Battlefield 5: 82-14 Tough Game! (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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hey what's going on guys Broker machine here hope you're all doing good got a pretty nice game for you guys today first I just want to let you guys know that you may see other games on my channel particularly apex legends here and there but I'll never be done with battlefield ever there is a new settings guide early next week followed by more tutorials and gameplay of course and I hope you guys will stick around especially for firestorm in March anyway this game 82 kills live on stream a pretty tough team to work with but after a few streaks we soon got the rock hits and well you'll see anyway hope you enjoy this madness let's do this where are you going buddy he's not too sure he has no idea hi team you're about to be swamped up there it's gotta be messy go inside anyway that's how I like to play battlefields if there's too many enemies do it anyway hold on dude hold on why are you doing down here it's gonna be a messy one oh we got Dinks by someone up the mountain hold on buddy I don't how are we gonna win this team there we go there we go good what's your specimen I see him first bus bus bus bus we don't need to kill everybody sweet sweet sweet get if I get a bike go go go go go go there it is there it is there it is now push the middle don't sit around don't sit around don't sit around lies such a dirty spot ok I need to make a really stupid play here if it works out it could be good but it doesn't I'm looking at you screw it we're not going that way hello teammate Wow teammates eventually take an 8 you guys are insane what's going on Oh let's go this goes go oh there's a lot of people left side left side left side let's go team let's go trip wait mom hold on shoot it oh you silly bugger oh you guys you guys are making mistakes there how many bullets yeah I think the scoreboard says it all I'm on 2077 and second place is on fire kills you guys they look now they're fortified this place and it's gonna be even harder to get in do these guys number-one rule or FPS games don't give me enemy the map give them the map they win ejected be happy token on – I'm sorry we can use that fortifications against something silent bogus get ready to shoot he's gonna wait eats on a peak for his teammate careful teammates you rush in gonna get you killed Oh me kilts I'm gay let him go don't shoot him don't shoot him don't shoot him no orders a guy in the background let's do this up top it's out selfie game cheeky beggar just certain oppa can i there let's go let's go I can tell you this we can do this bar it WAV hums oh my god get out of it oh we've only got Bravo for a moment you need to remove your bus oh just yellow it hello we can't one objective but they don't go to the other no no no no so annoying don't make me mad I don't know it is crazy it's down here he's right that how did he just it's chilly nice nice nice nice I nearly got enough for a rocket alright school is fine so good I'll revive that guys and then use him as bait script it's not happening inside it it's too much hot going on down here oh damn I only just survived that second guy over no let me call in the rough here are you serious no okay don't do this leather rocky come in go inside go inside let the rocket hit the middle and then we rush it go go go go rush rush rush rush no time to think about it just do it all come on team we good we good we good inside again so I get inside there with it clear there we go all you pizzas you absolute gooses oh my gets strategy was real there that's how you do it so yes me that is how you do it it's fault let me grab some ammo that rocket saved it there's one more on them where is he come find him hold on hold on hold on ah sorry these I'll get it don't worry about it don't worry about it right side right side right sides well them let's just shoot a mess everybody oh you kid amis in there I such a dizzy spot to sit oh Jesus look at that look at home you can barely see them you can see them now that I'm pointing them out well look at that how you meant to see those two that don't know seen this guy's oh it's over it's over what's going on albe your rocket did I'm not streaming apex legends today no not today dudes let's go get those Jesus 67 211 might have a number rockets here all right you got a smoke all now you can revive that guy these two guys gonna sit here all day all day all nobody I'll get you don't worry about it just do this on some problem there's gotta go the kind of gun oh man one one one one Hey what did your friend go I'll just screw in there going that way Wow weird place to be Sam it's gonna get busy it's run he's right I see TV how'd you not see it give me that [Applause] let's do this let's go just rush through the smoke why not no let's not rush through the smoke let's not do that it's two guys up here so much oh are you kidding me oh I couldn't even see in there that plate that plate that is the worst revive ever – won't go for that I don't think it's gonna happen is it now let's skip it let's skip it oh by this sides not goods 59 left's okay if I go around here I've got to be really silent there's a rocket coming in this guy enemy team right behind me okay I may have to go into battle with these guys the plan was to totally ignore them that's not gonna happen oh my guess how did you know I was there I think I got spied by someone I don't know shame shame I could have got around the back then and did some damage oh well maybe next time I didn't shoot those guys because I was hoping to get all the way around that didn't happen we are really outnumbered on this objective I need that ammo I'm alright I need it yep get out of that he's gonna throw grenades he'll throw grenade right in there as soon as he hold on we're about to have them to death oh you gotta play big-time Oh men you guys got really out laid there oh dear you fell for the bait that's the game over sadly 82 kills Jesus Wow that was insane

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