Battlefield 5 Review and New Gameplay ( Battlefield V )

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Battlefield 5 Review. The gameplay is brilliant, but is this the new Battlefield WW2 Game that everyone wanted? Let’s take an extensive look at this beautiful game. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Presented by EA Gamechangers.
hello and welcome to bf5 its game where crazy stuff like that happens and you can do stuff like this again yep finally we've got shoulder-mounted rocket launches in the game again and this kind of only in battlefield think is possible or how about you're in the bottom of gun of an airplane you jump out and then you land on top of a bridge and that is your new advantageous for in position and you can just rain down hell with your squad mates on the enemy below wasn't too sure how to do this video because I went to an event last weekend Saturday and Sunday and I played bf5 the full version of the game for around 10 hours in total and of course I was allowed to record it all and that's what you're seeing here so I've cooked together some of the best bits the highlight some interesting thing is that I thought you guys would want to see and I wanted to do this like a completely live commentary obviously I've got some mental notes in my head but usually I'll write a script for this type of stuff but I wanted it to be as natural as possible because I've just got a lot of stuff to say about this game now the build of the game we were playing was not the day one version so there is gonna be a patch that goes live on day one when the game's out and I think that should be this Friday where the game will be updated certain things will be changed so this is an older build of the game and there were quite a few books in it I have to be honest with you guys there are a few bugs I don't know if they'll be fixed in the day one patch we shall see but here are the throwing knives yes they are in multiplayer and I think you can only get these on the Recon class and most the time they're one-hit kill if you get me in the head it just depends on the distance you know how far away you are from that from the target but I had a ton of fun with these things I think this one is it a triple Kel first one as the enemy came running down and then boom in the face like that wasn't a headshot did a lot of damage think is it under damage I don't know why after one it's Todd but I did then the medic they're going for the revive kill number three the dude runs in yep life in the back that one is gonna stink but in this video I've got gameplay footage of all of the six other maps that we haven't seen before so I haven't got any footage in here at Rotterdam or Narvik because we've played those so many times so you just seen footage air of the new maps this one here is called eros and this is definitely going to be a fun favorite map in bf5 it looks incredible and it played really well it just felt like a nice battlefield map as I'm going to turn there with one five I think that was the Stone Guevara 105 but this is devastation the destroyed version of Rotterdam plays completely different to write down the actual map itself very infantry focus do get tanks in it as well but if you're a good assault player you can have a good time here this is twisted steel again another great map twisted steel Doorly enjoyed it in conquest it was brilliant I was just following this v1 in here god damn that looks good that looks so damn good and this is on twisted steel again I think twisted steel and our ass definitely my two favorite maps but as I said I do have footage of all the other and I just wanted to kind of spit ball and chat a bit about the game the core gameplay the gunplay the movement I love it I'm a big fan of the attrition system as well although there is a caveat that I have to make to that point because it's not perfect but for the most part the minute-to-minute gameplay the gunplay it feels way more skill-based way more tactical details like this are incredible just proning around in the rapeseed and it's bending over if you in water like this you can see the players waiting around it's just chock full of detail but the core minutes a minute gameplay I'm I'm a big fan and I think this game has a higher skill floor a higher skill ceiling the bf1 it goes back towards B F to be a three-star rewarding skill rewarding team play and I think it's a great move for the franchise in terms of the core gameplay and it's addictive as soon as I'd gone home landed in the plane started driving home and I was just thinking about the game I was thinking downward I want to play that game again and that's that's exciting to me because I didn't really get that as much would be f1 when it first came out but this game in terms of the gameplay is just a lot more rewarding for me now attrition that caveat that I mentioned in the f5 if you want to get health and ammo back there are a couple of ways of doing obviously you don't also regen health to full now and ammo is a bit more limited than it has been in previous games but one of the main ways that you can get ammo and health back when you're in the field and playing on the big maps is via supply stations and they're dotted around the maps usually at Flags you can see someone the mini-map there the big white boxes and just go off interacted them get health get ammo whichever one you now when the game comes out the supply stations that the gimme flanks closest to the deployments will already be built but as for the rest of the map it won't be built and it requires players to press T or whatever burn is on console get their tool out and build that supply station now because they weren't there on the map and we're all kind of new to these other maps you really started to feel the attrition system at certain points and you were like mm this is quite annoying that I can't get any health and ammo back I just want to play the game it's a game I want to have fun and you would need players or require the players to go and build these things themselves throughout the levels they can be destroyed and rebuilt whatever so the problem I think here is signalling what I'd like to see is no matter if you've got your tool out or not you can always see an outline of a supply station if it's not there or it's not been built there is a little dot on the mini-map if it's not been built and of course if you get your tool out you can see the outline of it