100 Blackout Tips to Get More Wins! (Black Ops 4)

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Today I am trying to help you Get more wins in Blackout In Call of Duty Black Ops 4. To do so I give you 100 Blackout Tips to Get More Wins. Hope you enjoy!

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so I've been wanting to make a video like this for a while now a video where I basically help you guys get better at blackout and specifically get more wins and I was kind of unsure how I wanted to do it so what I decided is to take every tip I have ever come across fro a blackout and give them to you guys in one video giving you a hundred tips in ways you can get more wins in blackouts now most of the tips are gonna be looking at today are going to be for players who are new to the game have maybe only got one or two wins before and maybe aren't the best at blackout however there are gonna be some tips in this list we're gonna help those players who do have 50 wins or more and just want to get a couple more wins a week so there is gonna be some stuff in this video for everyone but for the most part it's gonna help out those new players who just want to get some wins in blackout so we have a lot of tips to look at the day so all I ask is if you learn something in this video if it helped you out at all or you just enjoyed it I would really appreciate it if you can hit that like button cuz this video has literally taken me days to make so if you enjoy please hit that like button but without further ado I will shut up and let's hop in to a hundred tips to help you win some more blackout games so the first things we're gonna look at are things you can change even before you hop into the game so tip number one is sensitivity to find your desired sensitivity start at a number that's pretty high maybe twelve ten and work your way down until you get comfortable with it I prefer using a higher horizontal sensitivity than vertical sensitivity just because people move faster side to side in blackout than they do up and down so generally speaking I have my sensitivity one high or horizontally than vertically for example Here I am using ten horizontal and nine vertical in fact if you're new to the game and are having trouble aiming I don't recommend practicing and blackout because you get into less gunfights if you really want to find a good sensitivity I recommend trying it out in multiplayer that way you get in more gunfights and are more able to quickly get used to a good sensitivity another setting I recommend changing is your mini-map there are two options you can have a square mini-map or you can have a round mini-map the difference is is the round mini-map actually rotates when you move whereas the square mini-map stays in one position and only your character icon moves I find it much easier to all out enemies and actually read where you are on the map with the round mini-map over the square ones so if you're trying to decide between the two I recommend the round one another important setting is changing your item pickup to press instead of press and hold this way you pick up things much faster but if you do this it's also important to make sure you reload on release this will make a differentiation between reloading and picking things up the final setting I recommend changing is turning voice volume off this is in your audio settings and this will not stop you from hearing your enemies or your teammates what this actually turns off is the announcer in game that way when you're in that final circle and the supply drop is coming in instead of hearing the announcer yell at you you'll be able to hear your enemy's footsteps instead the next important thing to know about blackout is the locations of certain things first thing you were looking at here is all of the helicopter locations helicopters don't spawn here every time but these are all the locations where they can possibly spawn similarly this is all of the locations where the new a raf can spawn this is the new vehicle with the mounted gun at the top here's all the locations for the cargo truck the ATV and finally the boat spawns if you want to check out any of those any further feel free to just pause the video at those points and you can see all the spawns once again they don't always spawn there but in every game there's a chance that one of the vehicles can spawn there while we're talking about boats it's important to note that if you do land lock your boat and want to get it back in the water all you have to do is slide into it and you dropkick that baby back into the water the next important thing to know about vehicles is brake lights brake lights will be on on any vehicle that has been driven if a vehicle hasn't been touched there will be no brake light so if you roll up to a building and see an ATV cargo truck or a RAV with some brake lights on be aware there may be an enemy around the other thing you may want to note on the map is the zombies location this that you're looking at here was the original areas where zombies spawn in but recently they upped it to this amount of areas whether this is permanent or not I'm not sure but this is all of the areas where zombies are currently spawning a speaking of zombies locations they're gonna appear whenever you see a blue light in the air and in those locations aam be spawned when you kill the zombies you get some loot and on top of that if you kill an entire wave of zombies you get a mystery box to unlock now as far as when you are in these areas killing zombies generally speaking is a very very loud task as your weapons are simply loud however there is a silent way to kill these zombies and that would be a combat axe if you have a combat axe hitting a zombie is a one-hit kill and you can pick it back up so you can clear a wave completely silently kill them all get the mystery box and get a bunch of loop however I'm not gonna lie the way that zombies work as of right now I wouldn't recommend going for the mystery box as the items you get from it as of right now are very lackluster generally speaking you get level 2 armor and a weapon with one attachment and maybe a little bit of healing other than that you don't get much you used to be able to get level 3 armor out of mystery boxes that is no more but what we're talking about the locations of things I thought I would mention a website called