7 Things You Should NEVER TRY in Minecraft

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7 Things You Should NEVER TRY in Minecraft
Prepare for the most serious DO NOT TRY list you will ever see in Minecraft. From digging straight sideways to looking directly at the son. These things should truly never be done.

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Thanks to the actors! LonelyCreep, Traitors, ThisIsJustPie, MisterSheeple, sorry if I missed anyone just tell me on the server cuz I forgot to write down the names

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[Laughter] nope Steve this is your eyeball speaking I am in deep agonizing pain stop looking at the Sun this instance or else I will self-destruct self-destruction commencing in 3 2 1 hello I am the Sun Oh daddy pig sheep and I want to play hopscotch with you you sixteen days later Oh [Applause] you [Applause] oh yeah yeah come here son your dollhouse is ready Thank You papa you me

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