but I don't think it's enough and they need to do more to incentivize people to build them and I think a really simple way of doing that is that if it isn't there just always have the outline transparent version of it available to see for all players so they can quickly go oh I need help I need ammo well I can help myself on my team by quickly just building this thing here and then you're not gonna really feel the attrition system as much yes it would still be doing its purpose but you'd have more options then to get health and ammo back so just generally for the positives had a really fun time playing this over the weekend last weekend and there were just some crazy things that can happen in this game and it feels like those only in battlefield moments happen a lot more than they did in bf one for example you can stick dynamite to stuff now as far as I remember and you can also get stuff like sticky grenades and you've got more interesting vehicles with the turn of customization and different weapon options I love the fact that you can shoot grenades now too so you can be more tactical with them if you've got a frag grenade it's got a timer on it well okay throw it down next to the door or a window away you know there's someone and instead of waiting for that grenade to go on just shoot it surprise the enemy if an enemy is throwing a grenade at you shoot it boom it might kill them instead and you can throw back the grenades too and that's just one of the meta things in this game that you can do and it goes back to increasing the skill gap and overall when you put it all together the vehicle the air the infantry gameplay all of these little tricks and things you can do in the game to best your opponent's it means that the good players are just gonna be good and the best of the best the absolutely most skillful players are going to be head and shoulders above the rest and then you'll have this big bull in the middle through a kind of average but at the end of the day all of that meta and all of that detail and the new things that you can do here just add to the whole experience and make it more satisfying so that's my thoughts on the general gameplay it feels like about field game evolved to me it's almost a complete polar opposite to how bf4 one plays and I think it's the right direction for the franchise now moving on to negatives because I do have a few things to say in areas I think that this game could improve the obvious things like I mentioned the bugs yeah this is an older build of the game and there will be a day one patch but a few bugs that I had were where I couldn't spawn on my squad mates or the squad leader called in a reinforcements tank like the stern tiger or the crocodile and it would spend the points but it didn't spawn the vehicle in or a bug where the whole server couldn't be revived and spectating your squad in the squad deploy screen just completely broke and the character kind of folded in half and look like longneck man came back and one of the other glaring issues that I don't think they'll be able to fix is with the new revive system and the animations because they've got this new revive animation in the game if you revive a teammate that's near a wall or a box or something ultimately you're going to get times where their head clips and sticks into the box or your head goes into the box and you can see food the terrain for a bit and I don't know if that's possible for them to fix cuz as far as I know they would need proper physics based server-side rag dolls to make that kind of thing happened and I don't think they're quite there yet in a 64 multiplayer game so you see a lot of clipping on the revive animations and it does kind of ruin the immersion a bit and take some of the polish off the game so those are just a few of the bugs that are noticed and I hope to get fixed and there were still occasions Believe It or Not where I was having to vault multiple times over small pieces of scenery it's just a legacy thing with the frostbite engine and they can't seem to fix it it still happens in this game you're gonna notice it and it's really annoying now the next thing I'm going to talk about is very subjective and I don't think everyone will feel like this but I know that some people definitely will and this goes all the way back to dice at some point two or three years ago deciding we're gonna make a new World War 2 game but we're gonna tell the untold unseen stories and battles of World War two when the game launches that's completely fair and that's their decision to launch a world war 2 game like this and yes to their credit to be fair you're going to experience parts of World War 2 in video games that you haven't experienced before you're gonna go to places that I knew see things you haven't seen before yes that's true on the flip side and I hope I can explain this succinctly and you guys can understand what I'm saying I think for the core battlefield audience maybe people in their 20s or 30s who grew up with a lot of the battlefield games and who played all of those World War 2 games in the 2000s like the original cod game like Medal of Honor allied assault bf1942 Brothers in Arms the core battlefield fanbase and audience who should make up the bulk of the fan base and player base in bf5 the target audience who typically would buy a battlefield game these are the people who watched movies like Saving Private Ryan when they were growing up movies like enemy at the gates or TV series like Band of Brothers and this might sound really stupid but that idea of world war two that you have in your head from watching those movies and TV shows and playing those games that's what you've grown to love and if you're one of those people and those pieces of entertainment had a big impact on you then that's the type of World War 2 game that you want to play you want to play a new twenty eighteen version of battlefield 1942 the f5 at launch it doesn't have that feeling for me it doesn't feel sometimes like a world war ii game and i know that's such an odd thing to say because this is a video game based on a real war and video games and real war and nothing alike but i really missed the americans i really missed the russians I want a ppsh I want to run around with an m1 garand and hear a ping when I reload I want to see Sherman tanks rolling through the fields I want to get blasted away by a t-34 I want to fly around in a b-52 bomber and have my entire squad on