3 Underrated Rocket League Skills

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In this video I take a look at 3 of the less known, underrated skills in Rocket League that are essential to getting better


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rocket League is really just one of those games that at the surface seems very simple and though the objective is pretty simple you know you're just scoring more goals than your opponent basically what it takes to actually complete that objective consistently and at the highest level well that's not simple at all so in this video I'm going to talk about a few random things that people really don't talk about very often but these are the things that if you can muster enough focus during a game to think about what you're doing they could be the difference between you winning and losing now some of this is more mechanic oriented and some of it is more just about overall strategy but I do hope that you guys find this helpful and yeah let's just jump right in so the first thing on my list is something that I go over with people in my coaching sessions that I do basically every time and it is a roll shots now this is so important and I'm not always sure if everybody agrees with me when I tell them about it but this is super important and if you feel like you're not good enough to start working on a mechanic like this you're probably wrong because I was complete garbage at rocket League when I started making videos and those videos were basically telling people how to get better at rocket League pretty funny and this was something that I started working on and slowly I got better at it and it really just changed my whole game so just to save you from having to watch that first video that I made which is pretty cringy I'll just explain it briefly an arrow shot is basically a shot where you rotate or you spin or move your car in some form to hit the ball in a specific way now when you don't have your dodge available basically you know you're doing a higher aerial then you'll basically spin your car without using that dodge because it's not available and this is really important now to understand you know how exactly you should rotate your car in certain situations it really comes from experience and feel and also from watching higher level players to see what they're doing and sort of copy what they're doing except for gimmick because all he does is arrow but for me the interesting part came when I started using this on those little power shots where you have your dodge available and you just do a quick fast aerial and a dodge into the ball now I have a training pack that you can use that's in the description below and this will really help you get an understanding of it but basically it's a way of adding power and precision and sometimes it's a way of actually making shots that would otherwise be impossible to make this actually happens a lot more than you think you'll be coming at the ball and you just won't have that angle to make it if you just jump back straight and dodge into it and so you can actually sort of wrap your car around it and hit it into the goal but in my opinion even more important than the fact that if you can master this you'll be able to hit shots faster and more accurate and you know you'll be able to beat the other player to the ball often and also just make shots that would otherwise be impossible skills like this just really up your game altogether and working on things like this and really mastering them just makes you better in every way and that's always been my favorite part of improving it rocket League and it's really my favorite way to improve whether it's working on dumb things like trying to air dribble for a really long time you know we're mastering flip presets or power shots this is in my opinion the best way for lower players to rank up focus on specific mechanics and focus on your speed you know it's okay if it turns you into a ball chaser it's okay if it causes you to make stupid decisions sometimes in game that's just part of it but focusing on mechanics and just really focusing on mastering things is such a great way to get better at rocket League all right this one's pretty random but I feel like it speaks to something that we all do in rocket League we often get in a rut of playing one way or executing our gameplay in one way and we often end up doing the same things that's really making us predictable so actually hadn't heard of the term volley outside of volleyball and you know people who use it to mean you know a volley where the ball keeps going back and forth I hadn't heard this other use of it until I was a freshman in college and I was playing indoor soccer and the ball came down pretty fast at half-court like it had shot up and it came straight down and I just kicked it out of the air without it hitting the ground at all and it flew directly into the net from half-court it was pretty cool and I'm not very athletic so people were definitely surprised I don't you know still understand how it happened now in rocket League players often find themselves waiting on the ball to come down usually for a power shot and then often you know two players will challenge because they both kind of waited for a take the ground but often in rocket League a quick volley shot and and a volley is basically where you don't let it hit the ground you hit it out of the air as it's coming down anyways a quick shot like that even from far out can basically have as much power as a power shot but it's way more unexpected and honestly it's easier to hit with accuracy in my opinion and sometimes a side flip shot can be a great way to hit a high powerful volley when you're the one dribbling or even if it's just coming down but regardless try this sometime if the ball is coming down at midfield or if you pop the ball up just go up and hit it especially if it's one of those shots where you feel like you and your opponent are both kind of waiting for it to come down just do a fast aerial jump up and hit it before it comes down you'll beat them to the ball you'll put a lot of power on it it's easier to hit in my opinion and you know you might be able to score a goal from it and I can say as a defender that I hate when people do this they always come in way faster than you think people will go up for a volley as the balls coming down and just like smoke it into the top corner and you have no idea that it's coming so the fact that I don't like it as a defender in my opinion tells me that it's a good thing and it's something we should all be working on alright this last one Falls a bit more under the category of I guess strategy and really just game sense so in one's this manifests itself as a fake challenge so basically you pretend you're going to challenge and you force your opponent to hit the ball that is if they fall for it and because they were focusing on just winning the challenge that they thought you were you know going to have with them they hit kind of a bad shot or just a weak shot and now you're in position to just go grab the ball and then you get possession now in twos and threes it's basically the same concept and I found myself you know as the player who's further up going in and basically just pretending to challenge even though I may not have any boost or it's clear I'm gonna lose the challenge I'll just sort of run in and pretend like I'm going for the ball forcing them to hit a weaker shot instead of letting them dribble or set up a play and you know in that case I forced the shot and the ball just goes to my teammate with kind of a weak shot and then we gain possession it's actually pretty awesome and a good concept that I got from Virg Virg is a former coach for an our LCS team that is no longer in our LCS team and he's now actually the coach on gamers ready I'll put a link to his profile in the description below but he basically told me that the person who is up front whether it's in twos but really in threes has to always be forcing the play forcing the other team to push forward so you can't just sit back and let teams set up place and you don't want to give them all that time and space and this is really good because it forces you to keep your momentum going and it just always keeps the plays moving now this isn't something you need to do all the time sometimes you can even do a fake challenge if you're low on boost even in twos and threes but more often than not it's good to just jump in there with more intention of say going and grabbing there boost or rotating but you just kind of make it look like you're going for the ball I find that I do that quite a bit and it's really really helpful alright guys I hope that you found this video helpful if you're interested in learning more stuff like this or you're wanting to rank up fast check out gamers ready so gamers ready is basically a coaching platform that I'm a part of and it's basically for people who want to improve fast you know if anything you can just join the discord community and see what you think of it or go and just read there's some of the reviews that are on there and see what people are saying so I've got links for all that stuff in the description below if you want to check it out alright guys we'll see you next time peace out

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