Apex Legends Gameplay + First Impressions Titanfall Battle Royale

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Apex Legends Gameplay + First Impressions. Click here to download free on PC, PS4, and Xbox: Battle Royale set in the Titanfall Universe! This video is sponsored by EA.
apex legends well this is a surprise isn't it Battle Royale set in the titanfall universe free-to-play triple-a a proper first-person shooter with nice gunplay and movement developed from the ground up by Respawn Entertainment first up I have to say that this video is sponsored the game is out today and if you're interested in checking it out you can do so from the link below in the description it's on Origin PC Xbox and ps4 so I went to an event in Los Angeles last Thursday I got to meet and chat with respawn developers who've been working on this game for the last two years or 115 of them apparently and I played the game for several hours and recorded everything that I wanted to and we were told that every decision that was made for this game from the beginning the idea for it the gameplay the fact that it's free-to-play the launch of the game and the idea to not do any marketing for it and just release it it's all come from respawn entertainment what is it then well this is a traditional battle royale in a few senses of the words there's lots of players in this case 60 per match you drop in from a vehicle and choose where to land there's loot on the ground and a ring that gets smaller and smaller forcing the players together you know the drill now how this isn't a traditional battle royale is because of a plethora of reasons to start with it's three player squads only at the moment but I imagine when people play it they will be screaming out full solos and Douro so I hope that respawn can figure out a way for people to play the game in those formats now before the game starts you get to pick a character or a legend when the game launches there will be eight of these legends in the game to choose from think of these as unique characters with abilities and Ultimates this is an asymmetric Battle Royale now a lot of their abilities work together with each other so there's some cool team play opportunities to be had I'm not going to go through all of the characters and their abilities in this video because that would be spoiling things but you can expect stuff like artillery strikes portals decoys grappling hooks smoke screens temporary invisibility healing buffs and being able to track other players this game is asymmetric by nature your team comp is important and as the game progresses through its life more of these legends will be added adjusting the matter of the game so in these matches that I'm showing you today I was playing in a squad with Matt Amir and study both excellent FPS players and we really got to pull off some awesome team play moments as for the guns and equipment in the game well because this is set in the titanfall universe if you're a fan of the series you'll recognize several of these weapons pistols shotguns smg's rifles grenades arc stars all of that cool equipment is in here and there's attachments to that fundamentally changed the way your gun handles of course projectile bullets are here as well this is not a hit scan game and it takes skill to hit moving targets at range the gunplay is nice too this is made by respawn after all xcode for developers so they know how to make a digital weapon feel punchy and satisfying in your hands and before you ask no smart pistol I think that would have been a bit too much power here no Titans either this is not titanfall 3 and I think that's why titanfall isn't in the name it comes with an expectancy that you'll be running around in big stompy mechs not in this game though perhaps as a limited time mode we will see and because this game is out today I thought instead of doing a complete walkthrough of around I'd instead just tell you some cool things about the game because I want to do some live commentary on it in future videos so here we go as you drop from the transport plane or whatever it is your squad is assigned a jump master and they will decide where you land and your characters will automatically follow them unless you choose to break off it's just the way of keeping the squad closely together at the start of the game you can slide and shoot at the same time scramble up walls that are like a story high unfortunately no wall running in this game but after all you aren't playing as a pilot in a pilot suit so you couldn't do it anyway no double jump either throughout the duration of around which lasts about 20 minutes supply ships will enter the level carrying valuable loot but of course others will want to challenge for them too so expect a fight to go down when they settle in a spot they deploy a zipline so you can get on there fast and zip lines are scattered around the map to help you get around there are also balloons that you can rappel up and used to quickly glide to another area of the map if you need to get out of a sticky situation and those supply ships – sometimes they're there at the start of the round so this can be the ultimate hot drop if your squad manages to land on top of them there are different qualities of loot in this game gray blue purple and gold there are armored pieces like chests and helmets and a shield mechanic and you can use recharges to gain your shield back and syringes or med kits to bump your health back up and if you kill someone they're crate color will also be designated by the loot that they had so you'll know utility first witch dead player here has got master gear and this game features a robust contextual ping system that has many uses even if you're on a commerce with people for example you can ping pieces of armor grenades ammo or weapons on the ground and your character will make an audio call out for this – so your teammates will quickly know where to go and what loot to expect and this works for locations and enemies – and this will be really useful for anyone playing on console in random groups especially if no voice comms are available and you know what it just functioned really well and instead of being an oversight it actually felt like a mechanic that respawn thought about and worked hard on to make that just as good as it can be and while we're on the topic of loop if you swap a gun it will transfer all of the relevant attachments on to your weapon and this is such a simple thing but it makes so much sense and I wish that other popular battle royale games would follow suit and get this – if you die or one of your teammates dies you've got the chance to come back into the round and I wasn't sure about this to start with but after playing I love this mechanic I think it adds a whole new dimension to the Battle Royale genre how does it work then well let's say your teammate dies but you win the fight if you go to their loot and pick up their data chip and then manage to get to one of the green respawn locations you will essentially revive your teammates when they come back in though they won't have any loot but of course if their body is still there and nearby and no one's taken it they might be able to recover everything that they're just lost oh you could always be a good teammate and just give them your secondary weapon there is no full damage in this game at all you can drop from any height if you go down but not out there's an item you can get called knock out shield that you can use to a limited extent to stop people instantly thirsting you and while this game is on origin on PC you can link your steam account to it so maybe all your friends are on there and then you can invite them to games that way rather than having to friend up on two different platforms and I feel like I should talk a bit more about the characters and their abilities to the way that