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♡Hey Fantacorns! Welcome to a video on 12 mods for better game play and realism for The Sims 4, these mods are amazing for realism and more detail for your game play! #FantacornFam ♥

1. Slice Of Life :
2. Meaningful Stories (this mod will be available for free on February 7th or you can get it now on Patreon :
3. Ultrasound Scan :
4. Baby Showers :
5. Explore Mod :
6. Pool Party Mod :
7. Road To Fame :
8. MC Command Center + Woohoo Extension :
9. Roommates :
10. Smoking Mod :
11. After School Bundle #1 :
Bundle #2 :
12. Trait Bundle :

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if you guys like couples gaming channels that then click the link down below we play sims over there too and we would love to see you there hey guys this Venezia and welcome to you another mod video so this one is super duper exciting this is a mods for realism and better gameplay in 2019 and I've been super excited to shits with you guys because if you guys been watching my channel since I don't know like quite a while I guess I haven't done one in a little while if I love to do just videos that show you guys a bunch of odds that I'm loving at the moment or like my top mods and just stuff like that so I did a few of those in 2018 and now that we're in 2019 I thought I would go ahead and do another one because there is a couple new mods that I've been using very regularly and then you know some of them I may have shown in previous videos but this is just basically twelve mods that I am loving right now and using so much for realism and better gameplay so these two sims look adorable right here I just had to start off on them we have a random family here just some random Sam they're not even a family the he's randomly generated he's one of their kids so is she I don't know why her hair's blonde but you know the adult since I created I'm just not the teen in the child and then the house if you guys are wondering before we get into this sorry I just have to show you guys because I always get questions if you guys are wondering where the house is from it is right here on the gallery just this is creator this is the creator right here so if you guys would like this house in your game that's where you can find it this is what it's called industrial Springs so anyways let's jump right in so the first mod is the slice-of-life mod I am obsessed with this mod maybe even a little addicted that's probably a little extreme but I love it so incredibly much okay so with the slice of life mod basically what it does is adds just life to your sims so I don't know I mean they'll probably experience something we have to let them start doing things because it kind of like happens randomly I'm you'll just see randomly let's pop up I'm just gonna have those doing stuff and hopefully we will see something happen he's gonna make some fruit salad but yeah pretty much like just a little rundown I've done like a video on it but a little rundown is like they can get the teens can get acne they have to brush their teeth when your sims are pregnant they will like the baby will kick and they'll get a little moolah it's so cool so so cool okay so we're having some things happen here sorry I just like the camera just flew another thing is when they feel emotions they'll get like their face will change so if you guys can see here she has red cheeks because she's flirty so that's super exciting and okay so this is another thing that I could do that should try to show you guys some of the little things with the mod but there's so much to it like as far as like big things which to me is the move it looks like I'm just obsessed with that your your kids can lose teeth and they legit lose teeth so like your sins will have their missing front teeth and they'll get a little move they lost a tooth obviously I can't make those things happen it just happens like gradually but it is so cool okay what am i doing I'm cecum and another thing is it gives you a better phone which I'll show you guys so MC cheats we're gonna change her mood which I feel kind of bad but we're gonna make her sad and she should go ahead and get teary eyes so that should happen yep there we go so you can see the little tears in her eyes isn't that cool so she just like legit looks sad you can see her eyes they look like they're filled with water and yeah so that's super cool they just get different you know just things all over their face if they get into a fight they do get a bruised face so I can show that off as well and your Sims can get drunk to you so we should probably grab a bar this is one of the bigger mods so this one is gonna take a little longer to show off but you guys can totally skip if you already have this mod in your game or whatever just for those people who do not have it in their game I want to make sure I show it so let's just grab this we could put it in the backyard and just have a and drink so if you guys watch my Let's Plays if you watch my videos then you may have seen this a lot um but if you have not we're just gonna have to make his favorite drink and it should affect him in some way um so yeah um she's all good so while he does that we're gonna move on to the second one Oh actually before we do that one last thing the better oh my god the better phone thing is so let's see so you'll see this here a slice-of-life that's what that stands for phone and then there's apps play game my first language meet a producer at Mama's kitchen Multi Coon let's draw fishing simulator plant a social event virtual puppy virtual baby and poker wars and then you can ask on date through here as well okay we have the