1v1 Rocket League BEER PONG!

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alright guys welcome the beer-pong I'm gonna show you around a little before I reset it so yep it's beer pong and rocket League alright so the ball starts here we're gonna fight for it and play a normal game until someone makes a cup when someone makes a cup the other person gets to shoot like normal from the back and drive it up the ramp and then let go this is on the workshop and then we're playing through hamachi and all that good stuff 3 2 1 go let's go baby Muller's a bit better than me but not today Oh God maybe today Oh No do not start it off as a social do not know you know I got actually you know what I'm down actually no we're making a cap boys we're making a cup are you serious give me what's that game illicit okay alright so just so show everyone drink everyone drink cheers Cheers come on well my car back oh shit hold it over here oh shit I'm blue right do you want to be blue oh do I please miss that gumball the nice thing about not playing with Leth is you actually get to touch the ball yeah yeah totally go little ball no we're good we're good did you see outside its respawning so lucky oh oh shit am I supposed to disable resets yep I'll let you just take that one there's one more option guys you're supposed to disable goal resets all big shots lolly so we gave up we give him a chill and then we go play now it's back to play that's back the league play a beer pong oh my god I just I missed it there we go man oh wait no no oh we're good ok where am I where are you no hold on one second were you bet come on Oh oh that was it was pretty mama what wait what okay it didn't go in any of my cup oh it didn't it didn't work so we're good it didn't I cuckoo I just hit a trigger fired oh wait oh I fear so we're still in the game coach no way oh come on oh you fucker everyone this is way harder yeah drink drink boy I will gladly drink drink I'll drink – oh we also I also Oh a shot because I won that last one cheers guys – cheers I love you guys very much good defense felt good it felt good there ah I can't hit it until it bounces one time oh you did not let's go who's made that homie just made that drink tat oh god damn it shit let's go dude there's a bunch of people in this shy of not seeing in a while there's a bunch of people that I have not seen in a while so he's good feeling in dude it's so good to see them it's so good to see him let me put on some some shit I can't get in trouble for I can turn out for good are you okay with copyrighted music usually but okay yeah usually yeah let me give you an album to listen to it okay if I didn't already give it to me for later give it to me for later I did it's an ear twittered and all rights perfect perfect super chill alright guys here we go I'm gonna hit this this side here we go he can't touch it he's gonna be a perfect fly perfect beer pong fly no no no that comes already blocked nothing happens shit wrecks me nope yep you ready for the social you ready for this fucking social social social when we go through the teleporter it's a social no no no chill chill chill chill chill Lawlor Oh chill little fuck boy no oh no social again yep this is why we wanted to start with this what side I'm on my side oh that's for sure boom let's go get in one of these let's go what am i drinking man today on the menu we got Bulleit rye Bulleit rye with a soda water man I can't block until he gets one free shot and then pickup so now I can Oh No twenty-one tears to my truth come on come on crap crap just drink nice shot man that was sick how is us OCE boys gonna get a son why is signing still popular no one looks at steam profiles it's like it's so they can show their friends to be like hey look I actually played myself oh just say yeah I was in John Stream and he set one up to me what's up eating you know what I mean there you go that's better did you clip is way cooler than like a profile sign yeah like anytime come to chat and just like hey insert name here exactly good morning Drake ah you don't man cheers but you never notice me get out of here crazy all right it's a big hit want four back right oh crap hmm what oh that was fucked up it was already made block this is going for social please go through go through the Emmett no you fuck boys shit there it is come on I've already made that Cup like 400 times bring it on Lawler oh wow okay oh god oh god oh god paul is missing Wohlers myth he already made that thank God pop it you better clear that goddammit social are you socially yeah oh he really oh my god cheers guys drink gonna take it back through I see your strategy now it's on my tunnel it's on my cup tunnel did you notice that was a cup yeah you're fucker get it out from here hey stop it Waller babies if touches Wow look all right all right I'll be over here with ya you wait you wait let me get a shot here kill him open you ready for this hey what comes open for me yes doesn't matter I'm gonna make it oh no he was allowed to do that because that wasn't like my normal turn like right now he couldn't block it but just cuz I check it from over there oh fuck alright cheers guys alright you got a second row on the right and then back row left to 9 left middle in left I'm gonna go