A DAY AT THE AIRPORT in Just Cause 4

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Video created by WillyB.
so I'm gonna need the bus no I'm gonna need to thank you no I'm not gonna get off of there thank you for always just get out the bus right sorry oh hey you know it's a multiracial multi-sexual thing that's what I'm trying to say okay new plan something I've wanted to do since I don't know how many episodes ago along a lot of episodes ago quite a few episodes who can I just go through here Jack and he'll be mad I don't know no they ain't mad that was quite easy actually I want to attach this to were taken off plane and see if I can actually take off while just being it inside the bus also we've taken offense with this but that's just gonna have to come oh no there is a plane but it's about to take off not what I had in mind if I'm honest with you okay so I can keep it still for a second don't no no no no don't don't don't up stop I don't think that I didn't listen Oh crash crash the killer your passengers crash to kill other passengers crashing or just take off perfectly that's fine too whoa did you see that what is huh what are you doing why is why is every plane in this game just broken why did they take oh no no no no no I was joking about killing your paws and just don't actually do it it's not gonna be funny it did it live it oh it landed that's amazing don't do that again though good you might know Oh survived you probably won't survive oh I think yeah something went really wrong with one of the planes in the sky I just heard a big explosion and then that came flying down that is not good is this think this is the one that landed why it's so here what is wrong with you why would you do such a thing yes oh I could do my challenge I could do it I could do it I could do it okay no no I just need just start it up no go go I needed to stay so still you know what dragon I could just be on one of the wings that might actually work oh no you don't just take off like that don't just there you go no no no no I don't I don't I don't want it nope holy yes no you still attached no you tell my bustle get out of here man all right can I get you to come over like what yes oh yeah that's great isn't it one maybe two I get it you're like realistic physics cuz you're so good at this game game there come on what do I have to do I will ease it over no okay four are you I'm gonna stop complaining that's yes now are you doing things well dumb boss huh you worked so well oh I miss my plane that's fantastic can you can you wait just a second oh goodness that didn't quite work anything that was gonna happen can I just take off in my own plane then considering that one just doesn't want to work but there's no way this shouldn't and to be honest with you all I want to do is be able to fly this up into the air and then when we're up in the air get in the bus and then drop it and then just land yeah that's no I just have a really good feeling that this could work and I just want you guys to be here to share it with me the experience now the main thing is taking off because when you try and take off with something attached to the back of a plane normally a plane as slow as this one oh that guy was still in it this whole time okay uh things blow up but just the slightest touch so I'm just gonna slightly go forward we're good so far okay the buses go in sideways which doesn't really make any sense okay babies yes no why who who invented this stupid thing get me back there mother now that planes not coming back it's my oh I'm my bus is gone wow you know what I love about this game is that everything stays exactly where you left it but it's why well if every game didn't do that you can imagine how boring that would be yeah I'm annoyed you to get all the time but I'm glad this game doesn't do that that would be terrible hi I am NOT gonna mess up your takeoff routine don't I just want to attach myself to the back of this and see if this will take us on a little journey I've just crashed I am so deeply sorry genuine apologies yes stop I have entered his rear it appears okay well this might look I need okay you know let's just take off together and I'll try to touch myself during flight and then Landon yo oh my god he's so fast alright maybe my takeoff if he's faster than me I'm gonna be pretty mad well that's just great isn't it this guy's obviously clearly so much better than me so much faster than me in every single way all right let's just come in to land as long as nothing terrible happens and we don't blow up in a ball of flames we're still going under 250 km/h with that whole wings out I mean our wheels okay okay stop stop stop stop Thanks oh no no no no no no no no no that's not gonna land where I wanted to is it nope that did not do what I needed it to don't blow anything up don't oh don't even open though that's fine too I guess so we're just gonna chill it out you guys no oh oh you work if I'm a cow I get it no can I just there you go sorry just ease off it still there you go okay delightful oh you know what I want to be behind this plate I'm smoking already already why do they make fighter jets so weak so weak but that's it it's gonna be fine it's gonna be fine it's gonna be fine under that there we go give me some attachments take off please take off please not gonna work out that is not gonna you know maybe it will work out actually that's it yes yes yes oh no no you slow down don't slow down keep going take me off just take off yes everything's okay it's oh my go look at it like a little blue oh hey look at that then majestically we'll wait I'm liking this a lot you know this makes me feel a little bit happy oh no no no no I don't like it when we do a little little shop dad's you know it's kind of worrying that was so smoky that's my least favorite part of this if I uh oh can we shoot the plane that we're attached to no okay what if I get my wings at oh oh oh no nope nope get me to the plane get me to the fat didn't work oh lucky day I need a boat I have it no no I can you come back I promise it won't kick you off your boats hi sir I lied what the hell have just sank my own boat my driving make any sense oh my god that is not what I wanted don't go underwater yeah land like that that's exactly what would happen if you landed a boat on water ah I'm just wondering you know who was in charge of the boats in this game who's in charge of this whole system like I'm gonna make this boat fly and then land on water and bounce off the wards because that's exactly what would happen when you go into the air really high and then you land in water it's so just bounce back up as if the whole thing was made of ten thousands of tiny Springs sorry I'm a little bit angry No why cannot even catch up with anything else in this game I know that's a helicopter but this is a fast boat I'd have liked to have thought that maybe a fast boat would be able to catch up with a helicopter but no it can't I've been travelling for so long and it's sometimes you're like oh I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make and then you get a big slap in the face with a big cold dick and it doesn't work my word oh oh great you turning me boat that you know what honestly since the last boat that we drove was an extremely good land vehicle let's just say tracking this one is it seems like a perfect spot oh come on no no oh okay I guess this is a logic to the line Olli maybe this Bo's taking off it was just ready oh oh I just had a plot now as you may know we've gone for the like extremely fast fly flying boats of boats but we haven't yet tried that just go really fast kind of boat this one now they are splat bang in the middle if this thing sends me on like a massive rapid tourney circle thing i'ma cry let's get it's a heist oh my date this thing all right I'm going fast yes we're not spinning we're not exactly going fast but we're not spinning either it's not a helicopter it's not even a fast helicopter is it flying low enough that we can attach to it please please please please please put a few mine

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