Am I Really Diamond?! – Rocket League Gameplay

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I'm an old man these days yes we can only go up from here how I didn't get banned I have no idea maybe my band's gonna come in in the middle of this game which should probably be karma excellence excellence I'm trying to get some more of these event ticket things so I our cassettes Oh excellent very X excellent very very excellent yeah fucking pound that dude in his a news yeah you hurt me steamboat pound that dude in his a noose nothing wrong with that pleasurable for a lot of people what's going on plus her fucking what's-his-name are always right on top of each other I missed the boost god I'm great the pinnacle of skill over here alright excellence come on oh Jesus you ain't getting that boost you ain't getting that corner boost either yeah oh no oh no what have I done you've wrapped me into space okay okay your excellence you are a fucking ball chaser if I've ever seen one like way worse than me and then I'd shoot yeah okay it ain't hard it's easy play casual so you don't lose your rank I don't care about losing my rank it's broccoli this games like three or four years old bro who the hell cares about a ranking at this point I'll never be Pro – hi right boo go excellent you only got one back Oh okay okay we're okay mr. clusterfuck go excellents go I'm sorry I didn't know how to judge that I didn't know if was going to bounce straight up or go off the corner oh this is the jam baby fake outs are real – fake outs are real Jesus dude I just can't get any control this ball excellence for the pass excellence fuck excellent how's my fall keep following it keep on it take it off its hood oh no oh no oh no just kidding all part of my plan yep go go go go go go get it out of there he's my boo still I steal em all excellents from downtown no great pass to I don't have a bus oh no oh god please no yeah what a terrible game we got the wind boys we got the win yeah checkmate checkmate atheist I like how I say checkmate like checkmate like why like it's two words what a hawker thought his name was honker at first pass it to him and you're playing backwards nice hit nice hit very impressive TPAC thank you for the 30 month Orissa welcome back BB I will definitely take that oh yeah okay whatever you say Hollywood acting like I can't read listen I can fucking read brother it definitely says Hollywood come on dude can't even read your own username oh I'll take that I'll take that dance the diamond and beyond dude it would be the longest youtube series I've ever done the longest cuz it would never ever finish cuz I'm never gonna get there just kidding are you seeing this yeah that's that's ironical dude I actually almost scored that what fuck yeah that is super ironical I look at that it's it's a hey it was a it was a joke for my teammate my man is nice shot three zip straight honkers in this bitch hey Goldie I'm sick as heck but I'm gonna watch I'm gonna catch some Z's love you baby yo a ninja sorry you're sorry you're feeling shitty man feel better soon brother enjoy the rest drink a lot of water have some hot tea gurgle some semen that always helps me Oh God oh okay okay oh my goodness Hawker I wish I could do that but I suck gonna flip it over him I got a save of course I did good god don't stop playing this backwards I need a boost I don't have 48 boost oh okay what the it was hard for me to judge that for a second I didn't know very nice very nice definitely hit that every time oh wow oh my god we suck I'm gonna go to bed way past my bedtime way past my bedtime I'm an old man these days yeah dude I made a terrible hit too was way too high on that this man just hit me with a need boost off the start no no kidding hey nice no you're right this isn't diamond no this is Grand Champion rude I'm gonna save this I'm gonna I don't know how it's not close at all I thought maybe I could give back behind it the address what's up I made twenty five months and I still can't find the damn unsub button oh yeah dude I got grandfathered in you can't find the unsub button on my channel you can only hit the sub button up top especially if you have a prime sub available right now twitch prime best thing ever best thing ever you want to freeze subdue a streamer of your choice what's going on here if you hit the prime sub right now right now we will win this game I promise you you will give us enough energy most wanted live boom there you go prime sub we're winning this game thank you mister Most Wanted oh my gosh we're gonna lose this game especially if I try to do some shit like that get him get him as a lull yep yep boom that's a low I don't know is that his name has a no it's not as a lull it's a lose it's too wide like your mother's Jean very nice very nice very nice very nice we're just gonna hold it right here yep beautiful Gigi it's exactly what I was trying to do them sure nothing wrong nothing wrong with a wide canal we got the dub see people say how are you in diamond well I'm winning games and I don't look at that don't look at who was on the other team don't don't look at any of that just you know really just pay attention to the diamonds on the screen

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