blackout map calm that is where I got all of the maps that you saw today on top of that they are constantly updated so if any spawn locations are added they are also added on this website as well so check that out now one of the most common questions I get asked is where are the best places to land if you're a good player the places I would recommend are a States construction train yard and Factory reason being a lot of people drop here there's a lot of good loot and if you can clear out the area you're gonna be in a pretty good situation come to the middle and end game on top of that you're close to the edge of the map which means you can stick too close to the edge of the zone which means you don't have to watch your back as much if you're not a good player the three places that I would go to our nuke town the dam and turbine reason being these are big locations with a lot of loot but not a lot of people land there which means you can land get some loot and get prepared for that end game once again these are close to the edges of the map which means you're gonna be able to stick to the edges own and not have to watch your back as much again also if you're really struggling you don't necessarily have to land in a named location there's a lot of areas around the map with just a couple of buildings that do have enough loot to get yourself started and get yourself in a good position now as far as the fast this way to actually land the way to do this is to dive straight down out of the helicopter until you get to about 65 to 70 meters per second at this point you want to pull up now the point that you're gonna pull up depends on how far you're planning to glide if the distance you are gliding is far away you're gonna pull up as soon as you hit 65 if the distance you were gliding to is close you can wait a little bit to pull up and then pull up once you're close to the ground now when you are actually landing it's important to give yourself time in space as you're landing pay attention to do you hear any parachutes around you and when you land look if anyone's close to you once you do grab a weapon as fast as possible and then right away you're going to want to clear out the area around you don't worry about looting until that area around you is cleared out and once that area around you is cleared out that's when you want to start looting like crazy now the next big question is what weapons are you looking to loot what are the best weapons the thing I'll say about this is the first thing you want is two weapons that complement each other so for example you don't want to SMGs or two assault rifles you want one weapon that's gonna be good up close and one weapon that's gonna be good at long range generally in black out I tend to go towards a sniper and an assault rifle that way I have a fully automatic weapon for gunfights and a sniper to pick people off but what we're talking about it to go through the best weapons what I thought I would do is just go through every class of weapons and explain what my favorite weapon and each one is and why and look at a couple of weapon stats so first of all in my opinion the best AR in black out remember these stats in black out are different than multiplayer is the vapor and the reason why I say that is because on average it has one of the best time to kills for assault rifles at any range you get into a gunfight whether you're up close or at long-range that time to kill is still on point after that the best TAC rifle generally speaking I'll carry either attack rifle or an assault rifle generally not both at the same time but this one per beanie goes to the ABR just for the simple reason that this one does the most damage it has very little recoil and once again is easy to use at short and long range especially if you put another scope on it the best sniper absolutely goes to the Paladin a couple of reasons first of all it absolutely does the most damage so whatever type of armor your enemy has you will be dealing the most possible damage to them on top of that as I'm sure a lot of you know in blackout there's something called bullet drop so over range your bullet is going to drop a little bit however the bullet velocity on the Paladin is so high that the bullet actually drops a very small amount even over extremely long ranges which means it's a lot easier to aim this sniper rifle than other sniper rifles all you got to do is point at their head and shoot moving on talking about weapons the MOG 12 shotgun is unbelievable most of the time it's only gonna take 2 to 3 shots depending on how close you are to your enemy which absolutely shreds up close speaking of up close the next thing is SMGs and as far as SMGs in this game I don't generally pick them up the two I will screw with a little bit though is the Spitfire it's really good up close and the new SMG the Dayman but honestly the next tip is if you want an SMG simply pick up the Maddox the Maddox is an assault rifle that has a really good fire rate and most of the time out guns SMGs which means at Short and mid-range it's really good however at long range gunfights is where this weapon really falls apart and mainly the problem with it is that long range just takes too many bullets to kill I've also heard a lot of people talking about attachments what are the most important Stu find personally I believe that especially for your assault rifles grips are the most important attachments followed up by sight personally I like a two-time scope on my assault rifles but really anything other than the iron sights generally does well after that the big question is perks which perk should he pick up which one should you leave behind really I break these down into three classes the first one is the top tier perks these are the ones that I'm going to pick up every time I run into them these include dead silence awareness and paranoia dead silence makes your footsteps silent awareness makes the enemy's footsteps louder and paranoia tells you when people are looking at you this is especially important in later game when you are in open fields or trying to get to the next zone you're able to tell when someone's looking at you you can get to cover and on top of that this brings the next tip that paranoia actually tells you where your enemies are if you really listen to the noise that it makes when paranoia goes off those whispering