Battlefield 5: 57-3 with New MAS-44! (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Massive game and a 35 streak! New MAS-44 is amazing in Battlefield 5! Please rate the video, leave a comment and enable notifications!
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what is going on guys broken machine here whoa you doing there welcome to a race on break fruit we got a new mass portable here this thing is an absolute beast my buildings gonna come down let's do this let's do this very nice very nice can't see anybody there's one person there somewhere probably more than one you see anybody okay don't go that way guys gonna wait on the corner told ya now I really need some heels we have a medic anyway we just bring this building down get them out of there to be honest this is pretty old Paris just a bit cheesy isn't it a bit cheesy bit annoying I knew you're gonna get me again yeah a little bit cheesy I'm not a big fan of these cheesy stuff but you gotta use all the people are using them again so you know how can the medic just get me you beauty dudes yeah let's put down the PR for a little bit it's gameplays more about this weapon it should be let me grab some ammo this thing is honestly a beast seriously if you're not using it what are you doing what are you doing inside on the floor there I find him not today dudes hold on someone behind the fence yeah oh it's gotta be cool oh right in the pool there on the pipe but again oh it's one of those messy rounds we got another revive I don't think we can we're gonna skip that all right let's get into the zone it's one of those games it's gonna be full of cheese where is this guy Madison nice one teammate well Speights hold on y'all gonna get out number that dudes so outnumbered can we squeeze up to the objective inside that house again there's a guy right behind that Oh can't see anything on this right side cannot see a thing like it works like this hello teammate Phil there's an enemy in there okay we need backup it can't find him under grab some ammo let me out there you're gonna die dudes you are gonna die think of that area on lockdown can't see them oh dear I have this squad leader role that would be great this guy's still up here there we go this could go this high teammates objective a has been taken you just pulled out there that guy over here forget about one more hair these debts you try this way oh my dad's explosives coming out that guy doesn't want a good fight yeah I'm Pete besides your lungs okay right there you'll have the position advantage on me in a second what today but it's okay let me grab some heels and then we can go we got some ammo as well probably sure it's twenty two two two good schools good schools all right how are we doing teammates I want to go down a it's gonna be tricky though oh my god this guy in the field behind us Oh sneaky burger interesting plays okay let's try it someone's in the fields keep moving teammates we're gonna get out that area be risky being over there oh my god I knew it I knew it Rick a sniper gets a shot and everyone else can see where I am oh man hundred quid says I just got spied there I don't like that I really don't like that I don't like how random people who just be telling the rest of the enemy team where you are just yeah that's what I mean about cheese you gotta risk your life running out there some random guy you just insta spot you you know oh my god there's another guy here Oh up top that's him through the fire sake there let's go let's go I don't know let's hear your opinions guys there's too much she's like out there I don't know okay we got beat she got beat there we go there we go all right where the action really begins about today dudes well why do I just get hit by there was that I don't know what's the occasion destroyed sweets headshot Oh 50 damage of that ring to a headshot that is insane that is insane Jesus okay let's destroy this church a little bit more let's go team we got me quick move over here I think what lustful ago Johnny Devils don't worry about it don't worry about it let's grow this science only got 16 bullets oh dude oh he's got a mess 44 as well all right 26 – freak and this medics I'm get me probably be a risky pushing on there to be honest well they should have done that I probably should follow the team around to the sides okay okay anyone gotta go and you want to go you go anyone gonna go four people ask somebody could get that just about yeah nice one dudes Touche that one for the Beast okay we goods let's do this it's gonna get messy isn't it careful teammate oh nice so cheesy we go to the top anybody up there no wow okay I need to get to that ammo crate here I'm not sure about that sure whether at all I need to get down there there's a guy waiting has he gone has he gone for good man did he follow he did not follow us hoping you'd go that way can we squeeze around here before he notices oh dear level oh they'll let me go around this side crazy this is great oh dear I need some heels now okay here we get up here a hole we're good send me the reloads oh it's good from all right I need to get out of here I think I've spent way too much time I can only go away this was so long Shirley Shirley game all Apple to me sorry about that crazy ways up top Jesus oh damn it before you down the road there hold on buddy hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on no one else got you sweet that's right guy in there I don't know let's try and go Bravo Oh what's he grab onto