9 Tips to Improve Your Play In Apex Legends

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Want to become an Apex Champion? We got you covered with these simple but important tips that you can use to help you win at Apex Legends, the latest battle royale game which is set in the Titanfall universe.

[Applause] you are the apex champions so you want to become an apex legend or more specifically an apex champion well you've come to the right place my friend we've rounded up nine tips at this battle royale game doesn't quite tell you so strap in now let's dive baby number one you can go into your inventory and request ammo and attachments for a specific weapon I need optics for an SMG pay attention to squad chatter looks like a care package is coming in big things in that it's not just there for flavor but actually contains useful info such as informing you that your squad is drifting apart or how far away you are from the circle tons of stuff there 45 seconds ring a Faro and this especially goes for rape having Wraith on your team will inform your squad when another team sees you lay traps or whether there are enemies behind a closed door tons of a little snippets there so pay attention speaking of closed doors kicked doors down to not just make an entrance but stun an enemy you can also get real creative and blow them up sending the door flying back and knocking back another enemy you know these spicy boy loot crate's well guess what they're also in the game and if you destroy them you get some high tiered loot so just keep your eyes and ears out for these little babies some guns have different firing modes tap left on the d-pad or B on PC and swap from a full auto to a single shot with certain high-level attachments the triple shot sniper and peacemaker shotgun can be charged up for more powerful shots yellow tier legendary loot have perks check your inventory to find out legendary body armor for instance will recharge your armor when you execute people with a finisher if you've noticed that the crater sniper and Mastiff shotgun are in the menu but wondering where they are in the game there are in care packages those care packages can be spotted from the blue beams of light found randomly on the map and lastly ultimate accelerators are useful if you have lifeline spam those as fast as you can to bring down the loot and there you have it some starter tips for apex legends if you got some pointers yourself do add them in the conversation below and as always thanks for watching yeah boy good job

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