Allschwil 2018 – Continuous development of HP Emulators

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so but short is totally in the schedule okay showing continuous updates of my emulators these are two pages and then Iqaluit but I have some pages more so what's new continuous development of Eva Chen to able 28:42 or 48 71 some of you haven't more first time here you know of course it will 42 or April 28 but may not ever heard something of a mu 10 it would tell us an emulator for the know and pioneers 10 B 20s 21s but the Roman bitches for these calculators on of freely available serial the permits are asked this year in the forum for contribution battery material you wonder would get free from HP but I have thinking we have no real chance that we can could have this ramen in public same situation in a more 42 there we could emulate the 14 B or the 32s 2 or 70 b2 ads or 19 p2 but I also asked for this ROM images but I think said so some words I'm currently often get mails about April 28 say I downloaded the equal 28 then I lower half the wrong image from the 8th to 28 s but it was working what I'm doing wrong so I want to get to the name surname come visit conventions I used emu 48 was the first one so it was an emulator for the 850 48 quite simple so then I added the HP 49 so there was a better version for the better testers was the name EMU for X ok but I did like just his name first and first and second reputation mo 48 has a very good reputation at this time and so it's a long table so should I change your name and then people ask her with your software what's happening to say ok let it be it's Eva 48s Brandt named one version later I edit HP 38 so that was that about decisions that if you knew the new name should have been then a mu XY or Emil's 3 4 8 9 or something like that so I was glad about a brand name Emma 42 very easy to first calculate I am elated was this new emulator was it before to that later I added 70 B and so on and of course this quite similar and then I added the h2 28s so at the HP 820 to do a 328 s to do mistakes before the two it uses the same internal chip the one LR to Lewis chip and so I integrated HB 28 s in the simulator when you have a look at HP anymore 28 this stem will light afford it to HP 28 see it's between the HC uses complete different hardware so it's using one L case use one lk7 CPU using 2 1 FP for centipede chips several ROM chips aware of the number don't have a but it's committed and you design so it's separate emulator so so what's you all emulators got PNG becker dreamers support so the family just need a background image and so far they have to be a peak witness be in peaceful march and gif format jiff as as advanced as he could come compress these files but as early as only useful for 256 color images and so PNG is an enhancement for compressed bitmaps I recognized this is drawing what five this is transparent cycle on some pcs with Windows 10 and graphic cards and so on it was quite slow so I energy design so it's number know much much faster on these pcs on the other pcs which has no problems there no really speed difference emo 42f fix the bank and load app object loading 41 photo programs normally it was this interface when you want to load and safe open programs note the 42s normally no interface and when you want to put if programs export the programs or imported programs there was no problem when you when you're in the 42 life but you have to also possibility to load 41 programs when they are not simply event I have no synthesized code or or libraries are also inside the 42 but the problem is they are not sin site in the code that may be because we have perfect the code or that's more important on the 40 wonderful two programs need to not between two numbers when they're just behind the 42 needs to not behind every number so when I import a file from the 41 I has to insert not sent remove the other locks which are pet for pet commands so the distance between local labels or between labels could change I was fixing the global chain the global chain are the global labels global ends we calculated these offsets but I forgot the local offsets for our local neighbors and so when I loaded a forty one program the program may not run so meanwhile I clear our release or we set these offsets to null so I the first one afford to recognize that these labels have not offset the probe their calculator recalculates the offsets making the new offset the render you were using the new entries and I'm the second one Danny Gafney has to forgive to calculated offsets and then run faster for a second or third time the Supermarine only important when you do benchmarks or so on so let it run the first time to recalculate to the offsets and second time you have the offsets and then we could do benchmarks save object capabilities normally I save programs from the first global label until the global end but you may also get it may create programs which have no global label so if there's programs possible which only have global end listed you said object you CDs also in the catalog that you can able to safety is on the disk Evo 71 improved HPL device capabilities two years ago we're now sitting here and showing you a move of 71 Windows it only has controller capabilities so it's what most possible to use any just the same as device last year for a young one year ago I published the first version with device capabilities and the spring this year I added ma to bug fixes and parallel Paul s implementation so you can now use a mu 71 our service device so when you could put for example two