19 ways to improve at Rocket League in 2019

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in my opinion 2019 is going to be the year for rocket League both as a game and also as an eSport I think there's gonna be a lot of new players again both casual and in the competitive scene so I wanted to make a video for you guys whether you're you know a complete noob or you've been playing for a really long time like myself basically a video that would be helpful for everybody so here are 19 ways for you to improve at rocket league in 2019 and I want to just jump straight into it number 19 on my list is actually one of my favorite tips and by the way these aren't necessarily in order of importance but the kind of are anyways the idea is that you master a skill that is very difficult for you so picking a skill or mechanic that you currently can't do or maybe it's just something that's difficult for you and just devoting all of your time in rocket league to mastering this one thing sometimes four hours on it this is a fantastic way to improve at rocket league even if it's something that's not clearly important for the game maybe you want to be able to air dribble for a really long time or hip flip resets or just be able to drive around with the ball on top of your car I've always said that when you master a skill in rocket League you're improving it so much more than just that one thing for example if you learned how to flick really well you're not just learning how to flick you're taking your car control and your ball control to the next level the next piece of advice that I would give to players who are really serious about improving is to find and play in as many tournaments as you can and there's a lot of reasons why this is good first you'll often end up playing against players who are significantly better than you and this gives you the opportunity to see what gameplay really feels like at the next level and you can save those replays and try to see what they're doing and you know see the things that you're not doing and also when you're playing a tournament there's just another level of hype and nerves that you just don't get when you're playing ranked and this is always really good for you as a competitor when you learn to play under pressure that can be huge in rocket League and playing in tournaments is really a great way to expose yourself to that so I've got some links below for some sites that you can use to basically see what tournaments are happening number 17 on my list goes to the one thing that everybody's afraid of or people just really don't want to do and that is playing once I tell people this all the time in the coaching sessions that I've done I can just see it in people's play style sometimes that this person needs to go play once because it will teach them every mechanic that they're lacking it'll teach you defense it'll teach you how to read your opponent basically ones is the way to up all of your mechanics and it's interesting a lot of people think that most players just don't understand how to rotate or their ball chasers or they just have bad game sense and the truth is that most players and most people really just need to improve their mechanics whether it's those little aerials or ground shots dribbles speed and recovery and also the weird thing about mechanics is that people think their mechanics are better than they actually are people think they have this like next level of mechanics that's in the next rank and usually it's not true it's pretty sad but anyways all of these things can be improved by just playing ones until ones it's actually your highest rank instead of your lowest rank like it is for most people this is really really good advice it's really hard for people to do because ones is a very lonely playlist as my brother says but if you really want to improve it's a great option number 16 is one that's easy to say but really hard to actually do and that is to stop worrying about your rank and start focusing on just improvement it's a way better approach to getting better and actually ranking up and it's way more fun like it's a more fun outlook to have on the game and I can honestly say that I'm finally to the point where I really don't care about my rank anymore and maybe that's because I just hit GC not that long ago and I sort of reached that goal but it's funny I actually need to win like two more games in GC and I'm struggling to get back into it but I need those two games to get the actual grand champ tag and I really don't care that much like I'm just having fun playing and yeah it's all good I can sometimes play with my brother for like an hour and we can lose basically all the games we play and I just go to bed basically as happy as I was before I started playing because I really don't care that much about my rank anymore again it's easier said than done and you know it comes with time and a lot of hours but it really works if you can do it if you can just learn to focus on improvement in your own game as opposed to your rank number 15 is probably something that a lot of you already do but this comes from a discussion that I had with someone who is telling me that he warms up for like 40 minutes before playing ranked and that he only plays ranked with certain friends who care about the rank as much as him because he takes his rank way too seriously and he's just really afraid of losing his rank so he just basically plays unring whenever he has free time to play they play a whole lot of ranked and most higher players will tell you that you just can't approach it this way you have to learn to solo q and you really should basically just only play ranked even if you know it's your warmup games and you lose them a lot of times who really cares if you lose a few warm-up games because again improvement is the point not your rank and it's way easier to improve if you're always playing against people who are around your skill level whereas when you jump into unranked games a lot of times you know the competitiveness just like isn't there so I would suggest to people only playing ranked basically unless you're trying to like freestyle or something I never play unranked but you