Battlefield 5: 52-3 Insane Game! (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Late join and a massive game of defense in Battlefield 5! Please rate the video, leave a comment and enable notifications!
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picture this late join final sector of Hamada what are the chances of getting off the scoreboard finishing in the top three and ending also with fifty two to three I have no idea what happened here all I know is beast mode was turned on and I'm sure you guys will like this video and joy where are you you right there hello run faster all them all that I can't win they're gonna fight it's too many that just seeing someone nope where are you where are you where did you go nice one to me well don't rush me thank you you got him on three two one challenge meet sure challenge me taking a lot of bullets today missed us weapons that I'll do for now I'll do oh man this hit reg is amazing today flaps absolutely amazing YouTube I don't even know what's going on yeah I got about six hours sleep something like that that's too bad since events releasing the only objects now team ago leaves everything at least on Charlie oh my god you need to jump on Charlie right now I don't care who's down there jump on it oh my god that was so freakin close to losing it oh my god good as ridiculous oh is that how it is yeah that's how it is that is how it is so we drop the rock out on this flag oh I don't know what to do just go jump in the rocket here and then we go there's a tank on the folk yeah they're rushing it they've written it yeah thank you and Charlie not bad not bad no bats go Charlie guys go Charlie oh my god that was nice T it so against I guess I'd hold on hold up or do what's an objective all this hit register sublime hell yeah let's go let's go scope note EEP Dawson was gonna peek on the corner let's go Charlie right now right now right now right now where is he where is he amazing just one in the corner cheeky Devils oh yeah oh no no no no no no out plates give me some ammo give me some ammo oh dear okay what's this wonderful I said I don't care about that I need ammo right now got them this defense is amazing right now I'm on 59 – I joined this game late guys I joined this game late and I'm already all over school board glad you see me there around the side around the sides no they're on the flag and on the bike I'm the only one here you should be good we should be good we made a massive error there a massive error okay I'm gonna go ahead and go ahead this time we got people on Charlie no oh you jammy devil 40 42 that was insane that was insane please get this revived please get this revived go on go on go out there it's No we're getting problem we get a problem oh you beauty you have sleep you see thank you so much rockets coming in get off the flag damn okay we need Charlie back down the back gather back grab that let's go down there barely see him he's got tough as well nice nice nice chat upon a chat the corner don't worry about it sick all right all right 45 to 2 it is on it is on nice squeeze in here about dying get this guy up here that guy needs to go his daddy's dead Erica Lou what an absolute legend thank you so much for the donation please don't fight me as a tank down there you just been spied by a sniper oh the tank just here shares her donation Eric I appreciate that our teammates let's get into the objective and lose it well nice drop in I like that no he gets he gets let's find out I need to get on top right now they're about to push Holly sighs it's great we'll go for it nope there's a guy in the back let's go back no sorry dudes I can't get that how's the worst aim in battlefield history oh you guys getting constantly shredded right now snipe in the building so much they are not guessing this objective stream hell no I want to hit race like this every single day every single day please oh oh my god actually I have C survived insane oh dear what's going on Eric elite yes a donation chest Nick do you come good see it's still doing well doing really good man really good long time no see how are you dude I got nine bullets I got nine bullets and then bullets I need that oh you got too confident hahaha see what I did that hit the gunfire behind me but instead of standing on the stairs I stood in the spike they're probably not gonna look for and he fell for it rockets coming in nearly on the front of the rocket I just see someone jump in that Oh no silent footsteps are you kidding me are you kidding me no way no way no way oh that's game over oh man that was insane that is how you defend the flag 52 to free Jesus Christ oh Jesus Christ stream that was insane I joined that game on that section that last section I still came third place

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