Welcome Wagon okay cool that's fine some of them we could just meet them I guess that is cool I don't even know where he's going but yeah so that's really cool so this second mod is the meaningful stories modest so this is really cool as well I believe actually she's feeling something from it so okay lingering sadness so this is from the meaningful stories mod negative thoughts aren't always easy to shake off so I don't know if something came up here I'm dig that I can kind of read you guys about the mod or not okay it doesn't look like it but usually something will pop up so they're also flirty and it's gonna last 12 hours which seems a little longer than usual oh and now he has this lingering flirtiness kyle is still in the mood so basically this mod makes your Sims emotions more meaningful makes life more meaningful everything affects them a little bit more than it usually would so that is super duper cool like everything like if this sim dies it could affect them for eight days instead of just like two or four days I think it usually affects them four and stuff like that so I think that is super duper cool so um what we can do is we can actually have the siblings get into a little argument and see if that affects them a little bit more let's argue argue about school and let's have them argue argue who's about who's better there is I if anything else happens to them while kind of like I mention it to you guys and show you guys that that is from the mod the next one is the ultrasound mod so I have said quickly again a sim pregnant for this which is totally fine that is no problem will get her pregnant I guess ok so something else that is happening because of the meaningful stories mod it says Alessandra is feeling particularly emotional right now due to stronger and we lit from their emotional trait so um she is angry from a silverback and usually my sims actually do not get angry from sore backs usually they get uncomfortable so I like that so it definitely is affecting her differently and I'm trying to see if she's pregnant but everyone wants to use this bathroom so you know alright so another thing that is happening from the slice-of-life mod is baby fever Aurora seems to have baby fever I think it's time to add a new member to the family which i think is so cool so she actually failed to conceive and I kind of just remove those mouthless because then it wasn't letting her try again cuz she was so sad so we're trying to get her pregnant so I could show you guys the ultrasound mod ok guys so she is pregnant and the slice-of-life mod actually gave it away so she's having a baby kick Alessandra definitely it felt that it is a bit painful but it's great to know the baby is alive and well so that is super duper cool so now we're gonna go ahead and just stick her into the second trimester so that we can an offer go to get an ultrasound which is so cool socially we're gonna put her in the second trimester there we go she's got a little belly okay so now with this mod you can just go onto the phone and you just go right here it's under the car and she can go to her appointment and she can bring her whoever it is whether it's the boyfriend husband or anything just whoever the significant other is they can come with you so that's pretty cool and they are off to get an ultrasound I love how this works you guys I have been wanting to put this mod at my game for so long and now I'm never taking it out so I've known what it is for the longest time but I recently put it in my and now I feel like I'm definitely going to be using it for every single sin pregnancy because it's just so good and it adds so much realism and better gameplay I am obsessed with it okay guys so they are back and you get a mood lit from this mod exciting news it is exciting to find out the gender and number of the upcoming offspring now this now it's the setting it up and decorating of the nursery you can begin so this is super cool because it allows you to you know have this whole kind of somewhat detailed pregnancy because I feel like pregnancy like you know there's not a door no it doesn't really add much for your sims like there's no things you can do while you're pregnant Lee specifically to pregnancy but now you can go get an ultrasound they can find out the gender of their baby have this cute little ultrasound on the wall and then you can start setting up the nursery and it's like this little process I love it so if you hover over it will tell you the basically she is pregnant with one baby and will most likely be a girl so yeah I thought it's awesome I don't know if this means there's a chance it could be a boy but I did see an MC command center is most definitely a girl so yeah I think that is super duper cool it's one of my favourite mods now I love it so much okay you guys so I just sped through the night so that it could be morning and to go hand in hand with the ultrasound mod I'm also gonna show you guys the baby shower mod so a lot of people think this doesn't work anymore if they don't know where to find it but so Brett pinky Sims did create this mod and she doesn't update her mods anymore sadly it's always a ad because she was an amazing mod creator but there is someone who basically updated the mod and it does still work so that's awesome and I've had in my game for a while and it's always something that definitely adds realism because I mean it's a baby shower you know your Sims pregnant they can get their ultrasound they can find out the gender at the baby how many babies they can have a baby shower and you could also use this as a gender reveal which I'm going to be doing soon and one of my Let's Plays so