A WET BOWSER JR – New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Co-Op (Part 7)

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PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster let’s play New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch! – Part 7: A WET BOWSER JR
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Edited by Jack! (Superplaid64)

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hey everybody peanut butter gamer enob jiff and welcome back I mean Jeff video games I'm trying to hit go but us re always like was looking over like wave lines to see how awesome cuz I was going to end it with hitting a but it doesn't even doing anything Oh was very anything for baby we're very good at least look at we're good at video games and commentary yeah we're very good equal anticlimactic or an takuna in Tacoma why can I not slide Mac climatic wait diplomatic anyway man is there an in it no I'm commanding we're gonna add our jobs I just said that dude just say it really quickly and yeah well climactic you know telling of a climatic turn it there was this word I was saying I look like you the other day I can't remember even the context of it but I was saying this word like that wasn't even a word and I can't remember what it was but I was so convinced that it was a word then when I think it was Danny told me it wasn't I was like it took me a second to accepted we learned our lesson we learned our life don't get bull of course there's not an extra like that time I'm ready because we didn't have full power that's why yeah I did God yeah you take that two thousand points for both of us that's luigi raising bus like freaking throwing bubble form all right you ready steady down where I'm gonna die on purpose is a die for that dude no no okay oh dude that would have sucked if it like took oh this is gonna start this is like a homing one you coming I miss there's gonna be some some ice boys very good question boys not good hi duck hi Doug I want that I want that I would do it on an ID I like it I wanna hide f4 Chris ha it's like a toy it's like a electronic duck toy I want I gotta I don't what does it do like toast toast for yours no it's just a duck they're gonna cute stuff wow they gave you another one they give us another one superfast yeah they're like really expect me is to take game history oh we can we can uh make these kill the fishies I ducked it didn't work I think the bullet was too big gravely oh we can kill those ok so we come from me gonna it's coming for me I'm I chased it in circles huh Oh might be going for you now it blew up it it's a question mark what happened they blew up a block oh dang those are strong that's innocent oh it's Baby Bowser dude II was just chilling down here now he showed up he just pissed why is there water in this yeah that's weird I would you know we're gonna we're gonna to get these to like attack yeah dude I'm one step ahead of you know he bounces bounces he was about to boy dude his ship has a face facial expression they should put this fight in Mario maker yeah like this this version of Baby Bowser that's like kind of what I'm hoping they do in Mario maker too is they they add like more like obstacle things they like you know how they DLC like added the red doors like the keys and stuff I thought that was awesome like the red door key things cuz then you could make like the Zelda temples and like you have to get like do the puzzles to get the coins you don't even by the way apparently oh yeah like I think they're gonna look I think I probably were looking at all the different – oh nice that one was easy yeah they're looking at all the different things that people made cool stuff with and like I think I hope they add more that stuff Oh God dude it's hard to swim a thug like that keeps making the water pipes go at the same time he'll he just like I think we just hover above him he's gonna like kill himself maybe yeah like like we suffer like hanging over yeah oh dude yo let's go right by that I did he almost just like swerve to like very slightly oh we drained the ship she's actually helping out GG easy yeah we're plumbers dude how many how many how many times you bet any professional plumbers out there you ever just go to people's houses is fill water just beat the crap out of them that's how why I go I go in there I go clang clang and I fix it yeah yeah a little clingy in there too clang clang be clean well that was cool actually I liked that light I'm still confused why there was water that's why we actually helped Bowser just then cuz like we're cool guys yeah we're like legit you know guys yeah can we go up apparently not it looks like we could go up I think that's if we went the old world that we skipped or some blanked you are so right I'm so right it's upsetting me uh at some point we should maybe go back and do that world just so we can like do it you know like oh we're in the soda jungle's it looks like a poisons it's a grape so you reach your glass down there in grab me some of this spooky showing us where we're going I guess this Euler is this a big world I don't know what's over here by six us back probably yeah yeah yeah oh yeah so like this there's also this this frost world up there we didn't do yeah I see a boo up there let's go to spook evil though oh you're spooky bill it's go spooky bill let's go I figure we can show the Giants up here we can beat the game and then decide after that if we want to like do the other level true dead Oh bigger stuff and like oh we're in beat world little big world grape soda world do it up ticked in I don't know why I got rid of my ice one is ice just like better well I mean the SA didn't have to like you have to manually kill the guys yeah that's true I like I like just doing it old-school you know yeah so can we booty bop these yeah we can I think we'll get in there BOP it with thousand points check this out mom oh they D go into like no one's gonna jump on that guy and then I'd avoided it so you could do your thing nice cool dude this is I'm getting like minish cap vibes for this have you ever played minish again I actually have it I've played the part I played through the first dungeon and I actually really liked it and I don't know what I did like I was like I should stream this and then I never played it ah do it I didn't like see where it's like I should stream this game it's a K I'm just never gonna play this I spent a why don't I do that thanks oh yeah go ahead oh no I was I was I was just saying like I always do that but like why why do I do that like I should just play the game if I want to play the game yeah for sure it's the kind of like guilt trip up like a streamer guilt trip or like even oh we need to save one of these turtle shell guys oh no I guess we messed that up or whatever but yeah like I definitely did I sometimes see where I was like it was like there was this one game this one spooky game I was playing on Steam oh here oh here we go oh goddess they got his eye back okay gosh dang it we both know what that was me you're good good I mean that's not good all he's not gonna work yeah they're mine helping me help me I'm from splatoon helped me but I'd like legit not that but Oh scary i legit wanted like play more zelda games on mice Trish