for bacala back middle left everyone just pay attention this is the this is the moment this is the moment are you ready John would you accept art for a loading page for the shame I was setting off yourself yeah man dude send it over sense send it over man that'd be awesome I'll pay for it if I like it Oh God Oh actually actually way too late Oh about are you fucker a minute bounce oh my god Oh I've already made that cup no no no oh no what was gonna make it huh oh he's already made that skull baby huh let's go baby back up yeah coming to me bro what the score yeah what is everyone in chat drinking I'm actually curious two cups – I have three you have three so back to and middle so strong dude that's how I water it will games suck but then I get four five beers I mean I'm a guy yeah you crazy all right cheers Cheers please sing that song from the portal game I use I don't even know I don't even know that song booty toes nice solo I know a row in pure h2 I get it my mods don't really drink actually shoot gets down and dirty ashes they'll have a drink here and there I think come on your I don't I don't know that's it that's dead-on oh that sounds well actually so your goal that no way but never do so something so dumb hey hey buddy sup champ oh this is our moment from one of those walls is our moment there it is he almost oh come on yeah excuse me so you mean calm down Oh put it in put it in for me buddy what have I done for you a lot that's you are you are you kidding me are you kidding me right now oh god he's trying to go social guys he's trying to go social I don't want to socialize I'm trying I'm trying ain't trying to live that social lifestyle they keep going keep going now there is no why is he going back to blow don't do it guys this is a drunken go go go get away oh my god he's got one cup oh my god I'm gonna need another drink this is it guys I'm getting my bike kicked I've already finished an entire drink and we've had like four shots I get a free shot where where am I open I got the back to right same same back to on the left and then middle on the right back to my left or your left yours okay I'm gonna go for the middle back right here here we go final up man line it up last one was too short there it is what are you thinking looks clean nobody thinking god damn it fuck I've already made that front ko come on and now we play it out guys he needs to make one more and he wins oh my god no just wants a social you're just a social you fucker it's so long man okay social everyone drink and I owe you guys a drink I dare you to give me a free shot I dare you god damnit socially getting drink every time we use teleporters let it get three beers I live in yeah you knew from last time wait where are you are they are oh yes let's go anyone who's on Lawler's team drink motherfuckers let's go alright we got two more we need to make here's one more let's see what you got buddy if he makes this I'm gonna be pissed I feel like I actually have friends to drink with this finger flute is it balloon attack that's what it's all about man you're not going out your table Zilla thank you for the hundred chairs yo tell me Mike to open my snaps all right for sure I'll try and remind them we're doing a middle left for you middle left yeah live fast thanks for five months can you auto renew a prime sub so I can stop watching this I mean listen man no middle laughing middle yeah oh my god see I'm God but almost we got another fuck oh we just tie it up we should have right there holy shit him oh my god he just wants home he just wants a social if it goes through the teleporter you guys know what it is yeah social Cheers this song is called bomb the base by evil habit you're gonna give this for free I'm gonna give me a free shot yeah yeah really yeah if you hit me it'll it'll go straight into YouTube treble booster thank you for the 10 bucks man means wait I'm gonna go too okay yeah yeah you hit me it'll go it into your goal or into my goal into mine one of the two okay what what is open what's open back middle second row you're right okay I'm going for a second row am i right come on baby thank you and I respect you I'll drink with you I'll drink with you don't shoot ya don't see yet Jackie bringing out the 1111 as well we just tied it up loser has to take a shot oh my god hey do we both have this no I've back middle all right is he gonna end it right here comes all everyone stand it right come on come on Oh No rebuttal rebuttal rebuttal rebuttal oh you do have a rebuttal I've a rebuttal every bottle I'll drink you gotta take that drink though I will I will rebuttal if I make this guy's then we gonna eat we go to Ooty which is you have to score in the back goal right yeah we haven't seen it I think we just yeah Diet middleman you have to not have to make this this is for you chat either either he either he sings a cleaner we're done oh my god this is so nerve-wracking if it makes you feel better well you can't even see me they're mine here we go baby come on you got this man oh my god oh oh my god oh my god please go in let it bounce all the way let it bounce all the way it's going down the hill let it bounce all the way what about no guys I'm sorry I failed you

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