noises actually come from the direction that someone's looking at you so if you listen carefully you know exactly where your enemies are after this there is the middle tier Perks these are the ones that if I have inventory space I'll pick up but they're really not gonna make a world of difference whether I have them at the end of the game or not they include reinforced engineer iron lungs and finally mobility and finally the rest are the bottom tier perks I essentially never pick them up generally speaking because they're too nice they're only gonna help me in a very particular circumstance and really just aren't worth me using moving on you have your throwables or your grenades whatever you want to call them essentially there's three of these you always want to pick up they include cluster grenades concussions and sensor darts all three of those are going to be very useful the rest of them are kind of give or take if you don't have anything else pick them up but if you have no inventory space no reason to take the rest of them as far as throwables goes there's kind of two big tips I can give you for them first of all if you were cooking a grenade or holding one getting ready to throw it you are still able to shoot while you hold it with one of your hands the other tip I can give you is that you are also able to cancel any grenade so if you start to throw one and don't want to throw it anymore all you have to do is press change weapons or triangle and you will no longer be cooking that grenade the next thing we're gonna look at is healing and in blackout there is three different types of healing the first is bandages these are going to heal twenty-five health and stack in groups of ten med kits heal 50 health and stack in groups of five and finally we have trauma kits which heal for 200 and you can only stack one of these per slot trauma kits are the only way you can get your health to 200 you can't use bandages or med kits to get your health that high the next thing we have to talk about is armor and as far as armor goes level 3 is everything this is the thing you're really striving to look for wherever you are on the map the thing with level 3 armor is the best place to find it is out of an airdrop and we're in a supply crate which we're gonna talk about in a little bit there are some things you need to know about the different levels of armor for example level one armor blocks thirty percent of incoming damage level to 40 percent and level three fifty percent now you can kind of see why it's so important to get that level three now the next part we're gonna talk about here may change but as of right now this is the way the durability of armor works in black out each level of armor has five hundred durability and each armor plate is equal to about one hundred durability which means every time you use an armor plate one section of armor is restored and as you can see here it takes about 3.2 seconds to actually use an armor plate and restore a hundred health back to your armor now moving on this is where we get into like the kind of smaller random little tips that'll just help you in various situations throughout the game for example the first thing that you're gonna want to get used to and get used to using quickly is the quick tab this is where you can pull up a small section of your inventory and where you can use items quickly without opening the entire Start menu get used to this thing and figure out how to use it quick because sometimes you need to do it mid gunfight stashes are something that spawns in randomly as you can see here these are the many spots that they can spawn in throughout the map however one spot that it spawns in every time is underneath one of the three buoys at cargo and in fact stashes are one of the areas that frequently spawn level three armor the other type of stashes are small stashes which once again spawn randomly around the map in the same spots we saw before however these ones do not contain weapons or armor but they do contain everything else if you use a taunt when hiding behind cover it actually puts you into third person and you can see around the cover to kind of get a better idea of where your enemies are looting on console is slower so I suggest when you're running up to someone's bag know what you need before opening it that way you don't have to slowly scroll through and look for something you want instead you're scrolling through with a purpose looking for individual items if one of the final zones is to the south you can actually land a helicopter on top of the wind turbines and rain down fire upon your enemies when crossing water and swimming underneath to avoid getting shot you can stay underwater for exactly 10 seconds before taking damage the other cool thing about water and blackout is that there's actually a current so if you stay in the water and don't move you'll actually get pulled out to see you can use the edge of doors to get the roofs that wouldn't be normally accessible from regular jumping you can use the grappling hook to cause your character to not take any fall damage similarly if you use the perk mobility you don't take any fall damage no matter the height you fall from if you're playing squads or duo is the best way to finish off a downed enemy is to just give them a melee it kills them instantly and you don't have to waste any bullets mesh mines are incredible to take out people who are driving vehicles or to block off choke points especially ladders smoke grenades last for 32 seconds and are a great way to give yourself some time to loot an enemy without being spotted bandages are the best way to heal from the zone early on just wait till your health is below 125 and then use a bandage every time it dips below once you can move faster than the zone it's good to kind of move into the circle with the zone that way you know no one will be coming from behind you all vehicles in blackout have a horn even the helicopter here's what it is if you find a yellow weapon laying on the ground it simply means that that weapon is already full with attachments however if you don't like what that weapon is simply pick it up drop all the attachments on it and use it on whatever weapon you'd prefer even though 9 mags have been removed from the game concussions are still godly and you can stack them in groups of two so don't be afraid to pick