Evo 71 windows in the loop both our controller and then on one you type in restore the first frame you sent is IFC this is set over the loop and the other 71 recognized his IFC frame and switch to device mode but then you can could sphere programs from between them jaffa soir made it make an example in this tutorial we're out how to transfer data from memory of 71 to his immolated him a 41 and so these examples are still working was the new it was 71 version virtual HPL devices he has video thomas wah bought it a program called reverse z from the 75 to the 71 this is a basic program which has about 1000 basic lines plus – so when you do appear list was eel pair the pedis took about less than one second when you do a P list with yellow video the old version it took about 180 seconds three minutes and when you do it this is such a thing on a real device it took longer so somebody was about to the very angry about this the slow program and so us was able to leave it to eight seconds that's not 20 or 30% faster thisis 20 to 30 times faster now yell video got the same implementation because they're quite similar so we have also these speed upgrades and just version yeah blinky this is a new program we have looking on my website you see this program and already yeah blinky we were searching for virtual printer visible may read each character set I have no program then the sword okay I've my HP 80 to 200 would be simulation and why not create an interface reading the data from the HP RL and temperatures the receive data to the electorate oh we have it print okay but 71 as he use a 7-bit charity set so it uses Roman age characters but not in the exponent ASCII table above 128 no it uses a non-fertile character area for this characters and of course that's totally incompatible with the Roman a charity set of the HB 12 20 to 40 HP 82 to 40 B printer so I added something a transliteration so you are able to translate one character into another but when you have for example the possibility or the problem you want to remember escape sequences which will make me sense then you have no chance because then you have to translate it to compile complete signal do connealy chance like one character but to another so it's very limited I said so you think it was a weekend project it looks like this on the left side this is the program your blinky we have here the settings for the virtual loop and buff we have two settings for sending the data to the printer and on the right side we have the printer the text window of the printer and what we see is a listing from a 41 he appears in this is a program I published last year is it's for s extended program or to extent John Ross was emo forty one seventy one dose and so on with an external loop to expand to use the external devices in this loop and this is a program this allows this the problem was when you have no modifier button when you start a program all intent read edit fields a great so you know possible to change the HP link for example so you change the Lincoln's who won't you have to stop the complete simulation but then you also stop the pipe to zero pipe server and when the silver pipe server is closed the virtual link also break down so you have to restart the virtual machine to go testing running so the new version has a sort of modified button and when you now press modify the loop above is still active but you can modify the HPR link settings thing then you can change it and gonna say start and then it could continue I will show unison in rot in a simulation so I want to talk about mo 41 mo 70 one dose and it was 75 to us running them in an hour environment was an external HD LD why slope so okay then Miletus are for the 41 71 75 created by TOEFL saw begin was to several years ago as I found the version from 41 and 71 from 1997 but long they have an interface to the HP 82 903 8 that's the is a card for he's up to he sees Java sweated an interface of for this and then he later edit an interface a combat port interface for his pillbox was nine thousand six and about so when here for pillbox was from the two you have no possibility to edit by this direct way drop-off no plant about witness 2000 or something like that for this calculator these are six in the dos programs so they need a DOS operating system or on Windows when you have a deserted two bit windows you can run them directly but when you have now like many have a windows 64-bit OS you have no chance to run it directly so we need a special environment boss box or when you about the website has said that it's an x86 emulator with star service it's really a virtual machine was does integrate it does so or you are downloading a virtual machine and using insta-tox that's why other possibility when we go two months before there was no chance with DOSBox DOSBox version 0.74 published for an 88 years as a header we are a serious back not working in our environment since August and a forward September on the way they published the new version 0.74 – to this version is working so we can always we work using toast box for this environment is set of a virtual machine so is a screen iam this is using VirtualBox assistant or Oracle product a virtual machine then instant free dose this the output window of the virtual machine this is EF here I just opened the console that's from VirtualBox though this is the start it wasn't started I opened the serial configuration port here so you see okay said capture serial port and then you know we redirected to a named pipe after possible the second username pipes on under windows or a tcp/ip this