Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Leaked! Huge Map Update + New Character Crypto Confirmed!

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Thanks for watching!! In this video I cover the New Apex Legends Season 2 Update Trailer and Cinematic that were Leaked and released early on Xbox. I cover all the main parts that are shown in the Season 2 Trailer like the new Apex Map Changes and the first official Crypto Trailer. The Apex Trailer also shows Leviathans and Flyers Invading the map. Subscribe for daily Apex Legends Updates, News, Gameplay, Tips and More!! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!

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hey guys Seth Lee here back with another apex legends video I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day in this video we're gonna be covering the season two trailers that were actually just leaked and I was about to go to sleep but I saw these and I knew I had to make a video for you guys but before I get into it I do want to say since the trailers aren't actually released I'm not going to be showing any video footage of the trailers there are two different types because I don't want to get copyright strikes but I will be having a ton of videos coming out as soon as the trailers are officially released but I'm gonna be covering everything that we pretty much get to see in these trailers and going a bit in depth but I'll be having a lot more videos coming after this so let's get right into it so starting off there is a trailer that is an in-game trailer and then there is a trailer that is the cinematic trailer first off I'm gonna go over the normal trailer that isn't a cinematic animated one so we're gonna go ahead and get right into it starting off guys there are absolutely huge map changes that are shown off in the trailer literally everything about the map is changed I thought it was just gonna be one or two parts of the map changing but it is a lot I mean a lot more so Cascades is actually fully changed there's a ton of new buildings entirely it's like a whole new base as well as the houses next to bridges that are around repulser you know like down by repulser by the river that is in between bridges and repulsor next to like the little overhanging cliff those houses are completely destroyed and there's a whole new area right there as well as the repulsor Tower was completely destroyed and knocked over falling over on top of a mountainside cliff and destroying a lot of it leaving a ton of debris everywhere bridges was also completely destroyed as well as the cliff and mountain that is overhanging between bridges and repulser that is completely destroyed and knocked over so it's an open space there's also a huge new Tower that they show off in the trailer that is right next to bridges as well as you guys know the destroyed and burned forest area it is now completely regrown and there is a base and a new building in that area it looks absolutely amazing as well as there are just destroyed buildings and debris everywhere across the map and I mean everywhere as far as we can see in this trailer there are also new buildings pretty much everywhere across the map they all look somewhat similar they're like more advanced type technological bases that look really really good as well as in the trailer you can see leviathans roaming around and fliers and swarms and flyers are on the map there are Flyers that are holding death boxes as well as there are caged fliers that are stuck in cages that seem to get somewhat aggressive when legends do walk by them now let's get onto some stuff that isn't really a part of the map changes they show off Watson and a lot of Watson to be honest they show off a little skin of her that looks pretty cool it doesn't look too different from her skin but I'm sure there is gonna be a lot more skins for her in season 2 they also showed off a few of her finishers and I got to tell you guys she definitely has the best finishers in the game by far they look insane you guys got to go check them out I'll make sure to link the trailers down in the description below now these are actually the elite trailers so they are on Reddit so full credit to the guys who actually found these leaked trailers because I'm absolutely mind-blowing by everything that is in this let's get on to some extra stuff that was shown in this trailer that isn't the cinematic animated one there are obviously there are fliers in cages as well as it looks like the Leviathans that are roaming around the map can step on you and kill you because they actually do step on Mirage Indy trailer that could just be a part of the trailer but I think it will actually be able to step on people and kill people at random but it'll probably be pretty easy to avoid they also show off that there are new emotes called skydiving emotes that you can use while dropping in and flying there are a few different versions that we did get a seat in the trailer there's one where Watson is doing a backflip there's one where octane is actually running on air and like running in a circle it looks really really cool as well as if you listen in this trailer you can hear some background voices quietly saying what really happened kind of a part of the storyline and lore basically they say there was a massive EMP detonated that destroyed the repulsor tower and let the Leviathans and flyers come into the map and let the area and environment regrow by itself because there weren't actually legends in Kings came in at that time and it was able to regrow so there's an entirely new like environment that looks really really cool they also showed off a ton of crazy skins and some battle past games they showed off a skin for octane as well as caustic and a bunch of really really cool