instead of just like doing them only in November I think about doing like playing to Zelda games this year I'd love to finish cap then I also want to play league between you know what I have you know what I want to do at some point as well I want to do Oh a wall job you got it can you walk up a small okay I forget I want to do a master mode breath of the wild baby goal it seems so hard you've all got it we're amazing we're pretty much the best were the best subscribe subscribe for the best Mario plays yeah I slide I got some videos coming out down the pipeline 40 kills is Mario 40 kills and Mario with the with the wasn't even a frickin revolver and apex wingman 40 feels Mario we made 40 kills yeah I'm eating all these freaking balls you mean the platforming yeah I'm part of Mario where you can fall what's this part of the game where you fall oh yeah dying I'm not good at this I'm not gonna look at that it might actually believe I got em I got em bro don't worry I'll protect you little bro I can't get down oh we should have just kicked him yeah do the trainer trick you we keep making mistakes due to your showering me and like a brother like a freaking oops it was an accident here I'm showering you and Wow I'm buzzed net laugh I won this yeah that's true actually oh dang it I tried wait oh like a thing I can't lie I tried to get you you have to hide that you're trying though you can't just announce it cuz otherwise you're breaking the law breaking oh ha ha ha dude you're breaking the law tag thanks no no no no you you tried to pull a fast one on me and I pulled the rug under that that down I was wondering if we could get up there no okay you use me that way what is this should we just use some of these stars like yeah let's just do the stars last like as long as a regular star I'm gonna yeah but we should I'm gonna I'm gonna pop my phone and go home and Jeff tried to use me and I just feel so bad that idea I got idea I didn't want to say anything but Jeff tried to use me in our relationship uh-huh and you tried you dare jump on my head you can't cheat the star all right I got idea okay we're going back to the fishies and we're gonna we're gonna get in another item with this star one are we okay these guys came back oh we just killed them what Jeff understand what I said Jeff what is it like you oh yeah can I do this prime maybe try it no I can't again hold on hold on I killed those two I guess you just kill them so you can just kill enemies with stars in the map also here's your G we haven't used him in a hot second Jim I can't go I'm trying to kill him I guess they're not gonna get an item though because I'm just gonna kill them right away yeah this starts lasting a long time well it's just cuz it doesn't go off until you're in the level you're stop moving for a second oh my what's up I can't use items I just want to make peanut baby okay yeah I want to be not baby not baby let's be a corn a corn oh yeah actually use this in a while yeah they didn't give us any of these in a while yeah this one thing I don't like about this game so far is probably one thing I don't like is they have all these flowers little spooky they have all these cool Paris what they're not giving him to us very often you mean though that I just keep dying instantly when I have them yeah well we use penguin whoa then we didn't use ping you know yeah all those are bad guys okay okay okay wasn't sure where we're going this feeling way too overconfident with this I lost my Yoshi feels not good can I eat this guy oh no guys hold on you crazy we gotta get this he's like he's like straight up just like camping you now don't eat me he's honing you run dude I got it yeah I got you take Yoshi Oh can you eat them no it's so careful I just want you to have like an extra kind of hit I think oh wait I guess that wouldn't count so give me your honest look at me zoom in on me zoom in a gate on Zoom Zoom there's the thing here that was a sound to me give it up yeah here take that I decided I just wanna I just wanna I hate these tall lanky guys any tall lanky guys should be executed I died goodbye Yoshi just like this I know you did that on purpose I didn't I actually did it I was gonna grab my shoes but then I didn't want to kill myself while you were dead so okay okay I was extra careful I want that I want it I was small uh I just keep running straight forward if they trying to kill hmm you buried the way you bumped me Chuck I wasn't trying to yeah oh nice punch huh I got you okay wait hold on these aren't that difficult it's just like and go through get that mushroom I can't go through that maybe I owe is there like a super tiny mushroom somewhere I don't think so you just going okay wait I'm sorry I wasn't in fast enough gosh gosh gosh dang it Mario that was not oh no no yeah here wait yeah I got you come here no no no no you need you know I can't believe this right now we believe this poor sport I was gonna throw you up there it is like Luigi's like lately like nah control hundred points I'm not even gonna try and get more points you're just like I think you're something done with you dude w we're doing these nubra having these extra houses and we're ending this episode if I was editing that I would have done like a like a pause or it was like a freeze-frame like a zoom in of Luigi Maggiore okay I'll stay below by then I'll be a good sport for now I I did it for the lulz I got I got a bounce I got to I'm crushing it I was I did his suited for the lols everybody hope that one I dodged a I dodged the bouncers a job we're gonna hug that like he's just have to back I'll get that one year I got that one yeah yes okay it's good we'll get some work oh I got a bounce back I got another one I missed that one oh how did I miss that one got one got it right probably +2 yeah I think I think we're doing a probably plus two I'm going for here yeah Holly's live do we're a team again look at us dancing you and toad was happy we could play as toad I don't wanna play this meet you I would play as like Peecher well but they said they were easier yeah that was the problem that's why I don't want to play as them scrub this I we get and what I want more like of the boughs eat crabs and stuff yeah oh here we go alright oh wait I'm not on the mushroom then oh yeah I am I got him both actually oh yeah I lost some dudes it's up to you okay I I lost already Stan it's either one of these two on the left and I got this one I think I got what he's doing that because we weren't sure what we were watching but I did he's too huh ah all right well well I feel feels bad man because he's been pretty good at it but we we didn't like and then I started trying to watch both of what the same time – oh jeez and then I lost it I just like I gave up those what does you said you had it doesn't like my specialty well it's long I guess we're ending this on an L you know oh dang we've been going we didn't do it alright well we'll see you guys the next episode I apologize for being a bad sport but thanks Austin for dropping the ball playing there yeah I really didn't do good this episode so join the next episode for the redemption the redemption arc starts now everything starts turn up dragon will see butter butter butter

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