respawn are doing this is kind of like seed your overwatch where the characters have backstories and different personalities you'll get to know them a bit more as for their abilities well we had some really cool engagements like I said each firefight was interesting and dynamic it's not just you and your gun anymore because of the design of the game it's you your scale your gear your guns your movement but also your character's abilities and how you synergize them with your teammates for example one of the characters can create portals that you can use to teleport from location a to location B you can put these wherever you want so you can use them to quickly say the down teammate if they're able to crawl through or you could create traps or elaborate flanking routes or another one the smoke barrage on one of the characters lair an area would smoke and then the witch doctor dude I forgot his name can use his ability to see through smoke and light the blind targets inside of it up with gunfire and he adds an entirely new layer to baffle route and when you combine that with the solid titanfall esque gunplay and fluid movement you get something that I've not experienced in this genre before because battle royale really is a new genre of game and I think with all this put together the meta and the tactics in the game are going to be crazy and the last cool little thing that I wanted to mention around the level are banners and on these banners they show which squad is doomed best or which has the most calls and they say your name on the number of kills oh that cool stats there too everyone can see them they're nice and big it's a bit Hunger Games and these banners also show all of the cosmetic crystallisation that your character is where obviously I'd love to go into more detail than this but I feel like that would be better left when I can actually create videos on this game from home and plan them out better and do some live commentary and really delve into what's going on here so that's a quick overview some of the cool stuff the stuff that I liked but of course there were a few things that I didn't like about this game and a couple of concerns for example the head bob was a bit extreme at times and I wish that I could have turned it off sometimes the projectile speed feels too slow on certain guns for the type of game this is and the size of the map and my biggest concern is that I'm worried gear dependency and simply avoiding combat and farming to get the best armor will be the easiest way to win because shields and armor are so important in this game perhaps a bit too much in my opinion but I'm sure that these values can be tweaked in the community plus respawn will decide what works best apart from that the spectator mode was a bit laggy I hope that the tick rate can keep up with the amount of players because this is still running on the titanfall 2 engine I don't think that was really designed for this many players but I'm sure that respawn have got that lock down we'll see when it comes out and also I've got some concerns about anti-cheat but this being free-to-play yes of course there's going to be a lot more cheaters and with this being kind of still based on the source engine yes I know it's almost a completely different but I'm sure that there is some basis source code stuff in there and you all know how bad cheating was in Source engine games CS source CS go to prime candidates so anti cheat really it's got to be on tip-top form for this game on PC on console they don't really have to worry about it but PC yes this could be an issue unless respawn are in control of this and the last thing that I didn't really like is the name apex legends it sounds like a free to play them over to me and I kind of wish that they'd have just gone with apex instead and maybe even titanfall apex perhaps I'm being too picky and I realize that titanfall does come with its stigmas as I mentioned but I feel like it's a really strong unrespected brand and it should be in the name of the game but I don't get to decide that do I I think people will just end up calling it Apex anyway what about the future for this game thing well apparently there's a significantly large portion of respawn dedicated to new content they've got no desire they said to make apex 2 and they hope that this game has a long life it's going to get weekly updates and regular content drops which is good and it's free-to-play so anyone can play it without paying a dime but of course because of this there microtransactions a battle bus a store that rotates every day and it's all cosmetic which is great apart from when they add new characters and you can purchase these with real money or you can grind for them with in-game currency similar to how rainbow succeeds does it when they introduce new operators some of the weapon skins and character skins are very cool the artists have obviously spent a lot of time from the fictional concepts but these guns because they know that's how they're going to make money on this game there's apex packs – dare I say loot packs yeah and they explain how these work there are no duplicates in them you can see the chances of what you could get and I believe the lead producer said that you're guaranteed at least a rare from each pack if it were me in control though based on what's happened in the past even though these are just entirely cosmetic I just wouldn't have any sort of random pack or loot box in the game and instead just have a transparent store where people can see what they want and buy it en respawn will get pushback for this simply because it's a pack it doesn't matter if you can see the chances or there are no duplicates the history is there and the consumers are burnt and I just long for a day when EA can just put a transparent store in their game and show here are some things here's how much they cost would you like to buy them it's so simple I think they should just let people see what they're buying yes I know that this part is totally optional but what are the headlines going to be apex Legends has loot packs in it that's all people are going to read and they don't care about the detail so I do think that respawn dropped the ball with that one now wrapping things up I suppose that I should say just go and try it for yourself if you're interested it's free I had a good time when I was playing it as a team and it was a new experience for sure it was just so nice to play a battle royale game that's not an early access for once and not just the close of computer like I said they've been working on this for nearly two years it's polished and from what I could tell from the few hours that I spent playing the game it worked really well and I do think it's going to be popular maybe there's a chance for eSports here too however there cadance on this game has to be so important with this title because when you've got games like fortnight raising everyone's expectations and lowering everyone's attention spans regular game changing and meaningful content drops are an absolute necessity for example with this game I'd love to see new maps added as soon as possible I think battle royale games often forget how important that is so there it is guys let me know your thoughts down below battle royale in the titanfall universe I didn't think I'd ever see today if you're a titanfall fan you might be a bit disappointed that this isn't titanfall 3 totally understand titanfall 1 & 2 were criminally underrated but I'm sure that we will eventually get a proper titanfall 3 this is something completely different and it doesn't feel rushed to me it feels like they've built this one out and put a lot of love into it but be the judge for yourself and there it is guys if you enjoyed it leave a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one

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