particular case I'm using in the end pipe this is the problem we see about before this is all has here – named pipe interface and when I'm doing here you see here the trace output on the connection on here that Danika 7007 is get a look of this year drive so this only is possible though and furthermore you're here on the virtual HP outside so can use the program vo pillbox using the pillbox was version 2 and can access real after also and the other thing is the virtual box from das from Oracle or DOSBox also run on 32-bit calculon operating systems and then the redirection the cooperative interaction works also so when you want to have a working PC with working silver port just you an emulation also a 32-bit operating systems this works perfectly so what is the virtual machine when you have virtual machine via a virtual machine is software running in a host simulating the PC hardware the host is nor the physical hardware running a recent OS like Windows 10 Linux Mac OS or something like that the VM itself is the heart of civilization with the bias of it so the undercoat in this this machinist bias and so you have to install an operating system in this particular case what is this Dawson because this operating system guest OS so from the one side lefty host you have two guest OS so I want to because it's important for us many VM software the possibility to redirect accom a similar to comport to a server running on the host that this wasn't amusing to redirect the comport the Oracle pillbox virtual pillbox is a basic package licensed under GPL you have the possibility to add a more recent USB 3 ports and so a lot of things they have special license which then the the commercial left to pee on commercial environments this running on 32-bit and 64-bit windows hosts as a server part of a direction was named pipe or tcp/ip server and comparing to vmware my test was vm there VMware Workstation player that's a free version from the end well William is quite slow against VirtualBox so when you want to have a virtual machine choose our collection box so here are some references VirtualBox free dose and I made it tutorial how to create a Mia was free dose is when he got him of the HP outside yo pills him on the left side and the right side is the description and that's the link to this program so did the description how to install the virtual machine often store free dos and so on the great problem or the greatest problem is the problem interchange so you have guest OS and you after host systems you know of course you want to date transfer data from the most to the guest from the guest to the host when you're using a recent operating system for example Windows XP on the guest OS then you have several tools guest to excel as guest OS extensions so you over virtual internet cards and so that it's possible then to interchange these programs but does has no chance to have any possibilities to use them there are theoretical aspects so you can use a darkness in network support here so no dos are some drivers for network support and and try to go over into a card network card to a share fairly with opera head wasn't able to run it or we have of course in the guest OS we have the virtual floppy drive which is the file of course you can think ok I'm able from the house to write this image file from the floppy but iPhone or driver for of a 64-bit systems so the only way i made i use the beatty HD virtual artist format is a form from Microsoft the advantages this floppy for but this artist formas is understood by virtual box and also in understood by the MBR so I only created one virtual disk and can use this virtual disk in both VM systems and furthermore they didn't take advantage I can mount this VHD disk to the file system of Windows and then I could test first explored files and then you can unmount this front and you can start the emulation to start with the faster than a new virtual disk so we are talking about emulators I talked about it before t1 is anybody here we have some users of the 41 this is anybody here using a before t1 in this in this job or something where is anybody knowing V 41 and using V 41 why why not why not what do people say ok ok I want to say talk about something special never seen before so only four people know what I know show you let's see we 41 the witness emulator a dream come true before t1 is an inlet for a 1914 1/2 crown meant a reward for a native program tested was in the 19's he winning speed when 70 good 10 supporting many modules over more funds important next part of folk groups over the put get burned is the only possibility to load programs to it this is release v40 one release 8e very known about the white waters here on the right and on the bottom that's typical on arrow display so there's some Bucky insight a recalculation of the need necessary space and that's this program version is from 2012 so I put this on my heart disk I used to document 1 lb 6 4000 won hahahahaha is this edit this and the result this before t1 release 9 so any suspicion their own receipt that's clear on left side Waverly's 912 is the display on the right side we have LPR set v feet set 15 616 and we have to trace output and differential Y a consequence we have ear vert every FV 41 with 8 PL connection so what does this mean just remember we have drawn publishes leaf disks we have about 100 left disks and on this lift just may be hundred or thousands of 4114 programs you have no direct access loading this image into your pair and loaded and even more it's virtual hbil accessing or connecting your pill box using a real disk