there working together raining down fire from above I want a modern frostbite engine incredible looking experience of Omaha Beach and Stalingrad and Berlin and El Alamein in the Battle of Midway I want all those things in this game when it launches because it's a world war 2 game and maybe I've just been conditioned to feel like that because of the entertainment content that I've conceived as I've been growing good and yes at some point in tides of war the Americans will come to this game the Russians will come to this game you'll get an m1 garand you'll get a PPSh maybe you'll get to take part in the Battle of Stalingrad or assault Omaha Beach and clear out those bunkers but that might be a year a year and a half from now and I think it was the wrong decision to not include those iconic World War 2 video game entertainment moments in battlefield 5 in the launch of the game I think at some point that call has been made and it's the wrong call and I'm not discrediting the gameplay or anything like that as I've said I think that's fantastic I love the gameplay in this game and I'm gonna play this game a ton but not having that kind of World War 2 in the game at launch I think is a big reason why a lot of people aren't quite sure about this game yes it's a feeling yes it's subjective but I can't help but feeling that you know how you've got FIFA and then you've got pears and pears kind of feels like the knockoff version of football and FIFA's the official version this sometimes can feel like the knockoff version of World War 2 now imagine this game had another years worth of development they could have had all these unseen and untold moments but also that classic World War 2 stuff and I don't think doing the tides of war in the chronological order is necessarily a good thing because people want the Pacific in the game it's a world war 2 game and you know maybe we're not going to see that till the end of the game's lifespan and I think that that's a shame does what I've just talked about matter to everyone no it doesn't a lot of people just care about the gameplay fair enough but that kind of thing is going to have an effect on people's enjoyment and whether they pick up the game for sure and I did mention tides of war there too and this is another area of concern for me first off I think it's absolutely brilliant at dice and EA have decided to give away with premium right no more split in the player base and I've personally been asking and championing for this in my videos on YouTube since bf3 the majority of the community reacted brilliantly to the fact that this game will not have premium and I think that's a great thing and they're monetizing this game because yes dice and EA are a business by having cosmetics in the game as far as I could see I look through everything there are no pay2win elements in this game whatsoever and you can buy cosmetics to change the way your character looks by the way they got rid of the prosthetic arm and the weird masks that were in that reveal trailer they're gone so the fact that there's no premium is great and it means that in theory the player base will be larger for longer as they add more content for free but something else that dice and EA have announced is what we're getting in the first three chapters of tides of war and this goes up to March or the end of March maybe we've got three chapters over tour lightning strikes and trial by fire they haven't announced anything past that point yet and I think in total they said this was going to go on for two years in that period of time it looks like we're only gonna get two new maps for the game tank battles in Belgium and the battle for Greece so within six months two new maps for the game that you can play in conquest or grand operations yeah we're gonna get an extra war story called the last tiger and the practice range and we're gonna get co-op mission and of course firestorm the battle royale which could be incredible if they pull it off but that's a end of the story another video the point I'm making here is that within six months we might only have two new maps for the game and I think with the expectations of gamers nowadays the biggest game in the world for like delivering weekly updates and massive content drops every few weeks and the fact that the battlefield audience are used to having four map packs like every three months they're going to expect like eight maps by the time six months rolls around and we're only gonna get two unless anything changes and I actually played on the first map that we're getting called Panzer storm which is the tank battle in Belgium and it wasn't very good I'm not allowed to show you any footage of it it was just a big field with a lot of vehicles it had assets that were copied and pasted from the other maps it wasn't an enjoyable map at all and it feels like it's been brushed to just get it out the door as the first free map in the tides of war and the second new location or map is going to be the battle for Greece so again it's not an iconic World War 2 thing that you probably know about already so there isn't really gonna be that much excitement for it in my opinion and when you think about it when the game launches we've got eight multiplayer maps two of which have already been seen and played to death already in the Alpha and the beta with Narvik and Rotterdam the other six I like all of them apart from maybe feeel that's the one that sets up in the snowy mountains and I think it's just way too linear and if you start to get a bit too explosive spammy and then we've got the single player which is a ten minute prologue and three war stories which in my opinion just aren't very good at all I've already put out a video showing my impressions and gameplay of the single-player it's just not good enough the AI isn't good enough it feels like a ten-year-old single-player game the scripting the level design it just doesn't do it for me at all and I think really that comes down to the fact that the don't have enough time to make something interesting and compelling here they've got to put together a single-player campaign a group of stories in less than two years and really that's not enough time for a triple-a game like this so I hope that whatever dice and EA do next with Battlefield in terms of single-player and multiplayer in general or the battlefield game whatever comes next is a whole package they have more time to think and work on it rather than