Battlefield 5 Quick Start Guide / Beginner Tips and Tricks

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This is a short guide for beginners and veterans to help you get started in Battlefield V and light up some differences to former Battlefield games.

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hello everyone and welcome to a benefit 5 QuickStart guide this is made for beginners as well as for veterans of the benefit franchise so I will give you a short overview of the classes and game mechanics but will also light up some major differences to form our benefit games let's start with the classes benefit 5 comes with four different soldier classes the assault the medic the support and the rican the assault is equipped with automatic and semi-automatic rifles for short and mid-range and different gadgets like the Panzerfaust a sticky dynamite to counter vehicles the medic class is the one with the fast firing smg's the heels and a syringe to keep the team alive and healthy by throwing mat pouches and reviving teammates to do a revive simply press X on Xbox or square on Pierce for dead teammates can be identified by the sign above them even though you only have limited time to reach and revive you mate you shouldn't rush out for revives and risk your own life always make sure to secure the area before reviving if the sign above your dead teammate is blinking he prefers to skip the revive or wants to warn you that there are too many enemies around but no matter which class you play you can always revive it at squad mates with a new buddy revive but be careful because this revive takes much longer and it's for this reason more risky than the medic survival note that as a medic you don't have to equip the syringe as a gadget anymore like it was in benefit 1 it is always an automatically equipped just like the repair tool for the support talking about the support this is the class with the powerful enemies LMGs and shotguns and the one that will keep your team resupplied by throwing em o pouches or trapping ammo crates the ammo pouches will resupply your teammates automatically when you throw them the crates won't if you need mo you have to interact with the crate to grab your pouch that's the same with the meta crates and pouches by the way and if a vehicle nearby need to repair get your repair tool out and go to work last but not least there's two Rican class as the name says it's the class for reconnaissance with itself loading and bolt-action rifles made for long-range shots and it's gadgets like the spotting scope or a spotting flare one tip for the use of the spawning Fleur if you come from benefit one you might be used to shoot the flare to the ground don't do that in Bell feed five the flare needs to be shot into the air and will slowly come down on a little parachute while it lights up enemy targets on the mini-map that leads me to the next point the spotting system spotting in battlefield 5 is not the same as in benefit 1 or 4 the spotting button is still same but you can't permanently spot enemies anymore and highlight them with a red dot over their heads and as a red dot and the mini-map spotting and battlefield 5 is more situational you can only mark a spot in the landscape where combat is an action over enemies are fortified so the times of spamming the spotting button to find hidden enemy soldiers are gone only the sniper scope and flare gun can still highlight enemies the old way another new mechanic and battlefield 5 is the fortification system fortifications are predefined shapes like sent back walls trenches or wooden walls that you can build up with your tool box by pressing deep it down on your controller or T on PC you get your toolbox out and the available fortifications around you will appear as transparent objectives fortifications can be built by every class but the support can build twice as fast and much stronger fortifications like tanks tops bridges or stationary weapons but the most important kind of fortifications are to resupply stations these stations work like bigger mo on Mac crates just go over to them and interact to CREB MO and Hills you can find two of these stations in your base that are already built up all other ones have to be built in the different objective areas and just like every other fortification the resupply stations can be destroyed by bombs dynamite or tanks so don't forget to rebuild or repair them if needed and of course if there are supply stations for infantry there must be some for tanks and planes as well and yes they exist and they are the only way to resupply a tank or plane once you get into a tank the supply stations will be visible on the mini-map just drive close to them and hold LB on xbox or l1 on ps4 until your tank is fully resupplied the stations for planes look a little bit different the two of them on every edge of the map and they are also visible on the mini-map but you only have to fly past them and the mo will be picked up automatically talking about resupply stations there's one important advice I want to give you especially when you are a beginner and benefit five you will start with little ammunition and your health doesn't fully restore on its own so always keep in mind to grab mo every time you can no matter if it's from a grade supply station or from dead enemies and if you spawn in close to a supply station let it become second nature to you to go over and get some more bullets before you start into battle the same with the heels every time you spawn in you will start with one medical pouch stored in your pockets so if your health drops very low you should use it to fully recover by pressing deep it up on your controller but once your med pouch slot is empty you should fill it up again by grabbing some heels at your local medics crate or a supply station note that when you are wounded and have an empty pouch slot you only have to grab one med pouch and it will refill your pocket and heal you and as I already mentioned besides to resupply stations and the pouches and crates there's another way to get mo and heals by picking them up from killed enemies so don't forget to loot them if it's safe to do so you don't even have to interact just walk past them and your soldier will grab the pouches automatically talking about your soldier in the main menu of benefit 5 you will find the company where you can customize your soldier your weapon and your vehicle with different skins or attachments you can also unlock and equip different specializations and choose to loadout for each class the higher you rank up in the game the more skins attachments and specializations are available and of course more weapons and gadgets but one thing is different in battlefield 5 all attachments for example muscle or stock are only cosmetic items they don't affect your weapon stats only the specializations your unlock and equip in the weapon trees will have an effect like better hipfire lower recoil or bigger ammo clip when you start to play the first available weapon of each class is already fully specialized you have to reach weapon level 4 to reset this and choose your own specializations every new weapon you unlock starts without any specializations and you have to unlock them with scrap you earn while playing the game and doing assignments assignments are some kind of challenges there are special assignments and daily assignments available special assignments are being unlocked while you rank up and daily assignments change daily of course to do the special assignments you have to choose up to four of them from your assignment list and equip them last but not least let me tell you something about squats and reinforcements when you join a game and benefit 5 you will automatically turn a squat of up to 4 players stick to them and help each other as good as you can by doing heels resupplies and revives when needed working together with your squad will not only help your team to win the game but will also help you to get more points and to rank up faster and if you earn enough points with a squad your squad leader will have access to different reinforcements from supply drops to powerfull tanks or a b-1 rocket working together with your squad is much more important and benefit 5 than every other battlefield game and that's all for today I will upload more guides in the next few days explaining the different game modes mechanics and classes more precisely if you enjoyed the video give it a like and subscribe to the channel for more battlefield 5 news guides and streams under then I am the Catwoman and you are awesome

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