yeah you could also do like a gender reveal type thing which would be cool yeah basically you're gonna pick a host like normal so let's do that and then we'll just have to guess B oh well just hope that goes be the family because you know it's enough stems to you basically it test this out and you can still get a caterer and all of that so that is pretty cool and basically we can just have it at the house or you can have it somewhere else wherever you want you have it and I know we already started the event but for the sake of the mod review I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys basically there is different things that come with this so there is different you know items you can place down that kind of give it that baby shower feel so we have signs and they're so cute they're so so cute like a look at look at these aren't they adorable okay so this says it's a girl we're having a girl so we're gonna just stick that there then there's one for the wall which we can't see but it's the same thing and then there's presents you guys so that's super cute to you and there's all this different cute wrapping paper there is cards which I absolutely love so there's like adorable cute cards and they're just like super well done look at that and then little volians and I mean that's always cute very fitting we'll just stick these inside anywhere there we go and then there's like a little banner you know you guys get it and then there's a table which obviously you could put the presents on which is very fitting so there you go so that is so cute there's also this banner here same type of deal so yeah that's cute and you have little tasks so you can take photos share big news and view greeting cards so you know it works like any other event you know you can just view the cards you could share the big news with people which is awesome so and then you can just think for coming like usual and all of that so this just works like a normal a ballot event um but it's so stinkin cute so we're gonna like we suck we're gonna cancel this event like wow but you know gotta go to the next mod and yeah I can't wait to use out soon and like I said you could totally you do that as a gender-reveal as well so the next mod is the Explorer mod so this is so by far one of my favorites I've mentioned this before but I loved it so much so if you click on a Sim you'll see it the little icon called Explorer when you download this mod and for okay so the mods been updated and basically now he would want have her go since she's pregnant let's have you go I guess so basically we're gonna send her you can't just explore anymore you need to go to your license or you can get like a bus pass so I think I'll be able to see that with the teenagers we could have him go get a bus pass so if you oh we're flopping services you can get a transportation at bus center pass so that's super cool the kids can as well oh and then another thing with the meaningful stories mod you guys may notice there's a little Roper key thing here and I was just the meaningful stories and there's all these different settings so you can change things however you want which is super duper nice all right you guys so she is back from exploring and now she has her license so now once you do that it basically opens up all of this so I like this because we don't have cars and it just like adds a little thing it makes it kind of just in your head it makes it kind of feel like your sins are driving to places so there is a million places to go the possibilities are endless and you may not like this if you're the type of person who wants to go with your sim everywhere but especially if your Sims 3 player you might really like this because in the sims 3 there was a whole rabbit hole thing which means your sims just disappear on the lot but things happen when they're gone so it makes it seem like they're actually there and what I like this for is if I have a family of multiple sims then I can send a sim off to do something if you know I'm not really playing with them at the moment and they can come back with food they can come back with a facial done with their nails done their hair done they can just all a whole bunch of stuff they can even like go to the toy store and come back with toys I think that's really cool and then for the kids the kids are at school so I'll show you guys after but you know you can send them to the park and they'll get fun and stuff like that you can send into the library to study and they'll work on their homework like away from home so I actually think it's really really cool and you probably notice that it actually is really beneficial to have if you have a family even with just two sims you know you have a single mom a single dad sim whatever the case may be so one of the cool ones is takeout so I'm gonna have her go do that so look at all the places snappy hotdogs Rollie pollie donut shop these names are so creative there's ice cream shops pizza places hamburgers let's actually let me show you guys a couple the other things so education you can go to different classes and learn skills which i think is another reason this is very worth it so yeah I think that's really cool and childbirth education it of that education class how great is that for the pregnant Sims another thing for the pregnant sense I think that's super duper great there's temporary temporary work which is also very nice you can pick a certain amount of hours if your Sims need to make it a little extra cash for whatever reason attractions you can go to the cinema which was something in The Sims 3 where you couldn't go with them but it was so cool because you know