rid of it we don't want to befriend it so yeah let's go and fight it oh my word what the hell are you doing here Anderson Woodson where you come from oh my soul okay let's just let's just take a second to like look at this I won't use this as a thumbnail or anything but that is creepy that is beyond bloody creepy and there's a bunch of like infected people around oh my good we did they come from they're just coming randomly out of the doors this is so cool yeah it's like three infected people around yet what are they trying to do they're probably trying to protect the mother plant I'm assuming let's just take a little picture of little Ali and I need to turn headline effects off because I always forget to do this and we're just sitting in the dark baby nutshell no not Sheridan objects what am i doing headline fix oh yes I actually managed to type it correctly this for the first time so let's just take a picture of Ali because we need to remember this momentous occasion where she turned out to be the hero of strange evil you know if she doesn't get eaten that would that'll be a great thing to tell your grandkids one day you know I fought this huge alien plant but unfortunately just maybe that's the part of me got eaten you know that would be that would just be too funny and she does not seem happy with us just listen to us oh now the plant lover in me actually really feels bad for her right now the I really feel bad for the idea of you know just thinking that we're basically exterminating her and she didn't she doesn't mean to harm people I mean I'm assuming she just crashed here and like an a spaceship or something and I mean she can't help that she's yes she's just trying to make her home so oh we can actually click on her okay oh no so it would have helped if we had some like infection vaccine Oh whoopsie be careful warbling war cry so this is like group commands your team scares off the mother plants minion but does less damage use your team some of the infection but does no damage your team does more damage but becomes infected faster and your team resists the infection but you but deals less damage the list its charge its charge at her see if this helps you no charge at her get her get her get her okay so very angry charge from commanding the group you and your allies will even more damage but the mother plant will also take on more in fifth but you will take on more in fiction okay so really like just going at it and yeah you can see her okay so she's going down okay awesome so we can make us spray her I don't know if you know what that doll is but nigga spray spray I'm assuming that since we're gonna hazmat suit it helps you know us not get like infected but the team is not doing too well okay so if we need some time so how much longer how much longer for I can tell them to Joe take a breather team heels okay so let's do some of our infection okay that's great so yeah we're just we've healed a little bit I'm just watchin I'm just sitting here watching it like it's a fighting game or something okay that's creepy oh no oh no you son is being attacked she's being attacked by one of the minions oh hell no so that's basically what they do they go around and I don't know she actually got beat up that's not nice and the mother plant is flailing I don't know she's out cold oh that's bad that's not good missile three of us so you know we stand decent chance she's almost gone so let's see how much longer until we can come on again charge charge charge charge get it one more good charge and she'll be gone come on you can do it you can do it let's go please don't get swiped on the head by her tentacles that would not be good but yes three of us are doing quite a bit of damage that's great and the spray is too hot we need to give it time to cool down and she's still out cold why are you attacking her again stop it and I really don't hope Teddy's going for George luckily is not so real all three yes all three of us and I think we did it we did it we actually did it awesome so congratulations the vault tyranny of the mother plant has been brought to justice your heroic victory has been compensated with the solving of the mother for you to display okay and she's completed her aspiration after much planning and investigation and perhaps a bit of unconventional combats Ali has freed stranger ball from the clutches of the mother plant strange a volcano sleeps safe and sound so she's earned a trait yellow of strange evil so that's so cool and she is celebrating by throwing some confetti in the air you know as you do now as you do after you've battled a really big alien plant you know you just throw some confetti in the air to celebrate never mind the fact that you almost got eaten but and I wonder will she keep that or whatever since all just weird and there's been there's been in pottery like Papa's and oh my word they're weird you'd swear they were at the birthday party calm down and we can actually revive her if we maybe wanted to play the storyline again but we did it so let's change out of our hazmat suit since I don't think that's really necessary anymore so she did it the mother plant is gone now I wonder if that actually does something to the plants of oh they're all gone okay so all of the plants are gone the creepy cloud is gone the sky has gone back to normal with being down here almost all day that's awesome so we did it we actually did it that's so cool so yeah with that you guys I think I'm probably going to leave you here I don't have you know this is basically the whole storyline we've played through it all you've seen it all and yeah this was really really fun I can't believe she actually did that so yeah I really like this story like I said it's not I mentioned this in one of my speed dolls but it's probably not something that I will play again but let me know what you guys thought of it and if you have played it yourself let me know how you did or if you did something different if I missed something you know along the way if I if there was something I missed let me know since I won't be doing this on the channel again but I might play it through once more in my like personal game play so yeah let me know if I missed anything and let me know what you guys thought of this this was definitely a very unconventional storyline and something that I have never seen done before in the Sims and yeah I just I had a lot of fun with it I had a lot of fun kind of untangling the mystery since I did avoid spoilers before I started playing this so yeah what you guys saw were like oh my like reactions as I you know sort of saw the things was my live reactions and stuff so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini let's play and yeah that's basically everything I hope you guys liked the video and if you did give it a like if you're new to the channel please consider subscribing and remember to hit the notification bar as well so it you'll be notified of all of my new videos but with all of that said and with the storyline the storyline wraps up I hope you guys are having an amazing day and I will see you all in my next video bye guys

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