drive and you have accessible from 341 to this world is destroyed drop hospitalists some weeks ago it's working so at least 9 changes make for me the main implementation is of course HBO and limitations I moved to configuration settings from HT local machine for 2 HD current user let's have some internal aspects those complicated format for some users to get it working the old version improves the user code by handing multi-label programs in RAW format files whatever what question fix problems that we per display connect with HP girls thanks to Tom for sois you thought about the store inside so there's no white borders anymore M cones grooves all related problems small cakes and waves on a mock right now include several minor fixes now it can use business 2007 compiling so DL person was only working with Visual Studio 6 where to get so today you must use my page it's not leaked on the main page so you have to write it what do you play a piece of paper then you can easily download this form this page but weren't for that would tomorrow update his pictures to do yes it's an office versions released 9 a spoke person it's an operative version if the weren't used my coat and publishes on his website yes ask him has he done some modifications but I heard say it told me that there's a minor that he has never published these thing these things I personally have also some changes left but I say ok it's now working so it's it's ready to publish and so we do it the new installer we exchange the installer the audience that I was in still filled part is not computer was actually operating systems anymore so I use now insists and so when you now use the instead of the target installation directory is also then getting right success and so on so you to them do this manually and so on so it's it completes rounded package you may have try and especially HPL is now of course the showstopper so you have to now all possibilities was the same and boom I maybe some of you may use this remark more often thank you for attention I didn't understand this transformation from the age before with the white lines and then these are what healthy six is the documentation of the hbil ship insert the edge player module so this is the document list a complete interval but I must confess the HPL implementation I used is for me before he won Joe Foss was vetted the only thing I added this the interfaces in the undulation layer of the fifth fourth of the 41 and then I add it but then I invited this process you also remove the white lights but they have yes yes of course the old version has the white lights in the new version not yes it says must be lost there from there from the beginning but when he does this was to release 80 the inverter stopped because has no Hardware one one minor point is the problem is when you edit state they are wrong it tries to reconnect of course so when you then start it when you want to play with it and they have no device or no loop as an attesting at the first time you have to write about my little kid pressing the key you have to wait about 3-4 seconds and then you get to control and I switched to the internal loop and then you can normally type and when you then started for example your parent want to reactivate a loop that's an on-off cycle I recognize the IV y 223 frame which is normally only sent at startup and then I try to reconnect so it's also possible to use the set later when you have no virtual interfaces just give a try there you have to us answer or I'll ask it office for maybe for 41 but for example there's no windows in the later for the 75 for example so 75% off they have a new version that had a look into the sources or the source code changes between 7.4 and but they made so many changes so acquit so they thought something has some single font and they change it so I was flying as it working no I think it tested I confirmed what prosperity tested it any worse what's okay for our frame blocking z-boys the ortho of Pi oh yeah and tested s it it also works for you another thing and if you tested it yeah so it seemed to work so well and when you have them yell pills in version we have no but no dust box power armors inside the first verse not published of your pills in version 1.01 has no parameter settings for DOSBox anymore because at this time at parses it was buggy meanwhile I know it's working and how are we added the configuration settings to the documentation the problem is my version control system don't allow to change the documentation and let the file is on the same version and then how should I publish the final version but I did say if it's a new version then is everybody asked me here and you say that's worse than 1.0 to buy the xfr-s still why don't you want some pillows over one so I published it was under 1 1 0 1 so when you have a document for real pills it was out the dosbox correlation file just downloaded in the new one and you get the documentation listed new settings what today we have here a situation you need somebody who knows which relate to PL you need somebody it play out you need in someone who needs the know C++ you must know something about HP calculators so it was a dream for for for some people say ok about every 41 was HPL but who could made it so hey I began in this have a look I began with this program in July so the first versions to talk about your office all was from the other beginning tester and the same about four four four weeks of our general we have a stable version which was working in the area thank you [Applause]

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