they got an experience they got a moola after they you know it was nice and you know there's an arcade a comedy club ice cream shop there's a gym yeah I believe your sims earned Fitness without you having to go with them because sometimes that gym can be kind of boring if you have other Sims that you'd rather be doing other things with and you're just waiting for your son to work out for like ever bowling the zoo which this also gives you a little movement which is nice and there's hiking so many things you guys so yeah and you can also explore with so you can explore with people which is very nice you can and then guys the guys guys guys you can go on vacation and this is great if you have a big family and maybe the parents want a little vacation or something like that I don't know but you can go to Disney llama world the Royal Caribbean cruise South la llama beach and Jurassic plumb-bob Park but anyways we are all over the place you can also go on a date through that so that's cool but we are gonna have her go get takeout so she can come back with food we're gonna have her go to the donut shop so she should come back with some donuts so that's really cool now that it basically like showed you guys how that model works also on Halloween you can have your sins go trick-or-treating which is adorable and they come back with candy so that's very nice since it's very very sad that your sins can't actually go trick-or-treating innocence for so the next one is the pool party – oh I'm about to destroy the backyard because I don't want to leave because I'm just gonna have to come back and we're gonna be all over the place so we're just gonna destroy the backyard not really destroy it but uh we're gonna we're gonna delete something so I'm gonna build a quick random pool and then I'll be back okay guys so if you go into critism you're going to see the pool party mod and we need pool parties the reason I say this adds to realism and gameplay I mean obviously this video is on both whether it's one or the other but this adds both to me because now that I have seasons it's very very realistic to have pool parties like it's hot out we need like an event where sames will want to go swimming and stuff in the heat and just have fun in the pool and we don't have that so yeah and then obviously there's that's a game play it's great so we're just going to go ahead and invite all the household members to the pool party Wow how lame and then we'll have her be the host so we're just gonna have about the house and yep skip school so this is what I have to do when I like put a bunch of mods in videos why do I do this but it's so much fun mod mod videos are so much fun like a bunch of laws in one video that's fun I love mod I have a problem they're just so fun cuz like it's so fun to experiment with them and everything like that just experience new things so anyways oh and look who's home with food so she came she came home with food from the explore mod and now she has Donuts you guys so we're gonna put these out for the pool party how cool is how you can go pick up food for the pool party or you can barbecue which is very fitting but as you can see two sims just jumped in the pool right away which i think is super awesome so we're just gonna have them all kind of get in just to kind of set the vibe they don't always all get in but you know two sims got in which is nice so basically you have different goals like hop jinx have since become playful at the same time I have Sims chatting at the same time and then the main goal is to socialize with the guests so yeah I think the whole like having drinks is very very fitting when it comes to a pool party so that's nice let's see we're just gonna make drinks and we're gonna make drink four and we're gonna make a drink for Aurora we're gonna just make it rain for some sins you know that girl's pregnant but you know what it's the Sims I don't know if she's gonna get drunk that's a little weird because of the slice-of-life mod that would not be good but it's okay it's assumes it doesn't affect them bad thing okay they're the only Sims I can have a drink anyways so he's gonna go and do that we're not gonna do this whole ban but we'll leave it for a little bit and hopefully get some of the tasks done so you guys can kind of see so like you know if they socialize I don't know if splashing counts I doubt it but tell them engaging story oh so here we go have some chatting at the same time so that's going up but yeah it really does give up the give off the vibe of a pool party when you have more Sims than this of course I did do a video on it if you guys want to see like a more full effect on it I do I've done videos about a lot of these mods separately if you guys just search like Fantasia and then the name of the mod you're gonna see it if you're interested in like a full review on each individual mod I've done ones on most of them I even did one on the baby shower I'm out a long time ago so if you type Fantasia baby shower Maya definitely will come up so yeah there's the pool party montt again if you have like a ton of people it definitely works nicer but as you guys saw sans got in the pool right away and you can have everyone just hanging out in the backyard and how cool would this be if you've invited over like the whole neighborhood you had like 20 sins back here I think that looks so cool so anyways moving on to the next one the next one is road to fame so I'm including this because I mean it's not a new mod I feel like most of us know what road to fame is it but you know this is all about the mods that I feel like enhance my gameplay and make it more realistic you know and