Battlefield 5 NEW MMG Shreds!

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Battlefield V New Gun shreds people, the M1922 MG. How to unlock it, what are the best specs and playstyles for this cool new gun? Let’s find out! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
another week and another battlefield five tides of war assignment to complete this time though we get a brand new medium machine gun in the form of the M 1922 M G sadly though if you're watching this and haven't unlocked last week's assignment it's too late now to get the final countdown head gear you just gonna have to wait until it's available to unlock with company coin we're now in the fourth week of lightning strikes and so far we've been given the ZK 383 the masked 44 and then the final countdown head gear so how do you unlock this week's weapon well it's mostly centered around playing frontlines this time around in fact that's the first step play a game of frontlines pretty straightforward I'm sure you'll agree then you have two branches the top branch requires you to either arm or defuse a bomb in front lines and then get 15 kills with a self-loading rifle and the self-loading rifles are these at age 29 the model 8r SC and the newer self sled at 1906 the bottom branch instead wants you to capture eight objectives and then kill 15 enemies with an LMG this shouldn't be too hard considering you're trying to unlock and MMG I'm going to assume that you might want to play with them so getting 15 kills with one that's already available shouldn't be too much of a chore for you the next step is a very easy one but these ones can be frustrating if you keep missing it each time it simply wants you to win a game of frontlines as it happens with these requirements though you can often end up losing simple games constantly just when you need to win one it can be annoying but keep at it though you'll get there if you play the law of averages and join a few servers it will happen after a couple of tries the bonus objective is to kill eight players while moving seas and then the objectives branch off one last time the top route wants you to capture three objectives in around the frontlines again pretty simple considering around a foot pint is very urban flow and then the bottom branch wants you to kill 15 enemies with SMGs the final objective is to score 25,000 points in frontlines and that's it they're going to be yours overall though this week's assignment is very difficult and I don't think it's as time consuming as last week's either that required you to play a lot of games of prey through which do tend to last a long time but the question is though is the grind worth it how good is this new MMG well I'd say it was pretty solid without being world-beating I like the beefy look at the thing and feel to it according to the stats and the way that I've set it up it's much more accurate and has better control compared to the mg42 but somehow I would still probably rather have the mg42 you've got the classic options when you specialize it either opting for a better firing rate taking it up to 900 rpm or opting for more capacity now it already has 150 rounds is standard which i think is pretty good and I can go up to 250 which is a lot the mm G's in general are an acquired taste though some players love them and the way that they force you to play and others well simply hate them I'm somewhere in the middle I suppose I've got to be in the right mood when it comes to the weapons specs you've got two options which I mentioned I've opted for mostly the full left-hand side this gives you the recoil buffer which reduces vertical weapon recoil and then the flash less propellant which will reduce the muzzle flash to make you at least a little harder to spot when firing it's good in bf5 and this makes a big difference when you're not trying to get spotted by those pesky snipers there's nothing worse than trying to mow down helpless enemies that you flanked only to be shot in the face by a sniper who has spotted you the pain and then the next speck is the extra firing rate this takes you up to a firing rate of 900 rounds per minute which is up from the default of 770 and I think that this firing rate makes a big difference to the gun is fine with the default that it has but that extra 100 or so rounds per minute does make it way more powerful and I know that you can opt for the increasing capacity all the way up to 250 but because the default is already at 150 I think that that's more than enough the last speck on the left side was increased damage to aircraft which really doesn't seem that useful to me still however the speck on the right much more appealing it's the chrome lining which improves weapon overheating and that's just far more useful with M mgs how often do you really find yourself shooting at planes with an energy in this game I'd say that some players do this but I don't think you need a spec dedicated to it it just seems like you aren't going to use that anywhere near as much as you're going to use a spec that will improve your overheating especially when you're firing off 150 bullets I do still love the mg42 but I have to say that with the extra firing rate this gun is actually a real contender for my new favorite support gun the mg42 was definitely the best for me it's probably not just my most used MMG but one of my most used support weapons I've got it set up with the 981 rounds per minute put 250 rounds in the mag you can however have it set up to a whopping 1200 rounds per minute but only 50 rounds in the mag so there's a real trade-off there it is however laser accurate and that's why I love it on paper it may not even be the best weapon but I just love the feel of it and the sound it's so dumb iconic and I thought I would take this time to give a few tips and tricks on mm GS because just in general when you should be using them and when you shouldn't in a recent battlefield patch the bipod mechanics were massively improved and if you do tend to play with the support class you would have definitely noticed this this gives you way more opportunities for kills when using the energies of course you've got your standard window ledges walls and whatnot that you can prop them up on but after the update the bipod detection is that much better that you'll find yourself being able to bipod up on things that you didn't think would work before the patch places like the bridge on Rotterdam are also way more reliable now with bipods tube so your movement angles are much improved you can also bipod up on crouched teammate sounds unbelievable what kind of is JJJ you a dev on the game said in recent tweets that while he was rewriting the bipod code to improve it the bipod hang on teammates just happen to be a accident that appeared but because players seems to like it it's going to stay pretty hilarious but also it's cool so why not let it stay it's an interesting tactic now with mm G's you just need to try and play a bit more defensive and being that mindset either set up in a place that you know enemies are going to push through or move between cover spotting potential places that you could use to bipod if you really needed to with MF G's you can of course still use your hipfire if you really need to and it does get you out of trouble but ideally you don't want to be using it too often as it's not very accurate the one thing with MMF GS and bipods in general though is that even when you're on your back you are still technically in bipod mode something that dice are maybe looking at going forward because they could be a bit Opie here so when you press the prone key you can of course either be lying on your front or in a post on your back but even when on your back the game is still counting that as having the bipod deployed so you can end up being in some pretty sneaky locations with the visibility in the game and you've got the ability to zoom in and get the extra bipod accuracy – I will say though the bipod mechanics are hugely improved but they're not perfect still from time to time you do still get situations where either your bipod doesn't come out when you expect it to or it stops and you end up hip firing and this can lead to some frustrating moments from time to time but I suppose that that's the life you choose to take when you're playing with the machine guns overall MMD's are an interesting meta in bf5 they force you to play very differently than with other classes and they definitely take some getting used to there's a different play style that you've got to adopt and you really need to think about your movements a lot more which I'm sure is something that dice want it they've achieved that the upside though is that when you're in the perfect position and you've got the bipod down the MMD's do just shred enemies so fast there are fun weapon sets up to use if you've not tried them out give them a shot and in general I do think that the medic class perhaps needs a few medium range weapons though so hopefully there are more weapons for that class in the pipeline next week is actually the new stug tank that we've been waiting for and coop so for the first time in tides of war will actually be working to unlock a vehicle rather than a weapon or a cosmetic something different at least I just hope there isn't a shortage of tanks everywhere we will see now wrapping things up for today battlefield has got a new global community manager Dan Mitra who was in that role announced last night that he is leaving that position he's leaving EA and he's going to form a gaming company focused on eSports now Dan's been doing this job I think for the last five years and he's someone that I've personally met many events and and he was absolutely top dude so I wish him luck on his new ventures going forward and replacing Dan will be been walkie and Ben has been the community manager on Star Wars Battlefront and by all accounts everything that I've seen the interactions that I've had with him he's doing a fantastic job with the Star Wars stuff the battlefront stuff over there obviously battlefront 2 had a really terrible launch but with a lot of the latest updates it feels like the community is back on board with the game and I'm hoping that Ben will be able to step into the battlefield role and give it his absolute best so we should all welcome him into the community and wish him good luck and that's all for today folks thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed the video give me a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more hit that Bell and I'll see you in the next one

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