weapon skins like L star skins and our 301 skins that look absolutely amazing I'm sorry if I sound kind of crazy in this video I'm just so hyped there are so much information in this trailer and season two looks amazing like I can't even really put words to it season two looks insane as well as these trailers pretty much confirm everything that has been leaked and all of the theories from frozen fro and at that one mining guy they were pretty much a hundred percent accurate especially with crypto I'll get into that a little bit later because that's a part of the cinematic trailer but let's get onto the last few things that they did really show off in the normal trailer that is like the in-game trailer for season 2 and obviously guys this isn't everything this is just the stuff I notice from watching it like five six seven times before I made this video and I wanted to get it out really quick for you guys because I know a lot of you guys probably don't know that it is leaked and I know you want to see them the last few things that they did show off in the first trailer is that they showed off all of the new ranked logos and names so we will be getting six different types of ranks the first rank and lowest rank is bronze and the next one is silver than gold than platinum then diamond and the final top rank is called apex predator and I'm so hyped for these I can't wait to grind up to apex predator maybe even make a video series out of it but we're gonna go ahead and get on to the new cinematic trailer the other trailer the second trailer for season 2 and we're going to go over everything we really can see in honestly I got to give props to respawn because both of these trailers look amazing like especially the cinematic and animated version looks absolutely beautiful I gotta give it up to the artists at resewn because they've really outdid themselves as well as just respawned in general because these trailers really show off how good season 2 is going to be not only did they make a ton of new map changes but it looks like we're actually gonna be getting two legends in season 2 and you guys you know why I think that well obviously the first legend is Watson and the second legend is Krypto that has been leaked for a very long time as well as earlier today they just added in the crypto laptop teaser but in this cinematic trailer they actually confirmed crypto you can see him very clearly again I'll make sure link the trailers down below I'm not using them because I don't want to get copyright strike but make sure to be on the lookout tomorrow because I'm gonna be having a ton of videos covering everything that the trailer really shows and showing off the trailer as well as that well let's get into the cinematic trailer so first off they show crypto using his laptop and hacking repulsor they don't really show his face they kind of just go over his shoulder and show his laptop and him typing in but you can see that the character model for crypto does look very similar to one of the leaked pictures of crypto that was found in the files a long time ago as well as it shows crypto hacking the repulsor and emitting an EMP that absolutely demolishes repulsor and clearly his goal was to let the Flyers and leviathans come into the map and in the cinematic trailer you can see swarms and swarms of Flyers flying into the map and you can see the Leviathans getting really mad and pretty much demolishing everything in their path in the cinematic trailer they also showed off the L star and a skin for it that looks pretty cool but obviously won't look exactly like the one shown in the cinematic trailer in-game because it is animated and it's not actual gameplay in this second trailer the next thing that I really noticed is that they do show the L star heating up and getting too hot and a person who is holding it mirage actually does to stop shooting it because he overheated it until it had to cool down and then he could reuse it again they also show off Watson and her custom revived animation when she does revive octane in the cinematic trailer and it looks really cool basically she uses her hands as defibrillators and revives octane with an electric shock it looks amazing and honestly I think Watson might be my go-to now she just looks really really cool in these trailers but that's pretty much everything I really noticed in the cinematic and the other type of trailer and it looks absolutely amazing make sure to let me know down any comments section below if you guys are hyped for season 2 and make sure to let me know what your guys's favorite part of these trailers were and what you're most looking forward to on July 2nd when season 2 does come out again I'll make sure to link down below the leaked trailers I'm not showing them because I don't want to get copyright strikes but I will be having like three videos coming out tomorrow covering a lot more about these trailers as well as season 2 so make sure if you guys are new make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on that notification bell for daily effects videos and to stay up to date and learn all of the info and news and all that type of stuff about season 2 as soon as it happens and if you enjoyed the video make sure to hit that like button it really does help me out a ton I'm gonna go ahead and end it right here I have a lot more to say but I'm really trying to get this video out for you guys as soon as possible but it's been your boy Seth Lee actually go follow my twitter at Seth Lee with too wise to make sure to stay updated on everything that's going down because I will be tweeting out everything live as well as giving you guys updates on the videos I am working on but again it's been your boy Seth Lee and amount

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