this is one of them I just feel like this mod is by far one of the best month ever so it keeps getting better if you guys are iffy about this mod and you don't have it I promise you it's so worth it sacrificial keeps adding updates I remember when it was so such a like smaller mod it was always a big because I always added a lot but like so much smaller and it's just like evolved like now not only do we have sin mr. Graham but we have acting we have modeling and we have professional singing and I think that is so cool and now we do have get famous but this is a little bit different like you know it just it adds different things for you so obviously as you do stuff it'll unlock more things so right now like she has nothing but if you guys watch my single dad life looks like there is a lot of things you can unlock and it's very cool and with modeling like you can right now just Moz browse bottle browse modeling poses but you can do crazy things with it there ends up being like fresh breath spray and like literally pills you can take that are very bad for your Sam and can affect them in bad ways if you want to change your body type cuz like you're on model and everything like that it's like super extreme um just so many different things that it comes with and professional singing is really really cool I really like that one because you can upload to Simlish cloud and everything which is very very cool so she gets mood lets to you learning from the best look at these 50 poses so that's always cool yeah as you progressed so many things unlock and you can get gifts from your fans you can obviously get followers from this Instagram you can get paparazzi following you around you can do meet and greets so many different things you guys it is so cool there's just she's singing like the itsy bitsy spider v.i.c you can write song lyrics but so many more things unlock that I can't even show you guys because obviously she's not there yet but you can post a picture from foam but you'll eventually be able to like reply to comments and all this cool stuff it is so cool it is so realistic and so fun so yeah I love that right now she can just check out a track in this video as I said actually goes along so many things unlocked for modeling so that's road to fame you can just gain a lot from it oh and there is a skill so she has professional singing skill which is different from the singing skill like the regular singing skill so that's cool and then you know you can leveler up to like level five or something that's the max and I don't know if more things look yeah so now she can respond to comments she can record a video all these different things she can check our followers so that is awesome and yeah you can become like famous from this which is so cool okay guys so the next one is MC command center which I've mentioned many many times but it is still on my list so if those of you guys wonder if I still use it I do and I use it all the time and if you guys are ever wondering if you should have it in your game I definitely recommend it if you like to be able to control things more or if you want just more realistic things when it comes to pregnancy and whoo-hooing and all of that so there's a pregnancy setting okay we're on the guy so I don't really think we can do much there let's go to her if she's really mad well what am i doing um okay MC command so like pregnancy it'll tell you if she's pregnant how many and stuff like that if you don't want the ultrasound mod that's convenient um and uh also you can go onto the computer it lets do that quickly oh by the way you guys the slice-of-life mod christen is drunk so uh yeah and she's angry so that's affecting her all different ways but yeah you can go on to the computer here and then you'll also see woohoo er which is pretty much my favorite thing one of my favorite things which seems like so weird but the reason I like it so much is because there's a woohoo actions and you can allow teens which enables me to do teen pregnancies storylines and stuff like that which you all might know my series the hookup and I definitely need this for that and I've used it for many other things and things like that and this just adds to like realism and just more to your gameplay you can do no-strings woohoo which again adds to gameplay you know something happened one night there was an unexpected pregnancy they're not in a relationship or anything for that or anything like that so yeah allow family is kind of weird but you know do what you want to do and then um you can also do a pregnancy and you can do risky woohoo which I am obsessed with because I really like the idea of not full-out trying for a baby and being able to do risky woohoo like it is in real life just makes more sense cuz then you have a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant or you can set it to whatever you want so you can set this whenever you want I have it on 50 but you don't have to so yeah you can do whatever you want you can also use fertility and risky try for baby percent you can change that so that's also nice yeah and there's just so many settings it is in sane you can do whoo-hoo reactions there's all these things so there's that and then another thing that is very convenient this really doesn't have to do with like realism but I want to show it to you guys because I use it so much just so if you you know want your sim to feel a certain emotion for your gameplay something's happening you're doing a storyline you can go in here and change your Sims mood to whatever you want this is nice if you film videos but even if you don't you're just trying to make a storyline like come to