know I'm not saying it's a bad thing if you are really serious switching to mostly playing ranked it's definitely a good thing all right guys this one's a bit random and specific but oh my god if you can do this and if you commit to it it would help you improve so much so no matter what your skill level you know this is super important this would be super helpful but it'll hurt it may make you cry it will make you feel inadequate but it will definitely help you get better so I've put links in these videos below depending on where you're at you may be working on the drills in the first second or third of this trilogy of rocket League videos and this is what mechanics is all about learning to master your control as a player it's the difference between players like Justin and you and I there is no better spent time in rocket league than trying to do this stuff that kept PERTs talking about and you know have fun with it don't beat yourself up when you fail also sleeping on these mechanics can really help you improve you know work on it for 30 minutes go to bed repeat that for a few days and you'll get it in no time alright this one is a very overlooked aspect among gamers but it's super important if you can improve yourself as a person as a human that means taking care of your emotional and your physical well-being you will be able to retain and perform the skills necessary a lot faster whether it's rocket League or baseball or learning to play the piano too many gamers think they're doing a good thing by staying up until 5:00 a.m. grinding but you're really just not those are useless hours in a lot of ways go to bed eat some real food focus on improving and playing Rocky League for a few hours a day or whatever you do when you're alert not at 4:00 a.m. when you're half asleep or when you're you know kind of losing your mind and you'll improve way faster okay this may seem a bit extreme but I know that this would help a lot of people who are really serious about improving so getting some sort of schedule where you plan out when you're gonna train when you're gonna play ranked when you're gonna play tournaments etc maybe you pick certain skills that you know you're lacking and you just set aside training hours to work on those skills this could potentially help you especially if it forces you to not just play ranked all the time and you know actually planning out what mechanics and skills that you want to work on just having dedicated time where you don't play ranked you don't play with your friends you just train basically so working on different types of shots and custom training is an awesome way to improve it rocket League obviously it has its pitfalls these don't always you know simulate very well in real game situations but it's great if you want to go work on a specific mechanic or improve in a specific area or even work on your timing or your reaction time custom training gives you the ability to do some random thing that just really doesn't happen that often in game so that when it does come up in game you have a better chance of being able to pull it off number 10 is similar to number 14 the different skill based maps in the Steam Workshop are amazing for those of you who want to push your mechanical skills to another level or even just find a break from the normal pattern of playing ranked or training and there's a bunch of really weird ones in there that are pretty hilarious and some of them are really challenging even just working on your time for for example the dribble challenge or seeing how long you can air dribble these things are super helpful number 9 kind of shiz away from the focus on mechanics to really learning rotations now the best way to learn rotations is to have someone teach you and you know we'll talk about that a little bit later but one option is to check out keV PERTs old videos basically going over what he calls basic rotation they're fantastic and if you're a bit confused in rotations or you feel like you're just aimlessly moving around ball chasing then this is for you and again I'll put a link for this in the description below I'd say this is especially helpful for those of you who are in diamond or lower you know at champ I think a lot of people will understand basic rotation but it's amazing how many people and diamond and plaid and lower don't really understand what basic rotation is number eight try taking a break from the game so I took my family on a vacation to Hawaii and I didn't get to play rocket league for about nine or ten days and it was so weird coming back and even just hitting the ball around and free play it actually kind of almost made me dizzy because I just hadn't and so long and it was the biggest break I've had in rocket League in gosh years but once I got back and I started playing ranked again it felt so good to be back after a break rocket League just felt fresh I felt fresh everything felt nice so if you're in a rod or you feel like you just keep getting tilted seriously just consider taking a break whether it's one day or five days or a month or whatever you need go have some other experiences outside of gaming and you'll come back refreshed or you'll never come back at all that could happen too but I think taking a break is really important I've heard a lot of pros and a lot of people say this one option is to work on your mental game and this is one that I think people overlook a lot the mental side of gaming is super important so if you're somebody who struggles with the emotional and the mental strain of competitive gaming I would recommend a program called the Mac program now it's not something that I've gone through personally but I've watched a bunch of weld and greens videos and I know basically the concepts of it and this isn't sponsored or anything it's just a really great program created by basically an eSports psychologist named Weldon Greene and it's all about mental toughness but another option would be to just check out his videos I'll put links to his youtube channel in his program as well but he talks a lot about mental stuff and he's worked with you know a lot of high-level eSports athletes and it's pretty cool but yeah anything it doesn't