Battlefield 5: Smart Moves = Big Plays (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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turn on the aimbot boys you're making me mad game but turn on the aimbot where's the sniper where is he someone there kind of figure out where he is I'll take Sharpay off he'll play dudes outplayed these are my fields let me not hurt come on I need a challenge here's a challenge GB to this position that rock is gonna land right on everybody let's go say hello to it that's gonna bed in the morning push push push the pikes nearly clear vehicles coming in it's it's got it good it's okay it's okay don't worry about it nice one same beautiful hell up look good sweet guys we're good sweets hello that little sniper down the back there somewhere somebody may be behind us we gets the goods let's have a look down here one require a supply cannon to drop immediately push-ups hold on there's a lot of people down there as a lot of people looking [Applause] [Applause] I'm hit by pistol limits just thought oh man we'll just sit here and hope for the best science critics oh my god yeah I think I made a pretty good decision there let's do this I own this place get out of here is he debts I think he's dead bouncing gonna get off the rock let's get out of it let's get out of it that's too messy that is too messy there we go there we go okay let's get back into the mix left sides oh snap on the bitch to type is too many snipers let's go get some more heels I can't win that gunfight are you seriously sat there why who's got a good shot who's got it see you isn't it your debts hello mr. sniper your debts anything came away shortly just some ammo dudes thank you beautiful all right oh the tank and everything fall back we'll come back to you in a moment the tank is gonna be a problem howdy I see me all right si means Alfa's gun so let's just bail off here for a second hello that footsteps no all right there's two vehicles on alpha and there's another one coming in some I thought shoes that moves wisely there's a tank okay two tanks all right let's see if we can get back in let's do the stream okay they got two tanks over here as well thank you no sound system not tank they'll cheat pinky okay I only got one dynamite I need the team to do some cancel that oh my god destroy a game there we go you can have free see you later oh dear nice nice nice now this stream is how you defend an objective what is the guy that's over here where is he what you doing there left palm peak it nobody in there nope oh dear you guys are getting absolutely Spanx right now has anybody been keeping counts on the killstreak two guys up front one more maybe all right let's go to Bravo all right once a problem it's only gonna get tougher and tougher to keep the kill streak alive now especially pushing this objective see you got a bush he's here yeah he's here oh no no no come on ah you jammy devil has a good one Gigi's

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