life you know you can change your Sims mood to whatever you want and it's perfect I use this a lot another thing that's great is the skill sheets and um she doesn't have a job but usually you can do promote them in their career which is really nice if you're trying to make a story as well so it's kind of realistic in a way even though you'd be like what do you mean like cheating your sim skills is not realistic it's an easy way to achieve the skills you obviously can cheat the skills by typing at other cheats but it's an easy way to do it and if you're you know not every sim has to start out with zero if you have like a plan for them so it does kind of make things realistic you have a sin that's like supposed to be talented with cooking but they have zero cooking skill doesn't really make any sense you know any means so then you can kind of up that through there and it's just a super fast way to do it instead of like typing everything in the sheet so anyways moving on the next one is the roommates mod so I think this is great for gameplay I actually have a let's play that's very based on this mod and it's called roommates so this mod is really really cool so if you go into the phone you will have love where is it I don't even know roomate service so you'll have a roommate service and I don't know she's doing all kinds of things so basically after you have your sim do that it'll bring up this menu and there are so many sims to choose from it's so cool among others is he fabulous should we have him be our roommate I think we should so you can also pick as many as you want so you know you can have as many roommates as you want we'll do two you can even have a cat as your roommate basically they will live in your home and you will not control them but it'll say roommate and there's certain things you can do you can assign them a bed you can call your roommate home stuff like that you can lock the doors if you don't your roommate in a certain area and then they also pay rent you guys I believe they pay like 500 simoleons or something towards your rent which is so cool and they do it once a week I thought that was really really cool so here is a one roommate as you guys can see it says roommate and then over here it says roommate you can you go and repair the broken items please a canceled roommate agreement a great agreement you were on cleaning duty go and use the toilet before you pay yourself if it is late already you should go to sleep this is perfect because you usually like Sims you can't control well not go to sleep you stink please go and take a shower so yeah and then when your roommates are at home you can call them home so I don't know where is he is but that's how the roommate thing works and then you can click on a bed and you can assign about your roommate so that's really nice as well so there's the roommate mod and the next one which first and foremost we have to go into here but first and foremost before I show you guys the mod oh my god I haven't no wait promoting this I don't even do this myself but this is just for story telling and it's the sims so pretty much this is a mod that would be great if you have a sim who is struggling with this addiction and yeah so basically this is the smoking modest so this has come in handy for me it should come up here we go okay so there's multiple things you can get cigars you can get cigarettes we're just gonna get at the pack of cigarettes um here we go so we can just place this here and if your sim if you have a story line they're struggling with something then this is great same way as you may have a story line where you say I'm struggling with like drinking I've done that too for different story lines because and like sims aren't perfect just like real life people aren't perfect I don't know who should do this I've been doing so many things with her so let's continue okay so this is now in her inventory and we're gonna have her go ahead in the house but like again this is Sims it's not real so she can just do whatever she wants it won't really affect them by it will affect her so she's gonna get a mullah and it looks pretty like the animations pretty good um so this is I also like that this is a small mod you know if you don't really big mods in your game but you won't like that added just something assume it's like some type of a type of habit your sim can pick up that you want them to try to quit and you know stuff like this awesome storyline like that this is perfect okay so she will get this little emotion and it says smoking or or what am I saying Aurora is relaxed and happy from smoking tobacco's so if she keeps doing it she will get an addiction I don't know if it'll happen in this video but we'll try okay so if she smoked a bunch of them and now she's addicted so this will last five days which again I think is great for the storytelling aspect so if you're into that and you want your sims to struggle with something you have a story line maybe about how they overcome it and quit anything like that then that is perfect for that okay guys so something fun for the kids is basically this add a make no sense and it's basically an after-school activities mod there is already a couple of after school activities but this adds so many more and this is my quasi see a lot of them all to break away see um I I'm gonna have all the lists all the mods linked down below so you know you guys can see you the creators are and everything like that most of the mods have showed have been by qui Stacy get Little Miss Sam sacrificial and probably a couple other craters but those I don't like to think about the top of my head so this is the after-school