even have to be this just researching you know what it means to deal with tilt and you know the emotional side of gaming number six is one that I think a lot of people overlook or they just really don't want to take the time to do it but watching your own replays is so unbelievably helpful especially if you're somebody who watches a lot of high level gameplay you will see all of the mistakes you're making so much more clearly than when you're actually playing and it'll give you a clearer picture of where you need to improve so you can figure out your weaknesses and really begin to work on them to remove them from your gameplay okay I think this is a tough one for a lot of people but I honestly think this may be the best fastest way to improve a rocket League or really anything in life any skill if you can get paired up with some helpful players who are significantly better than you not just a little bit better but way better than you and start playing with them regularly and put in the work to get better when you're not playing with them and you know always be trying to learn you will improve so fast now this is what happened with my brother he started playing significant later than me I think I already had maybe eight hundred or a thousand hours when he started playing and now we're at the same rank and I have four thousand hours and he has 1500 hours and it's crazy I think he only played for a few months before he beat me in a once match for the first time so if you can find some people who are willing to have you play with them you know I know maybe those people are rare but if you're somebody who's really willing to take criticism and learn you will improve at crazy rates number four goes to just hitting the wall around and free play and working on mechanics and free play now I was talking with doughnut King he is a rocket League youtuber and streamer and he was telling me about how he had a friend who was able to get two grand champs super fast because for his first 400 hours he basically just worked in free play and in custom training and he got grand champs super fast because his mechanics were so much better than most players who didn't have them many hours I've also talked to pros who say that like they don't even really play ranked very much anymore if they're on rocky league they're just in free play working on their mechanics so you can never go wrong with free play it's pretty much the best way that you can spend your time all right number three on my list is to watch players who are better than you and not just one player it's good to have different types of players to really see how people play at the highest level it's also really good to watch things like our LCS you know in keep an eye out for the little things that they do differently than you with squishy for example would be the way that he just keeps his pace up and it's always supersonic but yet he doesn't use a ton of boost you know how does he do something like that and how can we implement that into our gameplay and it's also really good to watch you know high-level play sometimes right before you go play and try to sort of match that controlled pace that they have that can be super helpful too alright number two on my list would have been number one except that I don't think it's necessarily for everybody whereas number one and a lot of these other ones are really for everyone the only people who I can think of who may not benefit as much from a coaching session our brand new players like players who just picked up the game whereas all these other tips would apply to them so if you just got rocket League and you're having fun trying it out you need to just be playing and keep playing and put in the time and worry about hiring a coach maybe later down the road but if you're grinding through the ranks whatever rank you are even if you're bronze hiring a rocket League coach is probably the single best thing that you can do to improve a rocket League and improve it's either this one or playing you know with people who are really good sometimes when you hire a coach you actually get to play with them but if you're grinding through the ranks this is definitely a great way to go and I've started a platform for rocket league coaching called gamers ready I know a lot of you have already done coaching sessions on there a bunch of people have just found this super helpful this is a fantastic way to understand the game better and improve and rank up like crazy like there's so many people who who are like not getting to GC and they got GC and just like month after they did a coaching session so I've put a link in the description below if this sounds like something that you're interested in and you can check it out alright guys number one on my list is to just have fun relax and really learn to enjoy the game especially if you're somebody who's been playing for a while and you found that you're not enjoying it like just chill out and have fun with it don't take it too seriously in spite of all the seriousness you know I've talked about above like the idea of having a schedule and stuff it's pretty intense but you know if rocket League isn't fun then what's the point to me it's honestly one of the funnest things I've ever done like it's one of the funnest games I've ever played that includes you know any sport that includes board games like splendor even though I'm literally unbeatable its splendor I still love rocket League more than splendor because it's more fun there are a lot of people who have sort of lost that sense within the rocket league community there's a lot of critical people there's rude people but there's still this big group of people who just play because it's super fun and they enjoy improving and enjoy learning and I hope that's you but in a lot of ways the most fun aspect is learning and improving and seeing yourself get better so I hope you guys are able to sort of hold that tension between trying to really improve and get better and just having fun with it alright I hope you guys enjoyed this one thanks for watching hopefully it was helpful and yeah we'll see you next time peace out

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