1 GOAL = FORFEIT (Rocket League)

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Rocket League 1 GOAL = FORFEIT Challenge
Playing competitive 1v1 with a challenge that if my opponent scores even 1 goal, I need to forfeit the game, enjoy the highlights!

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oh my god now so goood are so good nothing you can do that no no no no no no no no no why did I go for the bruised opal it that was cool my guys jays are here this video is the best moments of me trying one goal equals forfeit challenge so I play ranked one we once and every time my opponent scores a goal I need to forfeit and leave the match so I can't let them score even once which is super difficult in 1v1 I played my placements while doing this challenge and D ranked 2 champ 1 so the games were in lower ranked and I should be playing but considering the challenge I think it's only fair this challenge is extremely tilting and difficult but on the other hand it makes the game so much more intense and I think the highlights are very enjoyable I hope you enjoyed these as well muy muy he's gonna take it slow which is really good because I needed a boost which I just missed okay there we go maybe a reset again I should I use it instantly which I didn't get do every caller imesh he's gonna go up for that I don't know why he's sleeping that yeah can I finally get a reset girl no there we go that was really good and clean let's go yes let's go let's go for like Brom bones just for the plastic so close so close okay I don't want him to score now let's get let's get you challenged I could score this year there we go okay that's why I fake it always no no holy you know it's so good I'm gonna watch it they looked all too well there we go that's good why is he still here you don't our boost [Laughter] there's nothing you can do about that honestly expected that now I was just waiting on th challenges some of you don't like it it's just for me that's a really good flick especially the ad height and oh no it's okay this is fun challenge maybe much deeply nope I screwed it on this such a great idea so study what is going on today six newly seeded off nope no I was so sure he will hit the bump oh there we go hmm maybe he was doing the same challenge as well oh my god the food or it's not him nice I'm still so pissed off by the last game like I shouldn't have lose that nice I'm so damn oh my god God just give us oh you're so good well it's not nice Dupree oh my god yeah sure oh my god that's possible sure this is probably one of my favorite teams today don't know this wait yes wait you think that came soulfire almost yeah oh all my skin to ballers and should we go oh we did it easy we I got a feeling that he will do that that seemed too easy feeling great m8 this game-mode is so annoying no that's good don't you told you appreciate it wait thanks for the call it's a nice 9 Neil can you leave please no ok thank you that's actually good I think you too much wait was it genius inside of my head genius but no for you I don't know as soldiers especially because I used to fleek so it's very confusing okay

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