activities mod and there's two of them also these are both my thumbnails and thank you so much Kauai CC for using my thumbnail she they she did give me credit and it just if I don't know it made me really happy to see this cuz it's like in the game like as the cover photo or whatever for the mod so cute so basically there's two versions here so you know you could do whatever one you want um they both offer different things dance chorus band gymnastics football soccer cheerleading baseball so I don't know let's just let's just go with this one and then basically it'll add it'll go here just as like an after-school activity it just like the regular ones that are in the game and then we're gonna go ahead and promote her because she starts off as an applicant so basically what you can do is go into your career cheats and then career promote and then you can choose so let's have her be in soccer I guess so yeah she'll be in soccer tryouts from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and it'll work just like a normal after-school activity which is so cool and yeah I love it I think I think it's great so then your Sims can have more options for after-school activities or whatever you know great for you because if you are having a sim that you feel like would be in baseball or something then you can go ahead and do that so there's that one and you guys last but not least we have to go in to create a sim for the very last one okay so the last mod is the trait bundle so this is also by Kawhi Stacy and this is so good so you guys um I get a lot of comments saying how do you have so many traits basically it is quite a C's trait bundles and I think she has more than one I'm pretty sure so I I'm I don't know if I have both of them I don't know I'm gonna link below either both of them are the one I have so don't worry about that but basically as it adds all these things so Gambler does not come with it however Gambler does it come with the explore mod it adds a new gambling thing which is also really cool but as far as the trait bundle you'll get this here ugly these sims are quite ugly on the inside which makes it harder for them to build relationships I really like that it's that they're ugly on the inside that's just add more personality so I love that I'm pretty sure all of these come with the game but you know so then we have angler we have dancer there is green thumb handy um there's natural musician natural gamer natural singer there's programmer a sporty writer this just gives your Sims overall way more personality it doesn't cause any glitches for me there's a bad cook there's fun-loving a heavy drinker so that's great for storytelling as well especially with the slice of life mod where your sins can get drunk so that's pretty cool introvert there is light sleeper light eater natural artist and natural cook naturally smelly naturally thank naturally thin which is cool too because it actually has to do with their metabolism it says here in the description so I think that is so realistic because our Sims don't really have metabolisms I do find this all my Sims gain weight faster than others but for the most part sometimes it could be very similar you know so yeah I feel like this would definitely add more differences to your Sims bodies and everything like that there is Niall there is piggy there's scientists sleeper slow learner um let's see talented tone-deaf fun creative untalented there is a charming I don't even know like am i skipping some that are part of it I don't know lovable mischievous naturally funny um a sweet talker talkative unforgettable I love that one okay so yeah that is I hopefully all the traits I don't know but there's a bunch so that is super cool now she has no trade so what have I done we're just gonna give her those so that has definitely changed the game when it comes to giving your sim a personality that you imagine them to have so you guys that is everything I have been filming a for an hour I have no idea how long this video is about these videos always take me so long to like put together because there's just so much going on but yeah you guys like I said all the mods will be linked down below if you would like to have them in your game and this is so much fun to film I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if you guys use some of these mods or if some of these mods you've never used before and you're gonna try out let me know and also let me know if you do use a lot of mods and you're watching this anyways just because you liked mod videos let me know if some of these are also your favorite so far this year I love these mods so much and guys if you don't want to get all of these some that I would really really recommend is the slice-of-life mod meaningful stories mod ultra sound mod wrote to fame and probably the trait bundle yeah like I would love to just say like oh my gosh get all of them they're all amazing because they are but like those I just I find that I use the most slice-of-life mod is my top favorite mod right now so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I plan to have another sort of mod video with a bunch of mods soon but it's gonna be a little bit different it's gonna be focused on something else so yeah that's fun and I hope you guys enjoyed this video all links down below they'll be an order from the order that I talked about them in so yeah you guys I hope you enjoyed it you guys are all being an amazing amazing day and don't forget to leave some positivity it down below I love you guys all so so much and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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