it just being pushed out the door for the investors I think that dice deserve more time and freedom than that look what they've built here in less than two years a beautiful detailed game that's incredibly fun to play in my opinion in multiplayer I'm watching this footage back now and just thinking to myself there really is no other game that you can do this in battlefield is peerless it doesn't have any competition there's no other games like this on the market at all so it's such a shame that they don't have more time to polish this and just cram it full of content but at launch there's no doubt that the game is going to be pretty light on content if you ask me so yet maybe in a year a year and a half's time bf5 will be the greatest battlefield game ever made and everyone can agree on that we'll see only time will tell the biggest hurdle that dice and EA are gonna have with this game and getting people to play it is the fact that the marketing has been really bad and the perception of this game is wrong the perception of this game isn't what the game actually is and that's because of the reveal trailer which was terrible and it wasn't representative of the game at all I should have just showed some gameplay and talked about the new features but they didn't when we got this weird cinematic Michael Bay trailer that didn't feel like a battlefield game at all and it didn't appeal to the core battlefield fans in the slightest and they are your most important customers so a lot of people won't care what the gameplay is like in the fact that it's more skill-based and more team play orientated because they've seen the reveal trailer they've made their impression first impressions are everything and they've moved on they won't even give it a second look that's gonna be a big hurdle for the game and I think you've done better recently with their marketing and their trailers have been just more gameplay which ultimately we gained this like that's what we want to see you fake trailers and bull shots yeah they worked 10-15 years ago but gamers aren't stupid we can see past that just show us gameplay and talk about the new gameplay features in the future please and you won't run into this problem again moving on before we finish the video I've got some final stand gameplay what is final stand well if you play ground operations and the third day is a close match you can go to day four which is called final stand and this is supposed to be the whole idea of that you've been fighting for four days you've got limited resources and ammunition your health is low you can't respawn and there's a ever-decreasing player circle just like bass or whale and there's no respawn so you push together and whichever team has the last person or the last people standing will win that day so there was a dead zone kind of thing and it did feel like there was a bit of pressure here but it was kind of weird you started with low ammo but in the middle with the support and medic station so you just run up to them get a load of ammo get a bandage and you were good to go and also you could run into the zone for like 19 seconds without taking any damage so it feels a bit weird this game-mode and I'd rather that they made it a bit more hardcore if they're going for that approach where everyone is supposed to be beaten down and tired then give people way less ammunition don't let them go up to a supply station and let them grab ammo if you want that fantasy then make that fantasy this could be a really fun game mode if it was executed correctly at the moment it just feels a bit weird but it is promising there could be something here and it is pretty cool to get the first taste of a battle royale style mode or game on the frostbite engine one of the negative would say as well is that I'm not really feeling the gun selection at launch you mentioned the lack of a few iconic World War 2 guns but a lot of the guns in here are from the f1 now yes I know a lot of the weaponry used in World War 1 was also used in World War 2 but I can't help but feel like they could have picked some alternatives here than using a lot of the ones that we had in bf1 they're completely different in how they handle because the gunplay is completely different and they were all reworked but they look the same and arguably that's the most important thing so I just kind of wish that they'd have picked some alternatives and there's plenty to choose from here it's not like there's a shortage of weapons from world war ii but there you go that is what it is and because there's a lot of bf1 weapons in here I don't feel as excited about the weapon pool and it feels like there aren't as many guns as there actually are and I better hop the video of now because I've gone on for like 25 minutes I didn't intend to talk this long but I suppose that's just where the video has gone and I hope you guys have enjoyed watching the footage me personally I'm gonna be playing the game tomorrow it's out on Origin access premiere tomorrow and I've got that I'm gonna be playing it and streaming it on YouTube and I can't wait to get stuck in to all of the skill trees the weapon specializations the customizations all that kind of stuff because there's a ton of meta there that I haven't really shown you guys in this video because trust me I'd be here all day with that but I hope that this gave you a good look at the rest of the maps in the game and some of the new weapons and some of the interesting things you can do and hopefully this video informed you educated you about the game and whether you'd like to pick it up or not make your own mind up though there's going to be a ton of videos online today and in the next couple of days from other content creators and there'll be people on Twitch and mixer and Facebook streaming the game so if you're on the fence go check it out and then make your own line up about it don't just take my word for it I know a lot of the stuff in this video was subjective but it's honestly how I feel if you enjoyed the video do give it a like thank you it took a lot of time and effort to go to this event put this all together alike would be very appreciated and a comment as well and if you didn't like the video dislike it not a problem at all subscribe if you want to see more hit that notification bell there will be a ton of the f5 content coming up on the channel and I'll see you in the next one

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