them up and use them they're really good it's actually not a bad idea to carry multiple scopes for the same weapon using your quick tab you can actually quickly change the scope on your weapon for different types of engagements it takes two seconds to activate any perk and you can use as many perks as you want at one time unlike fortnight in blackout barricades are the only form of building so if you get shot at while running through a field barricades are a good way to get some cover sensor darts are basically a mini UAV and they last for a hundred and twenty seven seconds or two minutes and seven seconds if you're driving a vehicle and it starts beeping at you you should probably jump out of it there's a rocket coming your way speaking of which if you're the person who's shooting rockets at a helicopter generally speaking it's gonna take two rockets to kill two people inside however to counter that if you're driving a vehicle you can actually throw a trophy system on to the vehicle and it will block up to five incoming rockets one thing that's a little bit different about blackout than other battle Royales is that friendly fire is on so you got to be careful about where your bullets are going also when you're playing on a team another tip that I can give you is be very open with your communication about what items you have for example if both of you have a couple of sensor darts you can weigh more liberally use them whereas if you just have one you should probably save it to the last zone if you're getting close to the end of the game and you notice that the zone is half off the edge of the map that's the side you want to be in reason being that way no one that's your enemy can get behind you suppressors in blackout make it so that your enemies can't hear where your bullets are coming from they're kind of pointless and squads and duo's because chances are your whole team won't have suppressors so when solos don't be afraid to use silencers whereas in team games make sure you're using the long barrels saving your sensor Dart till the last circle is off the difference between winning and losing that being said though if you caught in a sticky situation don't be afraid to use items it's better to still be alive with no items than to be dead and have a bunch in your inventory if you're getting shot and have to hide behind a tree oftentimes crouching is better than laying down a lot of the times when you lay down a lot of your body can be exposed and you don't even know it in all the elevators in blackout there is always a hole in the top of them you can definitely use this to your advantage if you're using the cargo truck and you run into having too many items you can actually drop items in the back of the truck and just carry them around with you in the car if you're using a sniper rifle don't be afraid to be patient wait for your enemy to stand still and then take your opportunity to shoot if you've never played a battle royale game before you may not know that there's a compass that can give you call-outs to where the enemies are for example if I was in this gunfight with a squad I would call out northeast 65 my favorite use for cluster grenades is getting enemies out of cover for example you see here I throw the grenade to the right of the tree which means that they are going to have to run to the left of the tree as soon as I throw the grenade I can look to the left and get ready to shoot as far as when to pick up rocket launchers in solos I never do in duo's I rarely do but I do recommend if you're playing quads for one of your teammates to be using it that way if you see a helicopter you can take her out of the sky as far as if you were to buy something to make you better at the game the biggest thing I can recommend for blackout is a headset footsteps are absolutely huge and if you can't hear your enemies coming you're at a massive disadvantage if an enemy is coming at you in a cargo truck the easiest way to take it out is simply with a cluster good and if you hit the hood of the cargo truck your enemy is gonna die there are eight different types of ammo it's important to know all the guns and what type of ammo they take that way you if you're running low on ammo you know exactly what to search for on a dead body if you're driving a boat and you see someone swimming in the water you can't run them over if you hit them it'll just push them under the water however if you see someone on the shore you can run them over let's be honest though good luck with that if you're in a circle and you don't know where your enemies are the best rule of thumb is go to the high ground if you have a high ground in a gunfight chances are you have the if you're playing squads or duos the time to push your enemies is as soon as one of the other guys is down so if one of your teammates lands a snipe that's when you push the enemies as far as if you're playing solo is the best time to push is if you deal damage to the enemy first chances are they're gonna hide behind the rock to heal that gives you time to get a better position on them headshots are so much more important in blackout than multiplayer reason being the only area of the body that armor doesn't protect is the head unless they have level 3 but still at that point you're doing more damage to the head than the body headshots are key and finally practice practice practice the real way to get good at blackout is learning blackout and the best way to do so is just keep playing it learn all the environments learn all the lines of sight learn all the best places to drop and the best way to do that is just kiss simply keep playing the game and you will get better but hopefully this video was able to help you guys get a little bit better and if it did if you enjoyed it I would really appreciate if you can hit that like button it took me a ton of effort to put this whole thing together so I really would appreciate it if you can hit that like button also if I missed anything feel free to let me know what I miss the down in the comments on top of that if you knew the channel and liked what you see the best way to stay up to date on all my videos is hit that subscribe button and make sure you have notifications turned on but guys I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching and until next time be so

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