100 Funny Ways to Die: Red Dead Redemption 2 (part 1)

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I swaer these are all real in game deaths. Like always, post your ideas for part 2!
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we have a real problem this must be the booty called in from Cuba that's a god damned watch you have to add it to this feller so I guess great minds think alike so what now we fight all we walk and you boys feel like running oh I'm gonna run back to mama oh the big tough Slayer has returned [Applause] [Applause] help-help hold down the option button [Applause] you've got a real bounce to your chest [Applause] get out of here go someplace nice oh thank you so much oh you're a funny man mr. clever clever hey there Arthur hello ah the ridge wallet those are pretty popular slim durable much better than those bulky wallet your grandma got yet they got them available of titanium aluminum and even carbon fiber I'll tell you what since you're so damn beautiful I'll give you discount just use the code hot stuff when checking out okay poor checking me out all right think I'm good hey very good this whoa [Applause] I'm dumber than I look they should be interesting damn that's nonsense can't help you god damn you I can't reach you I can't wait kill you hey Rob a bit of privacy he's exited [Applause] I broke the track feathers twine and glimmer making them reasoning finally found something he seems to like [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] damn I got problem yeah sure I'll help you why are you wearing that dress sir now don't take off now one day you catch a glimpse of yourself and you ain't the same person no more you're a little girl whoa you're a bad girl a bad bad girl I like your ass in line Morgan have you no there's no pussy let's get that bashing funds as well as swag report to the ship as soon as possible bang King

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