that one game let me grab them before this guy disappears and I can't find him no what's going on oh he's probably inside that house that's six the free doing its thing it's this guy over there that is a dizzy spot I only just spied him okay I really want to squad leader role can we steal it two guys doesn't back there where is he crazy Oh what am i doing why didn't you reload machine good safe here you don't have to expose yourself on the wall there you just peek over often catch out these players camping in the backgrounds good tip if you didn't know then you just get some heels and then we'll be on our way okay okay how's it looking somebody's coming left side aren't they I can hear the smokes coming in yeah yeah on the sides teammates I really need some backup here on my own in a moment yeah I'm on my own and Bravo if I get rushed here I'm done we got to get to them okay how we doing this teammate how are we doing this can't see what's going on down there you know what we're gonna try this left side that's why I don't want to go that way buildings coming down sweet enemy hit 1 1 10 sit out of it can't quite get his head there you go sick all right I gotta hold this side for a little bit longer okay this guy I may push the middle probably seem that weak point that one go for it I know you want it teammates push to Bravo sweet you guys dead isn't he nice one all right we held it long enough to do some serious damage Suites three more guys in the area nice one teammates I really won that squad a leader role okay this weapons pretty amazing isn't it I'll get him don't worry about it okay totally people up top there just make some news let's make some news okay I'm not sure what that guys doing you careful teammates we don't have many and we don't many we don't have much in terms of backup right now it's gonna be super open someone's on the bridge this what's in the middle we go eh I think we should go eh I'm not feeling this side yet there's only free teammates going up and I reckon they're about to just get shredded yeah they're totally gonna get shredded over there where's everyone going to a that's the anyway look that map there look at that map YouTube it's so very it's so many can we fire a rocket over he's gotten the roof estimate yep let's get a second one no second one he's in there that's got to come down oh come on oh my god that was close that was close I got to fall back and get some heels damn it I'm gonna miss out some points oh well it's all goods at the back there it gets we good team the two tanks pushing this guy right there no wrong things what you doing game yeah that guy man better be careful they have so many angles sleeping squeezin yeah Phil doesn't mind there hahahaha – it's okay these guys could be in the house of the back nice somebody else got in for sweets Jackson has been taken sick let's push push push there you go there you go there you go anybody in the fields somebody's on the right sides let's go where is he teammates crazy yes yes someone else got him Oh somebody in the bushes I don't see it watch that right side don't revive that guy around the open yo you bout to get rushed there's one of them they go that way if they can't I did if I found him nothing nice nobody okay somebody's inside the house ones behind us it's just what you did oh my god 96 get messy over here guys I really want that tough spot I think I need the v1 market for it oh yeah I need the heels I need it now wow that was risky okay we goods that's our truck isn't it okay let's have again there on Bravo really one that rocket so badly go ahead Johnny somebody is confident over there nice shot of happily now that's not worth it let's use some cheese you know what I'm nice I suppose too much about the PM it's the Frank renewed rifles you know I'm as Lords people just running around spamming them everywhere Oh My gods you come up against mother you're screwed absolutely screwed so friendly her name's where is this Giza I do this hold on hold up sorry they coming around the left sides they're gonna be flanking down here I see them what's hot is that it and as one was one more there's more than one how many is the enemy here 64 he's on the floor there somewhere how's nasty alright I was hoping for some more action there you guys got a lot of points we're close to him none of what he's doing it is he always a medic and that makes sense where is he I don't see him team in the water there isn't don't swim behind the building where are you it's one of you let's throw that incendiary calm down it's gotta be just one of them surely that it not hiding there are you I've had it in there before sleep spa okay let's go I wish I had the Rakhi right now I could drop you straight on a look how many kills you could get there oh my god oh my god I'm just gonna spend some ruckus on it hopefully I get somebody there you go August 9th whoa nice one do you say that like super messy isn't it yeah there is so many over there forget that rock is coming in that's an enemy one please don't come over here where is it going for the hell why wouldn't you drop on it oh that is a shame you nearly got the top spot like I did some work as a medic definitely did all right guys 57 to free with the new mess 44 that thing is an absolute beast oh my god do check it out super accurate really is anyway I hope you guys enjoyed that one drop like you did I'll see you guys in next one take it easy guys catch you later

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