Battlefield 5: Messy Moments! (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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go playing behind me hello buddy you're fully upgraded planes unlucky oh the automation let's go let's go let's go hello that get out of the way forget about it forget about him let's do this Tom Tom Tom Tom that's one more than normal don't worry about it I'll risk it for you but you best get up quickly Oh team a you are legends now that's why I'm talking about please tell me that was recorded that was sick let's do this let's get aside the objective lovely jubbly [Applause] now that's how we do around here guys that is how we do it it's full Jake today is taken let's go bye – Bravo okay ruk is coming in I don't know where the rock is going oh damn that's gonna sting in the morning nice one teammates it's gonna be hot in a minute as it's Hank up here how did you survive that I would team a gotta build in these area they see for this oh my goodness I might be able to get on this rooftop right get out of it something here oh yes the ultimate position even better get the wrong kid I shot the backwards there's a sniper bandha somewhere we find that barn over there we will put a big adult it someone's next to me here I've got some fresh dough tears and he taking can't see I'm gonna say I'm lazy oh my god he's getting mental over here what the hell don't get this revive that pushing pushing a person eight hold on dude don't worry about it I call this sweet it has a nice little feet it's all clear that pushed an 8 mm it oh how did I miss I stole it Oh risky plane come a so Oh sniper shot me damn it let's go just around the corner here as a tank there's a tank oh my god hold on are we good in this building no Jesus do not go that way it's mine I need some heels and some ammo would be nice I got a bike yeah I think I accidentally picked up your weapon they carry that baby so we'll do it thing works magic you know we know this just now I know you took my gun and up I have your guy we've had four rounds all rounds and just won't see me how many bullets this guy all the way in the field on the left sides piece on now back and forth use Turner smle yeah solid like a semi or something like that hold on hold on hold on lucky I got a liver vibe don't worry about it anybody else all right in front of anything that team a while right Hank's coming in left side again was that the first time I first time isn't it yeah I'm switching up to assault do it do it do it do it there for me like a get a choice oh snap again Oh My gods all right left sides gonna be busy I got a shot in the bag he's just never behind the split shot door that's Hank is still this creeping up ever so slowly yes I gotta go all right then well I spawns me all the way over here oh the tank Oh hold on near the flank over here you go back rice try to pick up this like hell they won that left side where this guy was won't be good snipe is again oh my god losing a lose Nate I'll see anybody what the heck oh the last bullet am I good oh my god that was close all right coming in hot and spicy yeah they've got hay on lockdown oh my wait why hello uh how the hell are we supposed to get there lag it didn't work for me Wow don't you jump over that a little sandbag what you still got my gun okay yeah still on the street man the cheese came on there the cheese all right behind the ammo crate you for the health teammate the tank is really annoying it needs to go I kept playing the fields seem to get around the state at one time with a Fiat at least oh there's another guy in the field so much oh yeah he is backing up so where are you Oh simmer simmer in Russian Benny Fiamma like crazy it snipers at the back suites that was a sacred still going 22 no nice be going okay Bravo's gonna be busy Bravo's gonna be super busy try go for it is they with it let's try it oh it's our friendly tangas no it's not friendly at all is it nice nice nice nice Bravo's clear snipers everywhere I don't know where that guy is I guess Knight go for the nuke we're on it dudes were on it things we don't get sniped God knew it knew it yep they could be me over the I waiting all the way their eyes never tank see me go get you call it go for it man Rockets everything Yeah right come in nice nice nice can't do much about it it's just constantly spraying me eyes constantly suppressed can't seem to get hair on it are they pushing alpha please tell me they're pushing alpha I need some action here yeah that's a couple guys pushing out snipers those are pushing slow with this pushing big shot 82 Oh Jemmy devil

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